The real war on women? New campaign seeks to ‘ban’ the word ‘bossy’

Earlier this month, Sheryl Sandberg, the billionaire COO of Facebook and author of the modern-day feminist manifesto Lean In, launched a new campaign aimed bridging the “confidence gap” between men and women by… banning the word ‘bossy’. After all, everyone knows the best way to boost someone’s self-esteem is to outlaw any language that could potentially be construed as hurtful.

According to

When a little boy asserts himself, he’s called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy.” Words like bossy send a message: don’t raise your hand or speak up. By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys—a trend that continues into adulthood. Together we can encourage girls to lead.

How noble.

The group released an ‘empowering’ PSA featuring female powerhouses like Beyoncé, Jennifer Garner, Diane von Furstenberg, and Jane Lynch. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan NASCAR champion Jimmy Johnson make cameos as well.

Glenn intended to play the audio of the video on radio this morning, but he only made it through about 20 seconds before he had enough.

“Shut up! Stop. We need to tell people to shut up,” Glenn joked. “That’s what we need to do. Shut up.”

In today’s society, Glenn, Pat, and Stu agreed that the real problem is not with girls but boys. Boys are no longer raised to be men as we once knew them. In fact, Glenn went so far as to call it a “crisis.”

“There is a crisis in this country not with women but with boys. The boys are being left behind. Boys are completely off-track now,” Glenn said. “You’re gonna ban the word ‘bossy’? Shut up! I’m bringing back the words ‘shut up.’”

This whole campaign feels like it is stuck in a time warp, which is typical of progressive policy in general.

“You want to talk about a lack of progress, these guys are progressive. They’re not living in the future. They’re not even looking into the future,” Glenn explained. “They’re looking back to 1965, when they were all 20 and burning their bras or smoking dope or marching against the war and discovering communism for the first time… They have been stuck in the 1960s. And I’m sick of them. I was sick of the hippies when I was a young kid. I’m really stick and done with them now.”

Glenn explained the struggle his own daughter went through in deciding whether or not to return to work after giving birth to her first child last fall. Instead of supporting a woman’s right to make the best decision for her family, ‘feminists’ like Sandberg pressure well educated, driven women to maintain a career outside the home.

Look who’s ‘bossy’ now.

“My daughter who was working for me and had a huge future. She is one of the best editors. She’s fantastic,” Glenn explained. “She’s working for me… She loved working. Had no intention of staying at home. She was going to go back to work… She didn’t need to. She wanted to. Okay, that’s fine.”

“So what happened? She has a baby. Everybody is counting on her coming back to work… We’ve got all this stuff backing up waiting for her to come back to work. She looks at me and she says, ‘Dad, I don’t want to go back to work,’” he continued. “And I said, ‘I’m so glad to hear you say that… But you seem conflicted on it.’ And she said, ‘Because society says I should go back to work.’ I said, ‘I can’t believe my daughter is saying that. You’re my daughter! Forget about society’… You want to talk about bossy? It’s the feminist movement that is bossy.”

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During her show on TheBlaze last Friday, Dana Loesch offered her opinion on the dangers of implementing such a campaign. Check out her ‘bossy’ monologue below:

  • Steve McIntosh

    Glenn Beck you echo my thoughts to a t!

  • happymchappy

    Bossy!! Bossy!! Bossy!!! Give me a break!! If I feel you are being bossy to me, I will tell you.

  • Mango

    Progressives aren’t happy or relevant unless they’re telling large segments of society how to live, what to do, or what not to say, and that’s because they have nothing else to do. They do not feel that individuals are capable of making the best decisions for themselves and so therefore they consider themselves obligated to decide for everyone else. If you disagree, you’re the moron. But I’ll tell you this, considering that Beyonce is a hypocritcal ignoramus who profits enormously from using whatever words she wants in her music, she is the last person who gets to decide what I say or what I don’t say. When she starts telling her friends in the rap music industry to stop using the N word, perhaps, just perhaps, she might acquire an iota of credibility.

  • Nathan Linkins

    If they would have asked us to join in their movement, I wouldn’t have anyway. But the way they told us to join just seemed a little….. I don’t know… Bossy.

    • deanks

      Nathan, I was thinking similar thoughts but could not have said it better myself.

