Ukraine Crisis: ‘History repeating itself’

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Tonight, TheBlaze will be airing back-to-back specials focused on the crisis in the Ukraine and the impact it could have on America and the globe. First, For The Record will take an investigative look at what is happening on the ground in the Ukraine, followed by The Soviet Story, a documentary that shows the brutal horrors of communism. Why is this programming so important?

“Tonight on For The Record, a special investigation into the crisis in Ukraine. We’ve been talking about what’s happening, but history is really repeating itself and you really need to understand what’s happening,” Glenn said. “History is repeating itself, and tonight you will see – the Ukraine will connect the dots and show why this is so bad and why we better be very, very careful.”

Earlier this week, a For The Record report from September on economic warfare, ignored by the mainstream media, was confirmed by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.

“For The Record is the first thing that we have tried to do on investigative journalism. And it is really difficult to do,” Glenn said. “This has been in the works for a long, long time. And quite honestly, it shows you how good our staff is on For The Record because almost every time we have an episode, which had been in production for months…every week, that that happens, you’re like, holy cow, that’s in the news. I personally think that it is inspired. And I have nothing to do with this. So you know, I can safely say this. I personally think that our staff that does this in Columbus is absolutely inspired,” Glenn said.

After For The Record, TheBlaze will air The Soviet Story, a documentary that Glenn described as “scared straight” for communism.

“You learn what communism really…You have your kids watch this and say, ‘kids, I want you to understand, there is a growing movement around the world that wants you to choose between fascism and communism.'”

“They are cloaking themselves as freedom. It is not. It is death. And I want to show you the system that Vladimir Putin came from, was trained in, and when it fell, he said, it is the biggest mistake of the 20 th century. The fall of the Soviet Union is the biggest mistake of the 20th century. He didn’t give up on it. He just took his uniform off,” Glenn said.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    It wasn’t the fall of communism that was a disaster for Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the former Soviet Union. It was the manner it was done.

    While a few oligarchs made billions pillaging the country the average citizen suffered from it’s downfall worse than during communism.

    Many thought the fall of communism was going to usher in a time of democracy and prosperity for them. They thought that they too could live the American dream.

    They instead found out that Yeltsin has sold them out to a cliche of insiders and foreign bankers. And American institutions like Harvard University helped the oligarchs plunder the country under the guise of reforming it.

    What isn’t discussed in any of the reporting is how bad things are:

    The average lifespan of Russians decreased dramatically during the 90’s and it hasn’t fully recovered. Likewise Ukraine today is a basket case.

    The sad truth is due to the rampant corruption for many especially pensioners life is worse than it was under communism.

    To paint Putin strictly as a Soviet style communist is to the point of his popularity. He stood up to the oligarchs and ran them off. Russians see him as a savior and a reformer.

    • Bill Tilghman

      You really have no clue as to what is going on. That entire post is riddled with garbage and in no way reflects the truth or facts in evidence.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        In either of your replies to me all you manage to do is attack me personally.

        I’m certain there are many followers of Glenn Beck who think insults are sufficient substitutes for reason.

        Children are unable to separate emotion from reason. All you’ve given me is an emotional response and it seems childish.

        If my post is false point out the falsity and a credible source for your stance.

        Otherwise save your attacks for your children. They’re likely in tune with your antics.

        • Bill Tilghman

          It is your argument, therefore you must support the veracity of it with verifiable fact, not simply the rantings of your liberal professors who only managed to convey their views upon you and failed in teaching you the reality of the situation you are attempting to discuss. That is why I told you that your post was riddled with garbage, and no amount of sacrosanct and sanctimonious spew from you is going to change that.

          I see you did provide a link that had some partially developed story to it, but it is neither news nor shocking that Ukraine is poor and economically in dire straits. The story merely points to the obvious, but it does not really explain why Ukraine is in such a disastrous shape. Perhaps if there was a reason close to reality in it your link would have provided support for your case, but as it is, it is merely a piece of propaganda with no explanation of why the country is so poor. The fact that your source is Iranian news tells me more than the story itself. It also is indicative of your need to criticize without understanding or without doing anything constructive about the problem. It is easy to point and shout about a building on fire, but quite another to attempt putting the fire out. It is quite obvious that the story is only partially accurate, and the omitted details are much more significant that the content that was presented. Where is the assessment of the military intervention in Crimea? After all, Crimea is a part of Ukraine, and it is quite obvious where this story originated and why the Iranian media was the organ chosen to publish it.

