WATCH: 9-year-old bullied for liking ‘My Little Pony’ joins Glenn in studio

While Glenn doesn’t really care too much about ‘My Little Pony’, he does care about about people taking a stand for who they are and what makes them passionate. That’s why he invited Grayson Bruce, the 9-year-old North Carolina student bullied for his My Little Pony lunchbox, onto the set in Dallas, TX Wednesday night.

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  • David Croquet

    Glenn should NOT be in contact with little boys. This is perverse and grotesque

    • Anonymous

      Um, are you making a joke or what? The interview was nice.

    • sillyobamaPOTUSisforadults

      You are a perverted prick

    • Penn_Patriot

      You’re a sick piece of dogshit.

      • melissa

        LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Couldn’t agree more!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Did you even watch this, or were you too busy being judgmental?

      • melissa


    • C Bauer

      Forget this idiotic pedo debate. What’s with the shirt? I know it’s his own product line that he’s trying to promote, but it looks a little too 1930s Germany for my taste.

      • Dan Heizinger

        its kind of creepy

    • Anonymous

      Why? Are you jealous that Glenn will be too much of a positive influence in their lives, and that will translate into you having less chance of screwing more little boys up the pooper? Cuz that’s what it sounds like, is all.

    • LC

      It’s not dumb and perverse. What is wrong is your thinking. Think good and you can see the good. Think evil and that’s how you will think. Jesus and his word the Holy Bible cleanses and strengthens the mind, heart, body, and soul. God bless.

  • Anonymous

    If more kids had self-confidence like Grayson does the world would be very different. It takes most people YEARS to have that kind of confidence. Do you suppose he’s Indigo kid?(old soul in a young person) He certainly seems like it.

    • David Croquet

      The more important part is that he should stay as far away from the fat man in the boy scout shirt

      • Anonymous

        Sad, sad. Betcha Grayson would snark at anyone even trying to do something wrong. What do you wanna bet the bullies find out America is doing a My Little Pony trend in solidarity and just feel miserable about starting the whole thing?

        • makayli verran

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        • David Croquet

          excuse me, did you just suggest that the whole of America is doing a My Little Pony thing in solidarity? Do you have any idea how completely nutso that is?

          • Anonymous

            Well, it certainly seems so. The Amazon shops that sell MLP merchandise run out of things awfully quickly. It’s not a nurse idea at all. Even if YOU don’t want to be involved with the solidarity there are loads of ways to help the world find out that just because people’s ages have changed they still like the things they have liked since kidhood. Or that gender based things are just strange. Maybe you’re scared of being thought of as retarded. Speaking as someone who gets called that name all the time I can tell you that because people think that it’ll give you.permission to be as eccentric as you want. Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time to bring a couple of customer orders to the post office in my new My Little Pony shopping bag

      • BlueMN

        That’s his uniform for Operation Amerikan Bier Hall Putsch on May 16th.

  • KShrike

    It would be awesome if the Blaze youtube channel could do an upload of this as well.

  • melissa

    As someone who was brutally bullied growing up because of having a disability (I have Spina Bifida), my only thought about this situation is that society is replacing individualism with collectivist based conformity. This is one of the reasons why I wholeheartedly support homeschooling. I am no victim of the bullying I received in school, but it did change me.

    • Erin Murphy

      I too was bullied fiercely for coming from a different area. Sadly, it did effect my self esteem as a child to adulthood. I’m passed it now and know Who I AM and How much I AM WORTH… However, I’m not sure (Key words), if homeschooling is an answer to bullying. Also, I don’t think society ever was individualism and truly has always been collective. Sadly, the masses maintain control by “force” and money. Has always been and likely always will.

  • Erin Murphy

    I applaud Grayson and anyone who Stands up for Their Beliefs! The problem begins with us parents… We ALL want our children to succeed in school and life, yes popularity is part of the process. Unfortunately, popularity is the stage for bullying and we NEED to reinforce that you can get to the top without being cruel and hurting others. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t give you the right to pick on or bully someone else for being different. We also need to teach our children to be supportive and stand behind those that do get bullied and to have NOTHING to do with the Bullies….

  • Sylvia Dotson

    He will turn into a Fag.. What normal 9 yr old boy likes my little pony… NONE

    • Jan Dumas

      Lots of normal boys like My little Pony. Lots of adult men and woman like My Little Pony. Watch an episode before you condemn it.

      • Dan Heizinger

        What constitutes normal? Do you consider furries to be normal?

    • Danae

      You’re homophobic remarks are uncalled for. If a GIRL chose to watch a show or play a game that was geared more towards boys, would you say that she will turn into a lesbian, or to use the level of homosexual terms used in your comment, a “Lesbo?”