  • Zimba Zumba

    How bossy of them. Someone needs to tell that ‘Brave New World’ and ‘1984’ weren’t manuals.

  • Kristina Mc Guire

    I’m pregnant with my first child, a girl. If she is being a bossy little brat I’m going to tell her to stop being bossy and bratty. There is a difference between bossyness and leadership.

    • Ramona Levoy

      …perfectly said!

  • Connor

    When liberals want to ban words it makes me want to us them more. BOSSY BOSSY BOSSY!!!!! Oh no to much?

  • Connor

    To bad we cannot not ban liberal stupidity.

    • Anonymous

      I would like that, it is long overdue!

    • BlueMN

      “To (sic) bad we cannot not…”? Cannot not we ban libertarian stupidity instead?

      • Connor

        Yes because leaving people the hell alone to do with their lives as they see fit is stupid. Oh I know let’s put chains on everyone! Liberal logic ladies and gentlemen.

        • BlueMN

          LOL Somehow you managed to miss the point of little comment completely. Well done!

          “…Leaving people the hell alone to do with their lives as they see fit…”
          So I’ll just put you down in favor of gay marriages, right to abortions, legalizing recreational use of drugs like heroin and meth, flag burning, etc.?

  • Connor

    Yet another example of liberal fascism.

  • Anonymous

    So they’re going to boss us into not using the word bossy. Makes perfect sense if you’re a liberal. Guess we’ll have to go back to OGFY!

    • Mike Nelson

      rofl… took me a min to put that together 😀

  • Alex

    This is Orwellian to the extreme, its bringing Newspeak into modern society. Lets cut out all the words that we don’t like, lets change the meaning of the rest, and eventually no one will ever think or say anything against what the progressive machine wants because the words to do so no longer exist!

    • Anonymous

      Pretty soon we’ll need a new progressive dictionary, where all the no, no words have been eliminated and the rest of the other progressive words have been explained in detail. What a world we live in, disgusting!

  • Robert Morrow

    Beyond Stupid. With The Government Agencies like the FDA approving (for payola) high priced poison drugs that murder, not cure anything, over 100,000 men, woman and Children each year and these Idiots worry and fret about the word Bossy. Why??? Maybe they are devouring the FDA approve (again grease for the palms) thousands of profit making toxic poison allowed to lace the foods, that make them brain dead. Toxins like AZODICARBONAMIDE (plastic anyone), High Fructose Corn Syrup (Diabetics),or maybe some yummy Tartrazine (a coal tar waste linked to behavior disorders & allergies to rot the brain and the list is in the thousands. Personally I have written, face to face with these Corrupt Politicians and Bureaucrats and nothing is what I get for they will not give up the Payola and do not care just how many that they help kill. Don’t believe me just read a label and search out the true meaning of the words. I have tried the Corrupt News Media which are all bought and paid for. I do my best to spread the knowledge of this evil, by teaching free cooking classes titled “How to cook healthy outside the Government’s poison box.”. I know this short writing will never see the light of day as no ones to give up Payola or maybe attacks by the Government Storm Troopers. But, at 84 I will do and say what I like until they put me under. Chef Robert Here in what is left of the Land Of Enchantment New Mexico after the Corrupt Politicians destroyed it. P.S. Personally I do not want any Health Obamacare, what I would really desire is Sick Care which I will be when I partake of the Government poisons.


    • Anonymous

      Very good post!

    • Anonymous

      How is it that you’ve lasted 84 years with all of these people arrayed against you?



    • Anonymous

      Ha, ha, the cow’s name is Bessie, nice try though!

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoy listening Dana. I thought the idea of banning the word Bossy and not banning four letter words was odd. Some of these women (in the ad) have used the F-bomb and they want to ban a word that honestly makes a point about someone’s behavior? I’m good with girls or women wanting to be leaders, but there is reason men are preferred as bosses over women, it’s because the women cross the line, they are lousy leaders they are mostly bossy. If girls want to be leaders, they should strive to be good leaders; and figure out what it takes to be a good leader. They need to learn to to treat people with respect and encourage the best in people to take over and the get job done. The majority of women I have worked under think yelling and screaming is necessary to get the job done. A good leader is not selfish and cares about how their choices affect others.
    There was a young woman I worked for who screamed at certain people and certain people she didn’t. She yelled at the ones that weren’t afraid of her and the she didn’t yell at the ones who gave her the “are you happy with me eye, I want to submit to your every will no matter what”. There was a big difference. On my last day I told the management I didn’t want to work under someone that treated people the way she did, and those other people who moved faster and got things done at the speed she wanted, they also cut corners and it had to be fixed later on because they were too afraid to be honest with her that there wasn’t enough time to get the job done right. I asked them, so which is, do the job right or just get it done by a certain time limit.