          There isn’t anything personal in my reply to you, but if you would like we can pursue that in earnest. I don’t think you have the sand for it, but by all means try. There isn’t anything emotional about my response to you, and the fact you are finding it so tells a lot more about you than you understand.

          I do not have to point out the numerous flaws in your post, nor am I required to support you in your blatantly incorrect statements. Perhaps you should try to present your case with some credible sources when you trundle them out in public for all to see. I’ve been around the block a time or two and I know the ring of bullcrap when it is sounded. You sir are full to capacity with it.

        • Bill Tilghman

          If you are accusing me of something then by all means speak. I have not professed to be a follower of Glenn Beck, and your presence here does not equate to everyone who posts here being in league with him or in support of everything he says or does. The left often uses that as a weak weapon of insult, but it isn’t much of one. Only you left wing malcontents think it is insulting, which is why you use that phrase as you do. In any case, it isn’t effective nor is it a defense of your specious claims.

  • landofaahs

    Though I agree with Glenn about the Russians, I also feel that Putin and Obama are two sides of the same communist coin. If Crimea wants to separate, they should have the right to self determination. But later Glenn you made a completely false statement when you said Romans were responsible for killing Jesus not the Jews. Pilate washed his hands of the matter and left it to the citizens of Jerusalem. The Jews cried out “Crucify him”. But in fairness, it was not just the Jews but the Romans and every sinner who ever lived or will live in the future who were responsible for Christs death on the cross because Christ died for all sinners who would believe in him. In fact Christ GAVE his life for the sheep. I am just as guilty of Christs death on the cross as if I had nailed his hands and feet to the cross myself. Yes, I was there.

    • Anonymous

      I believe God the Father crucified Christ, the Lamb of God. The plan of Salvation was established long before Jews and Romans came into existence and He’s the one who needed the sin debt satisfied.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        So god did it and set it up so the Jews would take the fall.

        God sounds like a gangster.

        Why didn’t God have Jesus live out his life have a bunch of kids and be an example of how we are supposed to live?

        If God caste his son as an example and had him murdered by the Jewish elite you might think if it were to happen today Jesus would be a Palestinian. Many of them were Jews who chose to convert to Islam rather than pay the extra taxes.

        • Fat Lip

          Shows what you know smart science.
          He(Jesus) did have children 6 of them maybe you remember ?
          They were called the Brady Bunch now who is on weed and who is on meth Sourstein

        • Anonymous

          Christ did what he did so to save the Jew first and then the Gentile. Why Christ wasn’t a family guy? Dunno. His ministry wasn’t called for that purpose. Why the Lord didn’t seek alternative avenues for salvation? Dunno. His ways are not our ways.

        • Bill Tilghman

          That is quite idiotic. Congratulations on exceeding all expectations of just how stupid a post can be posted here. Your mother should be proud.

          You are apparently atheist. How wonderful for you. Why is it you of no faith think that you are the only ones who know what is going on? You have made it apparent that you have no clue.

        • Mike Nelson

          Based on this post, you would fail a Rorschach test.

          The ideas of Free Will and Deified Omniscience are not compatible in the minds of man, but all things are possible with God.

          The answers to your questions lie within an interest in reading scripture and honestly looking for answers, not in reading words and finding literary inconsistencies, or challenging other men who are as ignorant and petty (myself included) as this position appears to portray you in your hubris.

          God is bigger.

          If you don’t go looking for the answers where they lie in wait for an open mind, you will not find them in a discourse with others whose offense you take with such scornful and disingenuous statements as these.

      • Anonymous

        Five entities killed The Lord according to the Bible:
        *All of us

        • Anonymous

          Looks like the muslims are the only ones who are not guilty, LOL!

    • Mike Nelson

      I get where you’re coming from, but this sounds eerily like a rallying cry against Jews, if read with that notion already planted. Knowing your posts and 95% supportive of your stated positions, I don’t think you mean it that way, but when you read the passages themselves, it is the Jewish political and religious establishments that lead this charge (Pharisees and Sadducees), while the ignorant masses fall into following their trusted leadership in freeing a murderer instead of the Messiah they knew to expect and had been waiting for, but of whom their guilt and doubt caused them to be unworthy in their own hearts.

