Glenn reacts to Jimmy Carter’s surprising revelations about President Obama and the NSA

President Obama’s foreign policy (or lack thereof) is often compared to that of Former President Jimmy Carter. But, as it turns out, President Obama is the first president not to solicit Carter’s advice. During a sit down with NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell on Sunday’s Meet The Press, Carter said he has not spoken to President Obama. Furthermore, he admitted that since the National Security Agency likely monitors his communications, he still sends important messages through the post office.

Mitchell asked Carter if President Obama ever reaches out to him “for advice.” Unlike Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush who asked for Carter’s guidance when dealing with “unsavory characters,” President Obama has yet to do the same.

While Stu joked that President Obama has not reached out to Carter because it is simply reenacting his foreign policy action for action, Glenn wasn’t so sure that’s the case.

“I have a feeling that maybe it was because he’s an ego maniac and he doesn’t even talk to his own advisers,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I think if [he] called Jimmy Carter, it might actually get better. I don’t think he’s running [the country] as well as Jimmy Carter… ‘Why do I need Jimmy Carter’s advice? I’m wrecking this perfectly fine by myself.’”

Carter also admitted he is so aware of the scope of NSA surveillance, he corresponds with foreign leaders “privately” by sending letters through the mail.

“Hello? How is a president of the United States sitting there calmly saying, ‘You know, I think my phone calls and my emails are probably monitored.’ That’s against the Constitution, and he’s calmly saying that,” Glenn said exasperatedly. “And the reporter kind of laughs it off and says, ‘Old fashioned snail mail, huh? That’s how you get around the destruction of the Constitution, huh? Just old-fashioned snail mail.’ That’s crazy! That’s crazy!”

Carter’s lackadaisical tone is alarming, but Glenn still managed to find a positive angle.

“I don’t understand this. I will tell you that I really think that we have the winning position on all fronts, if we stand by the Constitution because the left has been against this just as much as I’ve ever been. In fact, they led the way on some of this stuff,” Glenn concluded. “It’s horrendous what is happening… and nobody seems to care. The winning strategy is to stand just for the Bill of Rights. Forget about party and everything else. Stand for the Bill of Rights.”

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  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Carter knows that the people who run this country aren’t elected. He knows it first hand.

    The last time a President stood up to “The Deep State,” when Kennedy fired Allen Dulles, they staged a coup and got Lyndon Johnson did their bidding. Johnson named Dulles to run the commission named for Chief Justice Warren to investigate who murdered the President.

    Since then every President has either been in league with them or has known to stand up to them is a path that leads to Dealy Plaza.

    Who was studying Russian language during the height of the Cold War in the late 50’s? Lee Harvey Oswald and Barack Obama’s parents. At a time when people lost their jobs over communist sympathies, where employment often required oaths of loyalty, Barack Obama’s parents met while taking a Russian language course.

    Obama is not person he is presented to the public. He is not the person the creation portrayed by either left or right media. His background was manufactured. From being a community organizer to attending Jeremiah Wright’s congregation all part of a plan. The Deep State cultivated one of their own.

    • Karen Anderson


      ☗☗☗ ☗☗☗ ☗☗☗ ☗�☗☗ ☗☗☗Mitchell asked Carter if President Obama ever reaches out to him “for advice.”

  • landofaahs

    Well, that’s good news. At least Jimmy isn’t totally nuts. When are you liberals going to call him a tin-foil hat wearer?

    • Anonymous

      “him” Jimmy or Obama? Because they are definitely both tin-foil wearers.

  • Deckard426

    So, Jimmy doesn’t like big, intrusive government? Maybe the moron should look in the mirror to see where big government came from!

    • jen

      Look in the mirror yourself moron, you and your republican lords love big government/big vast military empire just as much as your other half – the democrats. Carter is a much better and bigger man than you are – and you hate that.

  • Connor

    It is funny even Carter thinks Obama is doing it wrong and that is really sad.

  • Anonymous

    Carter brought us the Secretary of Education and the Secretary of Energy. Last I checked our kids are stupid and we are still importing energy. Why can’t ex-Democrat Presidents can’t keep their mouths shut while you never hear from Republican ex-Presidents. Might be because they are all dead except for the two Bush’s.

    • jen

      Bush family are scum and do evil behind your back – just the way tea partiers like it.

  • Mike

    Obama is the best thing that has ever happened to Jimmy Carter’s reputation as President.

  • scandoboy

    Sending snail mail to avoid NSA is kind of funny. Surely Carter must remember the 30,000 British and other women stationed on Bermuda to open all mail to and from USA during World War II – 70 year old technology. As if letters to important leaders could not be easily singled out. I favor encryption PDP (Pretty Deniable Privacy) over PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). In PDP the key is 1000 times longer than the message and a few alternate messages are also in there. To decrypt any message always requires a key so much longer than the message that no key would have credibility since the deniability key is so much shorter amd yields a communication. I also like operations on many random image files to yield a message such that most posters are just posting random noise – hard to tell which one contained the real information. My communications always contain 10,000 to one garbage over real message where the garbage looks like real messages. They can decode it – but perhaps not for free. And getting the real message means ingnoring many credible alternative messages.

  • Anonymous

    No more NSA

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t monitor everything how do you stop the evildoers? You don’t, as effectively. Just imagine what Beck would have said about this one day after 911. He’d say: “monitor everything, stop the evildoers.” One knows this because that is what people who think like Beck did. If there is a monitoring problem now, you should blame yourselves. We should all blame ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    No surprise Beck ignores what Carter agrees with Obama on, like the 67 borders in Israel. The natural reaction to post-911 terrorist attacks is extreme monitoring. I’ll bet Beck was fine with monitoring just after our country was attacked. But Beck forgets how serious terrorism is to the point where he publicly says how sick he is of hearing about the 911 victim’s families grieving, a statement so crass that nobody should ever respect him. Obama knows he has to change monitoring policy, but I believe Americans want to be protected and will put up with some amount of it. Beck doesn’t have an intelligent discussion about what amount of monitoring would balance protecting the country while respecting privacy. Instead, he’d rather childishly complain.

  • Boston You

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