Editor’s Note: Glenn posted the following message on his Facebook page earlier today:

I just spoke in LA tonight for David Horowitz. He is a brave American who everyone should learn about. No matter what side you are on you should appreciate someone honest enough to see what he was doing and change course even at his own peril. Great group of patriots.

Tomorrow speaking in LA for another group that I will share on Monday. Then Paramount Pictures called this afternoon. They invited me and the team to a private screening of Noah at the studios in Hollywood tomorrow. Apparently, they heard what we spoke about on air this AM and would like a chance to make their case.

One of the Paramount executives who I hear is very sincere about his faith, asked if he could show the film and if we would see it and not rely on Hollywood critics.

Totally fair. Critics don’t get faith movies, are not reliable tastemakers, at least for me, and I think that it would only be right to give it a shot and hear him out.

We did tell them that we will be honest Monday. If it is hostile toward God I will report that but if the critics are wrong, we will report that as well.

Everything thing I heard about this paramount exe I believed and it isn’t right to torpedo a mans work based on those who have been unreliable in the past.

One way or another the truth will set us free.