Seriously, CNN had the most ridiculous theory about what happened to MH370

There have been some pretty wild theories tossed about regarding what exactly happened on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Everything from a mechanical fire to pilot suicide and terrorist hijacking has been discussed. But as the days have gone on and the mainstream media has been putting expert after expert on to perpetuate the story and keep their ratings up, things have veered off into the territory of complete, utter ridiculousness. CNN, “The Most Trusted Name in News”, may have just taken the cake for WORST. THEORY. EVER. with Don Lemon asking if it was “preposterous” to ask if the plane fell into a black hole.


That happened.

On what is supposed to be the most trustworthy news network the host asked if the plane fell into a black freakin’ hole!

Of course, Pat and Stu couldn’t let such a ridiculous moment in broadcast history happen without proper ridicule.


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  • landofaahs

    That is ridiculous. Michelle had nothing to do with it.

    • Anonymous

      Although she does think everything orbits around her.

  • Anonymous

    Don Lemon has a black hole between his ears.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, a black hole created by a ghost electronic plane, something like an AWACS, that took it over and turned it into a drone.

  • Connor

    But yet they claim we Conservatives do not know anything about science.

  • BlueMN

    Reading a tweet from a RWNJ on the air, CNN? That’s right up there with the “global warming is a hoax,” or other “theories” you see on this site. You’re making yourselves into laughing stocks almost as big as Glenn Beck. At least you didn’t break out a black board.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing wrong with a blackboard. With a piece of chalk it works nicely. There are also whiteboards. Works OK too but not with chalk. A grayboard could be problematic. 😉

      • Asillem4

        Such racist chatter.

        • Anonymous

          Only by you.

      • BlueMN

        Except there are chalks (or markers) that come in a variety of colors these days. The world is not as black and white as some people here would have you believe!

        • Anonymous

          Of course there are many colors. I’ve see pink chalk, yellow chalk, blue chalk there is probably many more. The whiteboard marker colors seem endless. Whiteboards (usually?) don’t work well with chalk (of any color) because of the surface although I suppose someone could make one.

  • Deckard426

    Ha ha ha! Falling into a black hole! That could never hap—————————

    • Jennifer David

      something like an AWACS, that took it over and turned it into a drone.

      • Aaron Roland


        • Asillem4

          Whoa there – with a profile picture like that and the name; Jennifer David – how could it POSSIBLY be a troll?

          • ken.

            name half female, half male. thinking more like transvestite trying to make enough money for his gender reassignment surgery.

  • ken.

    courtney love had a much more reasonable explanation, that means we should be very afraid for the future of mankind.

  • James Stanford

    The Langoliers, by Stephen King. Yeah, that explains everything. Ha Ha

  • vener8r

    Shows what he knows. I was there, in my OOBO (Out Of Body Orb for the lay person). It was hardly “falling” never is with a BH. They’re not like a time portal where gravity takes a part in it. They are more like a well kept kitchen drain. It’s like a sucking, into a hideous vortex. A universal toilet as it were. And yes, it’s true, they turn counter-clockwise down there instead of clock-wise up here. Right smack dab on the equator they just…well….suck. Kinda like MSM “journalists”. I tried to warn the pilots…telepathically, but I was afraid my brain waves would be sucked in as well, and as we all know, I can’t well afford to lose any more…not since I tried to insinuate a modicum of common sense into the brain of our president……talk about a hideous vortex. (I didn’t use the term ‘Black Hole’ because I would obviously be branded a racist….but honestly, is there such a things as a “White Hole”? If you said things like ‘Biden’….’Pelosi’….’Boxer’…..’Soros’….’Fienstien’….that’s not funny. Accurate, but not funny) Oh, by the way…..I know where the plane is. Been there too. The World Space Conglomorate will find it in 2516 floating in the rings of Saturn. No, not our Saturn…the one in U5S4. (Universe 5 Sector 4). Just sayin’. You think this ‘journalist” will have me on the show to talk about my findings?

