Senate candidate Greg Brannon once again proves why he could be the future of the Republican Party

It’s no secret that Glenn is not a fan of politicians, and he speaks to all of them with great skepticism. But early last month, he spoke with a Senate candidate from North Carolina, Dr. Greg Brannon, and he was pleasantly surprised by what he heard. In fact, Glenn went so far as call Brannon “perhaps the best candidate [he has] ever talked to the first time out of the chute.” Brannon once again joined the radio program this morning to talk about his campaign and to offer a fascinating history lesson on American foreign policy.

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“I don’t think the American people really understand the game that is being played at the international level with Ukraine and Putin and the laughingstock that we are. I certainly don’t want to go to war. I don’t want to get involved,” Glenn said. “But as somebody who would be in the Senate, what exactly would you do and what advice do you have for Americans and for the Senate?”

Brannon, who is a self-proclaimed history buff, proved just how deep is knowledge of U.S. history and politics runs with the overview he provided of his preferred foreign policy:

This is crucial… I love history. I’ve been reading about Europe and Asia for years. You look back at the Ukraine. Ukraine actually means, by definition… ‘border land’. It’s between Europe and Asia. There’s a crucial part there… You have to know the details of the geography, the economics, and the people there; how it’s been divided over years; in World War I, how they split sides between the Triple Entente and Central Powers. This is not a knee reflex reaction. But the problem is our American policy has weakened us. We’ve weakened because of the amount of gasoline refineries since 1973. We’ve not drilled in Anwar. We have not made ourselves energy efficient.

I believe the word is meek. Our military must be meek, which is strength under control. We must be quietly powerful. Senator [Robert] Taft (R-OH), [President Ronald] Reagan, their foreign policy was phenomenal because they run back to John Quincy Adams and Thomas Jefferson. So we got to look at the details of this. But it does not mean weakening. It means strength.

Glenn, Pat, and Stu found themselves a little gob smacked by the Sen. Taft mention, and asked Brannon to expound upon that particular point:

Taft was beautiful. Mr. Republican, right? He might have been president if he didn’t pass away, maybe even before [President Dwight] Eisenhower. His book on foreign policy talked about having phenomenal air force strength, for example. He did not want to retire from the world. He wanted to be engaged in it. But we must do it as peace through strength.

And that’s why understanding the geography, the language, understanding the peninsula itself, how it is there – look at the gas. 60% of the gas pipeline was through Ukraine to Europe. What if we were selling gas to Europe? What if we had the free market to compete again? I believe in America. We are the superpower of free markets when we let our chains be off our hands, off our feet. That is strength.

I was thinking, sir, about something really clear here: What if our dollar was constitutionally backed by gold, which is Article I Section 10? What if we did that? Other countries would not run away from our currency. They would run towards our currency. There’s so much intertwined here that we must look back and think about.

The Republican primary in North Carolina is scheduled for May 6. The establishment-backed Thom Tillis is his competition. Tillis is the speaker of the North Carolina House. Brannon is quite optimistic about his chances against Tillis, though he is essentially fighting against the Republican Party. Should he make it through the primary, Brannon will square off against incumbent Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC).

“We’re the only candidate against Senator Hagan to – five months in a row – either beaten her or tied with her. We’re tied with the Karl Rove and McConnell candidate,” Brannon said. “And if you look at the independents, we win significantly. That’s why we’re being attacked because Mr. Tillis will never debate us. I would love to be on a stage with him. I want to know how he allowed Common Core in our state. How he was actually getting state exchanges done. He said, ‘Obamacare is a good idea. We just can’t afford it.’ If that’s conservatism, that’s not our party. We’re going to stand firm.”

If you are interested in learning more about Brannon’s campaign you can visit As Glenn explained, the caliber of conservative candidates running in this midterm election cycle is really unparalleled, and that is truly encouraging news.

“If Greg sounds like somebody that you feel you want to support, I mean, I have not heard anybody speak like this. I mean Matt Bevin is really good [too]. I would tell you: Count your blessings, America, because five years ago we said, ‘Where are the good people’… Here they are,” Glenn said. “And really, if you don’t step up now, it’s going to be too late… You want the Constitution? Then you go Greg Brannon, you go Matt Bevin, you find someone like that. They’re there, but it’s all going to rely on you doing something about it. If you have money, donate. If you have time, donate.”

  • James Caudill

    Brannon is our man. He’s going to get us back on track.

  • Colin the Patriot

    Just donated $25 to Brannon, I agree with Glenn: easily one of the best candidates I’ve ever heard.

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  • Crassus

    Brannon should be out campaigning from the mountains of Boone to the outer banks of Manteo instead of flapping his jaw on the likes of the Glenn Beck and/or Mark Levin shows. He needs to reach the voters of North Carolina by appearing on local radio shows. The majority of Glenn Beck’s listeners don’t live in North Carolina. They might send him money but they can’t vote for him.

