Glenn’s bold new prediction: A new world order is imminent

New York City always seems to bring out the more cynical side of Glenn, and this trip is no different. Glenn opened the radio program this morning with a bold and somewhat dire prediction that draws from some of the connections he made in his Fox News days.

“Glenn is back,” Pat joked. “The positive, happy, wonderful Glenn is over.”

“Well, no it’s not over,” Glenn interjected. “It’s just Glenn needs to pop in from time to time and give everybody a reality check.”

In the wake of Russia’s annexation of Ukraine and the BBC report confirmed Russia and China played a role in the 2008 financial crisis, Glenn believes a new world order is beginning to emerge. That order, according to Glenn, will be comprised of China, Russia, socialist outliers, and poverty zones.

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Before diving into the crux of the new prediction, Glenn offered a bit of context:

I have to give it a little context. Remember that China verified to Secretary Paulson that Russia said they were trying to collapse our economy… So we know that that happened according to Secretary Paulson. We know that China, at the time, was against that move because they needed us. What they had to do was divest themselves of us pretty much. Stop buying all of our treasuries and slowly get off of the United States and they have. They have not divested, but they have stopped buying a lot of stuff. And they have also started to become a little hostile towards the United States and what we have done to their money…

So now, China and Russia are beginning to work together. And both China and Russia are going to trade outside of the U.S. dollar, which is something entirely new and very, very dangerous because once they get off the dollar, then the rest of the world will get off of the dollar because China and Russia have formed some sort of a pact.

The other news I think is important to report today and you won’t hear this everywhere: The Polish reserves have been called into play… The Polish politicians are telling the world press that this is just a drill… No it’s not. It’s never happened before where men who are of serving age have been called up into the reserves and are starting to train.

The reason why that is happening is because of what happened in Crimea. And the belief and anybody who is in a former Soviet state sees the writing on the wall. Putin can go in and do whatever it is he wants and nobody is going to stop him…

I want you to remember that what happened… Putin, on Monday, said, ‘I’m not going to annex Crimea. That’s ridiculous. I’m not going to do that. We’re just going in to help them keep the peace.’ By Friday he signed the annexation. He could tell that the world didn’t care much so he just signed it.

With this background in mind, Glenn believes World War III could be on the horizon, and it would be the war that puts the former Soviet Union back together.

“Now, I want you to understand. Here are your choices: Do nothing and look at possible World War III. What you will see is Russia will start to sweep across and gather its old satellites and then possibly more than it’s old satellites. And we will have the same situation that we had on our hands in World War II,” Glenn explained. “But things are different than they were in World War II. So you can either sit it out and do nothing, which is, quite honestly, my recommendation… Or you can get involved in World War III.”

This encroachment theory is an extension of a chalkboard Glenn used to display on his set at Fox. At the time, Glen laid out a situation in which a spark lit in Tunisia would set the Middle East on fire. The unrest would spread from there – first to Europe and then to the rest of the world. The current situation is just a “more formulated updated version” of that prediction.

“Here’s the prediction… This is an extension of what I wrote up on the board years ago at Fox that everybody said was crazy. It would start in Tunisia and then it would spread across the Middle East into Europe and the rest of the world,” Glenn explained. “So this is just a more formulated updated version of this. The unrest will spread. Communist, Radicals, and Islamists will work together to destabilize the Middle East and the Western World. It will spread to Europe, first to restore the Soviet borders, next our enemies will see our lack of unity, military, and financial resolve and collapse and transform the U.S. and the West. The new world order will be China, Russia, socialist outliers, and poverty zones.

History seems to bear out some version of this prediction very well. As not to be totally doom and gloom, Glenn encouraged the audience to pray.

“It’s absolutely incredible. So may I ask that you say your prayers. May I ask that you pray for the leadership, pray for our country. Pray for our military,” Glenn said. “In the next couple of weeks, we’re probably making the biggest decisions of our lives… If we choose the wrong path, we stay asleep in the ‘Matrix’ or something like that. I’m not really sure. I know if we choose incorrectly, it probably does end up with us in a pod with wires stuck in the back of our head. So we just have to be very careful.”

  • Helen Christopher


    ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤⟁❤ ❤❤❤He could tell that the world didn’t care so much so that he just signed it.

  • Bonnie Somer


    • Anonymous

      Remember, Obama is a coward and more than likely will not even be in DC for the rally. I seriously doubt many of the Democrat leadership will be there either. Then they can deny the rally/protest ever happened because they didn’t see it.

      • Anonymous

        A little punctuation would help too :-)

      • BlueMN

        Not sure why they would need to deny seeing a small group of people with tea bags stapled to their Ben Franklin costumes.

    • Anonymous

      What’s with the “ALL CAPS”? You are so rude.

      • Mr Tony

        Bonnie, no excuse, but some older people type in caps because they can’t read it otherwise.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing more than to get everyone’s attention to be in DC on May 16.
        So please get down off your high horse and being such a stickler.It
        is after typing on a key board.Got it,big john????

  • Anonymous

    The BEAR is rising …. seems like that was predicted somewhere … hmm ….

    • Anonymous

      Are you implying about the now forbidden book? The “Black” book? The one that start with the letter B and end with E?

      • Tanya Benedict

        Yes that’s the book for me….

        • Anonymous

          Me too.

          • Roseline Moniz

            Me too the Book of Revelation is happening.

          • Mary Del Vecchio

            I see it too!

          • Spencer Graham

            More the late 30’s of Ezekiel and the late teens of Isaiah if you ask me, but your point is well taken.

          • Sheree

            Yes, it is! Right before our eyes! Revelation rumblings are loud and clear! And that world war 3 will be Armageddon!

          • johnboy

            FORSURE also the book of Daniel. right now
            China and Russia are in the same bed to bring the U.S.A. down so they can make a one world order.

        • Se Hanley

          The beast from the sea – Hawaii – shall have skin of a leopard (mixed marriage), and the mouth of a bear (Chicago politics) and he will have authority for (a two term president), appear to be wounded (how did he win the 2nd election???), and force the world to worship the beast

        • Sam

          The bible is the book for me

      • College Geek

        Are you speaking of the famous BOOBE?

        😛 Just kidding lol

    • landofaahs

      Russia is a third world country with nukes. In every other way they are 3rd world.

      • Warstorm Trading

        Do not fool yourself with this idea that they are a 3rd world power. The simple fact that they can end our existence with a button puts the above third world. Third world powers cannot affect much outside their borders. Russia can match our tech almost totally. Stealth is where they are behind. Difference is they have a plan, what do we have? DEBT

        • Anonymous

          And our soldiers are exhausted, drained of energy and of the will to fight another enemy. Our money reserves are none existent thanks to Obama’s lavish lifestyle, the constant flying around in Air Force 1, running up the tab for social services and that idiotic healthcare plan. Before we even think of fighting another war we need to bring back the draft. Russian soldiers are a mean lot, they are not the pampered soldiers
          of most of the western nations.

          • Anonymous

            I can hear a lot of wussy liberals whining about that already. Can you imagine fighting beside a liberal, leftist, socialist? You better be ready to fight for two.

          • I.R. Wayright

            “Can you imagine fighting beside a liberal, leftist, socialist? ”
            Only for as long as it takes to squeeze one off.

          • mad man marc

            How would you like fighting next to a LGBT, or a Muslim who wears the head garb…that’s how much damage Barry has already done to our military. He committed in the Salt Treaty to reduce our nuclear warheads from 5000, to 1500…same as Russia, and then to 300-500…This is his Islamic plan to allow our enemies to be able to walk over us and I believe it will happen before the 2016 election…ie. marshall law and then King Barry will have won!

          • jusawhiteguy

            i’ve been saying for a long time, 2016 elections are doubtful.

          • Guardian

            It would be difficult – having to wipe their tears and listen to their temper tantrums.

          • Laura

            Yes as the definition of hand to hand combat in liberal terms would be patty-cake, patty-cake.

        • johnboy

          Don’t forget Russia and China are allies. If Russia does dump all their treasury bonds back into U.S.A. than the U.S.goes bankrupt

          • Guardian

            They are busy using our dollars to buy US properties and businesses so they will have value when our currency is rejected by the world as worthless.

        • jusawhiteguy

          warstorm, behind who in stealth? certainly not behind the usa, obviously, since no one seems to have had any idea crimea was in the works. even after ousting a duly elected president.

      • Jonathan Witt

        Never underestimate your enemies.

    • Anonymous

      China is more of a threat. The question is, will our own political elitists consider divesting before the “dragon” takes us down.

      • Warstorm Trading

        Only if they fight with Russia. They lack good air power or heavy battle tanks.

        • Anonymous

          …So far. But they’re working on it.

        • jusawhiteguy

          china’s got the cash, russia has the military. would make for a formidable foe.

  • Joe Grosse

    The current occupant of the oval office is in on this. He is a traitor and needs to be held accountable.

    • Anonymous

      Accountable? I say he needs to be arrested, convicted and executed.

      • Anonymous

        But we’d then be stuck with Plugs Biden, our court jester as the leader of this nation–or what’s left of it.

        • tim

          could be worse:could wind up with sarah palin!!!

          • Anonymous

            If only. She would have this country whipped into shape in a matter of months. She would follow the Constitution and we would be drilling our own oil and closing our open borders to illegals. Yes, if only we could wind up with Sarah Palin.

          • scopie

            It doesn’t matter who is in the “oval office” it hasn’t for many years now. whoever is there is just a figure head someone to push blame towards there has been other worldly powers controlling the U.S. for awhile, this has all been a magic show we only see the illusion while the real acts are done out of sight!!!

          • NotAnyKenny .

            Scopie boy, you nailed it Bro!

          • Emily Harmon

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            ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛⟱ ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛This thing is happening. It’s already the Grinch’s sled, heading into Whoville at terminal velocity.

          • Krimsen King

            true… the massive amounts of money involved in our electoral system fundamentally corrupt ALL of our elected representatives, regardless of party or political ideology. Money in our elections get us the best politicians money can buy.

          • Anonymous

            only partly true, scopie; it does matter who is in the oval office; a true, american leader who is a real patriot, who cares about our country and its people, does matter; true also that other powers, influential through money and politics in the background, are pulling strings; but their ‘job’ would be made more difficult if we have real leadership; the One we unfortunately have now is anything but, and selling us out to the enemy… and the enemy is also within…

          • Threeg Brand

            And coming in every day across the Mexican boarder…and I’m not talking about the Mexicans…our boarder is open to whoever wants to cross the Rio…China, Muslims, Pakistanis….whoever and NO ONE in Washington cares! If America would make Mexico a State and help them clean out the mess they have over there then we could secure our southern boarder by putting the biggest Navel Port on that coast, help the Mexicans with jobs and education thereby let them pay taxes, join our military and help defend our boarders.

          • Daisy

            With chemical weapons of mass destruction it doesn’t matter who defends the borders… airstrikes and famine are faster and involve less money. That’s what I forsee

          • Kyle

            Don’t forget HARRP! That negatively tilted high pressure off the coast known as the RRR by oceanographers has caused a lot of concern and people have seen high amounts of energy being used from HARRP each time the high pressure strengthens.

            The High Pressure has been responsible for all the winter snow/ice storms you folks back east have been slammed with and I believe it is to ruin crops this spring with severe thunderstorms.

            Once spring time hits those snow/ice storms will bring flash flooding from cold fronts that met the hot air pumped up.

            Europe has had a VERY mild winter and has had a lot of severe storms that wrecked havoc more then usual not just the garden variety storms they usually have followed by small bouts of cold wintery weather.

          • tAustin

            They moved harrp to long island out east

          • waltzanne

            Indeed! The Asian’s are cash rich, the Muslims business smart…the muslims have figured out how to bill Medicare/Medicaid for services NOT being done! I witnessed this, reported it and was told “the problem is too big.”

          • Aaron Beckett

            Then what are we going to do with the
            Guatemala border? Take that over too? then what? when does it end? Anyone crossing our borders without permission should be counted as an invasion and shot on the spot.

          • Kyle

            And the Libs will shout RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!! To the top of their lungs. Blood will flow down Manhattan New York.

          • Barbara

            And you never hear the Jewish people saying anything like this. They made it through their trial and picked them selves up and made something of their self. And you don’t heard them whining about what happened to them which was an abomination and then drag that out for years and years.

          • tenatesgigantus

            the guatemalan border is maybe 100 across..That is a hell of a lot easier to secure than a 2000mile one..don’t ya think?

          • Kyle

            Or cart them all off to fight in Iraq! Great!

          • Kyle

            And that American leader would be eaten alive. Have you seen Ben Carson interview where he talked about how in the early days to pass a test to get to high school in 1915 was a lot harder then today?

            He showed what a literacy test looked like in 1915 and showed how so many people *even himself* could not pass it because we fail basic knowledge of our country foundings.

            Many people believe it is the *Right Wings* that did slavery but actually I learned from an old history book the majority of prop slavery were Southern White Democrats and only 4 Republicans voted yes for it and the majority a strong NO.

            The Union Republicans decided to stop babysitting the deep south because of the constant abuse they were getting from them just like today in video game forums if you read the political sections which are a joke usually.

            A sad joke.

          • Erin

            It does matter very greatly who we put into office….God has HIS hand on the righteous…and God will use this leader—and it is up to do our very choosing that person…God raises up leaders and He takes out leaders for HIS plan and purposes….Know them by their fruits…One righteous man can save a nation, by standing up for God ….in all prayer and petition… in righteousness and in Holiness for a people…This country was founded upon and for: A moral and upright people….One nation under God, indivisible , and justice for all….We should all take this position very seriously—because God does…and HE..IS COUNTING ON YOU…TO STAND UP FOR HIM.

          • Лариса Куперман

            What are you talking about? Russian aren’t the enemy for America. Russia does not want war. Putin has made great efforts to avoid war. White House wants a war to hide our terrible economy.

          • waltzanne

            YUP….same movie, different cast!

          • Anonymous

            I believe you are correct , there are world powers we have no idea about, they are pulling the strings. Our President remains a puppet. We have a shadow government and no one is the wiser. I do think we need new leadership this president has failed miserably. If you look at the pattern we are in, we are moving twords globalization, one world power. The UN is going to play a huge role in this. Everyone is going to join together and play patty-cake, we wil allow the UN to control everything. We will give up our soveranty, its already beginning. Defering to the UN before we make a military move, allowing the UN to control gun sales around the world and giving up control of the internet. Watch out, its happening. Pray for this country, pray that the world wakes up and reverses this.

          • Kyle

            I agree. The only reason I vote Conservative now is because at least they will care about the quality of the patty cake they make despite cooking it in the UN headquarters along with the Liberals.

            As for the Liberals their baked cake will either be sloppy because it’s government ran and nobody is held accountable for quality control and/or they will force weird flavors on top of it to please the minority groups and say that white people are bigots/racists for not liking their Freedom Cake they baked.

            Obama overseas the cheif and comes up with weird ideas for the cake and if it fails try try again. Who cares about exploding ovens.

          • Anonymous

            Not sure the whole world is in on this, but surely whoever is in office is blamed for everything. Meanwhile the Congress, SCOTUS and the 1% get a free pass. Time to move manufacturing back to the U.S. or start taxing the goods of overseas manufactured goods imported here by U.S. Corporations.

          • Velton Cummings

            So true, terrible that so many people are so blind that they follow an ideology instead of researching and thinking things through for themselves.

          • Karen

            I agree. If she were only in the oval office, our country would be so much better off. We wouldn’t have Obama Care to start with. Do I need to go on? I will say though, that even though I didn’t vote for him, he seems to be the right President for this time. He is leading us right into the NWO and we all knew it was coming. It’s almost here.

          • Krimsen King

            corporate personhood, corporate welfare, and the wholesale buying off of our elections and politicians IS the “NWO”. Obama ain’t the center of anything, just a continuation. If anything he’s tried to fight “NWO” with the healthcare legislation to diminish the overwhelming power of the insurance industry. Really, does no one see this???

          • Kyle

            Because he failed to let people *opt* out if they like their family insurance plan. It doesn’t matter if the rich corporates bullied him so much as that he NEEDS to come clean with what he has promised and take accountability while at the same time admitting on LIVE TV where it cannot be censored who is responsible.

          • Jay Weiss

            Smoke and Mirrors.

          • Threeg Brand

            Yes she would and would surround herself with wise council to take care of any situation she was unsure of even if it meant bringing real, honest, Christian, county born and breed Americans back in the Whitehouse!

          • jake

            We don’t drill our own oil because of congressional lobbying, not the president. The same could be said for our border policy. So Sarah Palin in office would be trading in a former Constitutional Law President from Harvard for a bored housewife turned governer of a state thats almost completely irrelevant.

          • Anonymous

            Sarah Palin couldn’t run Alaska and couldn’t run the U.S. except to ruin. Why do you like her so much, cuteness?

          • G.Acevedo

            Also with Sarah Palin….as citizens, we could possibly get a dividend for the oil that is being recovered in the United States. Nobody thought it possible in Alaska, but Sarah, despite Democrats AND Republicans, got it done.

          • Heather Vance-Nelson

            Absolutely! …People make fun of her all the time but she would be a “no nonsense” President and would build our military back up!….and most likely kick all the Muslims out that wouldn’t assimilate!

          • USPatriotUno

            Palin is smarter than those two dimwits.

          • JoeB

            If that happened, at least we would have someone with a set of balls in the White house.

          • Thomas Elsenpeter

            Sarah Palin would be worse than Obama?? Yes she’s not a genius and rather a dork at times, but she isn’t out to destroy our economy.

          • Anonymous

            You’re the dork, Thomas.

          • Anonymous

            I really doubt that Obama is a genius. Does anyone know? Has anyone seen his school records or seen him at school?

          • Karen

            She’s smarter than people think. I’d vote for her anytime over what we have now.

          • Liz Wojcik

            Yes, she IS very smart. But you won’t hear them say that, not part of the plan.

