Have you heard about this missing plane?

No story has dominated the news cycle over the past week than the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Was it hijacked? Did it crash? Were terrorists involve? Was there a fire onboard? Everyday there is a new theory, and the missing plane has captivated people across the world. But it’s not the first time a plane has vanished without a trace.

Between the 1920s and the 1960s,there were so many incidences of lost planes and ships in The Bermuda Triangle that it gained a supernatural reputation. On a recent episode of Liberty Treehouse, Raj Nair dove into one of the most compelling stories in the history of The Bermuda Triangle: Flight 19. On December 5, 1945, five planes and fourteen crew members disappeared on a routine mission, as did one of the rescue ships sent to search for the wreckage.

Check out the video to learn more about this interesting mystery in history!

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  • landofaahs

    I have already figured out the missing plane incident and will explain it on the next post in a few minutes and then you can say you heard it here first.

  • landofaahs

    The missing airplane has been found. It was reportedly landed on a small, little known, Island named “Fantasy Island”. The island’s manager Mr Roark reported the incident when it came to his attention by an undisclosed source going by the name of “Tattoo”. Mr. Roarke became aware of the landing when “Tattoo” came yelling “The Plane, the plane”. There you are folks. You heard it here first.

    • The Blue Tail Gadfly

      While that might possibly be the case, there is another theory. According to ancient alien astronaut theorists, there was a freak mishap and the pilots life support systems were frozen beyond temperatures of imagination.


      • landofaahs

        Did you hear that on the radio show “Kooks to Kooks”?

        • The Blue Tail Gadfly

          No, I’m sure their actually theory is more plausible and would probably consist of a UFO beaming the missing plane onto their spacecraft before leaving our solar system.

          Ask yourself, where is the missing plane? No one on Earth can find it. You see, irrefutable evidence that aliens exist and took it.

          I just love how everything is irrefutable evidence in their eyes without one gram of objective evidence. Just like Bigfoot. If people will buy into that, they will buy into anything.

          I’ve only had the displeasure of seeing the guy from “Kooks to Kooks” on Ancient Aliens, never listened to the radio show. Which I have no doubt is even more absurd than the TV show.


          • makayli verran

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          • Anonymous

            Oh please, just go ahead and face it, the Borg beamed it aboard their mother ship! Every one on that plane has been assimilated. Some of each person’s body parts have been replaced with electronic and/or mechanical prosthetics. As everyone knows, “Resistance is futile!” Alas, Captain Pickard is not here when we need him most.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Hmmmm, we do have countless Star Trek episodes to provide irrefutable evidence to what you are saying. I will have to contemplate this further…

  • Deckard426

    Earheart was also flying on a fake passport, stolen in Thailand. What are the odds of that?

    • landofaahs

      I’d say 50/50. Happens every other day.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    I wonder what happen to that flight of planes?

  • Anonymous

    Re; Flight 370

    I estimate that, within the range of Flight 370, only
    China and Iran have the facilities and information control to land and hide a Boeing
    777. The sighting at the Maldives could
    be the crew getting a navigation fix after flying from Malaysia by dead reckoning. In the 50’s before satellites were available,
    planes flying across the Atlantic would sight the coast and circle until the
    determined if they were North or South of their destination.

    The sighting at the Maldives would indicate the 777 was going to Iran
    with a dogleg around India. The Ping at 8:11am
    indicates the plane was still operating at that time.

    Iran may have a nuclear bomb that is too big fit in a rocket, but might
    fit into a 777. A suicide mission to either
    Israel or the U.S. would be possible.

    Jim Shaffer

    College station, TX

    • 7tom7

      in another post if they found favorable winds or jet stream per weather info could extend range !! Maybe they cut one engine to get better range too, During World War Two the PBY patrol flying boat cut one of two engines to extend range until they needed other engine in combat !! While I was working on A6 intruder jet it was common knowledge some 50 years ago if cut one of it two engine would extend it range too !! Could this be the same with the 777 jet ?????????????????????? Maybe this jet liner be use in a shadow approach with another Jet liner one radar image ,re calibrate auto pilot to fly last couple of miles at certain height , and be exploded with a timer plane be loaded with explosives and enrich radiation materials to poison the land,water,air in Israel !! The cockpit be shielded and have a roof plexiglass cut out for a acquire ejection seat operation from a old fighter jet for the pilot escape !!! Even Israel shoot down this plane on it border ,the terrorists will not try this attack unless the prevailing winds in the right direction so if the plane is shot down right on the border the winds will carry this material over Israel to complete their mission !!!!

