The number one story on TheBlaze Friday morning had nothing to do with missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 or the crisis in Ukraine. Instead, a viral video involving a stunning audition on the Italian version of the hit singing competition The Voice captured readers’ attention.

“There are a lot of things going on. The whole world is burning down. But we wanted to show you something that would take your mind off of that,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This is The Voice of Italy, and the judges – when the chairs turn around, they couldn’t believe who was singing. And when you see the video, it’s as shocking as… Susan Boyle. This woman is rocking the house.”

Both the Italian and American versions of The Voice are known for the unique ‘blind audition’ process. The judges have their backs turned to the stage and are forced to make a decision based solely on the person’s voice.

The judges on The Voice of Italy were in for quite a surprise this week when a Catholic nun took to the stage to belt out her own distinct — and flawless — version of Alicia Keys’ hit “No One.”

Check out the audition below:

“This is the ultimate don’t judge a book by its cover,” Glenn said.

Drawing on his expertise from his long career at top-40s stations, Glenn believes this woman is going to enjoy international success.

“That’s amazing,” he concluded. “She’s going to have a hit. She will be an international sensation… You’re right on that. Number one story on The Blaze now.”