    • Bret McGraw

      He goes on a lot of local radio shows, and has been at almost every candidate forum here in NC.

      Check out his facebook…he posts pictures from all of the events he attends in NC.

    • Pat Van Briggle Kleinmaier

      Greg is on the road almost ever day from one end of the state to the other and still delivering babies in between. Call you local radio shows and ask them to give him a call and he will do it. He loves doing local shows. We can reach a lot of NC people who listen to The Blaze everyday.

    • Anonymous

      Another retard mouthing off without knowing a DAMN thing about which you speak. Way to go fool.

    • pekin

      So $$$$ doesn’t put a Man in place??? REALLy ~ I am in Iowa and I send $ to candidates that would HELP turn this current Administration around!! And what is wrong with Beck and Levin? At least we get honest reporting!! So what do You say to that?

  • landofaahs

    Do not put confidence in men. Many have went to DC in perfect health only to soon catch Potomac fever.

    • Anonymous

      Hey dude. That would be “have GONE”. Please stay in school – or go back. I learned proper vernacular such as this in the 3rd grade.

  • Anonymous

    Brannon’s great! I will support him!

  • Pat Van Briggle Kleinmaier

    Thank you so much for loving our guy, Dr. Brannon. I am one of his volunteers and we hear people say all the time that they heard him on Glen Beck! I can’t wait for you to have him live for an hour one night.

    • The Other Bob

      Are you as crazy as he is?

  • M.D. Rehm

    On the contrary, Thom Tillis managed to shepherd through he General Assembly the most visionary tax and “entitlement” reform in our nation’s recent history. His leadership has helped make North Carolina a leading relocation destination for both domestic and foreign companies. We’re creating jobs hand-over-fist. Our unemployment rate is tumbling, not because folks here have given up looking for work, but because there are more folks working here than ever. He listens to his constituents, and even if what they’re saying isn’t what he himself might have had in mind, he gets OUR job done, the one we ask him to do. If that makes him an “establishment Republican,” then I’ll take another 534 of ’em.
    Not incidentally,, Common Core was adopted during Bev Perdue’s administration; Speaker Tillis has been doing the correct thing in holding hearings on it, seeking input from all corners and will bring the entire issue before the G.A. before long. And frankly, the idea that every American should have health insurance IS a good idea. The way that “good idea” has been contorted into the socialistic debacle that it is, is the slippery slope of which he speaks. Hell, we’re already halfway down that slope…

    As for Dr. Brannon, does anybody want to comment on the Wake County Courts having found that Dr. Brannon intentionally misled investors? Or that he hasn’t filed an ethics disclosure? What about the multiple lawsuits against him? See or details. If this guy still sets your heart all a-twitter (pun intended), you need to reconsider.

    • Anonymous

      This guy created an account and made this one comment. I’m sure he works for Tillis.

      • Sheila Barber

        Trust me Tillis has some off the wall volunteers.

    • Anonymous

      If any of these accusations are true then Glenn needs to find out and set the record straight. We need honest men and women because deceivers we had enough. I hope you are not a plant spreading disinformation like the DEMS did every time the GOP has a winning hand.

      • Anonymous

        He is. But it’s coming from the GOP.

    • Anonymous

      “And frankly, the idea that every American should have health insurance IS a good idea.”

      Wow. That was friggin’ BRILLIANT. You bright enough to grasp that NO-ONE would disagree with that?? But the government has NO BUSINESS demanding it!!! Do you get that as well?? You are a shill for the the establishment. Plain as day. They have been DESTROYING our nation, and have NOT cared even a smidgeon. So you and karl rove can Go to hell.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto, MD….where was your vetting, Glen?

      • Anonymous

        How to LEAP to conclusions just after reading ONE dude’s BIAS. Or did the establishment send you here too? And don’t consider me to be some conspiracy theory nut-bag. The establishment IS actively doing these things. On this ONE thing I agree with hillary: There IS a vast right wing conspiracy. And they are amazingly invested in KILLING the tea party folks. And MORE SO than they are going after democrats!!

    • Anonymous

      And another thing; you are full of sh!t about the “most visionary tax and “entitlement” reform in our nation’s recent history”. That would be Governor John Kasich, up in Ohio, you friggin LIAR. He took them from being 48th to #5 in job creation. So just why are you LYING all over the place in your post???? And if you read the comments below you’d find that your question was answered, and your info is 100% upside down and backwards!! Funny how you have SLANDERED this very decent man with innuendo and FALSE accusations!! Funny how you probably won’t answer that guy. I hope karl rove is paying you well. Jerk.