          • Krimsen King

            ‘they’ wouldn’t have to say that if it were at all clear that she, in fact, is very smart. I mean, really, wouldn’t it be obvious if she had any semblance of intelligence.? Has she ever spoken about her plans or ideas for governance? Has she ever once spoken about solutions to the problems in this country, or has she simply complained that they exist? Think about it… I doubt she has.

          • Anonymous

            You fool…….Sarah Palin makes more sense than all those idiots you insinuate are better…..have you accomplished anything close to what she has done…..she has more guts than all those bozos you like put together. She would have, honestly, shaped up this country in no time, if she wasn’t so Feared by all that had tried to discredit her, especially the present administration. This government is so full of crooked people that any decent, honest, person-of-God person who tries to do something for the country and people will be shot down in whatever way possible. If I were you, I would look closely at the person and her record before you open your mouth and think that she would be worse than the court jester….there is no comparison….period!!!

          • Don Hellbound

            I agree, at least Sarah Palin loves and respects our Country.

          • Krimsen King

            really… there really is no way for you to know that…. platitudes and pleasing catch phrases do not mean she loves or respects anything.

          • Anonymous

            obama loves this country as much as sarah except he is a lot smarter,

          • Anonymous

            He loves America so much that he thought it needed to be fundamentally changed?

          • heather

            WHAT dreamworld do YOU live in? Seriously?? YOU are completely blind like a sheep following his shepherd.

          • waltzanne

            Ory….you are “gone” in the brain!

          • Anonymous

            Ms. Palin is all about the money.

          • scott

            What color is the sky in your reality?

          • orygone

            Blue today, was a bit overcast early but cleared up around 11am thanks

          • Krimsen King

            You seem to assume that anyone who professes a ‘person-of-God’ philosophy just could not possibly be corrupt. But they can, she can… Maybe you underestimate the corrupting influence of money in our political system?

          • Lightbringer

            I doubt that Palin could be bought, but she can certainly be threatened, since she has a family. Love makes her vulnerable to that.

          • Krimsen King

            anyone can be bought, anyone threatened. Love makes everyone vulnerable. But I wouldn’t assume to know what or whom she loves. I also wouldn’t assume she speaks truth just because her platitudes can be pleasing.

          • Anonymous

            or you Timmy!

          • john

            You’re an idiot, just saying…..

          • Rick Sholund

            Typical response from a liberal, call names instead of offer a thoughtful response.

          • Kyle

            At least he said “Just saying” which means he didn’t know what he was saying so I DO give him partial credit for sneaking in the truth there.

          • Anonymous

            Poof.. go away tim the troll! You know Sarah Palin would be ten times better than BHO could ever be. So Timmy Troll, go troll on the Huffington Post

          • Kyle

            ‘So Timmy Troll, go troll on the Puffington Post.”

            I corrected you’re quote sir. Don’t say I didn’t give you anything!

          • Liz Wojcik

            Yes, Tim, you are very confused. I feel for you.

          • Anonymous

            Apparently you are confusing Sarah Palin with Tina Fey.

          • Robert Wyatt Bogart

            Sarah Palin would make an awesome President

          • Kyle

            The *Awe* or the *some* part? I think it would be the *some* part because she would be shark bait for the crooked people.

          • BigdaddyUSA

            Nah, she would just quit again.

          • Brian Conrad

            I’d take palin any day over this trader and joker VP

          • Teri Hawkey Silvey


          • yardoe

            She would be better than any democrat. We have had enough of what they can do….bringing our nation to it’s knees.

          • Brian Barcalow

            At least she would not be going out of her way to destroy America!!!

        • Anonymous

          He should be executed just like his boss. He is in on it too. So are reid, pisslosi, and holder.

          • Teri Hawkey Silvey

            I am also reporting your threats tot he Secret Service.

        • ick

          We would never allBiden to be president

      • Anonymous

        And not necessarily in that order…

      • Rob Wolgemuth

        You would execute him? Well aren’t you a vitriolic scumbag.

        • katekastorff

          If you don’t like people’s comments, don’t presume to make comments yourself.

          • Anonymous

            -facepalm- you’re sorta right, but aren’t you doing the same thing?

          • scopie

            as much as I dislike Obama, as a head figure for the united states, that is all he is a head figure the problem I much bigger than him

        • Anonymous

          He SHOULD be executed. For TREASON. If you think Obama is on OUR side, you are sadly mistaken….

          • jen

            You are on Obama’s side all the way, quit lying you treasonous conservative. You would give your life for Obama as executing Obama would mean implicating your master Bush & co for doing the same things.

          • Teri Hawkey Silvey

            I am reporting your threat on the life of the POTUS to the Secret Service.

        • Anonymous

          Treason is punishable by execution.

          • Gordo Wyne

            Regan seemed to slip that noose pretty well with Iran Contra then didn’t he. Same with ol Oliver North. It’s funny how melodramatic conservatives get when a Dems in office and how dismissive they are when a Republican is. By the way can any of you hillbillies even define treason or actually identify how the Pres. has been guilty of it?

          • Robin Landry

            You have to study the constitution as to what constitutes treason. I don’t like how he goes against the Constitution…

            1-Not providing a foreign policy that stands for something and in the best interest of America. America has always been The Peacekeepers in the world and Ukraine depended on us for protection.

            2-He is taking apart our Military during global crisis. We have had Benghazi, places like Syria, and Afghanistan…. threats from Korea. Threats to Israel (an Ally) by Iran and Palestine…power changes in Egypt and Libya. Allowing the growing Muslim Brotherhood into the White House.

            3-Threatening weak and worthless economic sanctions to Russia. Ignoring the things that would make us strong economically and independent plus would bring down the price of oil all over the world… and putting a hurt on Russia by just approving Keystone pipeline.

            4-Allowing a deficit that grows every second of the day which leaves the US heavily owing China, etc. Not provide a balanced budget. Printing money we don’t have.

            5-Putting a burden of as extremely costly “program” called Obamacare on people who work…to the extent of lying that it will be better or they can keep their current plans… or shove down their throat penalties in the form of TAXES.

            6- Trying to slowly take away people’s rights in the constitution— Right to Bear Arms—Freedom of Press –Freedom of Religion. etc. all under attack and he is guilty.

            If you google or do a search i am sure you will find out for yourself a better list than the one i suggested.

          • pekin

            Robin, Your Spot On…as far as the clowns spouting their prop’s…Cant Fix Stupid!!

          • JB

            So people died in Benghazi…WHATS THE BIG DEA!? *sarcasm/mocking this admin*

          • Krimsen King

            yes, the president is directly liable for any American lives lost during his time in the white house… therefore, he can be tried for negligent manslaughter at the very least… come on, people…

          • Rob Wolgemuth

            Where’s George Bush’s trial? H.W.? Reagan’s trial? Didn’t think so. Go back to watching Hannity.

          • Krimsen King

            yes, they all get away with it… I guess we don’t see that money isn’t actually free speech, but a deeply corrupting influence in our political and governmental systems. As far as Hannity… I’m up to about a 3-minute tolerance… then I have to change channel or I break my TV. 😉

          • Anonymous

            #6 is BS. the rest every prez is guilty of especially GW.

          • Krimsen King

            Have your guns been taken away? Did he start this deficit spending and has he increased it? Do you believe taxes are in fact punishment, or simply our duty as citizens of a civilized nation? And if defense spending has been increasing exponentially, then slowing that growth cannot be considered ‘dismantling our military’. Your list is extremely flawed.

          • Rob Wolgemuth

            Those are all your personal spins, are not factual, and therefore do not in any way constitute a charge of treason against the president. I mean really you guys, is this the best you can do? If you can’t even meet the burden of proof on an internet forum how are you going to convince a body of reasonable people that Obama is the boogeyman you depict him as.

          • JoeB

            Or at least a very sternly worded letter of disappointment

          • Anonymous

            could you name an act of treason by BHO? besides being black of course.

          • Teri Hawkey Silvey

            I am reporting your threat to the POTUS to the Secret Service.

        • Patrick Adair II

          When the question, “What is Obama doing that for??”, can always be answered with “He’s a muslim, and he’s required to deceive in the name of allah.”, what don’t you get Rob?

          • Gordo Wyne

            You obviously don’t know what a Muslim is. And if that’s your answer to why Obama is doing anything you obviously have no idea whats going on. But by all means keep repeating the same old lies. By the way if Obama is a Muslim why does he never go to Mosque? Or stop to prey to Mecca? Or anything else Muslims are required to do!? Dam you all are stupid!

          • johnboy

            hey gordo. you may want to do some investigating and take the blinders of your eyes. he alone doubled the debt, you better look at the Holy Brook school shootings. check it out read up on it carefully. do you even know about the G.C.R?? it stands for Global Currency Reset. do you know anything about head c.e.o. of different banks, many Morgan, who have so called committed suicide. watch the Economic Hitman on u-tube and you tell if your obama is a good guy. READ MAN

          • Krimsen King

            he doubled the debt by putting all of the things that weren’t previously in the budget (2 wars, medicare expansion, tax breaks for outsourcing) onto the budget for the first time since 2000. That actually ‘grew’ the debt more than double, but it wasn’t his policies or ideas that did the deed. Do you really believe in ‘out of sight, out of mind’, because that’s how bush kept his budget so much lower. You don’t remember?

          • Patrick Adair II

            God you are such a moron… “It’s Bush’s fault…” blah, blah, blah… I’m sure you blame everybody else, but yourself for your problems too… “It’s society’s fault, it’s my parent’s fault, it’s the republican’s fault, it’s Bush’s fault…”, and on and on and on… IT”S YOUR FAULT… Ignorant voter… Look up what ignorant means if you need to… If you can’t find it, let me know I’ll show you…

          • Krimsen King

            it’s not about blame, but you want to know why Obama’s budget has a greater deficit than Bush’s… I just explained it to you. Do you like to blame Obama for all your problems?

          • Kyle

            Shhhhhhhhhhh! please don’t spoil the childrens fantasy game of a perfect utopia!

          • Patrick Adair II

            They are not required to go to mosque or anything else if they are in the process of their deception… It’s been OK’ed by mohammed… Study up on the koran… Then you wouldn’t have to be so uninformed… Schmuck… If you need the quote, because you obviously can’t do research (due to being a parrot), I’ll get it for you… And the word is spelled with an “n” at the end…. DAMN… And you call us stupid…

          • Brenda

            You are correct, Patrick. Muslims are permitted to lie, cheat, steal, form false alliances and even forego prayer requirements as a means to an end, in the name of Allah. There are so many wise and amazing teachings from the prophet Mohammad, but fact is fact.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t forget the Jesuits and the Talmudic Jews and the Papacy .

          • Markg

            These religions don’t teach deceit or treachery Don’t see too many Jews or Catholics strapping on bombs for Allah.

          • Krimsen King

            not much anymore… but that doesn’t mean they haven’t… no religion has a monopoly on violence or tolerance. 😉

          • Anonymous

            Try This site covers a multitude of deceptions . at least you may see some things differently at worst.this is talking about the leaders behind the scenes and not the masses with in the religions as you mentioned.

          • Krimsen King

            in this case you may be confusing ‘fact’ for an ‘interpretation’. They are not the same thing.

          • Rob Wolgemuth

            Right, so where’s the fact of treason? Show it to me.

          • Krimsen King

            you may be having trouble with interpretations of the Koran… it happen all the time with the bible, too, but if you follow these interpretations, you begin to see an entire religion through the lens of its most radical elements. Most Christians don’t want to imprison and execute gay people, but some of the most radical elements in Christianity do. But most still don’t interpret the bible to allow this behavior. You might want to consider this in your studies of the Koran.

          • Patrick Adair II

            I am not misinterpreting anything…Did you not read that we lived in Saudi for 5 years… Where have you been besides the internet??? Do you need the quote directly??? As far as the Bible goes, how many muslims have been murdered in the name of God, by Christians in this current “civilized” world we live in??? Now how many Christians are being murdered every single day by muslims??? If you took the time to check, you would find the numbers appalling… But you won’t check, you rather read headlines from the MSM and think you are knowledgable… Have you ever left the city, county or even state in which you live??? I doubt it… You’d rather run to Glenn Beck’s site where you can run around spouting off about things you know nothing about… If you want to discuss the koran (and yes I put them and their evil book in lower case on purpose) keep posting and I’ll school you on the knowledge you wish you had… I’m unsure if you’ll understand since you seem to be a “parrot”, and probably passed by your instructors so they could keep their bonuses and jobs ( and yes they do that, my Mother has seen it first hand since she is a teacher)…

          • Krimsen King

            ha ha very nice tirade. You do justice to glenn. Actually, through a variety of sources, I’ve noticed death and destruction in the name of all religions, even peaceful Buddhists. Yes, perhaps the violence and absolutist radicalism of modern Islam has been more noticeable, but that does not mean that Christians aren’t persecuting and hunting Muslims and other non-Christians all over Africa. I do appreciate your perspective coming from Saudi. It is one of the most repressive and oppressive religious monarchies in the world. But if Christianity were a dominant religion like that, and not tempered by ‘civilization’ and its separation of church and political leadership, I think we might see a similar tyranny.

          • Guardian

            It’s called Taqiyya, Gordo, – look it up.

          • Patrick Adair II

            Nice… Guardian…

          • Patrick Adair II

            Hello? Gordo? Are you still there? If you want to discuss islam, I’m more than ready… My family lived in Saudi for 5 years…

          • Anonymous

            You were in a Saudi for five years? That must have been horribly uncomfortable.

          • JoeB

            And you don’t know how to spell “damn.”

          • Robin Landry

            Sounds like Gordo may be Russian..

          • Guest
          • Guest
          • Eduardo Vargas
          • pekin

            And the ring, SMART boy??

          • Go freedom

            gordo, we don’t know anything about what Obama does, including you…are you some kind of buddy that has access to Obama’s goings and comings? All we know is he plays golf a lot, gives lavish parties for all the Hollywood types, takes great vacations, other than that, you don’t know doodledy squat where he goes or what he does……He has made a couple of comments that you can determine that he is a muslim, in fact go to Youtube (if you savvy to the internet) and go to the Obama Admits He is A Muslim, and hear it from his own mouth….yes, we all know what a muslim is, you sound like you have no clue…..he has dozen of muslims working in various government positions, go look that one up too……you’re the fool….

          • Anonymous

            well obama does kill a lot of muslims so he must be muslim right wackos.

          • Anonymous

            He says he’s Christian but I haven’t seen him or his family going to church, except the one where the pastor was spouting out “G*d D*** America”. And you may want to look up the definition of Taqiyya,…you know, the tenant of Islam that allows followers to infiltrate and lie to defeat “infidels”.

          • Kyle

            Shhhhhhh! Don’t spoil the fantasy game the children are playing on here! You’ll ruin the surprise ending on this choose you’re adventure novel called Global Currency Reset.

            If you vote for the impeachment for Obama please turn to page 143.

            If you vote for Carbon Tax please go to page 50

          • Krimsen King

            well, that’s just a silly answer… a secret muslim directed to lie in the name of allah???? really…. you really believe this stuff?????

          • Patrick Adair II

            Check Eduardo’s video above… I’m sure you’ll come up with some excuse for him… Ignorant Denier…

        • Lisa Delaurenti

          The punishment for treason is death. Read the law.

          • Anonymous

            great site for nutjobs, wow

      • Mike Nelson

        He’d just be pardoned by Biden, or Biden by Boehner, or Boehner by Leahy… etc, etc, etc.

        This thing is happening. It’s already the Grinch’s sled, heading into Whoville at terminal velocity. THe only question is who will win the war between caliphate and communist, and how long the suffering will last.

        Like they said, Happy Tuesday.

        • Krimsen King

          sooo… which one is the Grinch and which whoville? And didn’t the Grinch end up saving Christmas? I’m not sure your metaphors are helping you here… maybe the premise is flawed? 😉

          • Mike Nelson

            I grinned at your needling :)

            To me, all things are possible with God.

            We have squandered our blessings, and now will reap the harvest (or, perhaps, lack thereof) that we have sown. I do not see the survival of the United States as we know it as necessary to fulfill that Plan, so I rest in the knowledge that I am along for the ride, and will attempt to do what I can to help those along the way, in accord with my own blessings and abilities.

          • Krimsen King

            this is a beautiful sentiment. Let’s just remember that even the most evil beasts in the human world are still just that… human. No matter their corruption or evil greed, they can still be led to light with love, but never hate. :)

      • jen

        You would never allow any harm to Obama, because that would implicate your master Bush & co as they have done the same things.

      • Krimsen King

        FOR WHAT???? Selling arms to iran??? torturing and imprisoning without trial, indefinitely??? Outsourcing our entire manufacturing base to china??? Giving billions of taxpayer dollars to the wealthiest companies and individuals in history???? What, precisely, has ‘he’ done to deserve arrest, conviction and execution???? good grief, get a grip, huh

      • Krimsen King

        Really… For what???? Did he sell arms to iran??? Did he torture and imprison without trial indefinitely??? Did he outsource our entire manufacturing base to communist china???? Did he give billions in taxpayer dollars to the wealthiest individuals and companies in history??? What, precisely, did “he” do to deserve arrest, conviction and execution??? Good grief, get a grip?

      • Jay Weiss

        I agree ThiryCal.

      • mysty Blue

        hold them accountable. Who is going to do that? WE THE PEOPLE MUST DO IT. WE..must hold them accountable.. WE must do it. Those that we THINK should be holding him accountable ARE IN ON IT WITH THEM! Those we think should be holding them accountable ARE AGAINST US AND TRYING TO ENSLAVE US. WE the People, of the United States of America MUST BE THE ONES TO DO IT.. TO THEM! WE the People, must ONCE AGAIN FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM, OUR INDIVIDUALITY, OUR RIGHTS TO BE, TO ACT, TO TALK FOR OURSELVES! We don’t need babysitters.. BY THE GRACE OF OUR FOREFATHERS, WE ARE FREE… AND BY THE GRACE OF GOD AND OUR BRAVERY.. WE WILL STAY THAT WAY.

