Senator Rand Paul receives warm standing ovation during UC Berkeley speech

As Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) presumably gears up for a 2016 run, he was warmly welcomed by a group of unlikely supporters – students at the University of California, Berkeley.

According to the Associated Press, Sen. Paul spoke UC Berkeley yesterday at the request of the university’s Republican club. The event drew about 400 people, who “filled the hall to capacity.” There were no visible protestors, and Sen. Paul “drew a large crowd of well-wishers on his way off campus.”

The 30-minute speech criticized President Obama and other government leaders over recent surveillance disclosures. Sen. Paul also declared the country is desperate for a “new kind of party.” And while he admitted the Republican Party has been far from perfect, he believes it can be the party to get this country back on track.

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“Go back to what happened yesterday with Rand Paul. This is huge. Absolutely huge… This is incredible,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Rand Paul goes to the University of California, Berkeley. I mean this as a sincere question: Have you ever in your lifetime heard of a Republican that has gone in and received a standing ovation at the University of California, Berkeley?”

Over the last several months, Glenn has stressed the importance of being open to the idea of aligning with strange bedfellows, for he believes the future will require a coalition of people who can unite on the principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

“Do you think Jeb Bush is going to even be listened at the University of California, Berkeley? No,” Glenn said. “They keep talking about widening the tent. Is there any tent bigger than: Look I just want to it agree on the Bill of Rights. That’s all I want to agree on. We’re going to disagree on a lot of things… Rand Paul can bridge the gap between Glenn and Pat and the university of California Berkeley… That’s huge. Never before done.”

While the left desperately tries to discredit Sen. Paul and other conservatives and libertarians who are looking to build bridges, Glenn ultimately believes yesterday’s speech is a sign of things to come.

“If [Sen. Paul] were on the left, he would be being heralded as God. Barack Obama might be Jesus. But what this guy can bridge is astounding… That again is the coalition building,” Glenn concluded. “They dismiss him and mock him and are going to try to discredit him. But I’m telling you: If you just play the game of who can win, it’s Rand Paul.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • landofaahs

    If building bridges means compromises on principle, then is it really worth it? When you become like the enemy, who has won? I notice there is only vagueness in the “bridges” statement. Exactly what compromises are we talking about? Time for Q & A.

    • Phillip Mango

      How else do you create unity? It is impossible for a divided country to do anything.

      • R.L. Shawver

        I will respectfully (to you) point out Reagan. Reagan had a way of saying “Here’s where we agree. We may not agree on the issues, but we do have common goals.” I think Rand Paul is trying to do just that. We have to stop the division in this country.

      • CHANGEIN2014

        A house divided against itself will not stand!

      • landofaahs

        We are divided and there has always been division. If unity requires accepting democrat trash principles then I would rather divorce.

        • samantha

          First and foremost we must ALL stand by our Constitution. We MUST have this firm foundation.

          • landofaahs

            Yes, but only if there is agreement on the other side.

      • landofaahs

        2 separate countries would allow 1 to survive if it chose the right path.

    • Carolyn Palacios

      It probably depends on the principle. I refuse to compromise the bill of rights. How we minimize government is a debate worth having.

      • landofaahs

        Most issues could be settled if we took a principle if it neither picks my pocket nor touches my nose then we can do our own thing. When I am forced to pay for your care, that is not acceptable. Nor is I must do business with you even if I don’t want to.

      • Anonymous

        And I am sure the Democrats will not compromise on minimizing the government and there is then again the first division with many others to follow. We can try to debate with the Democrats but they will never see our side of anything we put forth.

    • Anonymous

      You are totally right, if you sacrifice your principles, compromise does not look that great any more. We are always lowering our standards just so the other side will agree with us. That certainly does not help our once great nation to get back on its feet. There is something about Rand Paul which turns on warning bells in my mind, can’t put my finger on it, but there it is.

      • landofaahs

        As a flawed human being I look at things this way. I don’t have all the answers, I just have all the answers for me. If you have your own answers, then embrace them, take possession of them and take responsibility of them and don’t pass off your incompetence to others.

        • Anonymous

          What are you talking about: ” …don’t pass off your incompetence to others? ”
          Do you know what the word incompetence means?

          • landofaahs

            Passing off your incompetence means passing off all the responsibilities of your incompetence by cleaning up your messes. Incompetent people make messes of their lives and want others to pay for their mistakes. Now, you yourself may not be incompetent, I don’t know. But you are enabling the incompetents and asking others to suffer for their mistakes and bad choices. “A person who pretense” or do you mean “A person who pretends”? Do you know what pretense means? How is a person pretense? Now, it is possible for a person to operate under assumed or false pretense or pretenses but how does a person pretense?