      I do take issue with your last statement, as the sentiment appears to me a contradiction of the sacrifice itself, which to me reads as a slap in the face of Christ’s willing suffrage.

      One of the most disingenuous aspects of organized religion is the co-opting of young minds with the idea that they, though innocent and naive, are yet guilty just the same. That guilt is a choice, daily, not a circumstance, always.

      Teaching Original Sin is not the same thing as teaching either Faith, or acceptance of absolution in Christ’s name.

      • landofaahs

        I do not see how my last statement is a slap in the face of Christ’s self sacrifice. If it were not for mine and our original sin and the sins I commit on my own. Christ would not have needed to die on the cross for sin. Original sin is passed down by the seed of man from Adam on. We add to that sin daily hourly and by the minute. At least it does with me. “In sin did my mother conceive me” according to the prophets. There is original sin even if people believe otherwise. “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. But if we confess our sins, God who is faithful and just, will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.

        • Mike Nelson

          Original sin is a concept of man, as I understand it, rather than an assumption of God, but as a communicative measure is a statement that man, by nature, is sinful.

          Sin is anything that removes one from God’s Grace. From that perspective, as we are no longer with God at the time of our lives, then yes, we are all living in sin, and for those devout to understand this concept as such, Original Sin (the “accident of birth” – another manipulative statement), is a meaningful concept on a spiritual level.

          Having been raised Catholic, I had to figure these things out for myself, and it led me to revile the Bible and God as I did the Catholic Church. Teaching children in this manner is wrong, because it does not teach them to build Faith, but to accept their unworthiness, and that is a concept that cannot nourish a child in Christ because children by nature lack the insight of the devout; they follow rules in order that they be told, “God is pleased with you,” which is a worldly judgement.

          For myself, today, I have been humbled by life and take pride only in returning to the study of the Bible, and Faith in God; even six months ago I would not have had this perspective.

          Hence, to me, that last statement, “Yes, I was there,” appears to me a desire to be considered sinful so that you may have salvation through persecution (in other words, a needless and somewhat arrogant self-deception, and a terribly misguided doctrinal belief, rather than a statement of Faith and Trust – almost rubbernecking), rather than an acknowledgement of removal from God, as I believe the Bible teaches, and God desires that we are to learn.

          Like I said, I think I know where you’re coming from, but with those words and for that reason, and because the Bible tells us that those who lead children into sin – further removal from God – are to be judged the most harshly of all, I have to call the flaw I see for the mistake I have learned the hard way that it is, based on my own reaction to a childhood that not only led me, but pushed me away from God for that reason.

          Thanks for not taking a self-righteous or pompous tone in your reply; I hope you see the same humility in mine.

          • landofaahs

            ! Co 15:22 is just one that shows original sin. Jesus was conceived of by the Holy Spirit. He was not born of the seed of Adam but of the womb. The seed of man is where original sin is continually passed on. You are wrong. Sorry if offends you but truth is truth.

          • Mike Nelson

            First of all, you’re telling me that my statement is wrong when I say that those who lead children into sin are to be judged most harshly, and yet:

            Matthew 19:13-14 – …Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

            According to the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus in this statement is declaring children to be innocent, and therefore worthy of the kingdom of Heaven.

            I don’t know how you found the verse from 1 Co to be relevant to my statement, though I remain unoffended by your words. However, read the whole paragraph, or better still, the entire passage on the Resurrection of the Dead in which that verse is contained; some of it is below, with your citation italicized for perspective:

            1 Co 15: 21 – For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. 22 For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive. 23 But each in his own turn: Christ, the firstfruits; then when he comes, those who belong to Him.

            Truth is truth, but without perspective, looks very different to different people. Your immediate judgement of my position by citation of a single passage (taken out of context with the source of the rest of the book, imo) appears to me a platitude; 1 Co was written by Paul to a sinful people, who he was chastising specifically regarding sexual immorality. These are lessons being given to people who were saved, but have again begun living immorally, and the citation of Christ’s origin as divine must be seen in this light, else the lesson of the difference between His sacrifice and the death of a man is lost.

            To teach a child something that causes them to have a reason to doubt the pursuit of seeking worthiness to be saved is a manipulation, and that is a practice that causes removal from God through the trap of doctrine over Faith. I’m not necessarily telling you you’re wrong, but saying that in the real world, this removal from God can be the result of the Church’s practice of the same judgement you exhibit in your reply.