      • Threeg Brand


      • Joe Cash

        How can that happen when we have a judicial system that accepts “I can’t recall” as a valid answer. Nobody is accountable any more. What happened to “the buck stops here”?

      • NFLINAMER9

        It has taken (1963) over 50 years for Communists to near completion of their list of 45 items and take over America. We can’t undo that in a couple of years! However, I stood before a group of Republicans at a committee meeting and declared, “We Americans need to require that you and any candidate up for election or re-election open every speech, every meeting with a prayer and end the event with a closing prayer. As you all disagree if only 1 of you meet that prayer need, you will see the fur fly out there but, you’ll see a stronger support that is now quiet. You and other politicians that will follow are the answer to our woes in this country, the only answer!” Folks, I stand firm with that statement. God Bless America. America was founded on Godly principles and now the ACLU, Communists, think they are smarter?

      • Haywoode Jeblomie

        Hopefully by a sharia law type execution. He seems to have such an affinity for islam and shariw. I see no problem with burying him to his neck and stoning that smirk off of his monkey face. Perhaps he could be hanged or fed to an alligator or hippo. Of he could be crucified and die a horrible slow death upon a cross. I wouldn’t have any issue with any of those. Now, personally if it were me, I Would cage him with a black mamba and a reticulated python. Finally, I would ;drop in a rabid animal just to stir the pot.

        Sounds tough, but it’s how they play ball. Time to make them fear us for once.

      • jjjjtttt

        if you do one of those, the other two are not necessary…

      • Rob L.

        …which is called being held accountable…

      • Barbara

        Honestly! I can not believe that he has not had someone try to pop him yet! I just can’t believe it!

      • Teri Hawkey Silvey

        I am reporting your post threatening the POTUS to the Secret Service. Expect a visit soon.

    • Brad Anderson

      You got that right^^^^…congress too

    • George

      We’ve got to get this vote right in November for anything good to happen in this country!! Pray is right!!!

      • holly

        and hope that the elections aren’t rigged!

        • Alisa Kurtz

          more likely they are since they got obummer in with voter fraud both times, and using dead voters and illegals to get him in

        • mad man marc

          Voter fraud…according to the Demon crappers, there is no such thing…ya know …like that black lady who worked AT THE POLLSIN OHIO… and voted 6 times for Barry! She was sentenced to jail for 2 years until Rev. Race Baiter Al got involved…they released her a couple of days ago after only 2 months in jail.. and when they did…all the Demoncrappers who were there APPLAUDED the scumbag…as if she was a hero!

      • Anonymous

        Don’t vote for Democrats or Rinos or those who want to reach across the aisle to Democrats. There. Now you know who to vote for.

        • Gordo Wyne

          Yeah because god know’s we would hate to have a congress that does it’s job and works together to compromise on policy to represent all Americans. Oh wait but then maybe things would get done and problems would get solved. And we know how much you Tea Baggers wold hate to see anything good happen while a Democrat is in office. No you wold prefer a government locked in permanent filibuster until you can get an illiterate , backwards, Koch Borthers puppet in to completely get rid of the middle class.

          • Guardian

            Nothing good has happened since this Dem has been in office. To the Dems, compromise means do it our way. Many problem solutions have been passed by the House, but Harry the Weasel has been sitting on them in the Senate, refusing to let them see the light of day.

            You show your bias and ignorance with your referral to the Koch brothers and the use of the term “Tea Baggers”. Don’t expect anyone to take your blather seriously.

          • Krimsen King

            yes… nothing good… aside from the economic turn-around that kept us out of a depression, healthcare that is accessible to millions now who needed and couldn’t afford it before… yes, nothing good… really.

          • Guardian

            A depression we would have rebounded from sooner had the government not meddled and put us into huge debt to China in doing so. The economy is still a mess and will be from his policies, and our future generations will never get out of the hole Obama put us in.

            Healthcare that has only signed on a few million – only some of them from the claimed 40 million who weren’t insured while others are from the over 6 million who lost their insurance because of Obamacare (just wait til the employer mandate goes into effect). Of course it doesn’t make any difference that for hundreds of millions, their health care costs are going sky high and they can’t keep their doctors, can’t get the medications they need because Ocare doesn’t cover them, can’t go to the hospitals they need because they aren’t on the Ocare plan. Yes, we destroyed an excellent health care system to 88% – 93% of the population to give substandard care to <2% of the population, while fining/taxing the rest who refuse to buy into it because they can't afford it or can do better out of pocket.

            Stop swallowing the leftist propaganda. It's killing this country.

          • Krimsen King

            yes propaganda is silly, huh. But still, the economy is better than it was, and you really want to argue that the healthcare system was “an excellent health care system”????? I would humbly disagree, having experienced it first hand. It was not, in any way, ‘excellent’ (except maybe in profitability). Also, the debt we’ve incurred to China started WAY before Obama, and has a great deal to do with bipartisan outsourcing tax policy that’s drained this country of any manufacturing base. I’d be careful if I were you… in avoiding ‘leftist propaganda’, you may be swallowing some ‘corporatist’, ‘NWO’ propaganda. 😉

          • Guardian

            With Obamacare, we now can no longer keep our doctors or specialists. We, can’t get many of the medicines we need, or go to the hospitals we need to use, because these things are no longer available under Obamacare – same goes for the tests used to arrive at a definitive diagnosis. Oh, and the panel of bureaucrats that will decide what treatments are best for you instead of your doctors/specialists, aren’t doctors or medical scientists. And, for the privilege of having this degraded care, we get to pay a whole lot more.

            So yes, in comparison, we had an excellent health care system – clarification – for diagnosis and treatment. So you think 90% or so of the population should be deprived and fleeced to help < 2%?

            BTW, because we had debt with China does not make it OK that Obama doubles it.

            As for your *'corporatist', 'NWO' propaganda.* that is irrelevant to the discussion and nonsense. It is the leftist propaganda used to support it's economic (immigration and other) policies that are killing this country.

          • Krimsen King

            Are you considering insurance bureaucrats ‘specialists’??? Because that’s ALWAYS who’s between us and our doctors. And if the 2% are those that can’t help themselves and desperately need help, yes, the rest of us should pay a little more to help them. Also, our ‘debt’ with china is not nearly so disastrous as our good ol’ fashioned American companies using Chinese slave labor instead of paying decent wages to American workers here. Yes, it is nonsense… makes me wonder why you’d use it in the very next sentence. 😉

          • Guardian

            I see reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. When I refer to doctors/specialists it should be a strong clue that I am talking about medical specialists, for example, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Neurologists, Dermatologists, …. getting the picture? …. not bureaucrats. Under Obamacare, the bureaucrats will be between us and our doctors/specialists.

            I am guessing that you are one of the <2% getting free healthcare, or you are a bleeding heart liberal, blindly loyal to Obama. So, it's OK with you that over 90% of the rest of the country have had their medical care degraded, some even ended, and have to pay more for it. I can understand. If you were so desperately in need of HC you could get it at a local clinic and pay for it according to your income or not at all. The same goes for hospital services because most have charity endowments from wealthy benefactors.

            You don't think our debt to China is disastrous? I suggest you do some research on it. The fact that the current and past administrations provided the platform for the exportation of American jobs is a whole different subject..

          • Krimsen King

            you make way too many assumptions, friend. And you still ignore my point that our healthcare is and always has been decided by insurance bureaucrats, whose only real motivation is profit. At least some doctors and some government workers do what they do out of a sense of duty and service. As for local clinics… have you seen any? I haven’t, and even if there were some, people who need healthcare often have no way to pay for it whatsoever. Your assumption that healthcare need be profit-based forces you to ignore those people. And there are millions of them in bad economic times. As for our debt with china, of course I think it’s disastrous. Again you assume too much. But blaming Obama for the debt that was amassed largely before he took office is utterly unreasonable. And it’s not a whole different subject… of course, they’re all related.

          • Guardian

            No one has been deprived service. What you pay for, for the indigent before Obamacare, you will pay in increased premium for Obamacare to take care of the same people.

            My healthcare has never been decided by insurance bureaucrats, and I will not allow it to be decided by Obamacare bureaucrats. “…people who need healthcare often have no way to pay for it whatsoever. ” That is why we have Medicaid.

            People can use the local clinics or get charity care at the nearest hospital – which probably won’t be part of Obamacare anyways. If you can’t afford to pay for your treatment at a clinic, you wont pay for it. It is based on income.

            Because Obamacare has large deductibles that you are responsible for, you will pay out of pocket for your care – up to $6,000 – $10,000 anyway each year. If you couldn’t afford it before without Obamacare, you still won’t, because you will pay out of pocket during the deductible and then you will continue to pay about 20% of it. At the same time you will be payiing $600 – $1000 per month in premiums depending on age, number in family etc. People who couldn’t afford healthcare, are getting Medicaid, which they have always been able to get. All they had to do is sign up for it. Obamacare is a scam for 95% of the people.

            Obama doubled the debt and more than doubled the debt to China.

            Blame Bush! Blame Bush! .

          • Krimsen King

            Hey I never said ‘obamacare’ was a great solution or a great program. It is clearly not. Obviously, Medicaid exists for the poor, but it is underfunded and inefficient. If republicans had suggested a significant, substantial re-working of Medicaid as an opposition plan to obamacare, they have gotten some traction. But the very idea of ‘government interference’ in healthcare was just so abhorrent, huh. So, then, you’ve never had an insurance bureaucrat between you and your doctor??? You pay your doctor straight cash for every visit? Or does he work on a payment plan with you? Anyway, you seem to be in an utterly unique position… most all of the rest of us have to deal with insurance companies. And finally, about this debt nonsense. Just because you don’t put something on budget, doesn’t mean it’s not there and you don’t have to pay for it. Obama put two wars, Medicaid expansion, etc. on the budget for the first time in a decade. THAT’s why he has ‘doubled the debt’… Because he didn’t. We all need to accept that healthcare just cannot be profit-based in a civilized society. When it’s every man for himself in Zimbabwe or whatever, yeh, then base your healthcare on profit. No one can ever know when or if they need healthcare, so it’s not a product that can be bought or sold at will, when needed or wanted. And insurance fundamentally, inherently forces the public to gamble on their own health. They force us to bet that we will get sick. What a nice way to live, huh. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to change that…

          • Guardian

            Insurance … forces public to gamble on … health. So does Obamacare.

            FYI, Republicans had made suggestions on Ocare – Harry Reid sat on them in the senate, as he did with every other piece of legislation that came out of the House.

            Some people had insurance policies that didn’t cover certain drugs or treatments – not the majority. This is no better with Ocare. Not only does Ocare restrict drugs and treatments, it has left people without many of their hospitals, doctors and specialists. For too many it has raised the cost – between premiums that rose and deductibles.

            Ocare has lessened the quality for 95% of the people while helping < 1% who didn't have insurance before.

          • Krimsen King

            obamacare only forces people to gamble on their health because it’s an attempt at a ‘free market solution’ to healthcare, in other words, it is working WITHIN the insurance system. If republicans had put forward a truly comprehensive UPGRADE to Medicaid in the first place, they might have gotten some credit for improving our healthcare system. Do you know of any republican ‘suggestions’ that included such an upgrade? or were they all just attempts to gut those programs and give more tax breaks? I’d be alittle more skeptical of this 95% number you’re throwing around. If no one really knows what their insurance covers and how unless they need it, how do we really know what has ‘lessened’? Also, there were far more than 1% who were uninsured before. We can’t just accept as part of the free market that some people just won’t have healthcare because they’re too poor. This is a barbaric and backwards attitude and has no place in civilized societies. We all have a duty to defend the defenseless, in this case, the poor with no opportunities and no access to healthcare. Remember your humanity, friend. Forget your party or your ‘side’. It does you no good.

          • Guardian

            You are repeating yourself.

          • Krimsen King

            I do that until and unless someone addresses my specific points… 😉

          • Guardian

            You repeated it verbatim without even seeing the response…. it showed up twice on my dashboard, and if you load this whole comment board, you can see it. I addressed your points. You failed to recognize that and continued by ignoring my answers ( or you simply couldn’t or refused to understand them) and then started moving the goal posts. It is pointless to continue this thread since you can’t seem to keep up and insist on carrying on almost incoherently or in your own little world on some points.

            Example: I say that <1% of those helped who enrolled were previously uninsured . Your response is that there were more than 1% uninsured. You can't see the incongruency? Of course there were – and still are. You apparently are unable to discern the difference. That seems to be the general situation in discussing anything with you.

            Example: You write, referring to the 95%, "If no one really knows what their insurance covers and how unless they need it, how do we really know what has 'lessened'?" They know because they can no longer go to the same hospital, or doctor, and can't get the drugs they need, because these Drs, hospitals and drugs are not part of Obamacare. Their plan materials, from whichever provider they ended up with, tells them what is covered. You would know this if you were informed on the subject.

            It is pointless to continue this discussion as you are obviously hopelessly stuck on the baseless leftist talking points and choose to stay uninformed and misinformed. Go troll somewhere else.

          • Krimsen King

            good points. I suppose you point out the inaccuracy of your ‘percentages’ though. There are no accurate figures on whose healthcare options have ‘lessened’, but there are and have been figures on who was uninsured before and who is now insured. I wasn’t exactly ‘moving goal posts’, though it is a nice partisan talking point to say that. I keep trying to make the point that insurance itself, whether dealt thru government or not, is inherently wrong for healthcare. It is a mafia-style gambling system that forces us to bet that we will get sick against the insurance company’s bet we won’t. I keep repeating this point because this is the point you repeatedly refuse to address, because you perceive me to be ‘liberal’ or ‘trolling’ or whatever. If we allow a purely ‘free market’ solution to healthcare, this is all we ever get: Millions upon millions with no access to healthcare, even emergency rooms pile debt onto people. The government, OUR government, overseeing and responsibly regulating healthcare is the only sensible option for a healthy, civilized society. In this case, the ‘free market’ leaves every man for himself, and turns people’s health into a profit machine. It is chaos, anarchy with only the wealthiest given decent healthcare. This is backwards monarch-worship, only today, modern monarchs in this country are these sanctified, mythological ‘job-creators’.

          • Guardian

            As for the accuracy of my percentages – they could be off some amount that is inconsequential. Read the McKinsey report.

            There is nothing in the Constitution that says the government is responsible for our healthcare. The insurance companies started as a for profit business, like any other. People didn’t have to buy it, they could take care of themselves – their own medical bills.

            I will leave you with this to chew on. When people were not receiving all this high tech modern medicine, they would have a shorter life, leaving the gene pool less weakened… survival of the fittest. We are breeding weakness back into our population that will only cost tax payers even more in the future.

          • Krimsen King

            your chew toy is distasteful… ‘breeding weakness back(?) into our population’???? Your ideas of strength and weakness are eugenically sick, you know… And no, healthcare wasn’t described in our Constitution because science, and medicine, and our population were in their infancy. However, you could still apply it under the ‘providing for the common welfare’ bit… just sayin… 😉

          • Guardian

            What I said may be distasteful to you, but it is reality.

            As for the Constitution, there is no such thing in it as “‘providing for the common welfare”. The preamble is as follows:

            We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more
            perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility,
            provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare,
            and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
            do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States
            of America.”

            Notice, the only thing our government is supposed to PROVIDE for is the common defense. To PROMOTE the general welfare, is not to provide it.

          • Krimsen King

            good lord, semantics… well done, you sure proved me wrong… ha

          • Guardian

            OMG – semantics? the Constitution is semantics to you? You are a hopeless case and a waste of time.

          • Krimsen King

            ha, no. The difference between ‘provide for’ and ‘promote’ is a semantic one. Don’t assume an offense for the sake of taking offense. You have no monopoly on patriotism or an understanding of our Constitution. :)

          • Guardian

            It is not at all a semantic difference. It was made clear in the preamble and specifically stated. Don’t presume to know what I think. I never claimed to have a monopoly on anything. That is your misunderstanding, as is your modern day interpretation of the Constitution.

          • Krimsen King

            yes, it was specifically stated as you say. Just on appearance alone, saying provide for common defense, and provide for general welfare… well that just sounds repetitive. What is the difference that you see? Instead of impugning and insulting my feeble understanding, why not enlighten me? Your premise seems to be that helping the ‘weak’, as you see them, is ‘breeding weakness’, and not ‘promoted’ in the Constitution. Obviously, I disagree. Would you care to get back to that original argument?

          • Guardian

            There is a world of difference between the words PROVIDE and PROMOTE. The founders who framed that document did not choose their words lightly or for literary pleasantness.

            You are totally misinterpreting what I was saying about breeding weakness back into the gene pool. Go back and read it in context. I was not linking it to promoting the general welfare.

          • Krimsen King

            still, the bit about ‘breeding weakness’… pretty dark view of humanity, don’t u think? And doesn’t it ‘breed weakness’ to use our government to reward and reinforce the wealthiest and least in need at the expense of the actual weakest, who actually need help? Doesn’t that just necessarily make the weak weaker? Isn’t that ‘breeding weakness’?

          • Guardian

            It is a matter of reality – a part of nature. Look up propagation, natural selection, species preservation to start.

          • Krimsen King

            thanks for the suggestion, but I’m pretty familiar with the subject. I would argue that we are more than mere animals, maybe that we have an ability to understand life and our fellow human beings in a more complex way than other animals do. I would suggest that seeing your fellow human beings as somehow ‘weaker’ or ‘stronger’ is a very simplistic and narrow way of seeing them. Also, it is a bit eugenically sick. It is actually the most inhuman flaw in any ideology, this oversimplified quantification of human life. It misses something, don’t you think? Compassion, empathy… these are not weaknesses, but the only strength humankind really has. 😉

          • Guardian

            It may not be to your liking, but like it or not, that is reality. That we have a human brain that is so complex and superior to animals is irrelevant. It is not an ideology, it is a fact, a part of nature. There is nothing wrong with compassion or empathy, but they have nothing to do with the physical world, they are emotions. They will not make a recessive gene or any other undesirable trait change.