          • Anonymous

            It should have been “pretends”, of course. By reading the whole sentence it should have been clear that it was a typo. I still say you can not pass off your incompetence to others, maybe your ignorance or ignorant actions.

          • landofaahs

            I really don’t care, but “passing off your incompetence” was not meant toward you, but a generic term for someone who would want me to take responsibility for their actions. I probably should have been more clear even though I thought you would understand what I was saying. Since you did not appear to be a democrat I assumed it would be taken the way it was intended. But you are correct in that there are many things I am ignorant about. But ignorant simply means you don’t know and is not a slight. I hope you feel better about it all now. I know I sure do.

  • Jason Gary

    It’s time for the two-party system to finally die. You have people at extreme ends of the spectrum, sure, but being forced to choose white or black on every topic is not only bizarre — it’s stupid. When are we going to &$%king admit that?

    The GOP and DNC have all the money, so we’re just cool with them hogging every aspect of our lives? If either side had done a wonderful job, I’d shrug, but let’s call a spade a spade and this system is a broken spade.

    Mr. Paul is on the right track, but he doesn’t go far enough, in my opinion. Until an immensely rich *and* popular celebrity runs on a solid platform built upon genuine compromise as an Independent, we’ll just keep spinning our wheels in the mud.

    • CHANGEIN2014

      Rand Paul is way more Libertarian than Republican, but his father tried running on the Libertarian ticket and it didn’t work. I think Rand is on right track, he will get the vote of the young people.

      • soybomb315

        Rand Paul has specifically said he is a republican first

    • Jon W Colson

      Romney was a moderate, McCain was a liberal. They look at everything in shades of gray. You think that we need compromise. Compromise is what brought is into the mess. You are almost right about the 2 party system except that we have one party. It is the “EMOCRAT” party. They just put an R or a D in front of it for election purposes. Behind closed doors, they …. COMPROMISE … and work together to screw the American people. They even discuss how both sides can win with their base on any issue. Here is an example of a discussion that you might see behind closed doors.

      Democrat – “We need to push 3 new gun control provisions.”
      Remocrat – “Okay, but those are going to cause us problems.”
      Democrat – “So, we ask for these 3 and 7 more that are outlandish, you give us the three, you get to tell your base that you blocked 7 and we get to tell our base that we got the 3 we needed most. Next time we will only go for 1 and you can say that you blocked all but one.”
      Remocrat – “Sounds good.

      And we loose liberty. That is how compromise works. It is a bad idea.

      With the federal government it NEEDS to be black and white and that is very simple. Is it within the very limited role of the federal government? If no, DROP IT. The Constitution is very easy to understand if you simply read it without bias. No interpretation needed…it was written in simple English.

      And who gets to decide if something is Constitutional? Not the Supreme Court. The Constitution left that power with the states.

    • IsThisStillTheUS

      We already have a president that some would consider a “popular celebrity” and it’s not working out so well. I would prefer someone with intelligence, common sense and good character who won’t sell out the country for power and wealth. Integrity seems to be in short supply these days. I like Ben Carson and would be interested in learning more about his views.

  • Lucas Forde

    I still take Ted Cruz. Rand have to do three things for me to vote for him one stand against Mitch Mcconnell, two pledge drill baby drill, and third repeal of all patriot act/ added peace/war powers of president.

    • CHANGEIN2014

      I love Ted Cruz but he won’t get the vote from both sides, Rand Paul will!

      • Lucas Forde

        Very scary he hasn’t stood up to Mitch. Heard what Mitch is been saying about tea party lately. The people you associate with is important, is why people care who Obama associates with.

        • CHANGEIN2014

          Lucas- Mitch is making a fool out himself – especially with the hot mic with John Kerry ! I don’t think Rand a to worry about him – Mitch will not et re-elected!

          • Anonymous

            That was McCain with the hot mike and Kerry. However, Rand did get caught with a hot mike with McConnell.

        • Anonymous

          Some times you have to lay low in order to get elected. I think Rand Paul did not fall from the tree as a matter of fact I would bet on it. Get him in and see what he does.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. I like Ted too but I don’t see him being able to win a Presidential election…..yet. Paul is still our best best to turn the country around. Lets get him in there for his 8 year term and then maybe Ted could get elected.

        • CHANGEIN2014

          I agree 100%

        • Anonymous

          I figure we can’t screw up any worse than we already have.

