Was Glenn being poisoned?

If you have been a fan of Glenn for the last few years, you are familiar with some of the health problems he has faced – chief among them being his neuropathy. After having visited some of the best doctors in the world, there was no obvious conclusion as to the root of the problem. But a recent trip to Carrick Brain Center in Dallas might have changed that. For years, doctors have said that Glenn’s symptoms mirror those of someone who is being poisoned, and, as it turns out, that might actually be the case.

“On a personal note here I wanted to bring something up that the boys are going to have just a great time just torturing me for the rest of my life. I have been going to the Carrick Brain Center because I have been looking for something that has been bothering me for quite some time that stemmed from my neuropathy,” Glenn explained on radio this morning. “So they ran all these tests and they meet with me yesterday, and they said, ‘Well, basically, you are being poisoned… Food is poisoning you.’”

Ok, so not exactly poison. Glenn explained that according to the doctors he has spoken to, his immune system has turned against itself and it interprets certain food and other environmental things as a poison and this causes a series of problems most times manifesting in inflammation and pain.

So how does he get better?

To make a very long story short, the best course of action to treat Glenn’s symptoms is to put him on an extremely strict diet that essentially cuts out all sugar and grains, greatly restricts the types of fruits and vegetables he can eat, and allows for meat only from grass-fed, hormone-free animals.

Glenn proceeded to run through the mile-long list of what he will no longer be allowed to eat and the very short list of what is acceptable:

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  • landofaahs

    Be careful Glenn, you may become a food Nazi for the left.

    • Cindy Waters Lynah

      It’s not a left or right thing. In my opinion, we should all be very concerned about where our food comes from in a world where our leaders want absolute control over everything even though they manage it quite poorly.

  • Ellen Beck

    Glenn, sounds like you will be on the Paleo diet. I was very sick with a thyroid disease and The Paleo Diet improved my health, I feel great! Read up on inflammatory foods that result in autoimmune diseases. Think of Rand Paul as the Paleo diet, good for you, and Obama is the high sugar, inflammatory diet, bad for you, might give you some encouragement! Just do it for you, you will lose your sugar cravings and look forward to eating the good-for-you foods, be patient, it will be worth it when you feel great!

    • Anonymous

      And the Paleo Workout is a perfect complement to the Paleo Diet. Hard physical exercise including weight lifting transforms the body chemistry to absorb and process the foods we eat instead of letting them rot in the gut or poison us.

      Glenn’s back problems are also a symptom of insufficient hard exercise. They are best relieved by back-bending and squat-lift exercises, among other core-strength builders.

      I wish I could be Glenn’s fitness trainer. It would be even more comical to have The Gunny do it. :-)

    • Stevan C Rush

      Glenn, I have several injuries from playing sports in HS and College and after reaching an 8 advil a day level of drug therapy to relieve my pain I went to the internet to look for natural pain relief. I found it in Turmeric and Bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme found naturally in pineapple and since taking a daily dose (found in pill form at GNC) and eating fresh pineapple I am happy to report I have not had any advil in 8 years. I initially took Turmeric too but found I did not need to continue it to meet my desired pain relief. please try it to see if it works for you as well. God’s speed to good health.

    • Anonymous

      Heck, I tried paleo before too. Lost about 30 lbs of fat in around 4 months, and gained muscle. Unfortunately I had to stop since my school cafeteria was awful, but still, it was great.

    • kanakattack

      There’s always the next fad diet that everyone swears by…

      • Sherry

        It’s not a fad to eat healthy.

      • Peggy Holloway

        This is not a fad. It is the way humans evolved to eat.

      • Bonnie Witchley

        this is not a diet or fad…..the fact is wheat and GMO’S etc are poison to the human body

  • Anonymous

    It sounds a bit like Rick Warren’s detox plan in The Daniel Plan – a few more restrictions (nuts and beans), but quite similar. There are some yummy menus in his book and his cookbook. Here are the names of the people involved in creating the plan, according to the Daniel Plan website:

    Jenny Ross is the internationally recognized chef, author, educator and force behind Jenny Ross Living Foods, Raw Basics detox meal programs and nationwide grocery
    product line 118 Degrees; Mareya Ibrahim is The Fit Foodie; Robert Sturm is one of California’s premier chefs and food designers; Sally Cameron is a professional chef, publisher of the popular food blog, A Food Centric Life; and Tana Amen is a nurse and NY Times bestselling author of The Omni Diet.

  • cdamm1

    Welcome to Paleo, Glenn! Got rid of my seasonal asthma in 3 days! Get yourself a “JERF” teeshirt–“Just Eat Real Food”. Dr. Chris Kresser’s book “The Paleo Solution” should be your new best friend. We raise our own chickens and buy pastured beef from a local farmer. My husband and I are in our 60s and take no prescription drugs whatsoever. Forget the government’s “food pyramid”– it’s a “death” pyramid.

    • Sandy Caruso

      We do too. Only we have our own Jersey milk cow, chickens which lay fertile eggs, and our own meat raised with no hormones or steriods. NEVER do we eat pork or any shellfish. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies in season or stuff I have bottled or frozen. Raw honey instead of white processed sugar, non GMO natural white wheat flour for our home made bread…(Wheat Montana has it’s own seed) My husband is 71 and I’m 67 and neither are on medication. No high blood pressure or cholesterol problems. IT does make a difference. We can’t stand to eat out. The food tastes awful and makes us sick, especially the meat. Soda pop is NOT allowed in our home. It is deadly.Glad to hear others are waking up and understanding the need for REAL food.

      • Janet Prentice

        you sound like us, hubby 65 & I’m 63. We eat from our garden only & have green houses for the winter. We raise goats & drink nothing but goat’s milk. Soda, haven’t had one in 20+ years. Don’t eat out, not worth the way you feel afterwards. Add juicing to this list as we juice carrots, apples, beets & many more. For meat we raise meat birds & eat tofu. Both of us work more then most 20 yr. olds and sleep like babies

    • Beverly Long

      How do you find a local farmer that sells pastured beef? I’ve been working on changing my eating for a month, but don’t know where to buy beef & seafood.

      • cdamm1

        Beverly, US Wellness Meats sells pastured beef and they ship too. http://www.grasslandbeef.com. We live in VT and have lots of farms that sell beef, lamb, etc. Your state dept. of agriculture should be able to put you in touch with a network of farmers who sell pastured meats. One of the best places to check are weekly farmers’ markets. You can get wild-caught tuna and salmon in cans in health food stores but even our local Shaw’s market sells wild fish. Good luck!

      • Janis Williams

        Move to Australia… not common to grain feed beef here – they walk and eat what they find!

        • Bonnie Witchley

          we want them eat grass…not grains as they are fed

          here example GMO corn

      • Bonnie Witchley

        white oaks meat, straus, check you local store ask for grass fed…..no corn……murrey chicken……seafood…not farm raised ..i buy frozen too..i hope this helps

        • Janis Williams

          read what I wrote – in Australia they walk and eat what they find – including saltbush! Have a look at some photos of Australian landscape – there is no corn growing wild out there GMO or otherwise – way too dry! Then check the rate of stocking of our cattle per acre (or in our case how many acres per head)… I do NOT have to ask for grass fed – it is grass fed as that is what it may find(and the odd scrubby tree)… I’ve lived there and my friends farm them… Here feed lot finish would be the ‘gourmet’ version… Ditto our pigs are not housed in horror torture conditions like the USA does… Move down under Beverly and you will be able to get all the grass fed you want…

        • Janis Williams

          here have a look 5303614-3×2-940×627.jpg

        • Janis Williams

          here they are mustering them – to take to market https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBpOiEfYk6A

  • new2la

    I’m sorry to hear this Glenn. I know I need not tell you but Please watch where you eat.
    We lost Andrew, please watch your back.

    • Fleur

      Absolutely, Glenn. It would be good for you to hire a secure gardener and cook that work in concert to grow and prepare your food/meals.
      I can just about believe anything happening these days. we need you and the guys. you are a light in an otherwise, very dark world.
      God bless you, Tania and your children.
      And thank you for all that you do.

      • riverstun .

        “I can just about believe anything happening these days.”

        Otherwise you wouldnt be here.

  • Adria Herrmann

    Hey Glenn, You were asking for a chef to cook for you. I am not a chef but I am a darn good cook and I know how to cook with a limited ingredient list. I would love to come to TX and cook you up some appetizing food with your new diet. I also know how to raise the chicken and beef (organic) your diet requires. I don’t know how to contact you in the real world. I am on Facebook and listen to your program on DISH TV. I know you have high security, and getting in touch with you is problematic. No matter what, I hope for the best for you and yours. God bless you.

    Adria Herrmann

  • Anonymous

    The hardest part about thatt diet sounds like it’ll be getting away from high fructose. It’s in EVERYTHING. Even things you wouldn’t think of. Thank goodness you live in a place that gets hot, all that fruit, veggies and salad sounds very cooling. The meat part sounds like you’re going back to cave people days. All in all it sounds like a really good, healthy way to eat. Also kinda Bible-based as well seeing as you’ll be eating from God’s vast storehouse of living food. I’ve heard that the healthiest foods are on the periphery of grocery stores, It shouldn’t be that hard to find stuff, there IS a lot to choose from even on such a short list. The cravings will be the worst part but after those get finished it should be smooth sailing from there on out. Maybe we all can join in that diet. Heck, if they is such a thing as global warming we’ll all be eating the way you will. Didn’t Mrs. Imus have you doing a diet really similar to that one? You could ask her for chef recommendations as well as asking us.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    I would rather die. I say you can eat anything in small amounts.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    Good luck finding a chief.

  • janrugg


    • Anonymous

      What is wrong with Xantham gum? A lot of Paleo recipes call for it…..I’m a newbie and curious. Thanks!

      • Patricia Bartholdy-Fifield

        Xanthan gum is not paleo and may be derived from a variety of sources such as corn, wheat, or soy. People with an allergy to one of the above, need to avoid foods with xanthan gum, or to ascertain the source.