          • Krimsen King

            compassion and empathy are not emotions, they are humanity. They are as much a part of the physical world as any human being. You ignore them are your own risk. And your belief in your own ability to judge ‘desirable’ and ‘undesirable’ traits makes you very very dark…

          • Guardian

            Although part of humanity, compassion and empathy are indeed emotions, as are sympathy, empathy etc. They are an emotional response, not logical or intellectual.

            Desirable and undesirable genetic traits are selected and deselected by nature. That is a fact.

          • Krimsen King

            they are not emotional responses, they are perfectly logical and intellectual as well. Compassion and empathy are uniquely human, and while they can produce emotional responses, the traits themselves are not emotions. They are, in fact, an intellectual ability to see the perspectives of others. This is not emotional. This is perfectly logical. It allows a broader perception of the world. So, let’s let nature decide what are and are not desirable traits and try not to judge them ourselves, yeh?

          • Guardian

            Get an education concerning emotional vs logical vs intellectual responses and then get back to me. You don’t know what you are talking about.

            Actually, don’t get back to me as I don’t want to waste any more time on this.

          • Krimsen King

            yes, I do wonder how you’re so ‘educated’ about it… whatever your definitions, if you ignore your compassion and empathy, you ignore your conscience, and your conscience is what makes you human. Surrender your humanity at your own risk. :)

          • Guardian

            Education is a good thing. Good-bye KK

          • Krimsen King

            obamacare only forces people to gamble on their health because it’s an attempt at a ‘free market solution’ to healthcare, in other words, it is working WITHIN the insurance system. If republicans had put forward a truly comprehensive UPGRADE to Medicaid in the first place, they might have gotten some credit for improving our healthcare system. Do you know of any republican ‘suggestions’ that included such an upgrade? or were they all just attempts to gut those programs and give more tax breaks? I’d be alittle more skeptical of this 95% number you’re throwing around. If no one really knows what their insurance covers and how unless they need it, how do we really know what has ‘lessened’? Also, there were far more than 1% who were uninsured before. We can’t just accept as part of the free market that some people just won’t have healthcare because they’re too poor. This is a barbaric and backwards attitude and has no place in civilized societies. We all have a duty to defend the defenseless, in this case, the poor with no opportunities and no access to healthcare. Remember your humanity, friend. Forget your party or your ‘side’. It does you no good.

          • Guardian

            Yes, there were far more than 1% uninsured before. Now 1% of those that enrolled in Ocare are from that group.

            If people are too poor to buy med insurance, or don’t get it from their employer, or aren’t working, they can sign up for medicaid. They always could. As a matter of fact, many that went on the exchanges did go into medicaid.

          • Anonymous

            What you seem to call “working together” is that “if only Repubs would just go along with Dems to get along everything would be ok”. The reason nothing is getting done and why the Repubs are getting blamed for it is because Reid won’t let the Senate vote for anything sent over by the Republican-majority House that might give the Repubs any credit for trying to save our Constitution and America.

            You bring up Iran-Contra as the one thing that Reagan allowed (that was not considered unConstitutional), and act as if that is the same as the hundreds of unConstitutional acts that Obama has committed, such as: 1. Fast and Furious and the coverup using his Executive Order, 2. Obama filling up his Administration with the Muslim Brotherhood, 3. Obama pushing for the IRS scandal so he could stop Conservatives from putting out the truth and keeping him from winning the fraudulent 2012 election, 4. approving the NSA spying on innocent Americans, 5. giving guns to the Syrian rebels (Muslim Brotherhood & al Quida), which caused the Benghazi massacre and made him a traitor many times over by leaving our people behind on purpose, and 6. Blackmailing and threatening all the reluctant Dems to vote for what they knew would fail: “ObamaCare,” and then making hundreds of unConstitutional (without Congressional approval) changes to try to fix the unfixable.

            Three of the four men who died in Benghazi when they rescued the others (against stand-down orders) are the only reason that the ~30 CIA traitors who were overseeing the gun-running got out alive, and now Obama is hiding them and giving them aliases so they won’t have to confess to Congress. That is also Contempt of Congress (though none of the Dems and Rinos will allow the Conservatives to do anything about it). And that isn’t even counting all the treacherous Executive Orders he has signed over and over again in his effort to destroy America before his Term ends is 2016.

            And besides all that, Obama was never eligible to become our President. His father was a British citizen, and his mother was only 17 when he was born, which made her too young to confer citizenship on Obama, even if he had been born in Hawaii.

            That is why he needs to be arrested and charged with Treason, so we can undo all his Bills and Acts and all the damage they have caused. He doesn’t deserve to just be Impeached. And as far as Biden or the Speaker becoming President–Biden, Boehner, Reid and Pelosi should also be charged with Treason, because they knew he was ineligible and went along with it, along with the Treasonous Dems, Rinos, and Judges that did the same.

          • Guardian

            Well said , edieb.

          • Robin Landry

            Thanks…that was much better than I tried to put it to him

          • R.H.P.jr.

            You forgot a few things..Extortion 17, the lie about Osama being killed and buried at sea.. and the fact that Obama put seal team in danger by exposing our boys while they were still in the compound.. also the un just purging of the top brass in charge of the mid west nukes(and replacing wit a muslim) also the purging of the admiral in charge of the Atlantic fleet (and replacing with a muslim) and 200 or so other military personal for no reason other than the famed “litmus test” refusing to dis arm and refusing to kill American citizens.. He has made it legal to kill or indefinitly detain American citizens.. He has removed the right to practice religion(except muslims) by making people go against their beliefs (again except muslims)and be forced to make cakes and forced to pay for child murder and contraceptives (Hobby Lobby) .. he has targeted Tea party groups over not believing or going along his beliefs or to raise money to campaign(Obama has been given billions for his campaigns…)He has built a spy network and a military style gangster force with NSA, DHS,FEMA,EPA and even armed the post office.. completely trashed the constitution,our right to bear arms,our right to free speech,the freedom of the press, is indoctrinating our children with Common core and the Dept of Education… Polluted our sky with chemtrails and our water with fluoride, our food with GMO’s and pesticides, then allowed monsanto to run the FDA and USDA to get away with poisoning us.. Then given the big Pharma the power to medicate us to the point of sickness and death(Bush Clinton and Bush 1 was in on these things too so all should be tried and jailed at GITMO) AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON….

          • Krimsen King

            you realize that just saying these things happened does not make them actually happen… You must realize that none of these things is really accurate, that ‘he’ personally didn’t ‘do’ any of these things. Some are obvious political fabrications, some exaggerations, and some he has nothing to do with and are part of a warped, sick system over which he has very little real control… you must realize these things…

          • Robin Landry

            Tea Party… excuse me it is… Tea Party. That is what the first one was called and it was a revolt against taxation without representation held on a ship that carried a cargo of Tea.
            We have taxes disguised as Obamacare. I have no insurance and I can’t afford to get it and not sure if I will have money left to pay the tax even. I know my middle class life is going down and it is because of the Democraping legislature… are you Russian, Gordo?? Anyways there is no such thing as compromise… the Right will not compromise when the Left is breaking Constitutional Laws and amendments.

          • Krimsen King

            ‘no such thing as compromise’??????? How the fluke do you think our Constitution was written????? How do you think our government and nation have flourished in the past???? It wasn’t by domination and obedience. IT WAS THROUGH COMPROMISE. It’s not a dirty word, and the ‘other side’ are not mortal enemies of humanity. They are merely people like you who want the best for our country. Good grief, people…

          • Anonymous

            Read your Constitution………Congress’ “job” is to pass a budget, and that’s it. It wasn’t meant to be a career for politicians or to have one stupid law after another shoved down our throats.

        • Krimsen King

          Yes, because our government wasn’t set up for cooperation, debate and compromise. Our Constitution clearly dictates that one party shall dominate the other and force them to live as the winning party sees fit…. good grief, what do you think our government is????

    • Lynne Holt Miller

      Joe you are so right.

    • Ran_d

      Impeachment is needed now! He has said he is going to create a Standing Army in the Midst of the People, who will be as Well Funded, and Well Trained as the US Military! The Constitution prohibits a Standing Army among the People. This is Grounds for immediate Impeachment. Aside from the fact there is No Need for a Standing Army among the People; moreover the law requires a Budget be submitted to Congress Every Year! Yet there has been No Budget submitted for 4 years, Yet its Required By Law (Emphasis added)! … the reason no budget has been submitted is it would show the money being spent creating a Standing Army in the Midst of the People, and of course he wants to keep that from being visible long enough to get it done … Violating Laws in every direction … c’mon Congress, get with it, get this Multiple Social Security Number gathering Fraud schemester Ousted, Now !!!

    • Anonymous

      Hanging is a thought

    • Guest
    • La Lummus
    • judy

      Yes, he is a radical Islamist and may entertain the delusion that Islamists will work WITH the Communists till they subdue the West and then turn against them to create their Caliphate.

    • Velton Cummings

      Typical diatribe mummy. Shut up and follow your leader blindly.

  • Dj rOnO

    If anyone is foolish enough to obey the Rules of Engagement outlined for the supposed “American Spring” and not show up armed to the teeth, it’ll be yet another pointless, get nothing done, barely mentioned story on the news. We’d better show up in full battle rattle ready to give everything to save this country for our children. Otherwise, you’re nothing but targets.

    • Anonymous

      Perfect Storm is when Evil looks God in the Eye, Shakes its fist and says,
      “Nothing can stop me now!” He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh; The
      Lord will have them in Derision. Psalm 2:4 KJV

    • lucky bells

      I agree. Time for talk has come and gone. shoot or get off the pot.

  • Nick Morales

    Arrogance is the downfall of every tyrant. The NWO has severely underestimated the experiment called the United States. A people who have been given freedom for over 200 years will not easily be subjected to foreign or domestic tyranny. We will soon see that the founding fathers were genius.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t share your enthusiasm. Too many people in this country won’t fight for the rights they take for granted.

      • Joseph Chapman

        They will when the reality of the situation hits them smack in the face.

        • Anonymous

          Unfortunately it will be too late by then. We should have been vigilant long before this and willing to stand up before the “fundamental transformation” of America started happening.

        • Anonymous

          Nope they won’t . Even when it hits them in the face. They are blinded and cannot see.

      • Anonymous

        It’s easy to see the lazy, listless immobile drones in our society as do nothings, and they are. They are lost. Forget em. There are MILLIONS of us who are not however.

        • John Low

          Yes indeed.Just like you say.Drones.Theres many growing more and more by the day.Im confused.Sometimes I don’t if the millenials are awake or if they are the most asleep generation yet.I know I cant say that about the hippies genre’ they came,they warned and now theyre sittin back watchin the erosion.

          • jamjon

            I totally disagree about the Hippies. Those druggies are now the very establishment that they feigned to fight against. Typical Libs, scream against the evils of the government until they are the evil in the government.

          • # Guest

            Not all of us. I’m not in the government, I’m not evil, and I’ve been sober since 6/16/1988.

            I’ve wised up a bit over the years. I took a real swing to the right when we started raising children. Pray for me, a sinner, and pray for our republic. Amen.


      • Kathy Hansen

        One of the major problems we now have about this is too many muslims and other terrorists and people whose allegiance is NOT to the USA-millions upon millions! Are there going to be enough of us that can stand up to the tyrant and traitor in the WH?

        • cjbelovedus

          If you think the current wars in the world are about terrorists and muslims then you cannot see that it is a war about imperialism and resources.

        • Mom2Five

          Well if WWIII does happen and the if the first thing we don’t do is to put all the Muslims into the FEMA camps then we will be screwed.

    • Shane LeRoy

      There’s a reason America falls in the Book of Revelations.

      • A.J.

        Shane, we are actually studying the Book of Revelation in Sunday school and that has been a huge question: We cannot find a mention of the US existing or being destroyed; what part do we play? If you can give me the reference you used to determine what points to the downfall of America in Revelation it would be greatly appreciated and give us a better reference point for our study. Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          Additionally, Shane, if you are going to speak *accurately* about “There’s a reason America falls in the Book of Revelations.”, you have to understand that the studious precision it took to tell us that was undermined by what the last book in the Bible is called:

          Revelation. Singular.

          • Guest

            Shane used the singular form!!!

        • jh0504

          Revelations 18:10… The USA is Babylon.. When our nation is taken back
          by GOD… all other nations will cry as we will no longer give into the
          fornication (sins) we all have shared with the great whore
          (societies/nations/people living individually instead of being ONE)
          riding the back of the beast (power and control of governments and
          hypocritical religious institutes over humanity).. GOD will save this
          country.. which will lead to the saving of Earth and all Humanity.
          People are meant to be free… our founding fathers knew this… and
          knew this time would come..

          • Anonymous

            But is Babylon limited to one specific geographical location or nationality? When I study Revelation, it seems to me that ‘Babylon’ could easily apply to people anywhere who have turned their backs on God.

          • jh0504

            America is a land of all nationalities, build upon god, but fallen away from Gods light.

        • Andrew Ritter

          As I see it, there are two possible reasons we’re not mentioned in the end times prophecies: (1) We become irrelevant/insignificant; (2) We’re included in with Europe (the King of the West) since we are basically descended from Europeans.

          • BlueMN

            (3) Columbus hadn’t “discovered” it back when the authors were writing the Bible, so they hadn’t even heard of it yet.

          • Anonymous

            That’s what prophecy is. Telling something that is going to happen. Christ hadn’t been born yet when He was prophesied about in the Old Testament.

          • Alicia Huddlestun Gaglio

            They didn’t have to know about America to write about it in the Bible…that’s why it’s prophetic.

        • Boomski

          Revalation cannot be studied without referencing the book of Daniel. Also, note the wings of the lion, the eagle, etc.

        • Mark T Smith

          I think the reason we don’t find any mention of the US is because we will be rendered irrelevant. The Bear is an obvious reference to Russia, but we are not even considered players because our country has turned away from God.

        • Dawnella

          God is not a respecter of nations in the sense that we believe. We are the “body of Christ” that is being built in these end of times; the new Temple to stand against the anti-christ when he appears pretending to be Christ on the 6th seal, 6th trumpet and the 6th vile. The anti-christ will appear as a savior in a world full of chaos and confusion (NWO). The hunger in the end times is for the truth and the people of the world thinking this is the Messiah will worship him as he promises peace and prosperity (the great “failing away”)……until the real Messiah appears on the farthest out trumpet…the 7th.Don’t be deceived into thinking somehow you are going to be “raptured away”…..that is the deception of the false prophets that Jesus warned about. Until then, civilization will continue to deteriorate. Best advice; know the Word of God and share with all you know. Save the people;save the nations.

          • Anonymous

            There is a rapture. I have read about it in the Bible. What makes you believe there won’t be? I don’t believe he will have his followers have to live through the tribulation.

        • Fat Lip

          A.J. I don’t no for sure so please take this lightly I have had the same question as you my friend .
          Only two pastors that I have had this question for had the same answer .
          They both new not each other 1980 miles apart they both said we will play the part of the great whore .
          They both said a whore gives it away for nothing but to come back later and use it against you , sadly America has played this role for much to long.
          If you my friend get solid answer’s please help me and i’m not joking with you I also would be appreciative with some solid evidence .
          God Bless you !!!!

        • Anonymous

          A.J. This nation is mentioned in the book of Revelation with two roles: one good, at the beginning, and one bad, at the end. If you read carefully Rev. 12:16 you will see that is speaking of America, the land that offered a refuge to those pilgrims persecuted by the dragon and the beast armies. Then in Rev. 13:11 there’s another beast coming up out of the earth, that had two horns, like a lamb (America’s first part, Christ-like) but spoke like a dragon (America’s second part, a persecuting power that made an alliance with the beast that was wounded but healed) The rest of chapter 13 shows an America that enforces the beast policies and forces all that do not have the mark of the beast to die. That’s America in the prophecy.

        • Spencer Graham

          Isaiah 18 is as close as I have found to a US reference.

        • Ellie Hardister

          maybe we are no longer US!!!just a thought.

        • Watching

          I recommend reading “The End of America” by John Price. It is available as an ebook from Amazon for $0.99.

        • Lynda

          2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

          New King James Version (NKJV)

          9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

        • Anonymous

          The description of Babylon in Revelation 18 sounds like Wall Street (or perhaps New York). What other city can claim to have such lavish wealth? The passage reads in part:

          Revelation 18
          9 “When the kings of the earth who committed adultery with her and shared her luxury see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and mourn over her. 10 Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry:

          “‘Woe! Woe to you, great city,
          you mighty city of Babylon!
          In one hour your doom has come!’

          11 “The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore— 12 cargoes of gold, silver, precious stones and pearls; fine linen, purple, silk and scarlet cloth; every sort of citron wood, and articles of every kind made of ivory, costly wood, bronze, iron and marble; 13 cargoes of cinnamon and spice, of incense, myrrh and frankincense, of wine and olive oil, of fine flour and wheat; cattle and sheep; horses and carriages; and human beings sold as slaves.

          14 “They will say, ‘The fruit you longed for is gone from you. All your luxury and splendor have vanished, never to be recovered.’ 15 The merchants who sold these things and gained their wealth from her will stand far off, terrified at her torment. They will weep and mourn 16 and cry out:

          “‘Woe! Woe to you, great city,
          dressed in fine linen, purple and scarlet,
          and glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls!
          17 In one hour such great wealth has been brought to ruin!’

      • BlueMN

        A Bible-thumping anarchist? That’s original, at least.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately over half the people in the country do not pay any taxes and way to many are on the dole. Add to that probably 75% + have no clue what is happening in their own country let alone the world due to the dumbing down of the youth. They won’t get upset until you take away their obama phone etc. .Add to that the decline of religious beliefs and values.

