President Obama’s foreign policy (or lack thereof) is often compared to that of Former President Jimmy Carter. But, as it turns out, President Obama is the first president not to solicit Carter’s advice. During a sit down with NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell on Sunday’s Meet The Press, Carter said he has not spoken to President Obama. Furthermore, he admitted that since the National Security Agency likely monitors his communications, he still sends important messages through the post office.

Mitchell asked Carter if President Obama ever reaches out to him “for advice.” Unlike Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush who asked for Carter’s guidance when dealing with “unsavory characters,” President Obama has yet to do the same.

While Stu joked that President Obama has not reached out to Carter because it is simply reenacting his foreign policy action for action, Glenn wasn’t so sure that’s the case.

“I have a feeling that maybe it was because he’s an ego maniac and he doesn’t even talk to his own advisers,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I think if [he] called Jimmy Carter, it might actually get better. I don’t think he’s running [the country] as well as Jimmy Carter… ‘Why do I need Jimmy Carter’s advice? I’m wrecking this perfectly fine by myself.’”

Carter also admitted he is so aware of the scope of NSA surveillance, he corresponds with foreign leaders “privately” by sending letters through the mail.

“Hello? How is a president of the United States sitting there calmly saying, ‘You know, I think my phone calls and my emails are probably monitored.’ That’s against the Constitution, and he’s calmly saying that,” Glenn said exasperatedly. “And the reporter kind of laughs it off and says, ‘Old fashioned snail mail, huh? That’s how you get around the destruction of the Constitution, huh? Just old-fashioned snail mail.’ That’s crazy! That’s crazy!”

Carter’s lackadaisical tone is alarming, but Glenn still managed to find a positive angle.

“I don’t understand this. I will tell you that I really think that we have the winning position on all fronts, if we stand by the Constitution because the left has been against this just as much as I’ve ever been. In fact, they led the way on some of this stuff,” Glenn concluded. “It’s horrendous what is happening… and nobody seems to care. The winning strategy is to stand just for the Bill of Rights. Forget about party and everything else. Stand for the Bill of Rights.”