    • Anonymous

      In some ways you are right, but I submit to you, not all women are screamers. And for the respect in a boss that goes for men as well as women. Women might sound off too often but men are using sometimes sex to get a favorable outcome. Neither is appropriate and a good leader sets examples and works with everyone to get the job done.

  • Richard Fontenot

    Just creating a new class of victimhood.



  • Aaron Adams

    Isn’t Bossywood trying to tell us how to think here? isn’t that being bossy? they tell us how to live, act and think. like someone else said, BAN PROGRESSIVE STUPIDITY.

    • Anonymous

      You’re over-thinking this!

    • ken.

      progressive is not stupidity it’s evil. stupidity knows not what it does, while evil knows exactly what it is doing.

  • Joe

    Aren’t people who are bossy pretty close to being bullies? How can we be at war with bullies, and extolling bossiness? Perhaps, we should ban the word bully, in case we are hurting the bully’s feelings?

    • Mike Nelson

      I think you’re missing the point; if we ban the word bully, then it’s like a UN resolution, and the bullying itself will go away!

      Just look at…. er… um, I can’t think of any examples atm where that’s worked… just give me a few mins…

    • Anonymous

      Your suggestion only plays into their hands.

      • Joe

        That’s my goal; to play right into their hands. Let’s ban the word bully, so we never again hurt the feelings of a bully, or a bossy, or anybody else who is acting like a jerk. Just my way of making the world a better place…

        • Anonymous

          Will will be good to go unless they band “stupid”.

  • Mike Barnes

    Isn’t it totally obvious the aim of this “campaign” is to help Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton and accuse anyone who criticizes her of being anti-female empowerment or whatever? No other reason this exists.

    • Anonymous

      That is a good one. Now we know where the left is going with this!

    • Bill Norris

      She better learn how to not be…BOSSY!!

  • Aaron Adams

    how about despotic, controlling, oppressive, tyrannical? That is who these people are, right?

  • Doc Savage

    To much time on their hands, to much money and no brains.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I am a strong, successful woman, and I can be bossy. No apologies for it.

  • Anonymous

    Just start using “PUSHY” instead. It works just as well.

    • Anonymous

      How’s about just ignoring these idiots. No reason to give them ANY fuel for the flames.

  • new2la

    Imagine having so little to do, you come up with something like this? So, according to their way of thinking, Why don’t they go after Obama for bossing everyone into buy healthcare insurance nobody wants?

    • Anonymous

      Just had my laugh of the day, thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the liberals would rather people use the B or C word?

  • Anonymous

    why are the sooo bossy???

  • Boo2

    This is soooo true! Has anyone noticed how tv commercials,alone, make men look & act like fairies??? They make them out to be unmanly, too stupid to make a decision & incapable of having an intelligent conversation with their wife or their kids! Unbelievable!!
    Any commercial that I see doing this to men….I boycott that product! If enoughn people did this, hit the company where it hurts…the pocketbook, maybe they’d take another look!
    The biggest culprit is cell phone companies & the auto industry!
    Boycott them!

  • Pat A

    Just when you think you’ve herd (pun intended) it all. Bossy libs trying to herd us all into submission by banning a word in the English language. Too ridiculous. I think it’s more a grand publicity stunt that has only increased my opinion that liberalism is a mental illness.

  • Joe

    Somebody needs to tell these fools that when we are using the word, “bossy,” we are trying not to hurt their feelings by using a more appropriate word. If you don’t want to be called bossy, stop bossing people around. Nobody likes to feel bossed. How about encouraging people, instead of bossing them? You might make a few more friends.

  • Linda Murphy

    don’t these twits have anything else to be concerned about?