    • John Fowler

      When a great many of us already vote for those sympathizing with our enemies, I’m not so confident in my countrymen.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, would it surprise you to know how many of us are praying you come onboard Operation American Spring? We have been for quite some time, but the number of us is growing.
    We’re in a Spiritual Battle like never before in America. This movement was born out of prayer first following the II Chron. 7:14 prescription our Creator gave us for the Healing of our Land.
    Next He put upon Col Riley the desire to do this. Anytime you talk to 10 of us involved in OAS, you’ll find at least 6 have been called into it by God, and of the Prayer Warriors it’s 100%.
    So many have given so much for our Freedoms, including Freedom of Worship, a vast array of Veterans have risen to the cause, and of those I’ve chatted with. (I’m a State Asist. Leader) 100% say God is calling them to one last effort for their country and a free world.
    Man cannot overcome the evil taking this world, but the clock is in God’s hands, He can even move the hands backwards as once before in history.
    Thus we count on Him and His will through this movement to restore our Constitutional Republic with Enumerated Powers and use America for the good of the World once again. God is slowly calling the new media in also. (I pray this includes you. [Col Riley says repeatedly we need the Black Robed Regiment to Activate, several members have but your country needs all.]) Will you join us?

    • Dor

      I can’t figure out why all the TV and radio talk show hosts are not getting people involved in OAS. All they do is talk of all the problems, we know what the problem is…they need to get on board and join with the people for the solution.

      • Anonymous

        There’s a “Soft Blackout” on the reporting. Remember the threat to put FCC employees in every newsroom in America? It wasn’t an accident it came as the internet was going wild about the movement.

  • cjbelovedus

    Two words: end imperialism. sit this one out. Russia is not doing anything else than the United States have been doing for years with 700 military bases in the world.

    • Anonymous

      Not even close to being true.

  • Leigh Rich

    Hope your wrong Glen. then at times you sound too much like a preacher.

  • Justin Craft

    This happens every now and then. It happened with Georgia, only difference is that they were successful in annexing in Crimea with this excursion. I can’t see Russia doing anything else at this time. I’d imagine things will cool down for a while now. But that’s just my views on it. They have a small portion of their military on the Ukraine border, wish we were that ambitious. Ours are all out in foreign nations.

  • Franklin E. Tompkins Sr.

    Google “Clean Break”, and you will learn exactly who is “destabilizing” the Middle East, and why.

  • Rene Foust

    Thank God for you Glenn we need a voice of reason and clarity. I just wish more people would listen. Scary times we are living in. They also laughed at Romney we he brought up Russia in the debates.

    • Anonymous

      Evidently at his presser toady, a reported asked Obozo about that. Guess our Liar-in-Chief was a bit perturbed.

      • Anonymous

        Please don’t disrespect our Chimp-in-Chief.

  • Dixie Wright

    Glenn…you told us so.

  • Richard Dixon

    Here’s why it won’t happen. We have the nuclear capability to demolish all of them, and they know it.

    • Anonymous

      And they know our leaders are too scared of the political backlash to ever use them again.

  • Offer Binshtok

    You see your future
    What you are seeing now is what the Islam’s culture doing to the Christians and the Jews in the Middle East; this is your future in the west, in EU and in USA. (Offer binshtok)

    • Anonymous

      Islam will not be sucessful

      • Anonymous

        Perfect Storm is when Evil looks God in the Eye, Shakes its fist and says,
        “Nothing can stop me now!” He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh; The
        Lord will have them in Derision. Psalm 2:4 KJV

  • Offer Binshtok

    Extreme tolerance and extreme political correctness are a Trojan horse through which the political Islam will wipe out the Western values of freedom and democracy from the inside. (Offer binshtok)

    • Anonymous

      And it’s sitting in every part of our government. Gonna take a whole lot of antisceptic to clean house in this government!!!!!

  • Offer Binshtok
  • landofaahs

    I intend to be sand in the gearbox of the “Evil Empire”.

  • J Daniel White II

    ” YOU JUST GOT TO READ THIS ” ,,/(òÓ,),,/

  • MJ

    I’ve been hearing about this since the 90s. ‘member Bo Grietz(?). I felt that was why Obama wants to take all our guns, military manufactures out. Do you all have food storage? they will confiscate it. Thank God I’m Native and know survival skills, what plants to eat and not eat, animals, etc. Is this the promise to that was made to Putin?

  • Marina Valenti

    what unadaulterated balderdash this man speaks everytime he opens his mouth!

  • Anonymous

    Translation: I was completely wrong about Tunisia, so I’ll try again with Russia and just call it an “update” even though it’s an entirely new conspiracy. Here’s one problem with your theory, Glenn. Russia considers Islamic Jihad a serious threat, and they don’t plan to play nice with it like we do.

    • Anonymous

      Really. Learn history. Tunisia’s uprising was what inspired the “Arab Spring”, that spread all through the Middle East. Tunisia was just much smarter about which Islamic faction they put in charge of their country, and they also had better ideas about how to revise their country’s constitution. They’re probably somewhat dismayed that the rest of the Muslim world mishandled the uprising so badly. Russia’s annexation of the Crimea is just the next step in what has been happening now for many years. Glenn has some very strong points here, and we would do well to pay attention.

    • Debbie Miller Dement

      Although Russia does have China in its pocket and that is quite enough

  • Steven Nottingham

    God?? Praying? How bout reading and educating yourselves and voting?
    The Bear rising? Give me a break…Are we children gathered around a campfire?
    Putin saw a opportunity. Our weak leadership did nothing to stop him.
    We have 40,000 troops in that area? This could easily have been stopped..
    But the Coward Regime in Washington can only attack Goat Herders and Farmers.

    Stop talkin bout god and address the issues. We fund terrorism.
    We invade Countries all the time.
    And all three Religions were at one time one big religion. The whole old testament?
    Most of the same Prophets?
    I thought America was Freedom? You Bible trumpeters aim to make sure that isn’t so..

    • Anonymous

      I will never understand why liberal people are so threatened by Christians. No, all three religions were NEVER the same religion at the same time. All three major religions recognize the old testament, but that does not mean that they believe the same things. The new testament, the Torah, and the Koran are entirely different books with VERY different belief systems. Freedom of speech and religion are part of America’s promise to her citizens. That doesn’t mean that you get to say what you believe, but Christians need to be quiet about what they believe. These people are seeing the prophecies in their holy book coming to pass. There is nothing wrong with them talking about it, and if it offends you, then don’t read what they have to say. Everyone wants to see this slide toward our country’s destruction come to an end. If Christians feel that prayer will help, then there is nothing wrong with that, and it’s not hurting you in any way. We need to start pulling together to stop the evil forces that are destroying our world, and you need to realize that the government is encouraging this kind of divisiveness because they want us to be unable to form a cohesive force against their tyranny. With all due respect, your kind of talk is doing nothing but adding to the problem.

    • Debbie Miller Dement

      Glenn Beck fans are highly educated, they vote and they all understand that our Military has downsized to the point that we cannot even beat North Korea in war. America is about to fall from Super Power Status and we all know it. Us Bible Trumpeters fully understand that God is the only one who can personally save us. Our Government won’t save us and our President certainly won’t save us. We are completely on our own! Powerless… We all plan on continuing to vote Republican but “Newsflash” We are outnumbered by the hundreds of thousands of immigrants in this country. The Bear has most certainly risen and he knows we are a joke. Button up Steven.

    • Steven Nottingham

      I don’t want to let you all down. But we are still a Super Power. And we have the best equipped Army in the World,
      Stop Dooming us with your false philosophies of gloom..
      All the rich Corporations took the Jobs. If the Economy weren’t in ruin, none of this would even be discussed..
      Obama is turning the Country into China..Do you think their military is soft too??
      Christians and Muslims need to take Science 101..lmao

      • Robin Landry

        Its not philosophy… its prophecy. People see it for what it is and they feel powerless. i agree with Debbie Miller Dement — Out-numbered by government enlisted voters who don’t even know what they are voting for (only that Democratic=entitlements). Plus, I don’t believe this Country has anything like the military China has evolved. So, if you mean we should be more concerned about China… don’t worry because people are watching them too.

  • Anonymous

    Yeeeee-HAWWWW!!!! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Where the nukes? I guess $6 trillion in the Middle East wasn’t enough for you guys…. COMMIES! MUSLINS! Thank the stars that people like you and Glenn Beck don’t have their finger on the button.

    • Hand of Doom

      What’s a Muslin? Never heard of them.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a fabric.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a joke, you see, because most, (although not all) conservatives tend to be rather ignorant. It ranks up there with “keep the government outta my Medicare”, and “get a brain, morans”. You guys are an easy fraternity to get into.

    • Anonymous

      People like you want to put the Iranian finger on the button.

  • gharg

    There is no mention of the United States in the end time prophecies of the Bible. One can only conclude this means we are NOT a world power at that time. As these events start to unfold, prophecy is coming to fruition. Look up our Redeemer is nigh

  • landofaahs

    if so, then Babylon the Great is Falling.

  • Hand of Doom

    Obama doesn’t give a rat’s behind about what is going on in Ukraine. He has no chance at installing a Puppet Muslim Brotherhood Government in that country.

  • Anna Merrigan

    AMERICA is dying a slow death….Our president is the pied piper and all the little “rats” will follow him blindly

  • kadow3490

    I told everyone that I saw Obama as a devil when I was a young girl and was told to remember him ….
    Laugh all you want you’ll see

  • William Harrison

    Have you been out and about in our tower of babel country lately? Obama and his elite supporters are flooding our nation with record numbers of Third World poverty stricken peoples to the point where we really have no recognizable nation left to fight for. The most important thing we can do to save ourselves from this new world order is to get our own nation’s house in order. We must have a 50 year pause in net new legal and illegal immigration into our nation to allow time for language assimilation and a fighting chance to put our 92 million fellow Americans mostly broken and haven fallen out of the job market back to work. The oddball newcomers from the farthest corners of the globe most inclined to support this radical new foreign world order will have to fend for themselves outside our borders.

  • Anonymous

    The “end times” is here once again.

  • Anonymous

    Obama, Soros and Jerrett want this to happen as much as Russia and China does. He is just sitting back like he does with everything else he is part of so he can say, “It wasn’t me”! EVERYONE, not just some, better wake up. If people had listened to Glenn way back, we may have been able to stop this!

  • Jessica

    “He could tell the world didn’t care so much…” I just wish that we, everyday americans, could at least agree that we need to take back our country, and commit to do what it takes to educate ourselves about history, and about current events, not buying into what just a anybody says, but really looking at it, thinking through, logically, let our minds wrestle with it, debate intelligently, set aside petty insignificant differences and unify for the greater good of humanity. Our collective ignorance is what is destroying us. :(

    • Anonymous

      Well said.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget about the first of the Blood Moons starting this year.

  • Paul And-Jace Neumyer

    If there is one thing I can do, it is pray. Love you Glenn! God Bless!!!

  • Scott Madajewski

    Well I guess Alex Jones wasn’t such a nut job after all!

  • mrswright

    Glen, anyone who says you’re crazy is crazy themselves!

  • mrswright

    Could someone bring me up to speed on American Spring, please.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not Glenn’s prediction. It’s in the book of Revelation. No one can thwart this because it’s already been prophesied and must come to pass so the antichrist comes into power for a short time. Then the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus comes back to reign for 1000 years…

    • Connor

      And atheist still doubt that their is a God.

  • Connor

    And the left still laughs at you. I wonder when they are going to realize big government does not equal freedom.

  • Patrick Davis

    its all of them! they are all in on it! fire the feds and defend your rights…. they are coming for all the Christians, Catholics, Jews,Buddhist and, they want to keep the Muslims and the atheist… keep it at 500,000 controllable population… is their agenda…..

  • Fat Lip

    Life itself is the battle of good vs evil .
    Maybe it is time to pick your place in time .
    Nothing last’s forever only GOD ALMIGHTY.
    The time to choose is not at the last minute you just may wait to long.

    • T.A. Conscience

      Yep. We live in a fallen world. Been that way since Eve disobeyed, then led her mate to do the same.

      • Fat Lip

        Amen thank you

      • ViniVidi

        Fallen world, Amen. But, G_d told ADAM not to eat the forbidden fruit, not Eve!

    • Anonymous

      Dabbling in Manichaeism?

      • Fat Lip

        If you call it that you missed the point not really surprised, you may educate yourself on strictly Christian belief and if not that is also fine
        You know exactly what I meant being disrespectful to me is like a fly on my window Shoo -fly

      • Fat Lip

        And if I misunderstood your point than I shall Shoo- Fly from you
        I don’t think making a mistake either way should define our belief’s

  • T.A. Conscience

    BRIC … As in “A bric to the head.”

  • Anonymous

    It’s important that we allow ourselves to be circumcised.

  • Anonymous

    There IS no too party system! They are ALL players on the same stage and PART of the downfall of America! It’s not going to matter WHO is in OFFICE (any office) as long as the elite are pulling the strings IN SECRECY!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!:(

  • Marc

    The idea that Putin is a communist is one of your more foolish and narrow minded ideas. The idea that his government is somehow worse than the EU and the US is foolish. What makes it appropriate for the EU and US to self-appoint themselves to the role of world dictators? The media in Russia freely speaks against Putin daily (its called freedom) just like the major papers here did Bush. They’re free and the people are free to act like Americans acted 50 years ago and protest (unlike Americans who want to protest in front of the White House). I’m not pro-Putin but all of the rhetoric hoisted his way by Beck and Hannity are insane and clearly lack self-reflection.

  • Eliana Mackley

    You must be listening to Hollow Earth Network or Major Danes, Glenn, this is exactly what they are saying. I don’t think there will be a way around this one this time. Our freedom party is over, if we let it.



    • Fat Lip

      Dearest Paula I just thought I would drop this verse to you and your fight will be even stronger .
      And you and I both know this as truth MATTHEW 6:24
      Praise him : )

  • Anonymous

    I’ve listened to this particular excerpt and I have to say it’s quite close, “Happy Tuesday or not guys…” It’s relevant. Me? I’m a “seer” I hate any other term than that. They were here far before I ever was. Although it can be exhausting work, it’s quite better to be forewarned and fore-armed, than not to.
    I counted…the N.W.O. or call it whatever it is it will be, what Glenn listed off, beginning w/Russia (there were 4).
    I see a bridge, danked in the middle (I made up that word, btw) however – the good news about “Happy Tues” is that the prediction Glenn has isn’t far off. I’ve had the “untimely pleasure” of seeing it myself.
    The one thing that’s missing is I see 5 and they aren’t labels. Moreover, countries…there should be 5 in which is destined to become – that of this NWO or what-not.
    Russia, China, etc. I’ve got those, but there’s 3 others. I just don’t know my geography. They’ll hail from the East, however. At least that’s what I see for now, maybe somewhere in the vicinity of Iran? Israel will come sometime into this as well. I just can’t put it together. Not yet anyway :)
    Liah ~0~

    • Anonymous

      This has been bugging me all day/night. I think I have “Israel.” I’m not positive, but while all of this stuff is going on, the “Putin” thing which my feeling is, was already a barter via U.S. kinda like – “We’ve gotta make it look good so, here you can have XYZ…I’ll say BSOFA”
      But Israel – comes later on, like a “clause” it’s just not focused on at this point and the Malaysia flight? Maybe it’s just me, but I just can’t feel a thing…it’s like a ruse or distraction of some sort and it pains me to say and or feel anything of the like. I was there in 9/11 and know what that felt like. This? Well, last thought before sleep…how DO you do the AM’s :)
      Liah ~0~

  • Darkwing Dragon

    Why do I sence this war will in fact be the apocolypse? All we can do is pray, and keep our eyes, and ears open, watch every world leader`s body language, and listen to what they say very VERY carefully.

    • ViniVidi

      Albert Einstein said “I know not what weapons will be used in WW III, but WW IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

  • dennis reilly

    how about obama challenge putin to a charity boxing match to see who is the best leader, does he have the courage?

  • Anonymous

    So where is the prayer to stop our dictator? Glenn prays for him…. I pray for our dictator like Glenn prays for Putin…..I am more scared of our dictator than Putin.

  • MIKE

    Ahh, the soviet and Islamic hoard’s rolling threw the middle east on there way to Jerusalem. To rid the world of the Jewish plague and then there miraculous butt woopin by the Almighty. To be followed by the kings of the east who do not waiver to or fro plunging further into the oil and (women) rich middle east. ahh good time’s good time’s.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps it’s time for … do nothing and the New World Order may hunt you down like a dog.

  • Ryan Fussner

    as good as this sounds, russia and china and the rest of the world need a healthy united states economy to continue buying and trading goods. Sorry, but in this new globalized world, we’re a key cog in the machine. Nothing drastic will happen, at most it will be a slow decline of the american way of life with a balance between our GDP and social standards to the rest of the world in mind. China can’t let us fail. So it won’t happen. Global conflict will do nothing but destroy the major players of the world.

  • Anonymous

    So what? It’s a New World Order. We’ll adapt. Always have, always will. It’s known as being successful.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize it wont be known as successful for you as you stand in bread lines, don’t own a home, no more internet, no cash, food will be hard to obtain and forget about healthcare. Only the rich will have that.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe you will have all that and won’t think yourself successful but it just means starting from scratch again for me. Which is something I’m pretty well used to. Not a problem. As long as people are resourceful things should be fine.

        • Anonymous

          Do the people in third world poverty die because they are less resourceful?

          • Anonymous

            So now we’re talking about the third world? Why not wait and see how the New World pans out? You’re probably more scared of your imagination than what will really happen. Which nobody knows yet. Since that’s the case it’s waste of time to be scared of the future.

          • Anonymous

            No . We are talking about reality in general and justice in particular. I’m not scared of anything but you seem to make it all about our material well being. I’m trying to point out the self contradictory nature of your assertion. It isn’t really only about our material wellbeing, however that is a secondary effect but something far more profound. Is the United States going to surrender part or all of its national sovereignty to meld back with the enslaved world? You make a lot of presumptions in your posts.