    • C Bauer

      So, by your “logic”, although my 5-year-old girl loves going to ballet class and has dozens of My Little Pony toys, but at the same time also likes watching Johnny Test and playing with Thomas The Tank Engine, she’s going to end up bisexual? Dumbass.

    • Sue Wheeler Huls

      I applaud Grayson for being an individual. He also is not alone in his love of My little pony. There are many boys and girls, men and women who enjoy the show. Included in this category would be my two sons who are ages 19 and 22. They both are proud to be a Brony. His school should be ashamed of how they handled this case of bullying. Grayson on the other hand should be proud.

  • Guest

    My brother when he was little was bullied. One day they threw rocks at him. The principal punished my brother and the bullies by making them stay together during recess…. to talk… that didn’t help at all. The bullies were angry at my brother for telling and my brother had to suffer inside during recess with his bullies…

    • Anonymous

      You sure you aren’t transferring here? You sure it wasn’t YOU and not this “brother” who experienced this? Cuz it seems by what you’ve written that you caught a couple rocks upside the melon.

  • Deckard426

    Give the kid a “My Big Fat Ho” lunchbox, and send him to Detroit. He’ll be fine.

  • Danae

    Unfortunately, bulling stories like this are all too common in the My Little Pony community. Thankfully Grayson’s story doesn’t have as sad a turn as Michael Morones, who after being bullied about liking a show that teaches love and tolerance and friendship, tried to commit suicide and is now in a coma. It doesn’t matter if they’re watching a show intended for little girls, or anything like that. What needs to be stopped is the bullying. Yes, I am a “Brony” (although my gender would suggest “Peggasister”). I stand with both families on one issue — Bullying, whether by the school kids, or uber “bronies” is inappropriate, and has no place in a civilized society.

    • Danae

      Sorry, he was in a coma, he is doing much better now.

  • Connor

    I believe that schools always turned a blind eye on bullying. I love this kid’s spirit and mind and I bet he goes somewhere.

  • American Pundit Fighting

    It’s amazing that Glenn Beck is persevering with this story as he knows its dividing his audience. It only strengthens that charge that he’s the Brony Messiah. I’ve said before that this is telling of Glenn Beck’s willingness to stick with his principles and the stories that matter to him. He has the fortitude to go against the grain no matter how seemingly trivial the issue is to others.

  • Connie Woodring

    Glenn Beck in the making!

  • Dan Heizinger

    There is literally NOTHING more important to be covering right now. No wonder he’s losing his audience to Michael Savage.

  • Anonymous

    That mom is awesome and more mothers should be like her. She lets her son see the world as it is. Even though I don’t particularly care for the new My Little Pony stuff that mom doesn’t label it as being “for girls”.

    There is no such thing as “girl colors” or “girl things”. For moms to label this stuff as such only serves as a vehicle for allowing boys to think that there’s something wrong with identifying with said things… as if saying “girl” things are inferior and therefore girls must be inferior because why else would we separate things like this? We need to stop this way of thinking. If we would, bullying like this would stop.

  • Noah Semore

    I’m sorry but I have no offense against Grayson at all. The one thing that bugs me quite alot is that there are many Bronies bullied and even beat up way worse than this. Why does it seem like Glenn is directing his attention to just Grayson. Just doesn’t make sense. Even though I’m a brony there are other people in the world that are getting bullied WAY more than Grayson. I’m talking threats and getting beat up maybe even broken bones. And yet we find to turn our head towards the brony getting bullied?? Sorry I just don’t understand the reason for making this big of a deal over something. He could of just took the bag to school or have his mom tell the school he is taking his book bag. Did we really need to go this far into it?

  • GT90ford

    I was most impressed with this young man, he is obviously intelligent, likely thanks to a Republican/Conservative family, and not buying into the BS teachers usually use to dumb our kids down (more difficult in Texas, since the State banned Common Core, but they still find ways). Listening to him speak off the cuff with pointed answers is more than a grown Liberals capability.
    Granted this type of bullying is more harassment, I think why Glenn chose this story is, the boy stands his ground, other than the bad crowds in school, how many are calm cool and collected. It is my place to make fun of a boy playing with or liking the back-pack, in fact, I would have never been caught dead at that age with a toy which may look girly. For Glenn it was the young man’s demeanor more than the actual story itself. In my youth, someone had a problem with you, it was automatic…we’ll settle this after school, the fight was on. Imagine, being taught to stand up for yourself.

  • John Kenner

    Citizens and Patriots: Sharpen your mind and slice through the fog of liberalism conjured up by the quacks, progressives, and clowns who pollute today’s mass TV media:

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