        • Bonnie Witchley

          buy organic…nonGMO

      • riverstun .

        All Paleolithic cultures had access to waving fields of Xantham gum. In season, of course.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you mean Carrageenan? I thought Xanthan gum was necessary for Gluten free cooking?

      • Patricia Bartholdy-Fifield

        Xanthan gum may be derived from a variety of sources such as corn, wheat, or soy. People with an allergy to one of the above, need to avoid foods with xanthan gum, or to ascertain the source.

    • Bonnie Witchley

      wheat was genetically engineer in 70’s to be shorter and yeild more…it has42 chromosones instead of 28…very bad for our bodies

  • Barbara O’Connell

    I don’t think Glenn will have any problem sticking to the diet. I kept having extreme pain that would show up and mysteriously disappear…The doctor sent me to a rheumatoid specialist….after a thorough examination he informed me that I did not have RA or any form of arthritis…tell that to my body. So I began reading everything I could get my hands on…the doc had given me a diagnosis that meant nothing…polymyalgia…I finally gave up chicken as it is an inflammatory meat as is turkey…it helped a great deal but I was still having to soak my hands in hot water every morning to get them going…I finally read Dr Davis’ two books…I immediately gave up all wheat products and those things that had gluten in them…Within three weeks I was pain-free…It was such a relief…no more swollen hands, no more aching body…believe me, Glenn will stick to the diet. When you have neuropathy or any type of constant pain, it wears you down and tires you out. Life is a drag…when you can do something to make the pain go away, it’s a blessing….He will just have to eat to live and not live to eat…I eat organic fruits and veggies and organic or grass fed beef…chicken occasionally. I am healthier than people 1/2 my age….Neither my husband nor I are on prescription medications…Glenn will find someone who can follow his diet plan who will turn out delicious meals..coconut oil is so versatile, as is coconut…I use coconut milk in my smoothies for breakfast…He’ll be so healthy and energetic he won’t know what to do with himself….Good Luck Glenn….You’re about to feel so much better.

    • Gweneth Howard

      I too was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatic. I was young and extremely active. Well that took that away .After 1,000 of tests they also found leukemia. Boy was that a blow ! Shortly after that the Dr. I really counted he went to prison ! Now what am I going to do ? I had to start all over. What a mess! I have continually put my life in God’s hands. God and only God can help us. Trust in the lord and you will be healed! I miss you.

    • Lori Allakhverdiyev

      I have been told I have fibromyalgia since 2006 despite having severe food allergies and asthma and hives . A year ago I realized foods were poisoning me and after cutting out all red meats, pasta, bread, milk wheat, sugar, eggs and pop, and going to gluten free foods. Drinking only propel flavored water , I had less pain and swelling of my hands too. Less fog brain, slept better. I still have some physical issues , hence having has back surgery , but overall I notice a huge difference!! What is our FDA and farmers and food makers doing to us??? OMG. I say we go back to the 1900’s and can and cook our own foods again. I want to know what I eat. I also have just been diagnosed with an eye disease which stems from auto immune problems and allergies and neuropathy. It sucks! I want Glenn to be an Advocate and SCREAM about our country making changes to our food supply and get it natural again! Make noise Glenn. People need to hear how our food is really poisoning us!

      • Barbara O’Connell

        Lori, Please try giving up any food with gluten in it….I’ve only given up wheat products but all my pain is gone. My allergies are better…I also take a few things that build the immune system. We eat mostly organic veggies and fruits. We eat either grass fed or organic red meat. Please cut back on chicken an turkey as they are inflammatory meats…My c reactive protein is just about normal….the first time in 15 years. i have asthma but it is in remission. I take a list of supplements and they really make a difference….If you are interested in what I’m taking, I’ll be glad to give you a list and the brand. For goodness sake, start on Curcumin….get the Life Extension brand. If you’re not a member of LE, you can find their brand on
        Amazon. I wasn’t taking enough initially but I’ve upped the number of pills I take so I think my C reactive protein will finally be normal.

      • Barbara O’Connell

        To Gweneth Howard

        Please try giving up wheat entirely….go to organic foods for a little while….there sre 10 or 15 foods that should be eaten organic…get this list an follow it…
        Try emailing me personally an Ill talk to you more. I have some suggestions that might help. My doc is an integrative specialist…..I’m lucky and I’m in great health….an I’m as old as dirt.


  • Deckard426

    More than likely, someone has slipped Glenn a polonium-210 sandwich. The bad news is that Glenn will be gone in a few days. The good news is that he’ll save on electricity, because his body will light up a dark room.

  • Gail Rinderknecht

    I am a very good cook, but not a professionally trained chef. If you sent me your list of foods, I could plan some menus for you. Grass fed, hormone free meats are available from several places in Iowa where I live. I am a single, retired teacher and available to travel. If you thought the proposed menus I prepared sounded appetizing, I would be happy to come to Texas and audition as your cook.

  • Linda Bowers

    We have been living on much of the same diet for the last six years. We are poor, and we can do it. We do grow our own food. Sometimes it’s hard especially when we travel, but the health changes have been enormous and we won’t go back. Look at it like an adventure, cause it will be. Good luck

  • isis5551

    We are breathing Fukushima radiation. Not to mention the other plants (Hanford, etc.), that are leaking radiation in our air, water, and soil. Our fish swim in those waters. The animals eat from that soil, not to mention our food is grown in it. We eat GMO food. Cabbage is crossed with scorpion venom, so heaven only knows what the rest of our foods are crossed with??? Thanks Monsanto, you butt-wipes! And now they also want to spray our crops with the same crap that was used in Agent Orange. And you have to go to a doctor to find out why foods are poisoning you? They saw you comming! I don’t think there is a cure. But…..best of luck.

    • Anonymous

      You are so right, Monsanto is poisoning our food supply. They should be
      prosecuted. We have so many government regulations but there is nothing in our laws which forbids them to use us all as their guinea pigs.

      • jerseyrocks

        I am presently going through chelation treatments for lead detox. It is amazing the amount of poisons that have entered our body. Autonomic Immune Testing can pinpoint exactly what is in your body. It is a out of the box method for western medicine but is works amazingly.

      • isis5551

        Thanks pfiffi43. Yes, we are being poisoned intentionally. And also, once food is grown via GMO style, it destroys our soil for future crops. We are guinea pigs. And I agree 1000%, Monsanto should be made to eat all their own food…..only! Wouldn’t need to be prosecuted. They’d die within months. They are also outlawed in many countries. Bat Rastards!!!!!!

  • Robyn Winch Coggins

    I’m not at all surprised by this. All of my kids have immune and neuro issues that are greatly affected by what they eat. I hope this works for you, Glenn. Feel better soon!

  • texastruthtweet

    You are in my prayers, Glenn.

  • Marissa Frances

    Glenn, Check out Young Living Essential Oils! They will help you heal inside and out!

  • Kristina Mc Guire

    It would suck to be deprived of sugars and fruit….I love fruit! Just like I love my meat.

  • Rachael

    That diet has nearly changed my life, and the weight came off so quickly! Good luck to you!! :)

  • Reta Sanden

    It sounds almost like Chrone’s disease. Or Gluten intolerance. I wonder if his doctors recommended a probiotic to help balance his gut flora?

  • jane moore

    Paleo Glen. It’s awesome!

  • Cynthia Reinert

    Glenn, I am experiencing tremendous relief from neuropathy with Nucca chiropractic care. Check it out.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I am a two time cancer survivor who refused chemo and radiation. They gave me 3 years in 2007. Here I am.

    Your condition is a lack of certain nutrients. They are difficult to get in the modern world, because our soils are depleted. So, I’m sending you this. I know this works and I promise it works. Sue Venable


  • Elizabeth

    This is so doable! It really really is. I would love to come and cook for you!

  • Bev Johnson

    “The Grain Brain” and “Wheat Belly” 2 books to add to your knowledge base.

  • Brad James

    Neuropathy is what caught my attention, having suffered with that for a few years now. I wasn’t so interested in the food Glenn was told not to eat, rather the list of foods allowed. He paid the brain cowboys big bucks for what he just gave us for free.

  • Glenn

    sounds like what happens over time from eating GMO. Food allergies and leaky gut are the result. Then your immune system jumps in where it should not.

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping Glenn would go to someone who would get him eating Paleo. His symptoms and issues are common and the solution is surprisingly simple (not necessarily easy…especially for us carb-addicts). The grain and chemical-based food supply is toxic for all of us, not just Glenn. The most helpful resource to connect the dots is a book called, “It Starts with Food”.

  • Anonymous

    For the best veggies ever just squeeze some garlic in your water and steam them for 4 minutes. Veggies taste great and are not bitter this way. They need no sauce or butter, just a little sea salt. This way they are almost sweet! Grass fed beef is wonderful. Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar make a great dressing for salads and coconut oil is great for cooking. Best of health to you. The hardest part will be feeling as though you are deprived. Take that to the Lord as that is nothing but lie based thinking and will undermine what you need to do to get and stay healthy.

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure someone hasn’t been slipping anti-freeze in any of your drinks? I have been seeing a lot of that happening lately. Better check your garage.

  • Anonymous

    http://keybiotics.com/science.html The American Parasite. Glenn you need to view this presentation on Candida Yeast. Sounds like you have the same thing as my wife. Autoimmune system is attacking your body.

  • Emily Getz

    I would be honored to cook for you, Glenn! I have 10 years experience cooking in fine dining establishments and I am approximately 49 days away from graduating culinary school

  • jerseyrocks

    I highly recommend Glenn go see Dr. Chung in Moorestown, NJ. He is a medical genius. Has helped thousands of people from around the Country. One lady was told she had MS turned out that was not the case and she is now out of her wheelchair enjoying life.


  • Cindi Spohn Markham

    Glen watch the video “Water has memory” it is a real eye opener. I think maybe stress is polluting your water.