  • Anonymous

    Geez, with the realization that thieves and liars are running this nation, one might think that illegal transfer of money is the cause for the missing plane. The redistribution of our money has been quite criminal, eh?

  • Kyle Mohr

    “A small black hole would suck up our entire Universe.”
    Then explain the supermassive black holes that exist in every galaxy in the Universe and why we’re sill around.
    The only small black hole here is your mouth, and all it’s doing is spewing nonsense.

  • Kurt Johnson

    global warming – the plane just burned up due to the collaboration of a group of scientist pushing an agenda.

  • Cameron Garber

    i think she ment to say will suck in our entire solar system not universe, considering theres a massive blackhole at the center of every galaxy lol also nobody gave them the memo that black holes are now gray holes according to steven hawking lol

  • Bane Warlord

    they are saying it flew into Michelle Obama’s ass?

  • Physics Bro

    Primordial Black Hole…. ;D it’s possible!

  • John

    THIS is why nobody watches CNN.

  • Aaron Roland

    Suck in our entire universe….. people are dumb….

  • Richard Watson

    The answer(s) is(are) obvious…1. It was George Bush’s fault…2. It was due to global warming…3. It’s racist. That should cover all liberals’ explanations.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it’s: 1. Obama’s fault. 2. It’s the gays. 3. It’s the war on Christmas. I took care of the Republicans for ya :).

    • Markus

      Isn’t using the term “black hole” racist?

      • Richard Watson

        Axe Shaniqua.

      • Carolyn Wheeler

        Love you reply :)

  • peter fuentes

    Did no one hear what that lady said?.. grant it I am only a college freshmen but I Don’t think one little black whole would “suck up our whole universe”. Theres black holes out there, and we all seem to be alive and heathly. Apart from these ridiculous theories, she said she likes data and the facts etc. She should study up on our universe. Logic has been officially thrown out the window

  • Kathleen Maurice

    Idiocracy has arrived….Life imitating art. (If you can call that movie ‘art’.)

  • Asillem4

    We’re supposed to take CNN seriously but we’re not allowed to believe in God. Interesting.

  • Master Donald

    It was the Daleks. “EXTERMINATE!”

    • Anonymous

      And where is the Dr when we need him? Or is he leaving it up the Cpt Jack?

  • WVMikeP

    “a small black hole would suck in our entire universe.” … but not all those big black holes out there in our universe?…nor the really, really big one at the center of our galaxy?

    Methinks she has a vacuum between her ears.

  • Kathy Smith

    I know… (haha) the plane was alien napped by ET with the help from the long lost city of Atlantis.

  • Jeff Rush

    CNN… they really are *that* stupid.

  • Joseph Ramsey

    Maybe someone had some of those Acme instant holes. They dropped one and another fell though that one and the plane fell though that one. Maybe one of the passengers or crew were part of the Looney Tunes sect of Al-Qaeda or maybe even Cobra, the ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

  • Sean Carr

    Did anyone else catch the funniest part when the guest said a small black hole would suck in our entire UNIVERSE! I’m pretty sure there are huge numbers of super massive black holes in our universe and we are still here.

  • Wax

    These guys put the W in Wacko’s!

  • Sea Rock

    … please consider this as to why both planes and comercial vehicles (18 wheelers) have electronics that monitor them …

    … they are placed there to answer 6 questions in an ‘event’. Who, what, where, when, why and how …

    … transponters are designed to answer in ‘real time’ who, what, where and when … by government regulation, if these questions can not be answered … the vehicle is not airworthy or servicable …

    … transponters transmit: direction, speed, altitude, location in real time and have been in service since the mid to late 90’s …

    … air traffic control; receives and monitors this information, so mid-air collisions and near misses do not occur. Or records and archives the data … radar has nothing to do with this information … though radar receives and uses this information …

    … Voice recorders and flight data recorders answer the questions why and how … usually this information is not transmitted, it’s archived and in time; overwritten by new data … believe it or not even 18 wheelers use this set-up by federal regulation …

    … so if MH370 was in an airworthy condition on the night of it’s disappearence … do you really believe the governments … don’t know where the aircraft is …

  • Melissa Eck Ferringer

    These are people on twitter asking this. He DID say, “I know it’s preposterous.” They just need something to talk about. Glenn, I think you’re great but you’re really for the reach here, buddy.