    • Lisa Dickison

      How about this between Rand and Ted, one is president and the other is majority leader? Trey Gowdy as Speaker of the House (although I’d rather have him as Attorney General) and we’ve got a pretty darn good team.

      • Lucas Forde

        Because we 17 trillion and growing debt. We need to find the strongest guy because he needs to be 3 times stronger than the last 12 us presidents. Hell guy 10 times better than Calvin Coolidge or Reagan. There is no more comprising because two group send send and cut spending. Mitch falls under spend spend. A real leader says what believes what he says gets voters, I want spread to both sides that’s what I believe. Also the next president have to us veto against the progressives. Rand won’t because mitch will tell him just play along. Rand can’t say he is for small government and associate with a progressive.

      • Lucas Forde

        Also Mitch said that he wants crush tea party and wants no more them elected. So Rand is a tea party guy, Rand is fine with Mitch saying he doesn’t want more people him. Wake up.

      • Anonymous

        Let’s get Dr. Carson in somewhere. BTW, Gowdy is a Senator.

        • Melinda

          Gowdy is not a Senator. He’s in the House of Representatives. He would be a good Attorney General. I like Dr. Carson but he says he isn’t interested in running for office. We should utilize everyone’s strengths. When the GOP regains the House and then the Presidency, repeal Obamacare, then give Dr. Carson a major role in helping to completely revise our health care policy. He knows health care. Let him share his expertise.

  • CHANGEIN2014

    This is exciting – very exciting!

  • Houdan Chick

    We are stuck for now with 2 parties, I believe Rand Paul can save the Republican party. It will mean a huge effort from us the voters but we will need to eliminate the RINO’s and elect the right leaders within the GOP. This is of course unless the GOP manages to form another circular firing squad before November, they are good at snatching defeat from a certain victory. We the voters need to get rid of the Boehner’s and McCain’s and other RINO hacks who have sabotaged our Republican party.

    • JudithM


      • Jennifer David

        I am sure they do loyalty test, attesting how the elected officials will adhere to the Marxist principles.

        • JENNY

          If it is that good, why don’t YOU do it instead of trying to get others involved in your SCAM!!! GOOGLE IT-IT IS A SCAM-that’s why you are do desperate to use sites that are legit to do your scam advertising-PLEASE STOP ADVERTISING ON THIS SITE-I AM SICK OF SEEING IT

          • ken.

            he gets off on irritating people but doesn’t have the guts for face to face confrontation so he hides behind his computer screen. plus he is probably addicted to the internet.

          • melissa

            Thank you Jenny!!

    • kevin Golike

      yep, vote by what they HAVE DONE, not what they say they WILL DO!

    • soybomb315

      What about a couple years ago when Ron Paul was drawing thousands at the major California liberal universities with wild applause??? Why was Beck silent about that?

  • Jeff

    Jason, fighting from extremes is the only way anything gets accomplished that is worth accomplishing. Only when the extremes compromise do we get a good product in the end. No, I do not like the viewpoint on the left but it is necessary. When things are bad is when they are rammed through without compromise. (Obama care comes to mind here.)

  • ken.

    on breitbart there is an article about a new poll which states that millennials are against what the government is doing and don’t trust them but they still vote democrat because they just don’t like social conservatives ( or rino’s ). rand paul and libertarian views are becoming acceptable to them and that is why they are accepting of rand paul. rand paul is taking advantage of this and he could be the only one who can beat a democrat in the presidential race.

    • soybomb315

      This is what the Ron Paul supporters have been trying to tell you for years….The american people want fiscal sanity and a foreign policy based on non-agression. But somehow, the Karl Rove folks said Ron Paul was unelectable.

      • ken.

        the word is getting out, everyday more people are becoming better informed about libertarian views instead of the misinformation spewed out by both the republican and democrat parties. they both are seeing the end of their two party one party system of lies and distortions.

  • Anonymous

    This goes right to the heart of the revolution that has been quietly unfolding for the last few years. the only reason that young people have been falling for the progressive BS is that they didn’t even realize that libertarianism (AKA traditional American values) existed.

    Kids were told that they had to choose between socialism and establishment Republicans. Now, due to the massive amount of information available, and heroic leaders like Rand Paul appearing on the scene, kids are discovering that they don’t have to choose which of their freedoms need to be sacrificed.

    • melissa

      Well put.

  • B Morrison

    I was fortunate enough to be able to attend, it was awesome to be a part of it. We even had our Lt. Governor there, Gavin Newsom, listening intently. Senator Paul can unite us on issues that matter!

