Over Saturday, Glenn was invited by Paramount Pictures to a screening of the movie ‘Noah’. He went with several members of his staff, and after the film he was given the opportunity to look around the studios. He sent in photos and thoughts from his trip to GlennBeck.com:

Paramount was kind enough to open the back lot up for my team and me Saturday so I could understand and visualize a few principles of sound stages, and outdoor city scenes. (Sorry about the whole ‘Noah’ thing)

Soon we will be entering a whole new part of this Amazing venture we have been on. We will take it to the next level. To use the “ideals and hard facts that helped create America and be a source of hope and courage for the entire world.” I hope you will be with me for the entire wild ride.

Here is the crew ready to see Noah. We were happier here than we were 2:18 min later:

photo (37)

Here we are getting a briefing on why ‘Noah’ is NOT religiously offensive. Notice all but me, Ben and Kraig (President and Chief Revenue Officer, TheBlaze) are lost in a virtual world. Sad. However, just over two hours later all of us were very focused and on exactly the same page. In fact, we are a very diverse group: Christian, Jewish, atheist who recently has found God. The review from the group was shocking how passionate every single person was that saw it.

My review of ‘Noah’ coming tomorrow on Glenn Beck Radio:

photo 2

Ben McPherson (VP of American Dream Labs) and I in front of the historic Stage 19. This is where Orson Welles filmed ‘Citizen Kane’. We spent the day looking at the back lot for some specific projects yet to be announced:

photo 1 (1)

Here I am with Ben McPherson (VP of American Dream Labs) walking through “Chicago”:

photo 1 (2)

Figuring costs, scale and materials and explaining to Kraig (President and Chief Revenue Officer of TheBlaze) how many commercial sales he has to complete in the next 18 months because I don’t want to owe anyone a dime to keep the vision pure:

photo 2 (1)

Me enjoying talking about the fire that burned this section to the ground and how William Shatner “saved NYC”. Joseph not enjoying hearing it.

photo 3

Ben teaching me how they use short streets at 45 degree angles to create maximum flexibility for shooting:

photo 4