          • landofaahs

            The innocents have always been considered by jewish custom as those under the age of 12 which is the age of accountability.
            By your screwed up logic, a child who kills his mother and father is not responsible for his/her own actions.
            “For as in Adam all die” why would he say that if not for the fact that we are born in sin. Since Christ was not born of Adam but by the Holy Spirit through Mary, He was not deserving of death. Since his death was not deserved, all of those who trust in him for salvation, are covered with his gracious, sacrificial, all saving, innocent, bitter, sufferings and death. I believe it was Luther who said “We are all snow covered dung”. We do not stand on our own righteousness but Christs. That is truth and even Pontius Pilate knew it. It’s sad you don’t.

          • landofaahs

            So God was guilty of killing all of those innocent children in the great flood. No doubt they were innocent in your mind and therefore God acted unjustly huh? Explain why Jesus was confronted by the rich young ruler who asked “Good master, what must I do to inherit the kingdom of heaven”. Jesus answered the question correctly when he said “Why do you call me good, don’t you know that there is none that does good, not one”. Jesus was showing that the rich young man did not know who Jesus was and that the rich ruler was seeing things through the eyes of man and not Gods. Jesus wanted this self righteous person to understand that only God(Trinity) is perfect and without sin. Only when the rich man would acknowledge Jesus as not just a Rabbi but the Son Of God would he understand that he like every other person was not “PERFECT” as he claimed to be. Any person who denies original sin actually wants to lean on his own righteousness. Without the drowning of the old Adam in baptism can we then daily receive God’s forgiveness through Christ in his Sacraments? No. But I have given you sufficient proof. If you reject it, so be it. I leave you to your own understanding. You will be judged by it not me. God bless you.

          • Jennifer David

            It is still a world wide movement that threatens to throw the human race back into another dark ages.

          • landofaahs

            This is fun. Romans 5:15-17. But not as the offence, so also is the free gift. For if through the offence on one many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift of grace, which “IS BY ONE MAN”, Jesus Christ, hath abounded to many. And not as it was by “ONE THAT SINNED” so is the gift: for the judgment was by one condemnation…For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they that receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in the life of one, Jesus Christ.”
            Now how can that be that Adam sinned first when Eve clearly ate first of the forbidden fruit? Gottcha.

          • Mike Nelson

            Your contemptuous tone belies your blessing; have you forgotten: “Thou shalt not use the Lord’s name in vain”?

            Please, do not offer me God’s blessing unless you are sincere in your heart.

            It is unclear to me why you would demand of me, a mere man, in asking my judgement of God’s Plan, when it is clear throughout your posts – all four of them in this thread – that you are filled with contempt for any who would cause you to question your understanding. Even if it mattered, of what use to you would be my judgement?


            Is that what Faith is to you?

            You have lost a great deal of my respect today, but you have justly earned my pity.

          • landofaahs

            How did I use God’s name in vain? Also, you did not offer an answer to my question. Instead you only attacked me and not my argument. And finally, I am concerned about speaking the truth and I will not tolerate heresies and do not care if you respect me or not. It is God and his truth you need to respect. God bless you with truth.


      Yes, it is more accurate to say that Jesus GAVE of himself and gave his life for all, not that any one person or race or religious group did it. Did he have the power to avoid that event? Yes. So, nobody did it to him. The Jews were God’s chosen people, his willing and unwitting allies, not supporters of Satan. Christ’s death is the epitome of the expression “self sacrifice”, as so many other soldiers and citizen heroes have done on a much smaller scale thru history.

      The libs would be much advised to “find more truth in the words written in red”, much of which revolves around the concept of service, lack of self interest, and a drive to help (not to hurt under the guise of helping as so many govt programs do for political means).

      • makayli verran

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    • Lorenzo Llama

      for Christ’s Sake! It was all pre-ordained. The crucifixion was the reason! If any were to blame it was God.

