On radio this morning, author and journalist Caroline Glick joined Glenn to discuss the fascinating premise behind her new book, The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East. In the book, Caroline explains why the two-state solutions involving Israel and Palestine that are currently being floated around will not actually lead to peace. Furthermore, Caroline lays out a bold and feasible plan for a single Jewish state solution.

“The solution is not more of the [Palestinian Liberation Organization]. It’s more of Israel,” Caroline explained. “It’s taking what works and making it stronger as opposed to taking what’s broken and and making it more powerful, which is what the basic assumption of the two-state plan is.”

Watch a highlight of the interview below:

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Updated: You can watch Caroline Glick’s full interview from ‘The Glenn Beck Program’ below:

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In the interview, Caroline Glick delved further into her criticism of the PLO.

“The PLO itself is an architect of modern terrorism. I mean, they were the ones who started airline hijackings. You know, these are the fulminators of everything that we’re dealing with today, the originators of it. So yeah, obviously there’s a problem with them.”

“And again, why do they conduct these things? Why do they continue to support terrorism? Because they see it as a strategic tool for eliminating Israel. They want to undermine the durability of Israeli society. They want to undermine Israel’s alliance structure with the United States and with other Western democracies. And they’re using constant grievance, constant grievance mongering about things that Israel never did, where they’re projecting things that they’ve done to Jews upon their victims, Israel, and saying Israel’s at fault, Israel’s at fault.”

“And that’s really what’s at the base of the two state solution. It’s a lie that claims that Israel is the guilty party for a conflict that it’s been the primary victim of.”