Jay Carney deflects question about Russian commentator’s threat to ‘vaporize’ America

During a press briefing yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney brushed off a question from ABC News’ chief White House correspondent Jon Karl about Russian state television anchor Dmitry Kiselyov’s comments that “Russia is the only country in the world realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash.” On radio this morning, Glenn warned of what this continual flippancy from the Obama Administration could mean for the future of the United States.

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“We have to start with a little Jay Carney because he’s always good for a laugh. What will Putin do when we don’t have this Administration to kick around anymore,” Glenn asked. “Jay Carney was asked by Jon Karl about the state-run Russian TV commentator claiming that Russia could reduce the United States to a pile of radioactive dust. This is not just come crazy commentator. This is a guy who just received an award, a medal from Putin. So this is a guy who, you know, hangs in those circles.”

Below is a transcript of the back and forth between Karl and Carney:

KARL: And let me ask you just something on — it was on Russian television, state-controlled television, the main state-controlled channel. Dmitry Kiselyov, a prominent Russian television anchor, posed in front of a mushroom cloud and warned that Russia is the only country in the world capable of turning the U.S. into “radioactive dust.” I mention this because this is state-controlled Russian television, which, as we know, doesn’t generally broadcast stuff that is not signed off by the government of Russia. What is your sense when you hear something like that?

CARNEY: I mean, that people say crazy things on TV all the time.

KARL: Yes, but this is Russian state-controlled TV. I take your point entirely, but — (laughter) — but this is –

CARNEY: We’re focused on the actions of the Russian government. We’re focused on the support we’re providing to the Ukrainian government. We’re focused on marshalling a strategy with our partners around the world, especially in Europe, for how to deal with this challenge posed by Russia. And we are making sure that Russia is incurring costs for the provocations it has engaged in and the actions that it’s taken. That’s what we’re focused on right now, and those costs are real and they will increase if Russia continues down this path.

Carney seemed to either miss or ignore the crux of Karl’s argument, which is that the comments were made on state-run television (i.e. senior Russian officials or even Putin himself probably had a hand in crafting the report). While Glenn doesn’t believe Russia is literally planning to ‘vaporize’ the U.S., they are definitely sending a message.

“Here’s a reporter, an anchor in Russia, who is being paid by Putin and the state-run television… They are sending us a message,” Glenn said. “The guy just got a medal from Putin. This is one of the main guys, this is one of his main mouthpieces. Not saying Putin is going to vaporize the world, but I’m also not saying that Putin isn’t crazy enough to do that.”

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the focus of concern for the U.S. has shifted to Muslim extremism and the terror threat posed by radicalized groups. Glenn warned, however, the Russians have never shifted their focus away from America, and they may be looking to settle old scores.

“Look, Putin is a survivalist. What got us through the Cold War is, in the end, people want to live… the Cold War was mutually assured destruction. So Putin is not crazy enough to pull the trigger and vaporize us,” Glenn said. “But Putin… has enough knowledge of the geopolitical game of chess to believe… that the American experiment could be over and he could be the guy that helps pull that last string out.”

There is a very good chance the U.S. will re-enter a war with Russia. And there is a very good chance Russia would emerge victorious. If that is in fact the case, however, Glenn maintained that the spirit of the U.S. Constitution must live on. It will be our responsibility to ensure that happens.

“They don’t believe that the war between Russia and America is settled… And mark my words, hear me clearly: If the American experiment stumbles… it will be important for us to change our uniforms, just as they did, and keep our Constitution alive in the hearts of our children… That Constitution is what will save the people of the world,” Glenn concluded. “Mr. Putin, it just may be round three when we get back on our feet. You may win this round, as we won the first round. But I am telling you: It is imperative that you know the truth, you know history, and you know the Constitution and why it was written because if the entire world goes to hell, it has to live in our hearts and in the hearts of our children. It must.”

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  • landofaahs

    John Kerry did say that everything is on the table.

    • ken.

      collecting dust

      • Anonymous

        Radioactive dust?

      • landofaahs

        And to dust you shall return.