  • M Kersey

    THE diet that we should ALL be on anyway!

  • Pam

    Have you read the Grain Brain book by David Perlmutter, MD Lots of great information regarding grain and sugar.

  • Sonja McTeer

    Get your researchers to go buy you the book “Trim Healthy Mama’s”. Don’t let the name fool you. Men have been changing their eating too and do just as well if not better than women. They have lots of recipes in it that are good for avoiding foods like wheat etc. The sisters took YEARS to write this book and it’s amazing.

  • Joe

    Bummer, Glenn. It sucks to be you. Gotta run… there’s an apple fritter in the oven for desert and it’s smells GREAT.

  • Sonda Casperinie Stott

    Welcome to the SCD life style. I highly recommend the cookbook, Against All Grain by Danielle Walker, she is amazing and going grain free has changed my life!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    It would be easier to have them tell you what you CAN eat. I’d like to hear that list! And there’s nothing they can do to reverse it? To fix it? Gene therapy?

  • Maurice

    You don’t have to have a chef, you just need to learn! I have been on this journey for 10 years now and I had trouble in the beginning but now its almost instinctive. God bless you on the new journey you are beginning, YOU CAN DO THIS.

  • Cathy

    We all have to stop eating the processed gmo poisoned food. It has been proven to cause inflammation. Which is linked to cancers, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Eat organic. Also organic stevia is a great sweetener.

    • me

      Nobody seems to know what GMO’s actually are. They are NOT poison. They are simply plants that have been bred to have desirable charateristics. Did you know the garden strawberries we eat today are a GMO? They didn’t exist before man combined Fragaria virginiana and Fragaria chiloensis. It’s not some weird science experiment. It’s simply taking 2 breeds of the same kind of plant and crossing them so you get the traits you want.

      All plants in nature have been “genetically modified”, it’s called adaptation. That’s how they survive, by adapting to their environment, and that is a genetic change also.

      • geri

        GMO seed have ROUND up in them AKA Agent Orange, Keep eating it Cathy

      • Diane

        I hate to say it, but it’s not that simple. Even Monsanto would not agree with your definition of GMOs:


        What you described in strawberries is not an example of a GMO, just a hybrid. A GMO strawberry, for example, is one that has been injected with a fish gene: http://gmo-awareness.com/all-about-gmos/gmo-defined/

        Genetic modification is not hybridization or adaptation. The latter two have been around for centuries, either in nature or arranged by man, and yes, I believe those are safe. Genetic modification is entirely different, completely unnatural, and untested/unproven to be safe. Almost the whole world’s population is now part of the experiment to see if GMOs are safe, and by the time we find out, if they’re as bad for us as some scientists believe they are, it will be too late for many.

        Keep reading…keep learning… I won’t try to say more, because there is a TON of information just a few keystrokes away. Find an expert you trust, and see what they think. That’s all most of us can do.

      • riverstun .

        They are not BRED. They have foreign genes inserted in them. Usually genes carrying toxins or herbicide resistance so more herbicides can be used on the plant. The main goal is to control the food supply by suing farmers whose land is GMO contaminated.

      • Bonnie Witchley

        what you have said is normal cross breeding….GMO’S dna has been changedit has been chemically altered to resist being killed if spray with glyposate a herbicide..we ingest this and some can remain in our gut flora……google GMO and what it is…….wheat has been genetically engineered and it has 42 chromosones instead of 28…our gut doesn’t like this either…monsanto is one that has genetically modified a few crops..this was not cross breeding

      • audchild

        Me, NO! You are confused! GMO foods are not just two breeds of the same species, combined for better traits. Those kind of plants are called heirloom…NOT GMO! GMO plants have completely different species’ chromosomes spliced into their genome or DNA artificially…not by breeding. Sometimes it’s just a different plant’s chromosomes. But, a lot of times it’s genetic material from insects and even other kinds of animals (like jellyfish) being spliced together to get a more bug, or drought resistant ear of corn, or soybean. You really should educate yourself before you post stuff that’s SO wrong…others might believe you! That would truly be sad and possibly harmful…and I’m sure that’s not your intent.

  • Alex

    Glenn, you are wise to treat this autoimmune disease through diet and nutrition and not drugs/chemicals. One of my wife’s closest friends has such a disease (lupus). Her doctor wanted to put her on steroids, which would have eventually killed her (they damage the kidneys and liver). She chose to go to a naturopath instead and totally changed her diet (she is a gluten-free vegan – no grains, dairy, sugar, red meat, or processed food; she occasionally has organic fish or chicken). After five years, she is essentially cured. All her lupus indicators are down, and she feels great. A friend of hers who was diagnosed with lupus around the same time she was is dead today. It takes discipline, but you can do it with God’s help! We will pray for you.

  • Dr Joe

    Glenn, I am a chiropractic neurologist, former college faculty and textbook author/editor. This is probably not the correct forum, but my
    wife found this article on the “Carrick Brain Institute” on her Facebook, and I
    am compelled to try to reply to you personally.

    First, while I know nothing of your health, the dietary advice you have received is likely to help you considerably. I find it helps most people. A true pioneer on the science of diet and brain inflammation is Dr. David Perlmutter. I would suggest that you visit his website; it is loaded with usable, easily understandable information.

    However, this is not the purpose of my communication. Instead I have contacted you simply to offer you the truth. I do this only because I believe in my heart
    that you actually seek the truth and I care about you enough to think that you
    should know. Besides, Truth lives at The Blaze, right?

    I believe that there are things that you should know about Dr. Ted Carrick. In my humble opinion, sir, his rise in the public eye is not a reflection of his accomplishments, but a condemnation of our system. As you used to say all the time, “Please, show me where I am going wrong”.

    Of course, you are a busy man and there are far more important matters in the world right now than chiropractic neurologists, so I understand if you let this one go. Stick to the diet for a while and see what happens. I wish you and your family only the best in life and health. I am constantly amazed by your energy, your enthusiasm and your prolific accomplishments. You are a good man with a good message. I am not a religious man, but god bless you Glenn. We need you.

  • liberalssuck

    That sucks!! Poor dude, but hey if it helps yea, then by god follow the doctors orders..

  • Betty

    Glenn check out the new thing on the internet, http://www.FMTV.com and check into Cultured Foods for Life: How to make and Serve Delicious Probiotic Foods fro Better Health & Wellness by Donna Schwenk, Both of these may help with your health issues.

  • Renee Stevens

    We are dealing with the same issues with our 8 year old daughter… she has started seeing a speciialist to find out what exactly is wrong, we are still waiting for test results. Right now we have started her on a very minimal diet of what we know she CAN have, and adding things gradually through trial and error. She knows within minutes if she can eat something because of the stomach pain… and of course the list of what she can’t have overwhelms what she can have… your list would be a buffet at the moment, so count your blessings. It breaks my heart as she turns down foods that she loves at family get togethers and church functions while weighing in her own little mind of if it’s “worth it” to eat verses the pain… she calls it her “birthday present from the devil” because that was the day she noticed the issues (probably from the birthday cake and sugar)… and always with a smile on her face. My grocery budget is $400 a month for a family of 6 and we make it work. I can certainly give your wife lots of ideas :) maybe post a list of what you can eat and let people submit recipes for you… no need for a chef, just a little extra prep :)

  • GAThomas

    were these Dr’s Democrat? Sounds fishy to me….unless you aren’t allowed fish lol

  • Anonymous

    Keep searching Glenn

  • luke orem

    Sounds like the Paleo diet I just started.

  • Deanna Chesebrough

    We use Stevia here, and we love it! I eat an all organic diet at home. I use the 80/20 philosophy. Everything at home is 100% organic! So when we eat out, that is the 20%.

  • Jana Shell-Schuyler

    This is becoming more common than people realize. Autoimmune diseases are not easily treated and can lead to other problems in the body. My daughter and I have been diagnosed in the last few years but it is only genetic if you are susceptible and it is triggered to switch a chromosome on the DNA chain. Tests for autoimmune diseases should be more widely used in diagnostics….You just might be surprised.

    • Leighann Hopwood

      Hi Jana,
      What test did you have done? I have to avoid many foods, and they have suspected an autoimmune disorder.

  • Jerica

    We discovered the same thing for my hubby’s autoimmune disease about 6 years ago. He’s now totally off meds, symptom-free from an “incurable” disease, and doing great. Amazing what real food can do. Don’t forget to add digestive aiding foods like bone broth, fermented foods, and good pasture-raised fats! Here’s what we learned: http://www.saveyourguts.com

  • Anonymous

    Organic fruits and veggies. No GMO.

  • Cindy Waters Lynah

    Welcome to the Paleo diet Glenn. I have been on it for 2 years and have lost 80 lbs. I have cured my Fibromyalgia that doctors never seemed to be able to treat. Also, the food is delicious once you learn how to cook…and…grassfed BACON!

  • Jamison Beemer

    Glenn you gotta read The Wahls Protocol by Terry Wahls M.D. AMAZING… I do a very similar diet! And I even love it now :) you will soon feel great! Praying for ya!

  • Pat

    It is important to eat well, but keeping your immune system strong is also important, as is modulating the overactive immune system. The only supplement that can do both as needed, is Transfer Factor from 4Life Research. Visit my website at http://www.patriciawillems.my4life.com and also check out http://www.transferfactor.com for the full story of this amazing gift from God. My allergies (auto-immune) are totally under control and have been since I began taking this supplement in 2003.

  • Amy Stewart Donnelly

    You can do this. After a few days you will feel 100% different and then it gets easier, you’ll have incentive. Feeling good is the goal, right?