  • Sarah Saunders

    Ok where is the other side of the conversation? Where are the bossy Men? I know where one lives, with ME! Bossy is a personality trait. It is not gender related.

    • Anonymous

      A-M-E-N!!! Same HERE!!!

    • Anonymous

      A true statement!

  • Anonymous

    remember when we used to be concerned about things that matter? Like jobs, family, where our country was going? What happened to us, seriously…what?

    • Anonymous

      The liberal progressive invasion, that is what happened and we better wake up before it is too late to repel the enemy of our country.

  • Anonymous

    Ban Bossy? I got a better Idea, stop telling me what to do!

  • Christine Austin

    ROFL! crazy making weird stuff that doesn’t even matter. I fully agree with Kristina McGuire’s comment. BIG difference between bossy and leader.

  • Anonymous

    I can think of another word that starts with a B for bossy women. They don’t like that one either. By the way, I never say it. My wife would slay me


    Anyone who is afraid to take charge because they don’t want to be called bossy, shouldn’t be a leader. Being a leader means that you’re not going to be liked by everyone. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy, sometimes you’re the hero. Lots of people have trouble with the isolation leadership causes, men included. If you think bossy is bad, you won’t like what they call men in leadership positions. I’ve heard my soldiers refer to me as an A–hole, when they thought I was out of earshot. Plenty of women become leaders despite being resented by their subordinates.

  • Anonymous

    emotional intelligence is a critical coping skill for good
    social-emotional and spiritual health. Being able to measure our
    responses to our environment affect our ability to effectively achieve
    what Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs terms, “Self Actualization”. A good
    place to start is to ask ourselves, What is my “locus of control”? With a
    healthy internal locus of control, we are on a path to a more provident

    Those with an internal locus of control:
    • Are more likely to take responsibility for their actions
    • Tend to be less influenced by the opinions of other people
    • Often do better at tasks when they are allowed to work
    at their own pace
    • Usually have a strong sense of self-efficacy
    • Tend to work hard to achieve the things they want
    • Feel confident in the face of challenges
    • Tend to be physically healthier
    • Report being happier and more independent
    • Often achieve greater success in the workplace

    Those with an external locus of control:
    • Blame outside forces for their circumstances
    • Often credit luck or chance for any successes
    • Don’t believe that they can change their situation through
    their own efforts
    • Frequently feel hopeless or powerless in the face of difficult
    • Are more prone to experiencing learned helplessness

  • mudslide

    Demanding for people to stop using the word ‘bossy’.
    Ironic? Or hypocritical…

  • Anonymous

    Just plain stupid is right. Beyonce, that beacon of womanhood, wants to ban the word “bossy” but in her latest song she uses the other “b” word over 20 times. Go figure. And she wants us to listen to her? American women don’t need her advice. They are completely able to manage their lives.

    • Anonymous

      To be honest, I haven’t a clue to who she even is. That’s the way I like it.

  • Anonymous

    ” Boys are no longer being raised as men,” Glenn said. It is because of all that progressive equality stuff, I would say. And about young women not stepping up to the plate as leaders, is ridiculous. She should look at all the military wives who have to accept the leading position while their husbands are deployed. Why do these dumb Hollywood broads live in the real world before they open their collective mouths? Some girls are born natural leaders, other become leaders because of circumstance. Some grow into leadership positions, but the weak will never be leaders, even if the use of the word bossy will be banned and that is a fact. This is true for both sexes, Mss. Sandberg!!

  • Herb Shallcross

    “By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys—a trend that continues into adulthood.”

    If this is an example of how women lead, maybe that’s a good thing.

    On the day I first heard about this “campaign” or more accurately “whine festival” my wife happened to call me “bossy”. Am I in a same sex relationship and didn’t realize it?

  • chris

    I recently watch a Sylvester Stallone movie called Demolition Man. In that movie the law banned sex, cussing, drinking alcohol, rock music eat meat and no smoking. I believe that the progressive movement want that for us ALL in the UNITED States. It feel that kind of thinking is really a sociopathic way of thinking. They must impose those feelings on everyone to make themselves feel better. Isn’t kind of funny how a silly movie can be so close to how things really are. I guess its time to ax the Facebook account.