  • Anonymous

    If Obama insists on pretending he is “the toughest kid on the playground” he may push Putin into something that could affect the whole world, destruction.

  • Anonymous

    I would be willing to suffer through just about anything if doing so would give the real patriots and opportunity to rid our nation of the liberal progressives that infect every aspect of our lives. We would be able to completely remove them from seats of power and fill those seats with people that love this country and are willing to do what it takes to return us to a Constitutional Republic. Bring it on…I’m ready, willing and able.

    • Jessica Robinson


      ❤❤❤� ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤�❤❤ ❤❤❤Obama isn’t a problem solver, he is a problem maker.
      Marvin Fox

    • Norm Koch

      Requiring proof of citizenship to vote would crush progressive democrats.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    So when is Obama going to stop wearing the mom jeans and actually does something that affects Russia. Their laughing at our sad attempt to just go after 11 people most do not have anything to hurt. I bet this is what Obama meant that he would be more flexible after the elections.

    • Anonymous

      The real problem is American citizens letting him get away with it. If we are dragged into another war we are going to have some serious problems, out military being cut down the way it has been by this administration.

      • The Real Patriot

        You are right in what you are saying about American citizens, we made a change over 250 years ago because we did not like those who were in charge. Like our government the people can’t seem to agree on how to put a stop or remove this entire government. The reason they do not fear us is simple, we the people can’t get organized in mass long enough to do anything unless it is about me me me.

  • http://www.MARVINFOX.com/ Marvin E. Fox

    Jay Carney is in a trap. He is the mouth end of speeches Obama may make, or decide are too politically risky to make. Jay carney’s job is to reflect what Obama wants said, just as Kiselyov’s job is to reflect what Putin wants said. Smart people recognize the reality in both cases.
    Where Obama stands in this matter is unclear. Is Obama’s Charge Of The Light Brigade foreign policy in full swing, or is he so inept he cannot understand how serious this situation can become. Our, so called, allies in Europe couldn’t stand between us and a paper chicken while we get ready for war.
    FDR won his second term using the slogan that a Republican President would put us in a foreign war. The foreign war FDR’s election promised to avoid became impossible for FDR to avoid. FDR won his 3rd term in office during WW2 with a campaign based on, “We can’t Change horses in midstream!”
    The United States had some respect around the world before WW2. We no longer have that respect, thanks to Obama. Can anyone look at Obama’s actions and tell for sure whose side he is on. He just exempted Putin, our worst enemy, from any penalties from sanctions. Our real problem is we have a real international crisis; we need a real problem solver to handle the crisis. Obama isn’t a problem solver, he is a problem maker.
    Marvin Fox

  • Anonymous

    His last name is so appropriate …… Carney…. think carnival someone trying to take the Rubes for their money…. while showing them a good time…….yep his name fits…..

    • Anonymous

      Especially if you use the prefix “con”.

  • Anonymous

    Is it true that Russia has been building over “5000 bomb shelters in Moscow” alone,for the population, while we have only invested in Bomb shelters for the Government Officials?

    • The Real Patriot

      What you are saying is all to true.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    Obama is so much more flexible now

    • Anonymous

      Like a yoga Gumby!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Krushchev use similar tactics way back when? Then he kind of proved it with that big bomb he blasted in 1961 that scared the whole world, including Russia.

    • Anonymous

      Tsar Bomba. That was over fifty years ago. Go find 73.85° N 54.50 E on a satellite map and see what remains.

  • Edward Solomon

    This is perhaps one of the greatest speeches in American history, and although I lean towards the Alex Jones camp, I am really proud of Glenn Beck today.

  • landofaahs

    Let’s take an honest look at this. We have two thugs in Putin and Obama. Putin is not so much anti-west as he is pro-Russian. Look at the problems in a culmination of the school attack in Beslan in2004. Russia and China both have problems with muslim extremists as do we. Syria with all its problems and dictatorship at least allowed Christians to live without great molestation but Obama has supported the muslim brotherhood elements of Syria who have attacked and are torturing Syrian Christians. I am not a Putin fan but the facts speak for themselves. Look at every entity that Obama supports from the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Syria and everywhere else. Obama always supports those entities that end up attacking CHRISTIANS. I wonder. Who is the real enemy of American Christians.

