If you have been a fan of Glenn for the last few years, you are familiar with some of the health problems he has faced – chief among them being his neuropathy. After having visited some of the best doctors in the world, there was no obvious conclusion as to the root of the problem. But a recent trip to Carrick Brain Center in Dallas might have changed that. For years, doctors have said that Glenn’s symptoms mirror those of someone who is being poisoned, and, as it turns out, that might actually be the case.

“On a personal note here I wanted to bring something up that the boys are going to have just a great time just torturing me for the rest of my life. I have been going to the Carrick Brain Center because I have been looking for something that has been bothering me for quite some time that stemmed from my neuropathy,” Glenn explained on radio this morning. “So they ran all these tests and they meet with me yesterday, and they said, ‘Well, basically, you are being poisoned… Food is poisoning you.’”

Ok, so not exactly poison. Glenn explained that according to the doctors he has spoken to, his immune system has turned against itself and it interprets certain food and other environmental things as a poison and this causes a series of problems most times manifesting in inflammation and pain.

So how does he get better?

To make a very long story short, the best course of action to treat Glenn’s symptoms is to put him on an extremely strict diet that essentially cuts out all sugar and grains, greatly restricts the types of fruits and vegetables he can eat, and allows for meat only from grass-fed, hormone-free animals.

Glenn proceeded to run through the mile-long list of what he will no longer be allowed to eat and the very short list of what is acceptable: