Meet the Senate candidate Glenn believes has ‘the Constitution running through his veins’

As the midterm elections draw nearer, Glenn is focused on highlighting promising candidates from around the country. On radio this morning, Ben Sasse, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by retiring Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE), joined Glenn to discuss the current state of American politics and how he hopes to make an impact.

Last month, Glenn spoke to Sasse’s primary challenger, Shane Osborn, the former Nebraska state treasurer who has been endorsed by FreedomWorks. Sasse, meanwhile, enjoys the source of conservative stalwart Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).

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“There are two guys that are running in Nebraska for this seat. Both Republicans are just stunning,” Glenn said. “Ben Sasse is one of them.”

To begin, Glenn asked Sasse to explain why Nebraska voters should trust him to hold fast to conservative principles if he makes it to Washington D.C.

“I’m not a politician. I’m running for office because we owe our kids freedom. We owe it to our kids to pass onto them a great and free and opportunity-filled world. And we’re not on a path to doing that,” Sasse said. “President Reagan would regularly talk about the fact that, in a republic, we’re always only one generation away from the extinction of freedom. Our kids don’t get it by the bloodstream. They don’t get it in their genes. They get it because we teach them the America Dream and the American way. But we’ve got a crisis in the country.”

Sasse believes the debt is among the most dangerous problems facing our country today. When you consider the rate at which we are raising the debt ceiling and the new entitlements – like Obamacare – that are being added, we could be on a collision course for a Greek-style collapse.

“Let’s start with the fact that we have these screaming matches in Washington when the $14.3 trillion dollar debt ceiling limit goes to $16 trillion, goes to $17 trillion… Our true unfunded obligation numbers are more than 4 times bigger than that. We’re on a path to a Greek-style debt crisis,” Sasse explained. “Politicians think they are Santa Clause. They make promises that don’t add up. And then instead of dealing honestly with them, they add another entitlement in the form of Obamacare.”

Glenn found himself impressed by Sasse’s passion for and knowledge of the Constitution. He sees a lot of similarities between Sasse and Sen. Lee.

“I see what Mike Lee likes in you and why he endorsed you because you sound to me, very much like Mike Lee,” Glenn concluded. “I mean that as a compliment. I can hear the Constitution running through your veins, which is very, very good.”

You can learn more about Sasse’s campaign HERE.

  • landofaahs

    The proof is always in the pudding and it is judged daily.

  • Connor

    I have to see it to believe it.

  • suz

    the chavez movie being a primer for bho. necessary viewing from his pov, so, typical work day.

    • Jennifer David

      They don’t get it in their genes. They get it because we teach them the America Dream and the American way.

  • James Stanford

    If I vote republican in the Nov elections and they end up controlling congress, and then Hilary becomes President, won’t she just veto all the bills that they pass?

    • James Stanford

      And until then…Wont Obama veto all the bills that they pass?

  • Krimsen King

    It doesn’t matter who runs as long as our electoral system is flooded with money. The massive amounts of profit being made from our electoral system Inherently Corrupt our elections, and All of our politicians, regardless of party or ideology.

  • BlueMN

    That wasn’t the Constitution running through his veins, that was most likely a fatty thrombus on it’s way to lodging in his brain. It’s the same “poisoning” Beck’s brain is suffering from, which is very, very bad.

  • Hutch King

    Democratic processes enable views held by a minority to become those of a majority if their wisdom is proven and their utility demonstrated.

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