    • Ernest Hemple

      I was there. When I was 30, I had a dream that felt real. I found myself as a spirt traveling through something that was cleansing me. As I assended I was filled withgreat joy and I glanced back and saw the thorn I had just gtraveled through. One of hundreds of thrones on the Saviors head as he hung from the cross writhing agony. I saw hundreds of otherssprits also traveling through the thornes and being cleansed as Jesus Christ, the Savior suffered for their sins. It was happening in the moment, as if tiem was just an illusion and the atonement spanned all of time and redeemed all who ever lived or would ever live. It was real. I know that the Savior suffered and died for all those who enter into a covenant with Him. It was a humbleing experience. I wish I could say that I then went and lived a sinless life, unfortunately, I continue to struggle and need the blessings of repentance and God’s grace eeryday. I eventually discovered His church and joined in 1973. He has restored this authority on the earth and anyone who would like to know the rest of the story can email me at and I will gladly share my conversion story and testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ.

  • Deckard426

    The senate has backed away from supporting Obama’s Ukraine position, after Putin threatened to raise the price of mail-order brides to the U. S.

    • Mike Nelson

      You may have mis-spelled the word “bribe”.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps it was intended as “bride”; you haven’t heard of the Ukraine beauties?

        • Mike Nelson

          I have, but I was turning the cynicism to a political irony that is more humorous (if only to me).

          • Anonymous

            I did get a chuckle as either might be applicable. :)

  • Fat Lip

    The air is filled with good and bad which mortals never see , the drums will shake the castle walls! EVIL will shake the world.
    Zeppelin 4 The battle of Evermore The tyrants face is RED
    4 Horses of the apocalypse
    Why is this Album known as Zeppelin 4 because if we were told from the day it came out it is really known as the SIGNS of the four horsemen people would haven’t been tricked into receiving it as being so bitchin’ back then .
    The lamb is to break the seal soon .

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      That must be some good weed you’re smoking.

      • Fat Lip

        You no what they say If you don’t want to no THEN FORGET UM”

  • Anonymous

    I would really really like it if you could get comcast to pick up your station. I had it on Dish Network, but I had so many problems with Dish that I switched to comcast.

  • Anonymous

    And this (2008 crash) so conveniently came about during election time? Oh, just a coincidence.

    Lots of socialists in the Dem party.

  • chip griffin

    it is so far pass anything glen could ever image or will say. the end is here folks, you better believe this and prepare accordly. or just sit an watch. the mark of the beast is next, believe it or not. it will be in the form of a mark. by law you must get it and hell will be your payment. or you willing to bet your life? i am!

    • Andrea

      Hi Chip griffin… There is hope…in Jesus Christ our Lord and savior he died on the cross so that all of us could receive salvation by accepting that he paid the wages of our sin on the cross to save us from eternal death in hell. It’s man own free will to accept or not accept this gift from Jesus ….what will it be for you or for anyone else. John 5:16 God so loved the earth he gave his only begotten son that whosoever shall Loveth him shall not perish but have everlasting life. (Gods words) KJV bible

      • chip griffin

        yes i know and i have been on the hands and neens for years now, in fact it was a dream that helped me look into obama and friends. i was told what the mark of the beast is and much more. thank you for spreading the hope and love…

  • Anonymous

    Only a fool would believe that in 1989 and 1990 the Communist Party just voluntarily dissolved. It is still a world wide movement that threatens to throw the human race back into another dark ages.

  • Sophia A

    I absolutely agree with everything said in this video, everything is spot on. Thank you for speaking the truth. However, please do not try to minimise the impact of the Holodomor Genocide. I, as a Ukrainian who has done an extensive amount of research in this area can tell you that a minimum of 11 Million Ethnic Ukrainians were killed, other sources prove it was 14 million… and many reputable historians have confirmed these figures. Apart from that, this video is excellent.

  • VIC

    Whoever here in Ukraine would have guessed that Americans would turn out to be so enlightened on the most tragic years of the Ukrainian history – Ukrainian people genocide by Russians !
    I take my hat off to Mr. Glenn Beck and his collegues in the studio for bringing the truth about Ukraine and how it was abused and tortured by Russians to the American audience.

    • Anonymous

      Stalin’s five year plan. Horrible. Demonic.