  • Ramona Levoy

    When are parents going to take responsibility for their own children’s self esteem…this is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! WHAT NEXT? Guess what…I was called bossy, and now I’m the boss of my own everything! Go figure…

    • Anonymous

      Short answer: NEVER! …. or way, way into the future. They are in control of the schools, Hollywood, … even some of the churches. They have been indoctrinating us for many years. It will take generations to fix it…unfortunately.

  • wbaltzley

    Banning the use of certain words is the beginning of “Newspeak” — a means of controlling the population by limiting language that was predicted by George Orwell in his famous work 1984….

    Any word not in the “Newspeak” dictionary was forbidden, and the use thereof was an act of “Thought-crime” Each year more and more words were eliminated, some examples included the words “god” and “religion”. Updates to the dictionary were published each year, and each citizen was required to memorize and apply those updates. Those who refused to comply would be taken and “Re-educated” in a penal facility — meaning they would be tortured, broken, and brainwashed into submission.

    Is this where our society is headed?

    • Anonymous

      Hell, where have you been? They’ve been doing this for 30 years. Nothing new here! Been there and done that. Examples: homosexual = gay; colored, negro, black = African-American…the list is endless. I was a university student in the 1960’s to early 70’s. We read 1984 and Animal Farm…and Brave New World. Looky, looky what’s happened. Apparently, we didn’t heed the advice! Cheers.

  • Ramona Levoy

    Wait a minute…What is more bossy that telling people what not to say…isn’t that being bossy? Beyonce…go make a music video and go on with your bad bossy self.

  • Anonymous

    Here are some bossy women: Indira Ghandi, Golda Meir, Benazir Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II (and her ancestors Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I) …. Beyoncé…go suck an egg! Idiot.

  • William

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it lately…..I think I’m going to say it more.

  • Anonymous

    I appear to have too much time on my hands! Good night.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    My son came home crying when he was 5 because the neighborhood kids called him bossy and wouldn’t play with him. He owns his own business now.

  • landofaahs

    Go ahead and ban it, I have another B word I like better.

  • Melissa Poddany Thompson

    Being Bossy and being assertive are two totally different things!!! I am a teacher and I tell boys and girls to stop being bossy because they are not being assertive…they are just telling other kids what to do and usually it is being done in a rude manner. That is not acceptable. And I don’t agree that anyone should think that they are the boss!!! Even the best boss knows that they should not always be bossy to get the best work out of their employees….but they do know that they need to be assertive!!!

  • Matthew Hayes

    “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss”… Wow, How capricious is that? By the way let me just say, for the record, I’m not intuitively inclined. I’m intuitive! Oh, and correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it artists like Beyonce and Kelis, I guess that’s what the kids are calling ’em nowadays, who perpetrate these kinds of “labels” anyways? It’s what “pop-culture” is all about these days. How about, if you want to raise a generation of real upstanding women…let’s not raise them to be crippled by the kryptonic power of “LABELS”…and actually teach them to adhere to the principles they believe in, what the word “perseverance” means. And that yes, sometimes in life, you have to assert your values and stand by your convictions…that being “bossy” is sometimes a necessary virtue, especially when raised to know acceptable limitations and etiquette. And, that having the leadership skills to be a “boss” is a much needed and sparse commodity, especially this day in age. That’s right, if these feminists want to talk about a “war on women” and “educating women to not be held back by labels in society” and to be successful and driven. Why take away all the skills and confidence they need to succeed? Why take away such time tested PROVEN means of the very success they espouse to create?
    ….That is all, I leave these words for you to ruminate

  • Ella

    I used to hate the term feminist and everything I thought it stood for. I’m still a strong Christian with moderately conservative values. But I learned through experience as I got older that this is a real issue. Especially within the church, but also in society in general. I also see the issues described here with men and boys and that’s a real issue too. But I can no longer ignore the reality that women are still oppressed in some ways and that we still have a very patriarchal society. It hurts me to see Glenn talking this way. I think traditional feminism went too far and indeed did some damage. I think a child is better off with a parent who stays at home with her or him when that is possible. And often that comes more naturally to the mother. I’m an egalitarian now though and I see what that really means. It means equal rights and equal treatment. I don’t want my daughter to be bossy. But I do get the general concept. I am a strong, educated woman. But there are simply certain things I can’t get away with doing or saying that my male counterparts can. When I express strong opinions and passion I’m bitchy. A man can say the same things and be passionate and assertive. I have to force myself to hold back in order to use my knowledge and expertise to try to make a difference in the world. The problem is still very real. Even now, I can’t say this the way I want to. I can’t dare talk the way you, Glenn, are talking. Not even close. You’ve never experienced anything like that. Many women haven’t either because they are not in settings where this is as evident. I probably would have agreed with this wholeheartedly a couple years ago. Now, my eyes have been opened.