    • Anonymous

      Did Newsom show any emotion or contorted facial expressions while listening? It is hard to accept that Berkeley has any Republicans on campus.
      The city was such a war zone in the 60-70s. Many new less lethal weapons were “live tested” on students and fellow travelers. The city government was filled with psychotic lefties. I am sure they do loyalty test, attesting how the elected officials will adhere to the Marxist principles.

    • Anonymous

      I pray nightly that you are correct Morrison.

  • cdamm1

    I worked at UC Berkeley for 18 years and during that time I saw the student body become more conservative– students wanting to graduate sooner, get on to their lives and get jobs and go out into the world and make a difference. The political climate is changing as well and conservatives are coming forward to make their views known, supported by news venues like Fox News and commentators like Glenn Beck.

  • Connor

    Things are changing that is why you see the brown shirts oh I mean liberal trolls moving around a lot more. They know it is going really bad for them.

  • Sally Gentry

    I don’t care if there is a D or R in front of their names….They act one way to the public…but behind closed doors are all in bed together…They wouldn’t have gotten away with as much as they have, in the time that they have, if they weren’t…God told us..Do NOT be fooled by any MAN…He did say time for a “new” party..The one thing I DO know is this…His father..Ron Paul..was the ONLY hope the US had..and actually did win..BUT b/c they lost all of our military’s votes (97% were for RP) and a law they changed the week of the GOP nominations that had been in place for decades to make SURE he didn’t win…NOW..only God will save us all…..Love to all and God Bless

  • Freedom lover

    Rand Paul is my choice, as a libertarian for over 45 years just maybe we can get this type of a person into office.

    • Anonymous

      You will have to fight both the Republican and Democratic parties to do so. Remember last RNC and the rule changes when no one bucked up against those changes. Watch as the Republican party uses those changes next election. This is what you get when you sleep.Rand’s dad Ron gave them a scare and they changed the rules to where they would not have to deal with that again.

  • Anonymous

    At Berkley ?? Has Hell frozen over ?

  • Jersey Devil

    OMG! A bunch of dope-smoking, anti-war hippie types paranoid about the government spying on them were excited about Ron Paul’s son? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! Love ya Glenn but it’s not liberal Berkeley students we need in our constitutional conservative coalition. We need the type of people in the middle who gave Ronald Reagan three big wins (I credit RR for GHWB in ’98). If Ron Paul’s son is the Republican nominee, I will vote for the isolationist, then make sure I don’t watch TV on Jan. 20, 2017 when Shrillary is sworn in as president. You know those Berkeley skids are going to pull the Dem lever anyway — that is, if they’re not too stoned to remember to show up to vote.

    • Jersey Devil

      (GHWB in ’88 of course.)

  • Anonymous

    Why is Glenn so surprised that Paul would go to UC Berkeley? Libertarians have more in common with liberals than conservatives do. Everyone knows that Paul is pretending to be a Republican but really believes his father’s principals, including getting rid of the Fed, pulling back our military, getting rid of other services our government provides. We already know how the country feels about Ron Paul’s ideas, i.e. some people agree, most don’t. Rand Paul will have to bend his beliefs to get more voters than his father.

    • Anonymous

      Where have you been? He has been bending them since 2012. Remember he got behind Romney and that had to be a pain for him but he knew what he was doing as did his dad. The best thing we could ever do is can the Federal Reserve. Why do we pay interest on money to big Fed banks for money they print out of thin air? Oh! they give most of that back. Not any more. Read up on it.

      • Anonymous

        I agree he knows what he’s doing. For me he’s not being honest about what he believes. Ron was honest. The Congress has the power to set the Fed’s mandate. There’s a reason they don’t mess with it, and Congress will likely never end the Fed. As the Fed increases interest rates, the dollar will continue to be what the world wants.

  • Anonymous

    We don’t need one more party. We just need better Republicans than the ones winning in the primaries only to embarrass themselves and the party before the general election. A strong 3rd party like the Ross Perot mess is how we got Clinton.
    A committed conservative that votes for his third party (or 23rd) just voted for the democrat. Standing on principle to show your true inner strength about saving the nation, just hands the country to new-age Marxists. We got Obama, twice, thanks to spreading the votes to losers.
    Republicans need to soften some of their views to get a candidate that is MOSTLY on track. Then make sure the house and senate is filled with real conservatives. Then the softer president can be easily pushed to do the right thing.
    At some Republican gathering where many Paul supporters gathered, I found around 20% of the attendees were conspiracy buffs – bordering on lunacy. It is enough to drive people away.