          • Anonymous

            Moi? Who brought up bread lines, no owning a home, no money and all that other material stuff? If I’m being presumptuous it’s because you and everyone else listen to Glenn’s prediction and then run around like headless chickens being all upset you’ll lose your place in the America’s hierarchy. The only difference is there will be more room at the table is all. If things fail we all will which means we will all rise back up together.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t blame your presumptuousness on me. Don’t lump me in with everyone else [presumptuous?]. I’m taking issue with your statement “As long as people are resourceful things should be fine” and “So what? It’s a New World Order. We’ll adapt. Always have, always will. It’s known as being successful.”
            So are we more adaptive and resourceful than those in other countries who are less fortunate in terms of the blessings we’ve received in this country? Part of what contributes to our adaptability and resourcefulness is the freedom to act on our intuition. It’s justice I’m concerned with here, a concept you seem either ignorant of or hostile to.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, thought it was you who was talking up materialism. The freedom you’re talking about is objective. It all depends on what people think it is and how they use it. Freedom is a concept not something 3-D real. I’m personally looking forward to what’s coming. To me the world is getting more free not less. Partly because it’s not so easy to grab the same old standbys so it takes more imagination to figure out how to do things.Which is expanding-making.

  • James Stanford

    Israel is gonna strike the Iran nuclear facilities.

  • jesustheonlyway

    The New World Order will be run by the anti-Christ.

  • Kathleen Keane

    Thank you Glenn. It was due to your influence that I was baptized September two years ago into the LDS church. It was honestly the greatest move of my life and I highly suggest it to any person who truly wants to be transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your show, for all you do. I pray for you.

  • Anonymous

    I remember my history teachers saying back in the 60s that our enemies at the end will be China and Russia. Another friend used to say to me in the 80s the world began in the middle east and will end in the middle east. It wont be stopped. The propaganda is to intense.

  • Anonymous

    then we best snuggle up with some serious warriors – like the Japanese (took two atomic bombs to stop them) and the Scots (British been putting them on their front lines for the last 300 years)


  • z–man

    God isn’t going to save us. God hasn’t saved any other nation from collapse, why are we any different?

    • DukeNukem

      What proof do you have that he hasn’t?

      • Anonymous

        Nations are all of a temporal nature.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see it. They can try, but it won’t hold. Getting any two people or any two parties to agree on most things – particularly when it comes to politics and religion is nearly impossible. My first concern is this Country, but that does not mean that I or others are not “on the ground” in other parts of the World. The Father’s soldiers are many and mighty. “Keep the Faith, Baby.” Now, go find yourself a chocolate bar – that will make you smile:).

  • tim

    how does glen beck figure doing nothing is the answer to us being part of the world?

  • Karl E Hubrath

    Glenn and the rest of the people on here; please let me say that Russia and China are only doing what they have always done, protect their interests, just like us. They see the U.S as the country that does not stay out of other countries business, we are the aggressive country. Why not take this as a warning and do just that, keep to our self for a while? Strengthen the United nations and take care of us for a while? Try not to look at other countries as the “enemy.” When we first see the big picture of all countries working together, what does that look like? To keep everyone happy so to speak; it does not include one country simply having its way. Look at how arrogant the U.S must look to other countries, just saying, God bless.

    • Karl E Hubrath

      The new world order should be the United Nations, regardless on who is mostly responsible for things getting done; it is about the show of force, a world united, a green stamp of world approval is what matters. God bless again.

  • Anonymous

    Slow down, Glenn. Russia has NOT annexed Ukraine. People are not blind to Putin as you suggest or as they were to Hitler. People are waking up piece by piece, that’s why we see so much friction between people and governments between religious groups which are persecuted. That’s why we saw the broherhood ousted from Egypt. If Putin invades Ukraine, a lot of blood will be lost and even the Russian politbureau won’t stand for such atrocity!

    • corvinus

      Putin grabbed Crimea and has let the EU have debt-ridden Ukraine on purpose. After the problems the EU has had with Greece, Ireland, and Portugal, Ukraine is like giving them a diseased roadkill. Happy hantavirus, EU!

  • Daniel

    Glenn always starts out making sense, but then he ends up going off on a God rant, and that’s where most people roll their eyes and blow him off.

  • Anonymous

    Strange days indeed.

  • corvinus

    The NWO is already here. We have a commie in the White House wrecking our economy as we speak. Got 0bumblecare? In fact, I’d say the USSA is more commie right now than Russia.

    • Krimsen King

      your logic is flawless…

  • Josif

    Why Americans are always busy with other world countries,relations between Russia and China,or BRICS is not your business….If someone dont want your petrol dollars
    so let it be,you cant forces half of the world to use your dollar just
    you to live in comfort and luxury.Its their right to do what they want
    with their economies.From day to day USA is getting very paranoid and
    pathetic because your economy is going down.And you always see way out
    from yours economic situation with some war scenarios like WW3.Let me be honest,USA doesnt want Russia,China even Germany to exist on world map
    because they have brighter future than yours,because their people are
    smarter,more hardworking and more prosperous than you.USA is acting like
    some tyrant who at any cost like to rule with the world,to dominate
    with use of force,with making wars.USA is only country who has use
    nuclear weapon on other country……its not Russia or China,you
    remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima.Something is very wrong today with USA
    and that is to much militaristic public opinion,to much weapons and to
    much debt.Leave other countries to live in peace and start looking at

    • TurboVenator

      Josif….your comments are well taken and are quite instructive in showing us how the world perceives us. I do disagree that we do not want Russia, China, or Germany to exist. We have many immigrants from these places and they are good, productive and valued citizens. You must realize that it is those in control of our government, acting outside of the law and against the interests of the American people who are leading us into this catastrophe….a catastrophe for the entire world. Millions of Americans do not trust our President and rightfully so. It seems clear that he is destroying our nation with economic and foreign policies which will likely lead to danger for not only us but the entire world. Our country does not need to go down the drain….it is filled with extremely bright, hard working people despite a multitude of dependent, lazy and ignorant people who also exist due to a decline in morality brought on, in part by devastatingly wrong social policies.
      I fear for the demise of personal liberty and freedom which has been a light for the entire world being destroyed….and worse yet, being destroyed intentionally. How I wish there was a way for the average human being to have more influence over the affairs of nations. That was the ideal of our Founders. As we have seen that idea stripped away we see the rise of great problems which threaten the globe with disaster.
      Remember that the average American is a very decent and good world citizen and wants the best for all people. America is (or was) an IDEA more than a place. To see it die is worse than death itself to me. I pray for the Almighty to deliver Peace to the world. If the United States no longer is worthy of passing on the ideals it was entrusted with then we should fall. In the end most people get the government they deserve. Remember, however, that the United States at her best, delivered freedom to millions of people across the globe. It is time to restore our national honor and ethos so that we can again be what we were meant to be. As Ronald Reagan said: “America is great because it is good.” I want us to be a country worth dying for. I want us to be a good country with good leaders. God Bless.

  • bear

    Bullshit Beck. If you’d stop giving enemies ideas on national TV…it may be different.
    I have had it with your fear.

    • corvinus

      Russia is the NWO’s Emmanuel Goldstein.

  • Dale Pearl

    Gog and Magog sweeping into Israel we’ll be the wilderness sitting by and idly watching it all unfold.

  • Steve Whetsel

    I believe Glenn has been throwing his darts at the map again, and trying to tell us he has cracked a code or something! Seems like if you predict Tunisia Middle East. Europe,Russia, China, as the starting point you are bound to be right with one of them, cmon Glenn!

  • Peter Lira

    To all my american brothers and sisters, Our nation is under attack and not many can see this. Obama is destroying our great country, and if we DO NOT stand together in the next months to come to regain control of our nation I fear It will be to late. We need a Hero, A Leader, A voice! An individual that can be the new voice of Americans and restore our great nation. If we get our Voice, Leader, Many will follow. Where is the next great American Hero, We know your out there. If you step into the light we will follow!!!!!!

    I know we already have many problems that we face today, but death for us all is drawing close. Protect your family, your neighbors, friends, and any willing american body that will stand by your side to see the light of another day!

    This is an attempt to get you all to start standing together, It doesn’t matter if your already in the armed services, or if you a mechanic, I don’t care if your a mother a father, son or daughter. It doesn’t matter if your homeless, a millionaire, or a stay at home mom. Stand together, Unite no matter what religious background, no matter what race, gender, Do not let all this media and your own opinion on matters blind you from the dayz to come.

    Stand shoulders square, Unite or we are all doomed to what this psycho in office has set forth in motion! I am a regular joe with an average job. But I can see what Obama has in stored for us. Can you!!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy S

    oy vey are we screwed….

  • Anonymous

    There will be a new world order at some time. It will be headed by the anti-Christ whom everyone will love at first, and then they will find out just how evil he is. Hmmmm, sounds like Obama. But the Bible is never wrong and tells us it is coming.

    • Rick Bowser

      I doubt Obama is the Anti-Christ. He could easily be his forerunner though, in bringing the west to ruin, right before the A/C comes on the scene to ( seemingly ) fix all the worlds problems, and then reveal his true nature halfway through the tribulation period.

    • Krimsen King

      I don’t remember ‘everyone’ loving Obama… Yes, he won a majority of the popular vote twice, but a month after he was inaugurated, people were all over DC ‘hating’ him. That was about a third or quarter of the country, from then till now, hating, not loving Obama. As for this ‘forerunner’ and ‘A/C’ stuff, I’m not sure you can read the Bible like a detailed instruction manual. The details after 2000 years of zeroxing get fuzzy… also, if you call him ‘A/C’, people may think you’re talking about your air conditioner… just sayin.

  • Alisa Kurtz

    a NWO is not in the bible just their fantasy, yes I have read the bible and nothing in it about a NWO, and there will not be a mass depopulation until the trumpets(rev8) is blown(nothing to do with comets).

  • shawn

    Glenn leave the mormon church it is false. it is a cult. wolves in sheeps clothing repent worship at home. The biggest trick of satan is that you can be a god.

  • Kelly Schumacher

    Praying, for you, our country, all citizens of all countries, Justina, and all children trapped in any situation.

    Glenn, FYI.

  • ComedyForTheDay

    I feel sorry for the idiots that get brainwashed by this fool.

  • Melinda

    Well joe, if we go to war we won’t be able to elect a new president while in an active state of war.

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    Let’s not loose sight of who is really running the White House, George is still alive and calling the shots, along with running J.C. Penny’s, so as long as he’s around, what he say’s go’s.

  • fire lion

    Oh noes trying to collapse the economy!!!!!


    Just like America bugs the german chancellors phone. All nations try and weaken each other.

    This article so naive and so desperate to create a narrative.

    Wallstreet brought down the economy with its greed and fraud.

    Ofcourse Russia and China are going to help greedy americans destroy their own economy.

    Just like America is in Venezuela working with the rich elite there creating food shortages and riots.

  • johnboy

    I have been reading the comments here and i can see that there are alot of people who really don’t know what’s happening to their country and why. I could try to explain what is going on but than I would be labelled as a nut bar so instead I will give you some web-sites to confirm what you need to know so you all will wake up and see what your government is doing to us.
    The Banksters-scenewith whistle blower Karen Hudes [ u-tube ] [aidded the coup led by neo-nazi in the Ukraine
    America’s Karma and World War 2 gold theft. AND gold recovery attempt of the Korean and Vietnam wars both done by J C Collins .
    These are just a few sites to read. There are many more but the people have to wake up. A scripture verse that says it all We are all sheep being led astray.

  • Timothy Wenners

    Ron Paul said this back on 08.

    Nice to see you finally catch up there Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    The JBS has been trying to enlighten people regarding the New World Order for 25 years…… at least. Better to catch on late than never. God has been trying to enlighten mankind regarding salvation and man’s inability to rule himself, to a far greater degree for over 6000 years. Once again, better to catch on late than never.

  • Chris Arnette

    Wow Gordo! For someone that knows everything about the world and history, you sure did misuse the term hillbilly. I have asked around and no one around seems to remember anyone supporting King William in some time. Look it up! The term is hateful and disgusting! Remember, without the “hillbilly” Over mountain Men at the battle of Kings Mountain, you would still be drinking tea and wearing a powdered wig. Look that up too, smart guy!

  • Anonymous

    Smoke and mirrors. The federal reserve runs this country at the behest of large banks and foreign interests. The oval office is a blame seat.

  • Rich47

    Not to worry, by then we will a witness the second coming and all will be well.

  • Anonymous

    The U.S.President has a boss, Putin!

  • Doug Offield

    I say impeach Obama, Hillary Clinton for president, and Sarah Palin for Head of State!

  • S Cantrel

    This is what Obama was whispering into Putins ear.

  • Kevin Powell

    Ezekiel 38:13 “Sheba, Dedan, the merchants of Tarshish and all their young lions will say to you, ‘Have you come to take a plunder. Have you gathered your army to take booty, to carry away silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods, to take great plunder?”

    The merchants of Tarshish are believed to be sea-traders from the area of present day Spain and the UK. The “young lions” would be a reference to the commonwealth nations including the US, because the symbol of the UK is a lion. I know that’s stretching it a bit, but even if we exclude that, this is undoubtedly WW111 and the US will be involved.

    • Kevin Powell

      Pffffft…..excuse me.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to sell everything and buy gold RIGHT NOW, thanks for the…. oh wait… stretch?

  • Maureen Trovato

    @gordo Obama is subverting the Constitution, betraying the oath of office, and handing us over to the two most powerful Communist countries on the planet.You dont feel betrayed yet? Treason is Benedict Arnold. Betrayal for the purposes of crippling our economic and political freedoms and delivering us handcuffed to two of the worst dictatorships of the modern world. Do you get it yet?

    • Anonymous

      “Obama is subverting the Constitution, betraying the oath of office, and handing us over to the two most powerful Communist countries on the planet.”

      So you’ve been led to believe. Think for yourself, don’t be an easily misled LOFO

  • Momof6

    So, our financial crisis was caused by Russia and China. In the old days, wouldn’t our government have called this an act of war?

    • Anonymous

      “So, our financial crisis was caused by Russia and China”

      The blame game… waaaaaaaahhhhhh!

  • Robert Doell

    Sarah Palin would have been gloriously far better as President of the United States of America than the infidel serial lying Barak Saddam Hussein Obama.
    She has been characterized as stupid and naive and a dork because you as Americans despise GOD and all that is good and what has built the USA.
    YOU are the evil ones and you have voted for who you are most comfortable with. That result should be chasing every American to the altars of every church in America to REPENT and change from their, YOUR wicked ways so that GOD in you the person of JESUS the Christ will Bless and Heal your land.
    It is not a Republican or Demoncrat but it is an immoral sexually depraved American soul which has wholeheartedly TURNED YOUR BACKS ON JESUS the Christ and HIS simple to follow 10 Commandmentments if your souls were willing. REPENT Americans and return to the faith of your forefathers before the promised Judgement on all mankind come upon you today.

  • Rick Roldan

    It doesn’t matter who’s in the Whitehouse, without term limits in the congress, we’ll be stuck with the same politicians who’ll just continue to stay in power and keep the status quo in Washington.

  • Scio Patriot

    Glenn beck is a nut job he
    is lying to you

  • Scio Patriot

    There is no such thing as a coming new world order is the lie.its already here!!! And i can

  • Deckard426

    Just a matter of time before the $ collapses. You can’t pay back $19 trillion of debt on service economy wages. All you can do is print, print, print; right up to the very end, to pay the interest. It’s like the band playing on the Titanic. Keep playing, even with the water up to your chest! The rich were in the lifeboats, and everybody else went down with the ship. Same thing is going to happen with the economy. Same thing.

    • Anonymous

      After World War II the highest tax rates were upwards of 90%, yet before, during and after Iraq was begun and the last guy bailed on two unfunded wars, tax rates were lowered and we were invited to go out and spend.

      According to President Truman’s address to Congress in 1948 (in part about the emerging Greek Crisis), he stated that the US had contributed about $341 Billion to World War 2. Assuming he mean 1945 dollars, that works out to be about $4.1 TRILLION in 2009 dollars.

      So why do you think the dollar is going to collapse again? Because we refuse to make the War Profiteers pay their fair share?

  • Scio Patriot

    I can prove it

  • Bill

    I always said that the crash of 2008 as done on purpose to help Obama win. I just thought it was Bush’s hate of McCain that caused it, not Obama’s friends

    • Anonymous

      For people that generally feel that government is incompetent, out of the other side of you mouth, you sure do give them a lot of credit.

  • landofaahs

    I believe we have been in the last days since Christ’s ascension. My personal belief however is that it is very possible that America is Babylon mentioned in Revelations and that the fall of Babylon must happen in order that the Jews will have only one protection left, that is Jesus Christ. But I could be wrong. We are living in amazing times either way.

  • Rob Wolgemuth

    You people truly worship this man. Why not call Glenn Beck a prophet? World War III revelations? No facts in the entire story? Come on you sheep!

  • Anonymous

    It is the large foundations combined with the UN and leftist politicians around the world.

  • Anonymous

    It’s already here, so it’s not a prediction. Gah!

    • John InHim

      yes, since 9.11, it has lunched this program

  • Willem Dykstra

    Sorry to go totally gloom-and-doom-alarmist here, but I am really surprised that Glenn Beck and his cohorts, Pat and Stu did not take this one step further and correlate all of Glenn’s predictions with the prophecies found in Daniel and Revelations see: ➨➤➤ …then again maybe Mormons don’t read Daniel and Revelations

  • suz

    glenn, i really enjoyed the telling of your recent prayer on putin. please feel free to share more of these special requests in the future — they’re so appreciated.

  • Nathan Justice

    Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin. We’ve been lied to for decades now, but my question is this: what are you going to do about it?