  • Anonymous

    Several years back, I was having massive problems, IBS, fibromyalgia, foggy brain, pain, pain and numbness in feet, couldn’t fly without becoming sick, panic attacks, etc. for someone always healthy and active, this was horrible. Several doctors would toss things out to see what stuck but nothing helped. So I started a massive hunt for answers.
    I had my hair tested, and several things showed up, mercury being one. I stopped using Splenda, the stuff is poison. I did a colon cleansing and in less than a week, no more IBS, after 10 years suffering. I started on B12 and the stinging and pain left my feet after a month. I take D3 and it helps a lot. I started on oral Chelation I got from a great company and the numbness left as well as improved vericose veins. It is completely safe, same ingredients are used in some baby food even. It is also good for cleaning out the arteries. Many drs. Will not agree, since they make nothing from the supplement. The Chelation is a heavy metal detox also.
    Here is the big one, I found taking Chlorella, a broken cell from Japan supplement, made from the ocean and totally safe, built up my immunity to where I can now fly anywhere without becoming sick. It also cleans our system from toxins, a huge culprit that does so much damage. I did a heavy metal detox it’s two caps a day for one month. Within a short time, I was feeling so much better. I still have the fibro, but I know my pain triggers and treat with Aleve. My life is back and I am a happy person. Also another poor health culprit damaging our systems is an overload of yeast in our system. I couldn’t believe the damage it can cause. I found an amazing company that helped me so much and answered so many questions.
    Reading up on reputable sites can help so much. Good luck.

  • Lynda Gockenbach Butler

    Glenn…sadly you sound like my Scottish Terrier, she can only eat fish and potatoes…do you itch all the time? loosing hair? Coconut oil is good for that too. All kidding aside, hope your doing better now that you know what it is…try Crossfit too!!!

  • Linda Booker

    Glenn, read “Grain Brain” by Dr. David Perlmutter. If you do, you will fully understand why they want you to eat this way. Go for it and enjoy!

  • Mandy

    Join the Smart Food Club and eat Sunrider concentrated whole foods. They are Gods foods to regenerate your body. The testimonies are unbelievable!! My whole family including my three boys eat them every day. Yes, we still eat regular food, but we eat a much cleaner diet. I have lost weight and gotten over illnesses quicker, my husband does not have near as many bronchial illnesses and gets over them quicket without meds. My kids are not as sick as others and we use Sunrider to treat illnesses instead of meds. We have not used meds for almost a year including Tylenol for headaches. Anyway, the are amazing and they can really help you lead a healthier life.

  • http://www.claytonzeimet.com/ Clayton Zeimet

    That sucks. Praying for you, Glenn.

  • John

    I reccomend looking at Maximised Living.

  • Al

    Has Glenn ever taken a fluoroquinolone antibiotic i.e. Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, etc?

    • zboltswife

      That was my first thought, too! So many are being harmed by pharmaceuticals and don’t realize it!

    • Anonymous

      Any contaminated meds?

    • isis5551

      Why did you ask abou these specific meds?
      Thank You in advance.

      • Michelin Anderson

        I’m not Al but FQ’s (Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox and others) are human carpet bombs that cause a myriad of symptoms – deaths also. I wold say consult your physician except 99.9% claim they are clueless as to the harm possible even though some are black boxed drugs. Do your own research – also, if an MD states ‘standard of care’ – be very afraid.

  • Vivienne

    Lol, you were being poisoned! By the Standard American Diet. I’ve recently gone on a Paleo-ish diet to deal with some neurological and digestive problems that have been killing me the past couple years. It sucks that you can’t just eat whatever you want, but after awhile you will crave foods that have a higher nutritional value. Eat to live, let food be thy medicine, and feel well soon Glen. God designed our bodies to heal, we just have to give them the right tools to rebuild. :-)

  • Sharon Dannar

    In august I had surgery, a very routine one, but afterwards I was told by the dr that I only had a very few years to live…..UNLESS…I did what he told me. A diet that sounds a lot like yours. No sugar, no carbs, no grains. It is not easy but it is doable. I am only supposed to eat meat and certain vegetables. Your list actually has more vegetables than mine…I envy you. You can even eat fruit. I have lost almost a hundred pounds, but now have stopped and am getting very frustrated. Don’t know what to do now. I am one of the ‘poor’ people who can’t afford a chef. But I guarantee you that somehow I am going to stay on this diet and, hopefully, overcome my plateau. If I can do it….YOU can too….

  • Emily Henson

    It continues to amaze me how many people are being diagnosed with (or self diagnosing) a food allergy of some sort. I had chronic joint and stomach pain. For years I saw doctors who told me all sorts of things including one that decided I was probably imagining the pain and would ‘grow out of it’. After becoming a mom I knew I couldn’t be the mother I wanted to be and continue in such pain. I began searching for an answer myself which led me to discover my wheat sensitivity. The book “Wheat Belly” was a great source for me to understand why my body couldn’t handle eating gluten as much as practically everyone else I knew. Glenn, I’m so glad for you that you found your answer. Once you get into the habit of eating differently, it does get easier. Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    our food is contaminated somehow. I know so many people with the same issues.

    • Bonnie Witchley


  • Ashlie Sanders

    You need to do the Gerson diet Glenn. It is proven to cure all illnesses and chronic diseases including cancer. You should try it at least for a short amount of time and just measure your results. https://www.facebook.com/GersonInstitute

  • https://www.facebook.com/KellyMartinArbonneConsultant Kelly Gabeau Martin

    Glenn, you will be okay….I have helped hundreds of people to eat very similar to this diet and they end up loving food much more….your body is obviously fighting a major yeast infection – once those foods are removed and your symptoms start improving (it will be fairly quickly) – it will fuel your dedication to your new lifestyle – you really have no idea how bad you have been feeling for so long…..changing your perspective of food as medicine to heal your body, it will be surprising how you will embrace these changes. Following you for years and seeing your transformation from an addiction of alcohol to sobriety – I know you have the “RIGHT STUFF”. BTW we are so glad to have you in Texas and glad you found the “Cowboys” that will bring you back to health. I have a sneaky suspicion that you will use your diagnosis to help millions of others who suffer on a daily basis from the poisoning from our American Food Industry. Prayers and love sent your way! XOXO

  • Connie Woodring

    Herbalife for one week

  • Anonymous

    Go to beyonddiet.com and listen to Isabels presentation.

  • zboltswife

    I’m betting the problems started after a prescription for cipro or levaquin was taken. These antibiotics cause the same problems for quite a few people. The diet will help but the root cause needs to be addressed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/singlescompleteinhim Rhonda Griep

    I would like to add my two cents worth. I’ve been on a diet called Fat Smash. It is my favorite diet and works awesome! :) It consists of beans, rice, veggies, and fruits. However, being on this diet, does cause belly pain! Until I take Beano (hee hee)!

    Boy, it has really help improve many, many things in my life. But not only a good diet helps, but exercise, and the Word! Yep, I speak over my body the Words that God has spoken. I Peter 2:24 and Isaiah 53:5! :) AND also the scripture that my youth is renewed like the eagles …and many more! And although eating healthy foods, exercising, and doing everything that you can do in the natural….the best word I have found is feeding upon the “spiritual Word”. It has a TON of meat to eat and because of Christ, I am free from pain, sickness, and disease!!! :)

    • Anonymous


    • riverstun .

      ” because of Christ, I am free from pain, sickness, and disease!!!”

      Not because you are young? Good luck with that. By 60, Christ will have abandoned you to one of many diseases, just like he abandoned Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    OH MY !
    Glenn has become Michelle O’

  • Lee Wilson

    Hi Glen , welcome to your diet for life .
    Our son who has PKU has a diet for life. and he can never have hamburgers and things of that sort.
    you would be a wise man to follow your diet. and do not stray from it.
    and this goes deeper then a Paleo diet.
    may we ask what it is the rare disease that you have?

  • Sheila May

    Sending prayers and best wishes to you and to your family since you may be a little grumpy initially as you change your diet :)

  • Elizabeth O’Fallon

    Praying for you Glenn. Our lives were turned upside down last December when my son’s severe food allergies were diagnosed. He was having horrible vomiting fits and would writhe on the ground in pain. I never thought food could be the culprit. It turns out that most of what we’d been eating acted like poison to his body too. We’ve made major changes, and life is so much better. Praying for you Glenn. You can do this!

  • Dennis Ferguson

    hey im gonna be growing my own garden this year. Send me an email ill have field fresh veggies this year.

  • Melissa Sprague

    Glenn I went to the Macrobiotic diet school called the Kushi Institute and honestly your list sounds exactly like what they tell you to eat. Very traditional foods. They are into sea salt and olive oil. No herbs, nightshades, or chemicals of any kind. Also check out Sally Fallon and the Weston Price Foundation. Weston Price was a dentist that traveled the world to study what people in isolated culture eat and how it affected their teeth, facial bone structure and overall health. They are really into Coconut oil, olive oil and grass fed organ meats and saturated fats. Something to check out is if you soak the grains and beans then maybe you can eat them. That is how traditionally grains and beans were prepared. I know it is gross tasting but I would eat organ meats a few times a week if I were you because your options are so limited and they are very nutritious. Hope you read this and it helps. Oh also!!! check out farmmatch.com for organic foods and natural meats. Also, the Weston Price Foundation has chapters all over the country.

  • Guest

    You should be drinking real broth made from bones. Also, look into the GAPS Diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet) by: Natasha Campbell-McBride.

  • Kelli Tate

    You should look into The Plan…http://lyngenet.com/….It helps your body realize what it can and can’t have….helps you to figure out your triggers. Excellent book…

  • Georgia Tiefel

    At lest you were able to find an answer!! Now i plan on my kids and i listening to you pat and stu for MANY MANY more years. Thank you and God Bless you for what you do.

  • Jeff Iversen

    Glenn, get another opinion but try a different cowboy. Have your staff investigate Sanoviv Medical Institute. The food is great there and they will teach you and your wife how to make the food you SHOULD be eating every day.

  • Vickie Smith

    Glenn! check out NAET.com It is a program to desensitize you to those foods that bother you! Had my son on a restrictive diet until we did the treatments. They totally help. Saved me from cooking all that crazy stuff on the special diet. Please take care of yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Give me a break

    This sounds like over reaction of doctors.