  • 7tom7

    To Israel I would keep your guard up even if they supposedly found items of the plane or passengers off the coast of Australia ?????? The terrorists are becoming more sophisticated with deception . !!! Maybe when they hid their course change the first time is to lay a false trajectory trail so you latch on to it as their hidden destination and they have enough time for another member in private plane to salt or plant ocean off Australia with some stolen luggage never loaded on the plane or stolen loose plane label accessories (floatable objects that will drift make harder to find actual crash site to see if major components are there !!! ) Maybe some falsely label items or a boat dump some old air liner seats to throw off investigations so you think the plane has crash !! But it will take time to check out no major structure components of the plane or engines found at the site !! The terrorist will know it will take weeks to prove this site is a actual crash sites or a ruse !! In these couple week of limbo they will strike Israel !! But the second course change that is very well hidden will be use for remote runway and the plane hidden or camouflage from view to be use when Israel guard is down !! Just a frictional scenario above !!!!??? Question were any planes or boat in the area prior where these objects were spotted ,these could be use to plant these objects ?????

  • Anonymous

    Different people have taken the measurements of the Bermuda Triangle, and randomly chose a body of water anywhere in the world to place it, then researched events in that area. They found missing ships, planes, people, etc. The same things that happen in just about any body of water the size and shape of the Bermuda Triangle anywhere around the world.

    There was a show called Undiscovered History that investigated the five planes of Flight 19 that disappeared on Dec 5, 1945. The squad leader was known to not trust his instruments, and had ditched in the ocean twice before.

    I forget exactly where, but he had been abased in the Keys on the western side of Florida, and had just been transferred to the east side. The radio operator at Fort Lauderdale said that the pilot’s signal kept getting weaker, meaning they were flying AWAY from Fort Lauderdale.

    The show’s theory was that the flight commander was so used to being based in the Keys, that he was trying to find his way back to them. Since he also didn’t trust his instruments, he probably didn’t trust his compass. If he was trying to find the base he came from in the Keys, then he probably was flying north. This would be taking them further away from their base. Since the search for them was in the area where they were SUPPOSED to be, the searchers never found them.

    The sad thing is that all they would have had to do was fly straight west and they would have eventually found Florida.

  • Deckard426

    All Navy planes now drop breadcrumbs as they fly, so they can find their way back home.

  • Anonymous

    With the hard-to-believe technologies available today, it wouldn’d surprise me that the plane was electronically turned into a ghost and the blips heard after its desappearance came from the electronic mother ship. That plane was hijacked this way for its cargo of knowledge in the form of those 20 engineers on board.

  • Jeff Ambrose

    In 2010 Congressman Hank Johnson express concern that an additional 800 Marines on the island of Guam might cause it to, “tip over and capsize”. Maybe flight 370 tried to do an emergency landing on Guam. Has anyone checked to see if Guam has capsized? If so, they might want to check underneath the island to see if there’s a really big plane under there.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure it has something to do with global warming.

    • 7tom7

      Ya I think there is some reason why obama not using a global hawk or predator to find this missing plane in a very short time ????

      • Anonymous

        Yes, very interesting.

  • 7tom7

    Question is obama just doing token service in finding this plane ???? Why to keep the spotlight off obama care mess until the old system of insurance,hospitals,doctors is completely dismantle so we cannot return to it ??? Or it also to cover of obama foreign policy mess or obama in co hoots with Russia make a little noise so another free country come under Communists rule !! Maybe to do half try search so if terrorists did this they have the time so they can pull off a strike against Israel ????!!!!!! QUESTION why not use a cargo plane to fly a couple of global hawks or predators to operate out of Perth our ally Australia or Air Force base there ,with a maintenance crew and guards with their great endurance !! Need not to reveal how good camera zoom are just say it was taken at lower level !!! The infra camera should be good at dust if large pieces of plane above water line will heat to a high temperature and maintain it for a hour after sunset be like a beacon to the global hawk to take a closer look for investigation. I think obama wants this missing plane to keep grabbing the spot light for his political cover so people won’t look closer what his left hand is doing slight of hand trick on U.S citizens again with the help of left wing news media !!!???? Mostly these drone will have down looking radar to track trucks ,cars and boats ,ships !!! Should be able to pick up a hard return from a piece of cabin or wing floating etc ??

  • Anonymous


    You can check this amazing coincidence out in the video I have linked BELOW

    I went to a site which show the ANTIPODR ( what is exactly on the other side of the earth from your location – I centered the Bermuda Triangle and Guess What

    THE IMAGE BELOW shows that the waters off the coast of Perth Australia are DIRECTLY Opposite the Bermuda Triangle

    Its strange BUT true

    I also have a page with some very well thought out scenarios of what Happened to Flight 370 Please stop and read it too – Its not Media Hype or rumors Just my ideas at http://t.co/iRIvyzCxjb ( Its a safe twitter URL )

    THE VIDEO IS AT = https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=FPly0ZXdnUk

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