    • Anonymous

      Part of being strong is the ability to shrug off things that don’t make any difference; like peoples opinions that are not grounded in truth. The reason men often make more effective leaders is that they are less sensitive to everyone’s feelings. This doesn’t make them superior in every way but better equipped for certain callings. One thing men don’t do is come up with schemes to ban certain words to avoid having our self esteem lowered. Words are just that………words.

  • Anonymous

    Some times you just can not find the words to explain stupid.

  • Myrna Carter

    Just because a word is banned doesn’t mean the behavior will go away, we just won’t have a way to describe the behavior….lol

  • suz

    i consider myself a smart hippy, glenn why do you hate hippies?

    — jus kiddin’

    much better to be a hippy than a hipster which is what we have today coming from the left. fascist hipsters — doesn’t seem possible, but they’re here. bossy little fascist hipsters.

  • Anonymous

    Instead of banning the word “bossy” how bout not being bossy. Ironic? Beyonce–in one of her songs tells “(b)itches better bow down” to her. Bossy? I think so.

  • CrapsDealer

    So, they prefer terms like “opinionated b—-“?

  • Anonymous

    BOSSY WOMEN, just can’t handle the TRUTH………….TRUTH!!!…………You can’t handle the TRUTH!…….

  • Klasko

    They’re not the BOSS of me! I’m a woman and I’ll say BOSSY if I want to describe BOSSY progressives who want to BOSS me around and tell me what can and can’t say. They are the BOSSY PC thought police!

  • deanks

    God gave humanity marvelous brains. I’ve heard it said that most of us, even the smartest among us only use a small percentage of our brain capacity. –I have a sneaky feeling that the fools who come up with ideas like this are in the negative numbers!

  • Christa Marie

    Goodness!! ‘bossy’ and ‘leadership’ are too different things X) being bossy is squashing others around you and making yourself first and having everyone bend to your will, control. Leadership is considering others above yourself, it’s being a servent, not controlling them.


    And here I thought Ms Sandberg was a very smart women. I think she is looking the mirror thinking ‘I thow smart’. That women singer is about as dense!

  • Bill Norris

    I can’t believe they continue to push this progressive garbage. This is laughable…that these sycophantic celebrities trip over themselves to support a bossy campaign, when that is what happens to them when they become famous.

    How many stories have we heard about celebs that went apoplectic whenever they didn’t get their way. Pah-lease. I’m with Glenn, SHUT UP!!! I’m sick of these fools.

  • Anonymous

    This PSA is directed towards men.
    They just want to emasculate men by trying to make them feel guilty.

    Oh, and those two guys in the video just got their man-cards revoked.

  • Fat Lip

    American exceptionalism nothing to worry about we are the smartest .
    Fu-k is ok you can even use that word in the Lords house who cares , RIGHT ?
    Look Mommy there’s an airplane up in the sky

  • Johnny Ringo


  • Hannah

    Here’s a thought, Sheryl Sandberg; Why don’t we stop trying to change people’s opinions about girls, and maybe focus on teaching the girls to not give a crap what people think of them? We should teach all of our children how to make rational, moral decisions and then teach them how to be loyal to their principles even when everyone else mocks them and gives them a hard time. Let’s teach kids how to actually achieve their dreams instead of falling to pieces because someone called them “bossy” instead of praising them all of the time. Does Sheryl Sandberg really think that any great leader was never criticized? Does she think that by endlessly praising girls that they will become more accomplished and motivated? The answer is no. Everyone faces criticism, and it’s not the people who are sheltered that become great and achieve their goals, it’s the people that have the passion and agency to defy the people who tell them to shut up and sit down.

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