    I would wager that more fruits, even the bananas that they claim no to, veggies, greens, eliminate glutton, lean meat once or twice per week, and cut out all the processed foods.

    His body and how he feels would change greatly in 60 days.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you have the Low Histamine Chef on your show?

    Also, start reading up on Mast Cell Activation Disorder and Histamine Intolerance. No more meds to treat the symptoms. Repair your gut.

  • Jean Schneider Londergan

    Glenn, Look into the Gaps Diet. http://www.gapsdiet.com Being on strict diet is not easy. You will start to feel so much better once you have eliminated certain foods and figure out what you can and can’t have. Eating healthier foods will help you feel better. And Yes, Coconut Oil is very healing! Bone broth is great too! But you need eliminate the other chemicals that are poisoning you! Its the normal everyday cleaners, detergents, perfumes, colognes, candles, etc. Get rid of them. Find products that are petroleum free and fragrance free.
    Thank you for all you do, God Bless!

    • Julie Hill

      The GAPS diet is the one I would recommend too. The cause of Glenn’s problems is probably a leaky gut, and that can be healed through the GAPS diet. Once the leaky gut is healed, you can eat foods that previously irritated your body. It starts off with just broth, meats and cooked vegetables, but then you can quickly start adding more. You have to take the probiotics and keep adding foods for it to work. I know a little about this because I am following the GAPS diet currently. The point is to be able to eat nutritious food again (even properly prepared wheat – like it says in the word of wisdom) without harming your body. This can be achieved in two to three years. Paleo is not the answer because God gave us dairy and grains for our use. The GAPS protocol is a total reset. I hope Glenn sees this message because he doesn’t have to suffer in a restricted diet forever. Honey (has to be raw) is one of the first things I was able to add and it’s a life saver! I’m only on stage 3 of the GAPS introduction diet and my diet is already more varied than Glenn’s.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a low FODMAP diet. Basically foods with lower fructose than glucose. My 6 year old was on this diet. Turns out had a small intestine bacteria infection. Better now but still cannot tolerate gluten,dairy,too much fruit, or high fructose corn syrup. Hope you feel better soon Glenn. The standard American diet is poison literally!

  • Ty McNab

    I have epilepsy and at age 12 was having what the doctors called “static seizing” 50 + per day. My body was shutting down from a weakened immune system and an overload of anti seizure medicine cocktails. A change to a strict diet and adding supplements such as wild salmon oil, gaba, flax-primrose and a handful of others helped me get back to myself. BEST OF LUCK AND KEEP IT UP it will be tough in the beginning but the craving for the junk food aka “Average American Diet” will slowly go away.

  • Casey Smith

    Glenn, you need to read “The Paleo Approach” an excellent resource to the autoimmune protocol that it sounds like the doctors have put you on. It was written by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, AKA The Paleo Mom. I look forward to you being a champion in this new dietary revolution. You will start to see how our dear government has screwed us over in this area, too, beyond Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg. Your influence will help so many people suffering from in diagnosed autoimmune symptoms. Thank you for all you do and I know that you will heal if you change your diet. I have personal experience with this diet changing my life. God bless you, Glenn!

  • http://www.cafepress.com/mf/88046296/gw-vs-nwo_tshirt?productId=1272099084 FreedomTrickle

    we’re all being poisoned Glenn, check your PH and UA levels

  • Danna Haddock

    Glen, your story sounds way to familiar. The American diet is indeed poisoning us. Do the prescribed diet and get involved with doTerra essential oils. Using these oils will help you heal your body and get rid of all the inflammation that is causing your illness. Do the research…. It is God’s gift of nature.

  • Sharon Stamos Schauer

    Please make sure you don;t have any infections that are causing your immune system to over react!! I have been very ill for three years and found out I have lyme disease and a few co-infections! I was first thought to have an autoimmune disease! Please get thoroughly tested by a lyme literate doctor!!

    • Kim Busch

      Yes Glenn…you have so many lyme disease symptoms- please find a lyme literate doctor who knows how to get you an accurate sensitive test (not the standard ones so commonly used). Please get an Igenex test (I have absolutely no financial gain…I’ve just lived a nightmare before getting accurately diagnosed. If you contact Ilads.org they can help you find a doctor that has expertise in the area..DO NOT waste your time with any non lyme literate doctor…at least until you get tested!

    • FloxieHope

      Another thing to look out for regarding infections, is if you have had an infection recently, there is a class of antibiotics that can cause a reaction like this. The antibiotics are called fluoroquinolones – Cipro, Levaquin and Avelox. Fluoroquinolone toxicity can manifest itself in neuropathic pain, autonomic nervous system shut-down and feeling as if every system in your body is shutting down. Basically, chronic multi-symptom illness that looks and feels a lot like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E., and autoimmune diseases. Fluoroquinolone toxicity can last for years, or sometimes even a lifetime. There is nothing trivial about it. Adverse reactions can be delayed for months (kind of the nature of mitochondrial injuries). So, if Glenn took a fluoroquinolone recently, that may be the root of his problem.

  • Erin

    It sounds like you need a stricter approach than just standard paleo, the list you rattled off sounds closer to the autoimmune protocol paleo approach. I use that to manage my raynaud’s, psoriatic arthritis, and psoriasis. It can be overwhelming when you look at all the foods you “cannot” eat, but I promise you it is worth it. You likely have gut disbiosis {as you cannot have autoimmunity without a leaky gut}, your first priority is to heal your gut. Anti inflammatory foods, nutrient rich, whole, REAL foods. You’ll feel amazing once your body adjusts. And it is not just foods! Environmental triggers, stress, and SLEEP are so very important as well.

    I wish you well, Glenn. Autoimmunity is a crazy ride. Oh, I also recommend The Paleo Approach by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne – it is a fantastic resource for those ready taking control of their health.

  • Clarence Hobbs

    Back in October I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The cancer was already spread into. my lymph nodes. I believe that GOD had been telling me to not eat sugar, white flour, pork,coffee, and steer clear of man made artificial additives to the food. I have been on chemo and this type of diet my Dr. Says I’m a miracle. The cancer has shrunk to barely disernable.

  • Anonymous

    Bet I was just ONE of your fans that said the VERY same thing. OH, & my back is better than it has been in YEARS. It is well worth it – never thought 4 years ago, that I could pass up a cookie, pizza, bread, etc, etc

  • Rafael

    Glenn, I have been there with my wife as 3 years ago she got sick and to make a long story short it ruin my bank account, my business etc…as we didn’t have “sick insurance”! 680.00 creams (the size of medium tooth paste) to spread all over her body we have to buy one every 3-4 days!!! No doctor could find why. Finally I took her to an Integrative medicine doctor and in 2 month she was back.
    You have a great investigative team; put them to work and find the truth about the Monsanto type and their GMO scheme. Gluten??? The original wheat is a 14 chromosomes organism (Check Eincorn wheat), but the one in your bread and doughnut is 64 chromosomes (GMO)!!!
    You provably have a good team of doctors but the best one of all is our father in heaven. So go to your bible and read Leviticus 11, by yourself. But if you have trouble with the “New Testament” and Acts 10 or the writings of Paul, just reply and I will guide you to real truth of the matter(without preaching or trying to convert you in someone like me)

  • Julie Diy Scorza

    Glenn needs to be treated by Iva Lim Peck in Plano who i saw who has administered NAET and Chinese medicine for years!! This will help Glenn significantly reduce his need for avoiding these types of foods like I’m having to do for my Meniere’s disease. Glenn Beck has food allergies and energy work would remove those blocked weaknesses he’s encountering!

  • Martha A. Cabados

    Glenn, maybe you should try the essential oils; they’ve sure helped me with mrsa and my immune system.

  • Barry Hill

    Glenn, Chin up pal. I cannot eat ANY fresh fruit or uncooked vegetable without an anaphylactic reaction.

  • Tami Salisbury

    Sounds like the Paleo Life Style will be YOURS to nurture and love. I have a neighbor that lost 150+ pound on it and he looks healthy. So ERF for you EAT REAL FOOD. All that you want to eat .

  • Christabel Smith

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    (17) bad lucks
    (18) people are jealous of you

  • KM

    Wouldn’t it have been easier for them to give you a list of things you can eat? Seems like a much shorter list. LOL I guess one of the common things on the “no-eat” list has something to do with heavy metal poisoning due to the “no canned food” and “low mecury” fish. If they had ruled out cilantro, that would have been the end. There is no point in living if you can’t have cilantro.

    • Anonymous

      Cilantro tastes like soap to some people.

      • KM

        Yeah, it’s due to genetics. There is a gene that impacts whether you will like cilantro or not. I don’t carry it. I love cilantro. My daughter hates it so I suspect she does carry it.

    • Bonnie Witchley

      GMO HAS POISONED OUR FOOD…….GE wheat……poison to us

  • Virginia

    Don’t drink the Kool-aid.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz


  • Grace Caldwell

    I have had cancer and I only eat organic veggies and very little organic meat, as when one gets sick it is because their immune system has broken down. Seems to me your doctors are right on target. I know you will feel better and this will save your life. I only eat foods for my blood type.

  • LaDona Lane

    As a Health Coach Professional, I would suggest you find a Health Coach that will work with your Physician. Most physicians do not have the training in treating illness with food. They tend to use the US My Plate, Pyramids, and USDA that are funded by the big sugar, milk, and processed foods industries. (The very things that are poisoning you.) I would encourage you to seek out Joshua Rosenthal, Founder, Director on Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I was ill all the time and no one could or would give me answers except eat better. There are 100’s of diets out there, what you need is a person who is trained and able to help you build a diet that you and your body can agree with. This is called bioindividuality. A Certified Health Coach can help you with cravings, sugar addiction, Contracting and Expanding foods. I know without a doubt becoming a Health Coach saved my life. A book to read to help you understand some of this is called Integrative Nutrition – Feed your Hunger for Health & Happiness by Joshua Rosenthal. You are great at exposing truth, do the research your life depends on it. God Bless you Glenn! Keep on Keeping on!