  • Lorene Wagner

    i think Mr. Beck is right on target. main reason is because the United States is not mentioned in the Book of Revelation. second reason, it is pure common sense. we have an administration that has weakened our Nation considerably. the current president has also begun bragging about shrinking our Armed Forces. (i think he means to get rid of those he feels are less likely to turn from God and turn against the legal and God fearing citizens of the United States). the United States is NO longer the ‘richest and most powerful Nation in the world’. the current administration has made sure of that. y’all need to realize that one person, be it Sarah Palin, or any other Conservative, will NOT be able to ‘fix’ all that has been broken in a short period of time. this is nothing against them. this Nation is full of sluggish people who think you can win a war over the social media. no one wants to believe things won’t get better in a few days or months. they all run around with blinders on and think the elected officials aren’t going to be so mean. it is a trained way of thinking. even my ultra conservative dad has a blind faith in the government. the only entity i put my blind faith in is God.

    • B D

      You’re blind to reason and logic. So is Beck.

  • Charles

    1) Get out of the UN and get all of them out of the United States. 2) Cut off foreign aid and quit trying to buy friends. 3) Pick our friends wisely which supports both of our interests. 4) Prepare for the future and prepare for an eventual calamity. Cash set aside, food set aside, ways to protect you and yours. Lots of in formation out there to gain knowledge from. 5) Elect good people to represent us, study the issues, vote for the man or woman, based on what they stand for, not how good looking they are and especially not on party lines or the color of their skin. 6) What will save this nation is good people standing up for what is right, our traditional law, the constitution and common values. 7) There may come a time where we will have to stand and literally fight anarchy. Know whom you can trust, prepare to band together as a group working for a common cause. Not going to be easy but look to the future, what Beck says is not unrealistic. So rather than cast stones at each other for their opinions, spend better time contemplating what the article is really about.

  • quezzo 152

    This is one of the very reasons we should have NEWT in the WH! He has the balls to shut em down, plus our Economy would be moving again. Say what you want about him but he is a proven leader!!!

    • Anonymous

      The problem is Newt is a Progressive Republican. He wants the NWO.

  • quezzo 152


  • Rick Isaak

    Does this all come before, or after the Apes rule the Planet? Damn those damn, dirty apes!

  • Karen

    He is correct and he is not saying anything new. Past Presidents have spoken of this. Henry Kissinger also spoke about it and most of all the Bible has warned us that a NWO is coming. It’s emerging very slowly.

  • Hi

    Uh, I’m pretty sure poland would destroy russia.

  • BozotheTrump

    The comments on this thread are much more scary than another one of Glenns cockamamie predictions. You people are nuts.

  • roberta4343

    a world war would be suicide, what they might do is just push and shove each other around dog and pony show too? with nukes no one wins, this could be just a push to get people scared so they will push for this new world order (via the united nations called an eighth king in revelation that springs from the seventh (britain/us alliance) the bible does say in revelation that all the kings of the world will give their power (represented by the crowns in the prophecy)to this scarlet colored wild beast which is also an eighth king, and will get authority to rule with the wild beast (Britain/us alliance) for one hour, a short period of time) the united nations will be empowered enough for them to cry some sort of proclamation of peace and security, wont know how this pans out until It happens. when this happens then Babylon the great will be attacked and exposed, and stripped of all her power, wealth and presige and honor, (Babylon the great is empire of false religion) and Christendom will be first to get the ax, and the reason for this is because Jehovah is tired of the reproach and dishonor for his word, his name, and reputation and he will use the un to divest himself of the connection between his Kingdom and phony Christians. he puts it into the hearts of the rulers in the un to do this. read the bible for yourself in revelation 13, and 17, to see for yourself,

  • Anonymous

    Beck likes to tout himself as some geo-political futurist, but his analysis is shallow. Recent history of Sino-Russian relationship has been fraught with mistrust and opposing strategic interests. It’s unlikely that there would suddenly be deeply unified interests between the two countries. Normally, China votes in lock-step with Russia on UN security issues, but China abstained from voting on Russia’s action in Crimean. That’s because western sanctions against Russia are in China’s best interest because it make Russia’s energy resources cheaper for China.

  • MA

    I’m confused by something? Now it may just be the fact that I neglected to study resent history for the chance to look farther in the past, but didn’t the Islamic nation of Afghanistan fight a somewhat recent war against the Russians? That being said what about every other Islamic nation we work hand in hand with? Jordan for example. Isn’t it a bit of a stretch to assume they would join forces against us and fight alongside the Russians? Where is the motive, and I would like one that wasn’t just allotting to our somewhat unjustified mistrust of all nations involved. In todays society history plays out a lot faster than it did a thousand years ago. The Romans could count on Carthage to be a constant enemy, but Russia has evolved since the days of the soviet union and their satellite states. Even though they are still a threat to our national sovereignty like every other world superpower, I don’t feel that justifies paranoia to need to spread through the American population. If someone would like to explain the reasoning behind these fears to me that would be appreciated and I would prefer not to have a repeat of what Glen Beck said, I can read just fine.

    • Tony Reynolds

      A very worthwhile question. Consider that not too long ago Iran and Russia were mortal enemies. They are now allies. Why? The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Perhaps. As geo-politcal events unfold, they are aligning nicely with biblical prophecy. Israel has to become very isolated for the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war to take place. Russia understands that middle east oil is a strategic economic play that would elevate them to world superpower if they control it. A Chinese Russian alliance along with strong middle eastern alliances are a death knell to the West. All of these countries have disdain for the West and how long we’ve been in power shaping world affairs. There are PLENTY of reasons the Russians and Islamic nations would become allies. Don’t think for a second that Jordan, Saudi Arabia, et al would not align themselves with whoever comes out on top. They only want the money for their oil. When Russia and China ultimately succeed in removing the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, these countries will quickly change allegiance.

  • Anonymous

    Hilary welcomes the beast, in the Bible code!

  • Donna Stanley

    I keep reading all these posts of political opinion – and that is o.k., we all have them. However, the real truth is this: prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. As you all know, prophecy is the foretelling of what will come to pass. We are living in a unique time in that we can, and have, learned of prophecy being told thousands of years ago and seeing that many of those prophecies were actually fulfilled; they have already occurred, just as our almighty God promised. If the same God then told of things that would happen and they did … you can be assured that the same God telling of these things still to happen, will, indeed, happen! These things still yet to come are actually unfolding right before our eyes right now! The stage is set and the players in action; just as foretold! No matter who is in Office, God’s promises WILL be made, and are! This is a time when we all need to pray for our leaders, our country and for each other. I am a Christian, but quite a lazy one of late – the Bible, a book of truth, a “living” book, tells us to “awake!” We need to wake up! If there ever was a time for us to get our spiritual lives in check, that time is right now – not later; if we wait, it will soon, very soon, be too late! All these things unfolding as we speak, are the prophesies actually being fulfilled, just as God promised, and that were foretold. The time is now! We are amidst the final stage. Although no man knows the time or hour, we may know the season and we are living in that season right now!

  • Lancey

    Let’s be careful about predictions both real and imagined when predicting the future. There have been doomsday prophets throughout history claiming the end of the world and apocalyptic preachers claiming the same like David Koresh, Jim Jones and the cult that killed themselves when a comet passed.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but they didn’t have a chalkboard

      • B D

        Glenn finally gets something right on his chalkboard.

  • Sean

    If there are any Christians stating that we should execute Obama, as a Christian myself, I tell you no. The law of God is clear, thou shalt not kill. Also, Christ said we should not judge “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone”. Today’s Christians sadden me…as a Christian I am deeply disturbed by the way American Christianity works…is Obama bad, yes. Is he a traitor, in my opinion, yrs. Should he be killed? No…im sorry and I know I’ll be bashed but I stand by this. Jesus said being a Christian wouldn’t be easy.

    • Donna Stanley

      I totally agree Sean! I mentioned, in my previous post, that I’ve read a lot of political opinion on here – everyone has an opinion. However, as a Christian, I believe in the living word of God. I know God’s promises will be fulfilled – prophecy will be fulfilled – the same God that said things would happen way back when and they did – is the same God telling of things to come that will! No man knows the time or hour, but we may know the season and I believe we are in that season right now. Does this mean the end of the world is right now and we should all stop what we are doing – NO! In fact, the Bible tells us to “keep waiting” and “keep working.” However, I believe we need to be spiritually ready as the stage is being set and the players are in action – as to how long this plays out – who knows? None of us knows – only God knows – but there is nothing wrong in being ready spiritually – keep waiting and working but with a faithful heart and in prayer for each other, our leaders and our country – I, for one, need to get out of lazy mode and return to my faith; answer my Lord’s call.

      • Sean

        Amen donna, I also need to get closer with god, which is what I have been working on these past few weeks. I see a lot of “the end is near” speeches in this church. That’s all good and all but I don’t want to be ‘scared’ into gods arms. That’s not the right way. We should be teaching the love that Christ taught us. I recently read a paper wherein the writer says that the ten commandments are a way to show us that we are not perfect without the help of god and also that everyone of them can be accomplished if only humanity showed unconditional love for one another. Walk with god donna. I hope to see you walking with our creator, and if I am not there, then I have misunderstood everything.

    • Anonymous

      Also, Christ said we should not judge “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone”

      and then in the next two sentences…

      “Today’s Christians sadden me…as a Christian I am deeply disturbed by the way American Christianity works…is Obama bad, yes. Is he a traitor, in my opinion, yrs”

      SURRENDER to jesus, don’t be a hypocrite

      • Sean

        “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” I have not been a hypocrite. I only stated my feelings of sadness and disturbance. By the actions Obama has taken, he seems to be a traitor to his nation. The way he acts is what I am basing this off of which is a righteous judgment. Do I condemn him? No, because vengeance is not mine. Vengeance is completely out of my hands. Moreover, it is possible to be saddend and disturbed by someone but still love them. I hope I see my creator and walk with him for all eternity and I hope everyone else is able to as well because being able to be with god is not achieved by following a list of rules, but by love and grace. Walk with god diditweetthat. I hope to see you with our creator.

        • Anonymous

          “I hope I see my creator and walk with him for all eternity and I hope everyone else is able to as well because being able to be with god is not achieved by following a list of rules, but by love and grace.”

          I hope you do too.

          “Walk with god diditweetthat. I hope to see you with our creator.”

          I am one with the creator, and the creator is one with me.

  • Anonymous

    “and poverty zones.” Otherwise known as RED STATES.

  • Krimsen King

    yes, glenn, predictions of disaster will eventually be ‘proven’ correct, as there will always be disasters that you can point to and verify your prophecy. But you are not a prophet, and your ‘predictions’ are just as ridiculous now as they were when they hadn’t yet been ‘proven correct’. Don’t get so down about NY, buddy. It’s a toddlin’ town… 😉

    • B D

      Beck is a fraud.

  • Eduardo Macaya

    Glen you come up short in your analysis of the Russia China plans for a new world order. Unfortunately Americans take Latin America for granted all the time and never look down south, well Russia and China are working hard to make you pay dearly for that mistake. Russia is putting new bases in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Think about it my friend…

  • Ryan Brown

    Y does everyone have to argue??? I mean we can’t change anything now man. If we all unify together and order an impeachment then we’ll B good. If not we threaten to leave the country and the Government has no one to lead and with no one to lead it will collapse. Honestly I’d rather be in South America right now then with all these politics and crap. Anyone wanna join me?

  • Eduardo Macaya

    Glen unfortunately you come up short on your analysis on Russia, China and the so called New World Order. You are missing the fact that the encirclement on the USA goes further than that. China operates the Panama Canal at this moment and Russia just announced last month that is opening new bases in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Americans always take Latin America for granted and that is the biggest mistake. While we are making a big fuzz about the events in Crimea the Cuban military machine is taking over in Venezuela and nothing is said in the American news. We don’t want to get involved, but we are, because we are part of this crazy world of ours, we pay our dues now or latter, but we will pay. It is harder to keep freedom than to conquered, think about it my friend…

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is a bit closer to the truth than most would be or are comfortable with. We as pawns can do little to impede or sway the trends in geopolitics. Russia and China are both asserting themselves on many fronts. Where Russia is overtly bolder in this initial onslaught, China is carefully calculating its moves and the responses to these moves. China will wait a very long time before actually committing militarily aggressive acts, where Putin’s Russia will act aggressively and see what results come from it.

    Given China’s recent moves from Southeast Asia up through the South China Sea and Sea of Japan whereby they are declaring certain islands as theirs, new air defense zones, et al. One can surmise they have greater ambitions. Their proclivity towards stealing technologies from the west should give pause to western intelligence agencies as to the possible end-goal: which is to ramp up their military capabilities as fast as possible to better match them against the eventual conflict they foresee with western powers. Be it first-strike or a response to some alleged affront by say, the USA or Japan. China still bears a significant level of hate towards the Japanese incursions into China both before and during WWII. It may be that the conflict that will arise (yes, I said will arise) between Japan and China draws the USA into play is done with that very purpose.

    The pact between Russia and China is one that has been established for a very long time. They are in many ways fraternal brothers from the “old” Communist days. There periods of estrangement at times, but they nonetheless remain ideological brothers. Neither nation has any use for the Islamic world, except that they can and do use them to foment hate rhetoric and terrorism against the West. In this they both would agree that Muslims are a useful tool in the greater scheme of things.

    Unfortunately, we will see WWIII in our time. It has in fact already begun. Simply because we do not see troops landing on our shores and bombers flying overhead does not mean it hasn’t started. We have a wear President, a weak military, and a society that is war weary and lazy. The under 40 crowd is as immoral as the citizens of Rome under Caligula or Nero. We are collapsing under our own weight and general mismanagement of the state. Financially we are bereft of any sensible course. So when people ask later on down the road how and why it happened – we have but one answer; We did it to ourselves, we allowed it to happen.

  • Anonymous
  • Jew Whisperer

    Thanx Glenn, many of us were up to speed thirty years ago and have been going down the rabbit hole ever since. It isn’t China and Russia either, it is the people that sign your paycheck, that is obvious. You really are a disinfo shill. Its the Synagogue of Satan stupid. Mystery Babylon, as in the Babylonian TALMUD, the Mystery Cults.

    PSSST. ↓

  • Jay Weiss

    God says he is going to bring this nation to its knees because of all our sins. Let’s see: Gay marriage, abortions, greed, ect….. I think the man upstairs has a hand in all this. (Just my opinion)

    • B D

      Prove it.

  • Krimsen King

    We should all really hold our entire political system accountable. The massive amounts of money in our electoral system fundamentally, inherently corrupt ALL of our politicians, regardless of political party or ideology. With all the money in our elections, we always get the best politicians money can buy. Is that what we really want from our elected representatives? You can’t have a free and fair democracy with an election system that goes to the highest bidder. You just can’t.

    • Donna Stanley


  • Anonymous

    Gold is barely thirteen dollars an ounce. I remember when it was nine teen and Glenn was hawking it with predictions of future dire. I am glad I didn’t lose a third of my investment believing in wound tighty righty.

  • heather

    So, I just watched the video, and all the comments I read are going back and forth about Obama, Palin, Biden, etc…..yada, yada, yada… people will never agree on whether Obama is good or bad, but that’s OK. I personally can’t stand him, but that’s MY opinion, it IS ok to disagree people! Anyway, so about the video, which is what I assumed the comments should be related to……Glenn just said he predicts WW3!! Hello? Did anyone pay attention?! Does this scare anyone? Does anyone see this situation the same way as Glenn?? I believe Glenn is very intelligent, and I like to stay updated with his news, but this all sounds as the beginning, if not ‘middle’ of (pardon my cliché), the ‘end of times’…………….

    • Donna Stanley

      GOD IS setting the stage … we need to pay attention! Like I said in a previous post and will continue to say … the same God that said all these things would come to pass throughout history and they actually happened, just as HE said they would, is the very same GOD that is telling us of things to come and they are coming – the stage is set and the players are in action; many of the things foretold thru prophecy have already happened … I’m not saying when it will all come to fruition – just that the stage is set – we are quickly heading in the direction of prophecy – things that were foretold are playing out right before our eyes – no man knows the time or hour, but we may know the season, the signs of those things to come, and they are upon us now. People need to be conscious of this and ready – however, this is not a message of doom and gloom – if you are a Christian – it’s a good thing – this is not a message to scare people – but rather to make people aware to be ready – we don’t know when – just that these times are coming , for sure and for certain – we must keep waiting and keep workign – life must go on and we just need to keep in prayer for each other.

      • B D

        You’re wrong. Get help. You need it.

  • Karen Tohkubbi

    people you need to read Ezekiel 38 because this is a description of what God will do and Joel 3 God has a plan and it will happen

    • Donna Stanley

      EXACTLY! :-)

    • B D

      The supernatural realm bronze age men imagined was not real. Those primitive ignorant people believed all kinds of nonsense.

  • Threeg Brand

    And coming in every day across the Mexican boarder…and I’m not talking about the Mexicans…our boarder is open to whoever wants to cross the Rio…China, Muslims, Pakistanis….whoever and NO ONE in Washington cares! If America would make Mexico a State and help them clean out the mess they have over there then we could secure our southern boarder by putting the biggest Navel Port on that coast, help the Mexicans with jobs and education thereby let them pay taxes, join our military and help defend our boarders

  • Mikey Hoops

    Let Russia and China form up their thing and we will merge with South America/UK/etc.. This is going to happen one way or another and a Global World Order isn’t such a bad thing anyways. Cut the Fear bullshit already!!!! Isn’t it time we strive for a better world and work together, instead of me me me America rules it all!??? What’s the alternative? Another war? Nope no way and sorry! I vote for Peace and Prosperity for all nations and that includes The Muslim nations as well.

    And btw people we’re all in this mess together anyways. Russia isn’t trying to take over anything and neither is China. Everyone and every country has it’s own problems and if we all work together we can actually make the world a better place. Now that’s what I want to leave for the people of the next generations.

    • agb1953 .