    • Anonymous

      if it is preposterous, why ask?

  • Ego James

    the Plane is in Pakistan. us knows this.

  • Shane Flannagan

    Its African-American Hole, not Black Hole. All dare Don Lemon say that, that stupid racist

  • Glenn Todd

    This winter was so cold that the Bermuda Triangle packed up and moved to south east Asia, lol expect more plans and ships to come up missing in that area.

  • Richard Watson

    Since the closest black hole is about 490 parsecs away, the plane could reach it in about 1600 years if it was able to achieve light speed (671,000,000 mph). How much food and fuel does the imbecile think is aboard the aircraft?

  • Carolyn Wheeler

    A gentleman talking with Mark David KTXD Dallas, TX. informed him that the US Navy had the plane. How’s that for stupidity?

  • Barbara Faller

    He first said ‘I know its praposterous’ How about reporting the WHOLE THING!
    Then first he said “a lot of people are asking about it” so why not talk about it.

  • Anonymous

    Without the constraints of private property & private enterprise, collectivists could more easily force people to chase “social justice”.

  • 7tom7

    Question why is Malaysian government without facts closing the case? ???? It part of a grand scam that plane crash ??? Maybe this is why they designated where the plane crash in the most remote part of India ocean to hid the fact there is no actual debris of a crash and will take time to prove this !!?? I don’t why this plane couldn’t have flown west over open ocean and then turn north over water to Somalia avoiding radars and maybe the range could be extended by favorable winds ,jet stream, flying on one engine at very low height to avoid radars ??? Maybe number of hours flown limit this scenario being possible at low speed/ unless use some un use hidden runway on the way (way station ) where they could land and turn off engines one at a time and vice verses so working engine can we start the other engine, while engine off dismantle engine pinger and refuel ??????????? Either this plane crash or hiding the fact that this plane will be use in a future terrorists plot when Israel and other nations have their guard down ???!!! With engine pinger not working it will add to speculation the plane crash if not found on some runway or hangar !!??? If terrorist knew that a active pinger would give out the distance flown but not direction as deception flew in South West direction the plane crash southern India ocean as deception and too many radars if flown in North West direction !!! Question if ground crew was in on this hi jacking could they with spare wires in wire harness to engines jury rig with a hidden switch in cockpit to break power to engine pinger circuits to further the deception how far plane flown under normal speed not at low speed fuel saving or on one engine or jet stream to carry on the flight from engine pinger turn off make like they crash in ocean ?????????????????????

    • 7tom7

      Per doppler radar theory plane maintain the arc circle distance and if there was a jury rig switch in the cockpit to turn off engines ping , then turn the plane north over open ocean to Somalia ??? If the terrorist are clever enough to leave false trail by cutting off the engines pings at certain point ?? The key question is the range of this 777 using every trick in the book after ping stop to extend range,using prevailing winds,jet stream, use of one engine etc !!! Question is the F.B.I checking internet if pilots & ground mechanics search air craft circuits schematics for engine pings equipment to spice into with spare pair to cockpit and search for spare wire pairs in the wire harness from engine to cockpit . to place jury rig switch with it close it complete the circuit loop open will cut power to to pinger !!?? In flight simulator of pilots was their any program of flying extra long range with one engine ????? Was there any search in the flight simulator of a test part of fire prevention throwing circuit breakers on SD card or part of operation is turning off the transponder during a simulated test flight was turn from original course was it in one of the simulator programs ????

      • nutt

        Remember those 2 former Navy SEALs who died in strange circumstances? The cargo they were guarding ended up on the Malaysia flight. If the sightings of an airline over the Maldives is correct, we can assume it ended up at Diego Garcia. This could even account for things picking up a turn due-south. The Maldives sighting has gone very quiet. Also worth considering – DG monitors the Indian Ocean because of important shipping routes – so not releasing their findings is suspicious.

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