    • Anonymous

      Ever get the idea that the Muslims are just sitting and watching while the US, Russia, and China play games with each other?

      • Anonymous

        Biding their time.

  • Anonymous

    The sad truth is that our military is worn out from fighting the Muslims and this president cutting the military force to pre-World War II levels and Putin knows this. Even Europe’s military forces are play soldiers and Putin knows this. If he wants to annex all the countries the Soviet Union had lost, there is no one in the West to stand in his way and Putin knows this as well. Obama can set all the red lines he wants and Putin will only cross them all and will laugh in Obama’s face. We are out of money and our once proud nation is on life support and Putin knows it. The only one who does not get it are the Democrats and this administration.

    • Anonymous

      Well said!

  • Anonymous

    Putin is afraid of Muslim extremists too and has done battle. maybe I don’t mind him having unfettered access to his fleet. i’m more afraid of them than I am of him. Listen, when a skiny little twerp with a big mouth and nothing to back it up keeps baiting you, isn’t it natural to want to slap him down hard? Besides obama has a lot of nerve talking about the constitutional right of countries over there while he’s stomping all over ours. If the darlings in DC can’t do it, let Putin take him down a peg. Russia ain’t bombing us – I found their theatrics amusing.

  • Anonymous

    Nikita said “we will bury you”. The liberals in this country decided to hand him a shovel ready project.

    • Watch it

      A lot more shovel ready than the others Obama wanted us to think were there.

  • Anonymous

    Putin is going to drop a bunch of e-cigs over America and “vape” it. 😉

    Putin is banking on a timid US reaction. China will, most certainly, condemn and veto (via United Nations) any American military action and will cut off the money the US would use to fund that action.

    The world is watching to see if the US has the fortitude to go it alone. Putin will absorb as much territory as the US will permit and will absorb it faster than the US will react.

    For now.

    The deluded hippie generation leading the young socialists around the country are thinking “Make love, not war”. What if Putin and his comrades want to make war?

    • Anonymous

      Then we’re totally “loved”!

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    i believe most people under 40 do not and will not know freedom in the way we over 40 have. they weren’t brought up w/the ‘skies the limit’ mindset and they’re not being taught (in kindergarten to higher ed) of the exceptionalism it took to create this country and how to keep it. well, we’re here and all it takes to put the last nail in the coffin is to put fear/tyranny/ultimatums in young people who have not been taught their rights, to invoke them and that asserting them is precisely why they’re/we’re free. you and i know this is by design.
    the spell check on my mac air does not include the word “exceptionalism.” it continually underlines in red as a misspelled or unknown word.

    glad to see it doesn’t recognize “twerking” either.

  • vener8r

    Bold words that mean nothing. We still have what is known by ‘mutually assured destruction.’ They still know that if they push a button, they will be signing their own death warrant as well. One caveat…..Obama might just hesitate,,,the communists could take over much quicker that way.

  • Anonymous

    Beck, if you like Putin so much, why don’t you move back to Russia!

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Beck’s solution: write a diary. LOL.

  • R D

    This administration is going to keep on until
    they force us into a war with another country or the people of this one.

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing is, well not funny, but the real threat of nuclear war is in the middle east. These are games between Russia and America, and I believe it is planned. History will tell the story, that is if the world is still here. Remove your eyes from the Ukraine and watch what happens in Syria, Israel, and Iran. It is getting tense over there.

    Also keep in mind the 4 blood moons starting in April and lasting into 2015. They all land on Jewish Holy days. Don’t be surprised if major world events don’t take place. God works on his calender, not ours.

    God bless!!

  • El Capitan

    In the war against the superstitions and illusions of today’s progressives, knowledge is your most potent weapon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

    • Socialism is Organized Evil

      Thanks for the tip; looks like a great read.

  • Deckard426

    To counter Putin, Obama has threatened to Vapor Rub Russia.

  • Norm Koch

    If Russia launched an attack on Washington, and our major cities, it would wipe out 90% of the Democrats, and 90% of the crime.

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