  • James Stanford

    I can get Neuropathy because I have chronic kidney disease. I only have one kidney operating at 30%. Plus I have been getting gout for several years now. It is so bad that I need to be in a wheelchair for a week.

  • Robin Pittman

    You might want to look up Joe Cross’s, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” video. I watched it because my husband has a recurrent autoimmune deficiency that attacks his skin like Joe Cross had. Great video.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a new money maker for Glen. he’ll soon be selling his diet in a book that you can buy from his site. Count on it. Hey, I have an idea… how about follow the Word of Wisdom. Problem solved.

  • Leonard Lewis

    God have mercy on your soul!

  • RenaNeal

    I can tell you why and who is the reason for your problems. and have proof!

  • THale

    I am there right now and have been for about two years. Your list of bad foods sounds a lot like mine. The thing that saved me for cooking was Emeals.com-Dave Ramsey’s sponsor. They have a Paleo meal plan with a shopping list that worked really well and I didn’t feel hungry or deprived like I did when I first was trying to figure out how I was going to feed myself and my family. Leaving out the bad foods worked really well. I lost a lot of inflammation and regained energy. I was also told that in a while, I could have the blood test done again and perhaps be able to add more foods back into my diet later.

  • Jeff Sturm

    Glenn, I have had pain and inflammation in my body for years and I thought it was just old age. I read a book called The Inflammation Syndrome and had a test done for blood serum allergy reactions (Immuno 1 Bloodprint from Immuno Labs). I found that I was allergic to 18 things – eggs, milk, cheese, avacado, banana, yeast, wheat, soy, cane sugar, etc. I have gotten rid of those foods in my diet and for the last six months have been virtually pain free. My doctor has also found that I have Hashimotos Disease where my immune system is attacking my thyroid, possibly due to the allergens and excessive histamines in my system. No word on that being fixed by the diet yet, but he is optimistic that over time it will improve. My wife is so impressed with my improvement, she had the tests done and she has eliminated her allergen foods as well. It gets a little creative around meals since our allergies aren’t a perfect match, but we survive. My message for you is that there are ways to eat without all the stuff that is hurting you, you will feel better, and your condition will improve. My wife is my source for what to cook and eat, and she and I are constantly finding new things that are okay for us and delicious. She just made a chicken fried steak last night with gravy and potatoes that was better than I have ever had…AND IT WAS HEALTHY. Change is difficult, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, just stay the course. Blessings to you.

  • Frank

    So not so much poisoning as an allergic reaction?

  • http://livingfortruth.wordpress.com/ living for truth

    Is glen getting into ranching? People want to know!!!!! :)

  • http://livechemicalfree.blogspot.com/ Jeff Rush

    Stop eating crap. Avoid GMOs and pesticides. My wife and I have both become chemically sensitive. Her in the late 1980’s from pesticide exposure and me from industrial chemicals. We must both eat non gmo and organic, otherwise we suffer many symptoms, some like what you are talking about. Also look at the household chemicals you use. by inhailing and/or touching these products with your skin, your body absorbs them into your tissues and you become toxic. You are describing many of the things we both experience. Glenn, now you have a lot of homework to do in order to make yourself feel better. Get to it!

  • Micah Auler

    Hey Glenn! I have Multiple Sclerosis. I went on a downhill course with my disease for about 2 years, until I read about eating a clean, anti-inflammatory diet. I’ve been on a gluten-free dairy-free sugar-free diet for 3 years now, and feel great! I feel better now than I did before I came down with MS. I want to stress that it is also very important to have a good exercise program, in order to help your body heal and further reduce inflammation levels.

  • Anonymous

    Go Glenn! Most people find out too late…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been dabbling in probiotics (making my own kefir, fermenting sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles), and even though I don’t have any major health issues, my digestive tract seems to be a lot happier, and I have noticed a difference in how I feel overall. Plus, the homemade stuff tastes FANTASTIC. I don’t think I can ever enjoy store-bought kraut again.

  • Carol Grove DeSalvo

    Glenn, Read the book “Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health” by cardiologist Dr. William Davis. It will open your eyes to a multitude of health issues related to current day wheat and the science behind his theory. For forty years my husband thought he was lactose intolerant. Turns out, his health issues, were not related to dairy products and resolved themselves with the elimination of wheat. He now eats ice cream, cereal (as long as it does not contain wheat) and milk and cheese. This book also associates the increase of many diseases on the rise in the last thirty years to what is now world-wide genetically altered wheat. Worth the read if only for research purposes. I dare you to PROVE ME WRONG! Love you and want you healthy.

  • Beanlet

    My brother had a similar problem. They put him on a 4 day rotating diet (couldn’t eat anything more than once in four days) until his body calmed down. Then they found he was allergic to soy. Soy in any form, oil, flour, etc. And soy is in everything, just check out the labels. Fortunately, his wife loves to cook so everything is from scratch. Best of everything to you, Glenn. Get well soon.

  • Beth Edman Frawley

    Glenn, if you are really serious about getting well, go to Thomaston, GA
    check out this link to a small church doing big things, big healing, big redeeming in the name of Jesus

  • Michael Thatswho

    Probably all the GMO food he’s been eating for years.

  • Laurie Knight

    Glenn, I’ve been on a diet very similar to this, but I do eat brown rice and quinoa. It works. I cut my pain meds down from 4/day to 1/day or less. Be sure to add lots of essential fatty acids and some anti-inflammatory herbs. Within a few months, you’ll notice quite an improvement. You will learn to adjust. After a period of time, you’ll feel so much better you’ll want to stay on the diet because when you go off you feel sick again. There are plenty of things to eat and I don’t have a chef. You can do this!

  • Karen Keith

    Check out the book “The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease, Heal Your Body” is specific to autoimmune disease. Author, Sarah Ballantyne

  • Rita Kerr

    Glenn, I’ve been on a similar diet since October. I’ve lost 53 pounds, have gone off seven medications, given up a cane I’ve used for six years and my neuropathy pain and carpel tunnel have eased considerably. The prayers of my husband and I are with you. You can do this. You will get to the point where you wonder why you ever thought the change in diet would be impossible. Eating organic fruits and veggies and grass-fed beef and free-range poultry makes a world of difference. Look into cleaning products used both in your home and work environment. Go natural there too. My doctor is a part of Maximized Living and she has truly made my life worth living again. She gives all the glory to God. Here is their website if you want additional information or suggestions on books to read that will help you through this. http://www.maximizedliving.com/ Be blessed.

  • http://www.atomyrevolution.com sherry

    I guess it’s time to learn to grow your own food and make your own breads with heirloom seeds and use sprouted grains or alternatives to wheat. There is also this superfood created in Korea called HemoHIM and you sign up and register as a member for free with ATOMY and you have access to this immunity enhancing food created by the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute that the Korean FDA has for the first time catagorized as the #1 health functional food for the nation. The Atomic Hospital and the Samsung Hospital in Korea give this superfood to cancer patients along with their chemo/radio treatments because it effectively reduces side affects and protects self renewable tissues in small intestines. Also, HemoHIM has over 150 medical journals on it ranging from reducing inflammation (root of all disease) to helping with a handful of inflammation related diseases. It is being patented all over the world and is FDA approved in USA and patented here too. Completely herbal based using radio fusion technology from KAERI and is patented as enhancing anti-cancer activity in the body. Check it out on facebook @ atomyrevolution

  • Rachel

    I didn’t hear xylitol on either list, you might want to ask your doctors about it because it is a sweetener that is made from Birch bark and does not create an insulin response, it also fights tooth decay. It doesn’t cook well that I’ve been able to discover but it can be added to drinks and yogurts. I discovered it when I put my son who has Autism on the Gluten Free Casien Free diet they also wanted him to go sugar and soy free but I haven’t been able to get it that far.
    This diet sounds intimidating and at first it is hard while you have this huge learning curve and you are adjusting to all of the changes. But after a while once you find some new recipes and get familiar with the odd veggies and foods you’ve never heard of it does become easier as you settle into a new routine and these weird foods become old hat it is no longer so hard. It’s mostly just getting past the adjustment period.


    What a dork

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, sounds like you would highly benefit from natural health expert, Jordan Rubin’s counsel. He’s the author of bestseller Maker’s Diet (based on eating Biblically) and he started a company called Beyond Organic which is a ranch in Missouri raising 100% grassfed cows for meat and dairy. He almost died in his twenties when his body did what yours is doing but to the point that he was inches from death. Learn about him and his company here: http://trybeyondorganic.com Hope the best for you Glenn! Keep up the good fight.


    I eat Arby’s every day and will outlive 99% of all of you on the Paleo diet. It’s all in the genes.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll put that on your grave…. how long you think you got?

    • Anonymous

      none of your ancestors ate that crap every day. it wasn’t available. it will kill you.

  • Anonymous

    With you on this one Glenn! I discovered in May of 2013 that I am allergic to gluten and all derivatives of corn…along with a few other things. My skin was actually coming off. This means I can only eat fresh fruit and veggies and grass fed meat…thank goodness I can eat cheese. I can’t even handle the other foods with bare hands. Now…I eat very healthy. Yay…… After 10 months, the only thing I
    really miss are juicy, sloppy cheeseburgers and pizza. And I lost the 30
    lbs that I mysteriously gained. There are 2 things that have become
    staples…Lays has a line of chips called Simply. Just potatoes,
    sunflower oil and sea salt. And a company called Beanitos makes black
    bean chips that have no grains…including corn. Very bland, but with
    spiced up ground hamburger and homemade (completely from scratch) hummus.
    The chips are awesome! And when I meet friends out at a restaurant, I
    have a glass of tea and enjoy the company….making sure that I eat before I
    leave the house. Friends have finally gotten the idea that I’m okay with
    them eating in front of me.