  • The truth about spammers
  • Bill Tilghman

    History is repeating itself in this situation. Napoleon did this, Hitler did this, Stalin did this, and now Putin is doing it. The part I find interesting is Putin gets on his soap box in the Duma and criticizes the US for ruling by the power of the gun. Some how that seems disconnected from reality since he is the one ordering his troops to shoot Ukrainian military personnel that resist his forceful occupation of their territory on the flimsy old “protecting ethnic russians” excuse. There was never any threat to the safety and security of ethnic russians in Crimea, and everyone with an adult level of intellect knows that to be the case. He is repeating the actions of the tyrants of the 19th and 20th century while our leadership in the White House has spent five years neutering our military and applying all the budget cuts they have implemented to the military. Again we have a democrat administration that has weakened our military to the point that we had no choice but to allow this criminal invasion of another sovereign nation by the outlaw regime of Vladimir Putin.

    Not only has he made a chump of the leader of the free world, but he has humiliated our nation as well. (I am now speaking of the feckless leader who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.) Putin simply has taken advantage of the bumbling ineptitude that the democrat party has once again given charge of the destiny of America and the free world.

    What Putin and others like him fail to realize is this – we may be down, but we are far from out. Things will be hard, and they will continue to get worse, but America will be back and he will suffer the price of his misbehavior.

    • Anonymous

      I only have one rebuttal to your comment which I am assuming you already know but because of political correctness or at minimum respect for “The Office of the Presidency of the United States”; Obama is anything but the leader of the free world. That pains me to say as an American, but it is true and horribly deforming to our Country and way of life.

      • Anonymous

        BTW – Have you read the book “Thunder Over The Prairie – The True Story of a Murder and a Manhunt By the Greatest Posse Of All Time”? If you have not you need to since your Character is a main player in this book. Short but fantastic read!

        • Bill Tilghman

          I am well familiar with Bill’s story. I commemorate him by using his likeness and name, and my intent is to honor the man. He was a force for good and what is right in a time and place that needed men like him – and few were his equal.

      • Bill Tilghman

        I agree – he has done more damage to the US and our allies that depend on our strength and resolve than the Russians ever could have even with all their military might.

      • Bill Tilghman

        I can respect your statement, and I referred to the man in question in that manner because of the place he occupies, not because his actual words and deeds are in line with what we expect from holders of that office. In every respect he has been a failure, and depending upon which side you are aligned with, either a disappointment or a pretender bent on doing as much harm to America as is humanly possible. There aren’t any other possibilities, he has seen to that.

    • I.Gordon

      You can not judge as America’s hands are covered with blood. You are not nation who has right to allow or not to have own policy. You are judging and talking about everything without deep knowledge of history and you even do not bother to learn, do not have healthy curiosity to see different sides and opinions. Look carefully and read more documents, books. You will understand more. And maybe you will understand what is happening now in Ukraine.

      • Fat Lip

        Right-On this guy knows everything about only what works for him .

      • Anonymous

        False paradigm Gordo. American leaders have made mistakes, but the underlying fabric of the American ideal is freedom as a beacon of hope and light throughout the world.

        I remember the Iranian hostage situation in 1979 where the Iranian students, university student’s no less, had been taught that one of America’s sins was attacking Japan with atom bombs and refused to believe that Japan had attacked us first.

        You remind me of them.

      • Bill Tilghman

        You don’t have any idea who I am or where I have been, much less how long I have been here. The arrogance of your preaching is nearly as moribund as your false assertions. I fully understand what is happening in Ukraine, as it happened several times and in several places under the boots of the former Soviet state. What you fail to realize is this is a repetition of the events that played out in the 1940’s post WW II era. Then, as now, the Russians gathered up all the weaker states adjacent to it’s borders, and now as then they have little in the way of opposition to impede their annexation of states that should be sovereign and should have that sovereignty respected by all nations – especially their much stronger neighbors, the Russians.

        To base their excuse for the greed on defending ethnic Russians in the area is a direct copy of the tactic employed by Adolf Hitler when he “protected” ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland. Violation of another nation’s sovereignty and boundaries is never the act of a protector – it is the dictate of a tyrant.

  • Ron Whaley

    I watched this show tonight and must say it does not surprise me that the Russians were neck deep in with the Nazis. And as Glenn Beck has reported in the past that even the US was guilty of protecting some of the worst from the Nazi regime as well. The US thought it benefited them in the long run so POOF they jumped on that train for the ride as well. I do know that if we the people don’t wake the hell up we will fall in that trap once again and it will be over for the US. We keep making our Military weaker and weaker and our Government is making us look like useless whimps on the world stage at all cost. I don’t know what we need to do to make up for our past nor how we are going to protect ourselves in the “Very Near Future” against the likes of the Russians and China. It will take someone smarter than I to figure that out but I do know that the elected officials we now have are not the answer to our problems. They only make more and more problems for our Great Nation and I now believe they (the politicians) are working toward the downfall of the US. By the time they realize they are not going to end up at the top of the food chain like they think it will be too damn late for us all. Anywho this program they showed tonight should wake up a lot of people but once again I’m afraid The Blaze is preaching to the choir here and the people we need to wake up will not even watch it. We have evil all over the world including in America, now do we have enough good people to stop those within? Damn I hope so.

  • 7tom7

    To me the Russian people never admit to their mistakes or wrong doings in the past ,so they never learn from them and come to higher plane of thinking like the German people of today !! The Russian mind set is still of a goons mobs against anyone one who is different and not in lock step and to rule the world !!

  • American1959

    I hope you’ll make it so we can view it somewhere on the internet. I didn’t know about this until after the fact. :(

    • Andrea

      American 1959 …who are you talking to ?

  • snokonefbx

    I have to believe UMboma(no five words of speeches have not UM) is not smart enough, nor is his administration. Maybe take a look at the sign of the beast all must bare for towards the end of days?

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Here’s someone Glenn Beck should interview (but won’t) the former ambassador to the Soviet Union for both Reagan and Bush I.

    Being informed is not always hearing the things you want to hear.

    • Anonymous

      Aw, the poor soviets finally had a US president stand up to them with Reagan. Perhaps Reagan and Bush should have cowed to the soviets so they could wall in another 10 million people in another city and push the world to the brink of nuclear holocaust.

    • Bill Tilghman

      You just outed yourself as the fringer we all thought you to be. Congratulations on marginalizing yourself – it saves us all the time and effort to do so.

      Vitaly? Seriously? Could you be any more out of touch than to believe anything that man has to say on the subject of US Policy? It was an injustice for Kruschev to allow Ukraine to govern Crimea in 1954, was it? To begin with you need a lesson in geography if you think that Crimea is a part of Russia. In addition to that, there is a part of Russia with coast line access to the Black Sea which is a part of Russia, so they really don’t need the Crimean port of Sevastopol – they can simply build one on their own territory. Vitaly Churkin has to be senile to make that assertion and therefore your argument is invalidated by your own cited reference!

      DemocrazyNow is a completely left leaning site, and is not regarded with any degree of seriousness by the rest of the media in this country. The only people who use it are folks like you, Thorstein, who are dyed in the wool communists. That is what you are, isn’t it, Thorstein, you are a communist, aren’t you?

  • Anonymous

    Timothy Snyder’s “Blood Lands” is a fantastic account of Eastern Europe from 1930-1945. Doesn’t get much into the ideology, but the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis and the Communists on civilians is stunning.

  • Deckard426

    Putin just signed the papers annexing Crimea, while moron-boy plays golf. The United States has become an international laughing stock. Next up for Putin’s annexation, Alaska.

  • Charles Hurst

    They keep telling me the situation is different in the Ukraine than what can potentially happen here. I think not–tyranny is tyranny.There is an important point to look at with the Ukraine as Barry threatens this and that at which Putin is completely ignoring. And that is this is what happens with an unchecked tyrant. I’ve seen several videos of the Ukraine people being shot at with nothing but metal shields as they continued to stand defiantly against the police forces.

    The don’t have the Second Amendment.

    I wonder how easily the Russians could walk in if they were met with pockets of rebel forces coming out, opening fire and disappearing into the crowds? I wonder what the Russian soldier would feel like knowing he might be going home in a box?

    This is why we “right wing nutcases” cling to our guns. Our economy is going to collapse. It has to. We have an unresolvable debt. And when it does we will have chaos in the metropolitan areas. And the government’s answer will be to disarm the people. How do I know this? I watched the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans. Because we are a society that favors the criminal and entitlement driven over the law abiding.

    Barry, I would watch closely to the happenings in the Ukraine. These people are resisting even with the lack of firearms. I’ve predicted in my fiction the incoming tyranny to the United States. But we aren’t the Ukraine. And we have millions of firearms in our homes, Barry.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. Creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Raz Matazz

    Those still preaching from collectivism’s altar have abandoned Marxism for the Fabian strategy of small steps toward centralized control.

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