    • Anonymous

      We don’t need a third party we now need a second party.

  • Anonymous

    I’d vote for him in a heartbeat but I’m just not sure how he’d handle guys like Putin.

  • Edward Hodkinson

    It seems like our politics has gone back to the beginning of the country, before there were two parties, and when we were opposing kings and oligarchs (and tsars). Who would have thought at this point in time, in our country, that we would have a “tsar for all the Americas” and it wouldn’t be Vlad Putin (yet), or that the Ukraine may be the new “old” Germany – East and West. The only questions remain: where does Putin put the new-“old wall” and when will “the curtain fall”?

  • Anonymous

    There aren’t enough conservative congressmen to out weigh the RINOS. McConnell and Boehner both stated their positions on making changes and having a father to the right congress.

  • Anonymous

    If we can get Veto proof control of the Senate then a good amount of Obamacare can be REPEALED immediately…remember the Supreme Court found it was a TAX,the Obama administration ARGUED it was a TAX….and it only takes 51 votes to REPEAL A TAX.
    So in 2016 Conservatives can make a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to SOCIALISM,and if WE can control the Senate,again VETO PROOF Majority,then Congress can PASS a BUDGET ,as well as legislation that creates GROWTH,and also put a CHECK on the EPA,NLRB,DOJ…and the President will have a REAL CHECK on his CONTEMPT for the. .U.S CONSTITUTION.
    The Congress can then truly investigate IRS,and REINFORCE the TRUE application of the U.S. CONSTITUTION.
    Thank you.

  • Kiwi

    I remember that Glenn used to love Ron Paul, years later he said that Ron Paul is either a communist or he works for the communists, then all of the sudden, he loves his kid, Rand, who has very similar ideas to those of his father.

    I’m sorry for saying this (possibly this comment is going to be very unpopular), but sometimes Glenn doesn’t know when he is right or wrong, specialy with the ideas of the Paul family.

  • Sean Adams

    Glen, your mormon beliefs came out again. Don’t forget…Jesus is God.

  • birdsrfree1

    Now, if we can just stop Agenda 21 with Rand!

  • Charles

    I enjoy listening to Rand Paul. He is consistently straight up honest with his speeches, his facts, his assessment of the issues and has solid ideas on how to best solve the problems inflicted by the Obama regime. Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, several are just as straight as He. This type honest love AMERICA people are what AMERICAN’S must elect to free us from Obama’s economic enslavement of the past years. The Democrats [socialist radicals] have done everything they can since 2006 to ruin the country Economically.Everything the Obama regime has done is wrong, especially THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT! The single most horrible law ever forced on this country.

  • Marti Settle

    I would be really happy to have Rand Paul as President and Ben Carson for VP

  • Anonymous

    I would vote Rand Paul against whoever the left puts up for 2016. Now, will he at least get the nomination. Hope so.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t bet on it. Remember the rule changes The only way Rand can over come those changes is to make a run on the first three states If he can do that then he will be good to go but if he does not he will be toast and the Republican Parties fair haired child, who ever that may be, will get the nod and Hillary will walk in.

  • Tony

    Thanks Rand, but I will still take Ted Cruz over you any day.
    Why did you vote for Amnesty, Rand? I was not at all satisfied with your limp Paul Ryan like response. Do it for Mitch, Rand? And speaking of Mitch McConnell, I find it despicable that you support his re-election, as Mitch is one of the most corrupt politicians in the Senate and a Democrat lap;dog. You could have supported a true conservative like Matt Bevin. Get along to move along, Rand? I am up to here with ‘compromising” politicians.

  • John Doe

    Although I am favoring Sen. Rand Paul for our next Pres., but I do not care about this issue that he is putting on blast about our government monitoring our cell phone conversations/emails. I believe there is valid reasons why the NSA is monitoring “certain” phone calls/ texts/ emails. Me, you talking to grandma or ANYONE for that matter on our cellphone, I do not believe the NSA would want to monitor that. Now, if they have reason(s) to believe that a particular person may be contemplating on doing serious harm to others, such as terrorism. I have no reason to be worried nor concerned if the NSA is listening in on my convos or emails.

  • The Roadster

    A lighthouse in the fog conjured up by the quacks, progressives, and clowns of today’s TV media:

  • Anonymous

    liberals also “loved” McCain. they might “love” rand paul, but they will NOT vote for him.

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