    Oh…and if you’re really sensitive to the corn…to the point of being
    allergic…remember, eggs come from chickens and chickens are fed corn.
    And most salads in restaurants are washed with a citric acid…corn based,
    usually not citrus based. Most vinegars are corn based. Bragg’s
    Apple Cider Vinegar is great for using on salads. Almost all of your
    laundry detergents, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, toothpastes, and all your
    other toiletries contain corn. And the killer thing is the honey!!!
    Some bee keepers feed their bees corn syrup! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!???????
    Because it’s cheap. Dumb bee keepers!!!

    I didn’t know any of this and it took a few months to figure it all out.

    Have fun….just remember how much better you’ll feel without all that crap in
    your system…yay.

    • Julie Hill

      Feeding bees corn syrup is the cause of beehive collapse disorder.

      • Bonnie Witchley

        corn syrup GMO

    • Bonnie Witchley

      corn is GMO……BT toxin injected into plant,,,,gyphosate…roundup….resistant…research what GMO’S are…..if plants had been left the way they were ….it’s the chemicals that are poisoning our immune system

  • Anonymous

    Carrick Brain Center – “I’m afraid, there is nothing here for us to work with.”

    Food is poisoning you – I hope it’s not GMOs or pesticide/fertilizer chemical companies, you’ll lose all of your sponsors. Step lightly with the updates.

    “his immune system has turned against itself and it interprets certain food and other environmental things as a poison and this causes a series of problems most times manifesting in inflammation and pain.”

    It must be all that ANGER and HATE…. it will kill you… but I don’t have to tell YOU that Glenn Beck, you’re living proof.

    “To make a very long story short, the best course of action to treat Glenn’s symptoms is to put him on an extremely strict diet that essentially cuts out all sugar and grains, greatly restricts the types of fruits and vegetables he can eat, and allows for meat only from grass-fed, hormone-free animals.”

    OMG they’re sending him to MICHELLE OBAMA!!!!!!!!

    BE WELL! The GOP / Tea Party machine will totally collapse without your Propaganda Niche in action. AND THEN THE SOCIALISTS WILL WIN!!!

    If you do die, will there be a Pay Per View event? We know your rabid followers can’t get enough of you, and you can’t get enough of their money.

  • Jennie Freestone

    Glenn, you should look into NAET, as well as energy work (The Emotion Code) too. That is what I would recommend along with the diet change.

  • Charlene Kate Kavanagh

    Before you take this recommendation as gospel, hire the chef, etc, I suggest you see a real cowboy, Dr. Joe Teff in Madison, WI. He solves medical mysteries and has spent his life helping people heal by supporting the body’s ability to heal itself. Your docs haven’t explained why your body turned on you. Their solution doesn’t entirely make sense to me and I am a scientist myself. I have experienced Dr. Teff as an amazing researcher and healer. He is aware of and works with the body’s subtle energies. He does much more than chiropractic and nutrition is his specialty. Google him and see his credentials for yourself. There are many types of poisoning in one environment including radioactivity which most doctors know nothing about or minimize. Dr. Teff does not.
    I have known and worked with many amazing docs over my 35 yr career and Dr. Teff not only is in a class by himself (he sees patients from all over the country) but is kind and caring. He also has made me aware of other amazing healers out there and I am studying with 2 of them. FYI, I have survived a rare type of melanoma and overcome fibromyalgia as a result of going beyond the medical establishment. I was told at one time that I had an autoimmune disorder as well. I did not. What was wrong with me, I now understand, was side effects from antibiotics and other medications prescribed by well-meaning doctors. Conventional medicine has yet to accept that the cell is not controlled by the nucleus but it’s membrane. See The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton.
    Good Luck and God Bless.
    Dr. Kate

  • Jeannette Louise Walker

    Glenn, please check out glutenfreesociety.org These people are finding out the same thing. I am like you. I started having bad symptoms in 1990, had some symptoms all my life. Had to figure it out on my own. It’s tough. God Bless you. He will guide you.

  • FloxieHope

    Here is the FDA announcement that notes that fluoroquinolones (Cipro, Levaquin and Avelox) can cause permanent peripheral neuropathy -http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/ucm365050.htm They also cause multi-symptom chronic illness. All of the adverse effects on the label can happen at once. The effects can be delayed and adverse effects of fluoroquinolones are often cumulative as well. There are stories of hope and healing from fluoroquinolone toxicity on http://www.floxiehope.com. I hope that you feel better and please don’t hesitate to contact me through floxiehope if you have any questions about fluoroquinolone toxicity.

  • Kerry Rovan

    Does anyone else think that Glenn looks like a mad scientist in that picture above with the white and black framed glasses??? -Moe.

  • Rachel Zachariah

    Glenn, I recommend reading the books of Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D. He has a lot of tips on how to eat what sounds like a low carb diet. I especially recommend reading “The Coconut Oil Miracle” to start.

  • Kerry Rovan

    No, I GOT IT! Glenn looks like a 1930’s accountant!!!

  • Kerry Rovan

    Just having fun with you Glenn. By the way, has anyone seen spring???? I hear we started it yesterday on March 20th. Just not seeing it yet. There were snow flakes here today in southwestern Pennsylvania!!! Where is the Easter Bunny??? I need some chocolate. I’m tired of being a good little Catholic for Lent. I want some Peanut M&Ms!!!!!

  • Jim

    Glen can you offer the list of this on your FB page to print out for the rest of us ?

  • Marc

    If you want to get past this, visit the Tennant Institute in Irving. You will be amazed

  • Tolly Owens

    Glenn, It sounds like you are suffering from effects of the S.A.D. diet. Standard American Diet. It is so very prevalent in our society. Simply put, we’re eating food-like products and not really food at all. A good, non-voodoo/non-weirdo new ager, natural health practitioner could have given you your current diagnosis in half the time for half the cost. If we ate real food with real ingredients we could actually pronounce and without a mile long list we’d all be in much better health. Jordan Robin’s Maker’s Diet would be a great book for you, Glenn. I just want you to know you have a huge support group in your fan base. If you get on the real food bandwagon, well, that would make you damn near perfect. No, I’m not trying to flatter or patronize you, I just really support everything you are doing at The Blaze. It’s genius. Oh, just so you know, you CAN eat deliciously healthy.

  • Karen P

    Glad Glenn is sharing his story. I feel so much better on a Paleo-ish template. Keeping 70 pounds off for 2+ years. I feel so young again!

  • jeni Reida

    Glenn…. Our 16 year old has the same problem as you. I knew something was making her sick, but no one could find it. She is a confirmed Celiac but has a list similar to yours of foods that where attacking her body. 4 to 5 months on her new diet from Carrick, she’s pain free for the first time in her life. I would reach out to the Chef Deb that cooks for Carrick and she what suggestions she has for you.

    Chef Deb believes that it IS possible to eat foods
    you love without compromising your well-being.  She has helped countless individuals and families adjust to changes in diet and eating habits surrounding health issues, including cancer, diabetes, allergies, etc., using a combination of education, coaching and customized meal preparation. Here’s her information: Savor Culinary Services 2410 West Abram Suite 110 Arlington, Texas 76013 United States (817) 277-3031

    Hope this helps! Good luck on your journey to good health.

  • Danny Purselley

    Glen, You say this diet is designed for a problem caused by your neuropathy. you did not way that it was to help your neuropathy. Would you share what you are treating with this diet?

  • Joseline Torresmulero

    A little note on how GMO affect our bodies. No one get poison by normal food unless that normal food is being chemically altered. Nature have a special way to clean your body. But chemicals in your body do the oposite altering your body system and making your body react against it. One more reason to ditch GMO products and buy from your neighbor farmers

  • boyse

    Consider allergy to corn and corn products. Very tough to avoid, especially the corn products, but there are corn allergy awareness resources online, can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

  • FloxieHope

    Your doctors are idiots – the ones who couldn’t help you, the ones who you think will help you with this restrictive diet, and mostly, the ones who are actually responsible for your pain. FOOD does not cause neuropathic pain and autoimmune diseases. Even if you were eating taco bell burritos 24-7, it wouldn’t give you an autoimmune disease – or neuropathic pain. You know what causes autoimmune diseases? Damaged immune system cells. You know what damages immune system cells (and all other cells too)? Pharmaceuticals. The symptoms that you are describing are exactly what people who are having an adverse reaction to fluoroquinolones experience. Fluoroquinolones include Cipro, Levaquin and Avelox. These drugs deplete mitochondrial DNA and cause multi-symptom chronic illness. Most people have a tolerance threshold for them and are hurt by their tenth, or fiftieth, or hundredth pill. There are a few doctors who know a few things about fluoroquinolone toxicity, but most are woefully ignorant fools.

    The people who know a lot about fluoroquinolone toxicity are the ones who have been through it. There are facebook groups to help. Use a pseudonym and go to this one if you are suffering from FQ toxicity – https://www.facebook.com/groups/46690244194/

    I hope that this restrictive diet helps you. It might help, but it probably won’t cure you. There, unfortunately, is no cure. BUT, people do heal. With time, luck and various other methods. There are stories of hope and healing from fluoroquinolone toxicity on http://www.floxiehope.com. Good luck!

  • Rebecca McInnis

    You should start using Young Living Essential Oils! They work great! I hope you get better Glenn! We are praying for you!


  • Anonymous

    I suggest the “Fat sick and nearly Dead” documentary. Reboot you body by juicing for 3 months…

  • Fred Reeve

    I am on the paleo diet since early Feb. I no longer am in pain from inflammation, which I have had for years from overusing my body. I strongly urge you to find a naturopath that can give you a body scan to more closely pinpoint your body’s deficiencies.

  • Fresh Mountain Air

    Since it is impossible to advance without learning from trials, errors, mistakes, and accidents, civilization’s technological advance depends upon those who are willing, able, and free to blaze trails for the rest of us.