    • BlueMN

      So he’s another sleazy con artist who defrauds anyone stupid and greedy enough to trust him? He is the future of the Republican Party! Good call Beck!

    • Joann Landry

      I would like to comment….The investors were not mislead when some one says “considering using” does not claim that they “are using” If you put your money into investing in an lets say “app” that is “under consideration” for use, you are hoping that it will return profits to you IF IT IS USED…so you invest taking a risk. If the consideration does not lend to the app being used then the risk does not pay off. That is what happened to the millionaires who invested. Brannon offered to pay them back, since he was the one who discussed the opportunity with them, but they did not want it. They then filed a lawsuit and named him along with the other defendants the month he filed to run for Senate. ( How I that for timing???) From what I understand, Gregg is appealing the case on the basis that he was blamed for this because he was not in the court room to defend himself, as the other defendants were.
      POINT is when you invest…you are taking a risk, we all know that. NO DAMA here.
      But do People know about Tillis? That is the question. From what I understand he was against TOLL Roads until after he was elected, then he changed his position ( jut like a politician, to get elected on a stand only to change positions when it suits them). Tillis is backed by the SAME OLD INCUMBANTS who do not want to change the apple cart. BIG MONEY is supporting Tillis, where as the little guy is supporting Brannon. The little guys know their LIBERTY, FORTUNE, HONOR is at stake as well as the future of our Nation. To elect the same old politicians will result in the SAME OLD CRAP coming out of Washington. You know the kind of politician who smiles and makes you feel like you matter…only to show you how little you matter by not attending TOWN HALL MEETING to hear what you have to say. By the way, can you list a Town Hall meeting this year that Tillis has attended. I see he is invited, but his chair is empty…kind of reminds me of ANOTHER EMPTY CHAIR…the one at the head of this nation that is destroying our liberty, fortune and honor.
      MY vote is for Brannon, he is the hope for our future because he listens and can relate to the people. He attends meetings and answers questions while looking you in the eye so you can tell he relates to you.

    • Sheila Barber

      Hello!! You better revisit the “misled” theory. The judge is a Hagan donor.

  • Connor

    Vote for anyone that will bring this country back.

  • Anonymous

    Any Republican candidates supported by McConnell and Rove deserve a NO vote.

    • Anonymous

      THIS^ +10

    • Linda Hawk

      That would be Mr. Tillis who is the beneficiary of Karl Rove’s fund raising.

  • Raymond D. Seerup

    We have elected a president with no proven – make that “no” – track record, no proven leadership role and no success record to qualify him for the highest office in the land, and by all that’s holy it shows 110%.
    Tell me why we would want to go down that same road with ANYONE else of any party. We need so much more than another talking mouth with little real knowledge of what it means to successfully head a NATION. Our nation, specifically.
    Foreign policy is but one facet of a highly complex undertaking. No.
    Talk to me all day long about what you think and we’re all just arm chair quarterbacks.
    Prove to me what you’ve actually done, perhaps as governor of a state, then talk to me.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone that has knowledge about history, especially world history, is better than what the American people elected into office over the past few years. A president who thinks we have 57 or more states, his words not mine and a senator (Sheila Jackson Lee) who believes the United States/ Constitution is over 400 years old should never be in a leadership role. Our country is being destroyed by liberal ignorance. We have mentally incompetent people serving in the Senate and in other leading positions. The ignorance that is being displayed is an embarrassment not only to us, but other world leaders notice as well what is going on in this country.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah so, only governors should be able to run for any office now. Wow. You must be a rocket scientist. Are there 535 retired governors who are even interested in becoming legislators and such? I wonder how they got anyone to qualify for elective office at the onset of our nation. I wonder how the radical left machine in tandem with their minions in the lamestream media was able to successfully paint the incredibly effective GOVERNOR Sarah Palin as a numbskull, yet the uneducated lemmings in our society chose a snake oil salesman who had never run a lemonade stand or anything else of that magnitude. I wonder if you think it’s alright that 95% of our elected officials are NOTHING MORE than LAWYERS who have friends in high places, and have learned to game the system. And obviously most of them don’t give a rat’s a$$ about “representing” us. Yeah. That’s been workin’ out REAL WELL. FOOL. I’m thinking establishment shill.

      • Anonymous

        Lawyers are better than community organizers who have friends in high places!

    • Simon Potter

      Yes, running a state or a corporation is much better training than being a community organizer but lets not kid ourselves, there is NO job that can fully prepare someone to be President of the United States. We need men or women with integrity, intelligence, and who know how to select honorable and wise people to be the “expert” advice givers. They DO NOT have to be the experts themselves. They DO need to be intelligent enough, tough enough, and experienced enough to be willing to make a mistake and take responsibility for it. They need to understand the constitution and the importance of limited government to our overall success as a nation.