  • Deena

    I am a Registered Nurse, Holistic Nutritionist, and Naturopath and excellent cook and baker 😉 I believe I can make you nutritious and healthy foods that not only can act as healing and anti inflammatories but also I know how to change and manipulate your foods to best suit your nutritional needs. You said you needed someone to step up and cook for you and I am interested in doing just that! Contact me so we can chat! deenamarie72@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    First of all I started my
    practice with Ted Carrick in 1983 and saw first hand this evolution of
    functional neurology…a genius. My initial concern with Glen beck’s
    illness was poison but from a different source if you know what I mean, and
    could still be. be sure to look deep into any chef you hire….I’m just

  • Kristine

    Look into the GAPS Diet. The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet, by: Natasha Campbell-McBride. It’s a great read and very understandable.

  • Anonymous

    Another witnessed healing… don’t eat the tobaccos (nightshades). Crazy on what ails us in disease is what we are consuming. This is bigger news (that we are consuming, eating, drinking, tobacco) then anything else because of so many Americans effected by these inflammatory foods that is causing inflammatory diseases that causes all types of misery to the masses. Even the cancer society says …stay away from all tobaccos but they fail to mention tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant, and all peppers. Sad state of affairs we find ourselves in when the answer to what ails many is being hindered by the industries and institutions of big pharma, big medicine, fast food, frozen food, condiments, beauty products… Just don’t eat tobacco. Pass it along… the controlled press won’t tell you this as their advertisers are the ones poisoning us.

    Sharing is caring!

    Don’t eat the tobacco.

    • Anonymous

      All potatoes, tomatoes, egg plant, and peppers are tobaccos!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Another witnessed healing… don’t eat the tobaccos (nightshades). Crazy on what ails us in disease is what we are consuming. This is bigger news (that we are consuming, eating, drinking, tobacco) then anything else because of so many Americans effected by these inflammatory foods that is causing inflammatory diseases that causes all types of misery to the masses. Even the cancer society says …stay away from all tobaccos but they fail to mention tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant, and all peppers. Sad state of affairs we find ourselves in when the answer to what ails many is being hindered by the industries and institutions of big pharma, big medicine, fast food, frozen food, condiments, beauty products… Just don’t eat tobacco. Pass it along… the controlled press won’t tell you this as their advertisers are the ones poisoning us.

    Sharing is caring!

    Don’t eat the tobaccos and all peppers, egg plant,tomates, and potatoes are tobaccos. Why di you delete this post Glenn? Advertisers get to you?

  • SpriteZero2013

    What is GMO? I only heard bits of his show last week and I’m interested to know. I’ve been very sick the past several years with allergies I never had before, chronic headaches and migraines at least 4x a month. I’ve also started having panic attacks.

  • Katie Chandler

    Mickey Trescott chef and cookbook @ http://autoimmune-paleo.com/

  • Amanda Deen

    Glen, I am sure you are getting a lot of recommendations on how you should approach your food and immune system issues. I have a company I think you might be interested in looking into, it is called “Reliv” (www.reliv.com). Reliv is a supplement that helps our body repair and heal themselves the way God intended our bodies to do all along. The reason our bodies are not doing this on their own is because of all the chemicals in the air, preservatives we put in our foods, and our food no longer has the nutrients in it like it did years ago.
    I only bring this company to you because I know it works. About 8 months ago I moved to North Carolina and all the sudden became highly Lactose intolerant. I went and saw an allergist and was told there was no reason except my body had changed. Also during this time I was going thru sever mood swings due to having our first child and because of my MS. I was about to make an appointment to get put on anti-depressants when I decided to try Reliv. My husband has been taking it for 10+ years but I never saw a reason for me to take it. So I started taking one shake a day. After 3 days the mood swings were gone, I was happy and laughing, and I had energy which had been gone since I got pregnant. Three weeks later I was giving my daughter yogurt and wasn’t thinking and put the spoon in my mouth. Later that night I was shocked that I wasn’t in pain. So the next day I tried a cheese burger and still no pain. Now I need to tell you Reliv is not a cure. I realized that if I missed a shake then I would not be able to have dairy that day or I’d be in pain.
    There are more stories than just mine, my Grandparents have bad knees and are getting relief from there constant pain. My mother-in-law years ago had cancer and was only expected to live 4 months. She went through no treatments or surgeries but increased the amount of Reliv she took in a day and today she is cancer free. There are lots more stories like these for all different health issues. Also if you look into the product and have even more questions or would like to hear more stories you can contact me on Facebook. My mother-in-law has been with the company for 20+ years and is very knowledgeable with the different product and how they work. I hope to hear soon that you are getting some relief from your issues whether you use Reliv or not.

  • clara


  • Owner

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  • Anonymous

    It happened to me too! My body now attacks my thyroid because of food. AIP autoimmune illumination Paleo diet would help you find out which foods to eat and then you gradually add back others to see if you can eat them. Good luck to you!

  • Kristen Carman

    Let me just say, I have Hashimoto’s disease. It’s not a FAD DIET. When your immune system is inflamed and attacking everything you do alot of research because you are pretty damned miserable. When thousands of people with the same condition see results from a particular diet that is backed with science and study it’s not a damn fad. A FAD DIET is the stick thin idiots that try subsisting on nothing but vitamin supplements because they want to lose 10lbs to “look better” in their bikini. The people who eat up the garbage that comes along saying “this artificially created lab chemical will help you look and feel ten years younger because we added Gingko.” That is a FAD. A diet of healthy, natural foods that work with your immune system instead of against it is called science and logic, sir. *snort* Fad…this guy.

  • Sherry

    I have been eating Paleo since February and have lost 40 pounds, am no longer pre-diabetic, my thyroid is functioning better and I no longer need anti-depressants or anxiety medication. I feel the best I have ever felt. You can do this!!!!

  • kim dimarco

    I have it. I take time released magnesium, potassium & B Vitamins. avoid artificial sweeteners like sweet and low And alcohol makes it flare up too.

  • Peggy Holloway

    Changing to this WOE, nutritional lifestyle will do wonders for your mental clarity and moods and you might just overcome some of your confusion and anger issues.

  • jagermiester

    Glen’s dad was a baker…he grew up working in his dad’s bakery. His mother suffered from depression and committed suicide. I’ve often wondered if all of these things were connected to wheat.

    • Bonnie Witchley

      modern wheat is GE…….as of 70’s……..gliadin protein is not good for us… has 42 chromosomes now…other protein in wheat not good…our food supply has chemicals in it……hgh..antibiotic, bt toxins.glyphosate..etc

  • Patty Dimick Amidon

    My nephew, Chris Moran, from Positively Primal is an excellent chef and can ship your meals to you every day. http://www.thegooddish.com/shop/positively-primal/

  • Pennymac

    Read the Wheat Belly book by Dr. Davis! It has changed my life. No More weird inflammation, the dose of my BP meds was cut in half, No retaining water, plus, I’ve lost 34 pounds since I started 4 months ago. I feel better than I have in YEARS!

  • Thomas Brandtner

    I cook and eat like that every day, not a big deal. If you have a sweet tooth take erythrol or xylitol which are sugar alcohols that look and taste like sugar, but have almost no calories and do hardly affect your insulin levels. Do something good for mankind, get well and help to heal that sick country by spreading the message to consume healthy and natural food and to avoid the processed crap from your nogo list.

    • Bonnie Witchley

      sweet leaf stevia

  • Thomas Brandtner

    In addition to your dietary changes, I would also suggest you see an Naturopath that knows about iodine deficiency, someone like Dr. Brownstein. Your symptoms and your swollen face and puffed up eyes are strong indicators for it.

  • riverstun .

    The first time I heard this idiot, about 15 years ago, he was ranting that the liberals wanted him to eat “cruciferous vegetables” and that he was so smart, he didnt even know what “cruciferous vegetables” were, let alone subscribe to the draconian big-government plot to have him eat them.
    Guess what Glenn: Science will not be denied.
    Pray to Jeebus; see if he can cure you.

  • riverstun .

    Maybe Michelle Obama wasnt so nuts after all when she recommended eating more veggies and tackling nutrition problems in society. Maybe Bloomberg’s soda ban (actually, packaging regulations – you can still buy as much as you like) wasnt stupid.
    You can follow the conservative diet – Soda and Fries, preferably bought at Freedom Mart, or you can read science and get healthy.

  • Daniel Walters

    Glenn I went through the very same thing. Stick with the diet you will be very pleased in no time. It works you will feel better.

  • Em

    Glenn, It is actually not as bad as it seems. I have been eating similarly to your prescribed way and it is actually easy without much effort. The big difference for me now is that I eat in order to live. I used to live to eat. As boring as meat, salad and veggies sound for dinner, my family and I have been doing it this way for three years. Improved health makes it easy to do. Also, we eat most meals at home, prepared by me, and I do not like to cook at all. Most of our meats are ordered on-line. Dr. Peter Osborne , of Sugarland, Texas, has a great cookbook that may be of help to you. Dr Peter Osborne has great advice as well. Good luck and do not give up.

  • Alex
  • Ali Bamford

    Why is everyone ‘suddenly’ being poisoned by their food? Ok, some food is not really food, and not good for us, but is it something else like low-level mercury toxicity from amalgams, or foci in root canals, etc.? Something is blocking our bodies’ ability to process our food. What is it/are they? I have been researching this for 7 years. It’s like an onion. Just when I think I’ve reached the centre, I find another layer…….

    It’s very frustrating. I reversed my neuropathy, IBS, RLS, etc. By dumping gluten and grains and most carbs, but still suffer with awful fatigue, and didn’t shed an ounce. The fatigue has been with me for over 40 years, but I have had dental treatment since I was a child. Will getting my amalgams removed solve the problems? Only time will tell……

  • Pollyanna

    My gosh! Have you taken Cipro, Avelox, or Levaquin? Bless your heart you sound just like someone who has fluoroquinolone toxicity! Please look at the recent news casts on WSB Atlanta and several other cities throughout the country. They are still talking about this. I believe Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are planning to do report soon!

  • jaydee

    How ironic the very mob the N W O, illuminati and the 1% who are actually doing this to people and Glenn Beck is all for the N W O, etc.

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