  • Anonymous

    We need more people like Brannon. Just when I thought darkness was descending upon us there is one light shining. Hope, there will be many more, this country needs these men and women desperately.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know anything about Brannon, his politics or anything else but I can tell you unequivocally that Ukraine does not mean “border land” in any language. Ukraine is!
    And take a look at a map and tell me how Ukraine is on the border of Europe and Asia unless you’re considering Russia Asia. Guy’s making stuff up.

    • Gary Barber

      Last time I checked, Russia is on the Asian Contenent.
      And from Wikipedia “There are different hypotheses as to the etymology of the name Ukraine. According to an older and most widespread hypothesis, it means “borderland”,[19] while newer linguistic studies point to different meaning of “homeland” or “region, country”.”

    • Anonymous

      Nice try. But YOU come off as the one making stuff up. So that then begs the question; “Why?” Why are you chiming in then? Accusing this man of FALSEHOODS, while it is YOU!! Hmmmm. You just lost ALL credibility.

      • Anonymous

        Ok first of all, I could concede the ancient use of Ukraine was Borderland, however, Russian spans two continents, Europe and Asia It is dissected by the Ural mountains. One quarter, the western part, is Europe and the 3/4’s is considered the Asian continent. Obviously, the Ukraine is to the west of Russia on the European continent and is no where near the Asian continent.
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Senate candidate Greg Brannon once again proves why he could be the future of the Republican Party

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter who is elected to the Senate because it doesn’t take care of the fundamental problem.

    The Senate WAS intended to represent the state governments we elect in the federal legislature but, because of the 17th Amendment, the Senate represents the interests of political parties instead of the state governments we elect.

    Twenty-six states filed lawsuits to overturn a health care law because the chamber of Congress that was intended to represent them not only passed, but introduced federal legislation a majority of states opposed into Congress.

    Making matters much worse, since senators are no longer obligated to represent the state governments we elect, the Senate’s power of confirmation or rejection of executive and judicial appointees, ratification of foreign trade agreements/treaties, and the removal of impeached officials are all based on political party affiliations rather than the impact these things/people are having on the states.

    People need to start focusing on the disease rather than the symptom.

    Otherwise, the Senate will continue to fail in its constitutional purpose, the central government will continue to grow in both size and scope, political parties will continue to control both chambers of Congress, and the state representatives we elect will remain ostracized from the federal legislative process.

    Who, Republican or Democrat, is talking about this fundmental flaw caused by a 100 year old amendment? Who, Democrat or Republican, is talking about restoring Senate accountability to the state governments we elect to manage our state affairs?

    If I heard a potential Senate candidate stand up and tell the truth, that the United States Senate is not fulfilling its constitutional intent and can explain how the 17th amendment separates senators from their states, I would not only donate, I would join their political campaign.

    • j dare


  • Jim Pate

    I know Greg, served on the Board of Directors of a private Christian school with him, I spent time on a mission trip with him, and know him to be of impeccable character and integrity, and believe him to be the most intelligent person to have had the pleasure of knowing, ever. He is selfless and committed to our founding principles. He cannot be bought with power or financial gain. I am a professional Pilot with a second job and still think it important to vest myself in his success. I have supported his campaign financially and with my time to prepare mailings (yes, like I said I have two jobs, a family, a farm, and a lot to do). There will always be politically motivated deceivers intent on disparaging and slandering but this is the man to represent NC and our country, and to help change the direction our country, or rather redirect our path back to from where it once came.

  • BlueMN

    Looks like Beck has thrown out all pretense and is even dressing as a Brown Shirt now too.

  • Anonymous

    I’m there too!

  • Charlie Sutherland

    I met Greg Brannon at a C4GC forum. He was for the repeal of the 17th amendment which puts the power of the senate back into the hands of the states. Good man.

  • G26

    One of the cases for the individualist conception is that its derived political systems minimize to “least harm” that which evil men can do.

  • Lancey

    I don’t think we have enough gold either in Fort Knox or in the US to back the US currency. We have to mine a lot more gold on a massive scale for centuries to even come close to back our dollar!

  • Keg

    Last Oct. while looking for a candidate to support (I knew I could not support Tillis) I found a youtube video of Brannon talking to a group. In just 9 minutes he said everything that needs to be said. My reaction was similar to Glen, Pat, and Stu.

  • The Other Bob

    God help us if he is. He’s as dumb as a rock in a tinfoil hat.

  • Patience Merriman

    Brannon recently made a speech in which he said “socialism is democracy, which is majority rule.” Really? Brannon thinks socialism is democracy? I realize that there are many socialist democracies — and they are all successful and prosperous nations — but I’m not sure that’s what Greg means. He seems like another slick, shallow politician to me.

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