      10,000 years of one group of people warring to take away what another group has, and you think you’re going to “vote” in peace and prosperiy? For the whole world? There aren’t enough natural resources on this planet to pull that off. Ameica is 5% of the global population. For the rest of the 7 BILLION humans to even come close to having the “peace and prosperity” the US has, you need the resources of 7 more planets. Reality is going to shock you if you ever see it.

  • Barbara Anderson

    I remember laying on my couch every afternoon watching and listening to your show on Fox. I just pray that my children, our cats, and me are safe…..somewhere.

  • PCRaines

    “Tell Vlad that after the election, I will have a lot more flexibility.”

    • Anonymous

      To do nothing to Russia!

  • Barbara Anderson

    And I thank god that, u, Glenn Beck, opened my eyes back in 2010.

    • B D

      Opened your eyes to delusional and non-reality that is.

  • George Gard

    A new world order is coming, but not from any of these ‘powerful’ entities. Satan is coming. The antichrist will soon reveal himself in his full glory, and enlighten us all with his knowledge of the world as it is to be. Glory be to his Father, glory be to the unholy Son, and the Wraith. This trinity will usher in a new age of greatness and advancement for humankind from underneath the heel of false prophets and leaders whose goals focus entirely on monetary gain. Praise be unto the Dark One.

  • Richie

    Follow the money and you will find our problems… Federal Reserve and those who are associated with finance and banking. They make nothing of value and have all the money, because they make the money.

  • Janet Fogarty

    I talked with a scientist about a week ago, who said science was working on something now to let us live in a “Dream State”. “Matrix”?

  • Yoda Dundar

    Ok Glenn can understand your views on Putin, but how come you are not praying for the demise of your President, after all it ws him and Soros backed groups that caused the conflict in the Ukraine in the first place
    Obama should be your number One on your prayer list, he is dragging the US into the sewer, Putin is a very dangerous person and America should be ready to take on them in an all out War, Obama and his Minions are in dire need of a War, helps them financially, and Obama needs a LOT of distractions over his failing Presidency

  • landofaahs

    And it will be ushered in because of world wide economic collapse. It’s all been planned in my opinion. After all Bush the Elder did say “There’s a New world Order”.

  • Jason Lewis

    As soon as American’s have their bank accounts are wiped out and there’s no food in the house they will give away all their liberty.

  • hoyeru

    So what you are saying is that Karl Marx was correct when he predicted Communism will defeat Capitalism in the end? No sh*t, Jose!
    Yes, this IS pure entertainment.
    FYI Afghanistan NEVER attacked USA no matter how much you like to twist things around. Most of the 9-11 people were from Saudi Arabia and/or Egypt.
    Yes, you are correct but not the way you use terminology.

  • Anonymous

    Insane glenn beck who has been wrong in every prediction….i am surprised that he did not slip in a recommendation to buy gold from his crony advertiser …of course if Russia and china destroyed our economy it would cause china to go under as they would have nobody to buy their products and Russia only has energy to sell and the market would collapse in a world wide depression…but let’s not let reality or facts get in the way of Beck rants being eaten up by his low information drooling followers

    • Joe Q Public

      Your theory is flawed. In the circumstances of a world wide depression, China and Russia would thrive due to their military power and control of their population. Its the same way Hitler took Europe in the 30’s. And if you remember, it was a stronger communist power which first stopped his push, not the west.

    • Anonymous

      So, did u come to Glenn’s website to get educated or to just rant about how wrong “everyone but you” are? By ranting against Glenn, on HIS website, makes YOU stand out as the “nut job”. You DO realize this, right?

  • Pandora Brinker

    I agree with Becks ‘recommendation’ of ‘doing nothing’.
    By the way, isn’t that what Obama’s recommendation is too (?)

    What no one has reported on in many years now is that
    ‘The Middle East’ has already formed “The Mediterranean Union”.

    It was reported 2 years ago that 82 percent of Egyptians had already
    opposed the economic Aid of The United States.
    Over 60 percent of Egypt’s people viewed their Country’s relation with Turkey
    as more positive.

    Turkey’s President sees Turkey as “The Center Point Of Concentric Power Circles”.
    Which by the way,
    Jesus said Patmos (Turkey) is where The Throne Of Satan is. – Rev.2:13

    Back in 2008 Turkey traded over 2 Billion Dollars with Iran.

    They’ve been doing well not using the U.S world currency.
    So it’s not a new idea. And it didn’t cripple us then either.

  • Chris Ogden

    What decisions is he talking about? what decisions are we going to have to make?

  • John Mehelich

    the US dollar is fiction Glenn And on the verge of collapse we need to stay out of it of course we wont cause our govt works for us right?as long as we are still doin the bidding of the world bank, I.M. F. and federal reserve then we must be on the side of right ? this is what they want so here we go cuz we are in dept to them ,were there Natzis instigateing this The truth is out there somewhere I hope

  • Gadsden Purchase

    Those possessed with utopian delusions attack and undermine the key institutions, such as private property, upon which civilization depends.

  • Pandora Brinker

    – Miss Hollywood Sarah Palin has sold you guys out.
    Move on. She has.

  • Joe Q Public

    The Oval Office has been bought and paid for by outside interests since it was built. The problem we have is, who buys those occupants of the office. Since 1960, American interests have bought the office only twice. Kennedy and Reagan. Every other occupant has been bought and paid for by either Southeast Asia, China or Saudi Arabia. We need the next occupant to be bought and paid for by American interests again. Difficult and complex problem due to, multinational corporations. And just a thought…..Kennedy and Reagan both had lead thrown at them. Maybe just a coincidence, maybe not. Think about what I have written here thoroughly before you respond.

    • AfricaStandUp

      Your omission of Zionist Jews as the major buyers of presidencies is suspicious. Who owns and controls the largest media? Who owns and controls the financial sector? Who owns your federal reserve from whom the government borrows money? Why does a so called democratic country that cares for human rights not reprimand Israel for the systematic murdering, raping and displacing of Palestinians for over 60 years? Yet America and Britain can place sanctions so hard on Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe because a few whites were kicked out of farm lands they had obtained illegally and then discrediting the land reforms by saying they are the cause of Zimbabwe’s economic woes. The saddest part is that when America as a nation falls. Its citizens will be the ones with nowhere to go because Americans aren’t exactly viewed as the easter bunny spreading around good cheer around the world.

      • Joe Q Public

        You seem to have placed a lot of thought into your comment. However; The reason I didn’t mention Zionist Jews as purchasers of the Office is, My Country’s relationship with Israel is based on our Christianity, not a relationship with Zionist Jews. What I find interesting in your comments which, sheds light on your personal beliefs is: You believe it is disgusting that, Israel defends its land against Palestinians and it is okay for Zimbabwe to take land owned by white land owners. Do you have some racist leanings ASU? And BTW, Americans do not need anywhere to go. We have most of a continent which serves as home. It won’t be taken. Also, our government is a Representative Republic, not a so-called democracy.

  • S Bias

    I fully support your predictions due to the fact that I cant remember any that didnt come true or on the verge of being true….i.e. Benghazi America is Rising.

  • Vlasterx

    Well, this is all good news. It’s about time USA collapses. At least this way smaller nations will be free from it’s tyranny. Where ever it could, USA brought war, death, plundering and devastation… so that it’s citizens could buy new iPad every season. It’s about time that this trend stops!

    • Anonymous

      And your choice of residence will be “where”(?) if USA collapses? Once USA is gone, there is no safe place to be. Be careful what you pray for, you just might get it!

  • Publius II

    I guess this is what Obama meant when he said he could be more flexible after his reelection. This country is corrupt to the core, Democrats and Republicans alike have sold their souls and now we will all pay the price.

  • Kyle

    I have a question. Why did the 2012 Great Awakening failed to free us from the system?

    The 2012 *Great Awakening* failed that so many people were excited about back in the *Bush* era. I have notice a lot of people who claimed to support the *Great Awakening* stopped posting when Obama starting being more powerful.

    My theory is that the great awakening leaders like the *Great Brotherhood* type people were excited because they thought Obama would free them of the Global Matrix system that has been set up for thousands of years and has slowly seeped into America but Obama IS a player FOR the Matrix. Not against it.

    Now some of them are quietly saying that it will be 2015 for the great awakening but with not as much enthusiasm which I think it’s because their prophecies were BS to begin with and these bloggers/website stuff placed their hopes on the wrong people to led them out of the mess and don’t know what to think.

    What do you think?

    Has anybody noticed since 2005 that a lot of spiritual websites have stopped updating? I wonder if they were excited then because they could bash Bush and without him to bash for cash they have ran out of steam?

  • Kyle

    In fact has anybody noticed since Bush can’t be bashed anymore a lot of political/spiritual websites have quit updating except sites like this that talk about right wing news?

    In fact I have notice that *Right Wing Nutcases* as Liberals have put it have grown tremendously except not on the media but outside of the media influence it has boomed as many people are waking up from being asleep at the wheel.

  • Gary Mitchell

    I accepted Jesus in my heart and the revelations of this world were given to me by reading the biblical prophecies and what Glen Beck is talking about is fairly accurate, but when the one world order starts this will mean that the anti-Christ will have come and tricked the non believers and then the world will see some atrocious atrocities of the like that has never been seen before. As Glen always says, do your own research and don’t listen to second hand information. Check the scriptures out, but only if you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

  • Gary Mitchell

    Every thing is frustrating about Obmas Regime. A half white and half black man creates more racism than if the person was one or the other.

  • AfricaStandUp

    When will the general public of America understand that it matters not who the president is. Your country is run by a select few consisting mostly of bankers who decide who gets in office and what agenda to push. You need to get it out of your heads very quickly that your vote decides anything. The state has been gnawing away your civil liberties under the guise of protecting you from enemies of the state(otherwise known as terrorists) which your same government funds and uses to create unrest wherever they deem necessary. American citizens are dying for nothing in wars you shouldn’t even be involved. That has always been the case but of course to prove how much of a T.V. culture you are(firmly believing whatever garbage CNN and Fox News spew), your government gave you front row seats to the greatest show America has ever seen, the murdering of thousands of your innocent fellow Americans on live television(shock and awe effect) and then got you fully behind them to invade two countries that had done absolutely nothing to threaten America. What these countries had of course was Heroine and Oil respectively. That of course was not enough. They had to once more get rid of an old nemesis that is Brother Leader Lt. Col Muammar Ghaddafi of Libya and the reasons for that: 1). Libya is the only country in Africa that does not, or rather, did not owe the IMF/World Bank(whom by now I’m sure have released funds to Libya for “rebuilding”)

    2). Libya has the largest reserves of Gold in North Africa
    3). Col. Ghaddafi was touring Africa and the middle east trying to convince Leaders to support his idea of Africa abolishing the dollar and returning to the Gold Standard which would render the dollar and any other currency for that matter useless. This idea would create tangible wealth distribution on the continent. Part of his proposal was clearing the debts countries had with IMF(interest free!!). We would trade amongst ourselves as all natural resources required can be found in Africa. This is just one example of how the media in the US has created a populace whose opinion can be controlled to serve the needs of the masters. Wake up America and realise that your worst enemy lies within your own borders.

  • yandu

    i say lets …… those old white folks in that white house leaving the black for last
    and let the citizens control the system.
    take a moment and lets be the old natives that were once creating the better government.(self made)

  • yandu

    “i will find you”-SM

  • Dennis Richardson

    I even like Glenn Beck but his Mormonism is a false religion. Jesus Christ is NOT the brother of Lucifer has Joseph Smith told his followers in the 1820’s, was it about then? The religion that Christ himself brought to earth was the non-Roman Catholic Christianity that existed out side Rome in and near Europe in the first to sixteenth century. When a louder voice, Protestantism said Roman Cathoilicism was NOT what Paul directed in the New Testament. Too bad Mormons but what you were taught by Joseph Smith was the same con game Emmanuel Swedenborg told people in Europe near 1710 regarding a spirit God and his wife procreating spirit children on some planet named Kolar was it, to populate the earth.

  • zeebras

    Maybe inside all of that chaos Europe can stand strong together for once and claim independence from America and defend our own culture and interests.

  • info clases

    I noticed that the BBC was referred to at the begining of this article. It´s Marxist organistion and not to be trusted for objective reporting

  • Anonymous

    Lol Glenn beck is a cult member.



  • Mike

    People this world order was announced by G.W Bush on 9-11-1991. Don’t pretend like it was a secret.

  • Anonymous

    Beck hannity and limbaugh…..High School educated sociopaths that didn’t have the tenacity or the guts to make it through college. They talk about every topic there is yet have only a high school education. They never speak of the poor, the weak etc. They only speak for the strong. This is the complete antithesis of Christ’s teachings who commanded that unless we feed the hungry and clothe the naked, we will not enter heaven. It’s all about dough for these three stooges…period!

  • Alphayo Nyakundi

    I want to state this for the sake of records & History. Putin’s Russia & China are not the greatest threat to western democracy & Christian Civilization. The greatest threat to all of you that dwell in the west is ISLAM. If you do not rid yourselves of Islam by revoking their citizenship and deporting them back to Islamic nations, they will behead all of you in your streets soon !

  • Rich Monk

    Than you survive anyway you can.

  • Casey Hughlett

    The United States needs to get off the dollar, too, because it’s a debt to the fed, to whom Congress doesn’t even have the legal power to delegate the issuance of currency. Congress needs to finish what Lincoln tried to do, and issue greenbacks as currency, rather than sustain the multi continental central banking metagovernment.

  • William Pawlowski

    Ukraine as well as Khaziastan were never allowed to join NATO. Now we see why.

  • Gene Gleeson

    You guys may or may not get it but we are seeing the end times prophecies playing out right in front of our eyes. It will get much worse and the culmination will take place it that hotbed of the middle east.

  • Dana J.

    All of what Glenn mentioned WILL happen! All of this has been fortold, Im not a religious freak, BUT even I know the verse “All nations will rise against Israel” and Russia teaming up with China is the start! Theres absolutely nothing we can do about it!.

  • JoseKhanYohsi

    Pretty much screwed short of a full blown nuclear war whereby the US would have to take out all major city in Europe. There is no way the US can win in a ground way.

  • Arden Hale

    Yes, Glenn has completely lost it. He sees Muslims in the NRA and pretended to abandon the GOP when he never really belonged to it. Now we’re in the new world order. How far away can the asylum be Glenn?

  • Cody Parker

    It both does and does not matter who is in the Oval Office. What matters is if the Congress is backing the person in the Oval Office. Obama can do damn near anything he wants because he has full backing by the government. It’s why things like Operation Choke Point can happen in this day and age.

  • Jon David Porter

    WIth BHO in the lead, a proper or good choice cannot and will not be made. So, if you are correct. Doom is in order. Our prayers should be to grow a spine and replace the incompetent Commander and Chief with someone that has some since of world order where the USA isn’t at the bottom of the dung pile.

  • Tony Venuti

    I always understood as a youngster….that the governments of all worlds control the population ..any way they can…Marx took it to the empth degree….the exceptional americans …..allowed for the first time..a paradigm based in virtue…

  • Carole Jones

    Why aren’t people listening? It’s going to be too late and then once again they will find someone else to shift the blame to.

  • Mike Strunk

    Patton said we should kill the Russians while we are here…..he was right!

  • Robert Alger

    obama and his minions are there to make sure that this happens…WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE…this has been in the making for many years and obama is part of it…(“To those who may pick apart my grammar…I only capitalize for those that I respect…”)…

  • Russ Franklin

    The entire process that his going on in the world….Obama despising Israel and pandering to terrorists, Russia and China banding together to destroy the West, Ignorant youth that are demanding the dismantling of the Constitution through the brainwashing of our government and especially from this current administration; reminds me of a scene in Star Wars Episode III “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause!” Obama is taking the same path as the rise of Senator Palpatine. Ironic the Emperor started as a “Senator” too!

  • Saul Goodman

    Careful Glenn, I hear what you are saying, but I do not recommend mixing too much religion and blame-Obama into the mix. You might start sounding like Pat Robertson. He discredited himself. I think the best thing to do is approach this by “thinking like a lawyer.” Think of the procedure and evidence and the cause/effect relationships. When things are too grounded in our faith and knee jerk blame-Obama, the necessary causation element is destroyed. You are basically giving me a conclusion based on facts and the assumptions in the argument are ‘gap filled’ with western religion. Tell us first: what is the issue. Support it with well reasoned cause/effect, then tell us the facts. Apply the two, and the conclusion will naturally follow. Right now, I feel like I am being given an unsupported conclusion.

  • Haywoode Jeblomie

    sambo is far too big of a pu$$y to pull something like this off. Something like this, on both sides, mind you, will require true and great leaders of men and warriors. sambo just doesn’t fit the bill. He lacks the traits that naturally direct others to follow. He has no agenda. He has no plan. He has a teleprompter and a list of excuses. I would love to see Reagan take this on. I’ll go a little farther and wrinkle some feathers. I would love to see Ted Cruz take it on. The dynamics of the war would change overnight.

  • dave816

    The problem with Glenn is he is quite ill.

  • Beth Decker

    November 22, 1963 was our first “knock on the head”. And we still aren’t listening.

  • Coby

    Wow. This has been touted for at least 20 years. Yes. What do you expect? You do it in your lives only on a smaller scale. Take care of your own! Hook up the one’s around you! Only, this is a larger scale. You will try and trick yourself that they are so corrupt but in fact many of us do the same on our scale. Is it right? Depends on your beliefs. If it does not feel right, it isn’t, yet we compromise here and there. Faith is what I hold stock in and I can relax and enjoy the moments of every day. One day they will end! Do I really want to spend my life telling everyone what they should feel. I start with myself and work outward! You will find you don’t have to go far to recognize the solution!!! It’s in your own hands!

  • Sharron Hewston

    When you wrote on the slate board your thoughts a year ago … it scared me, but I believed you were on target …. You were right Glen Beck! I fear the future for our Country … we a NEED Strong Leader who’s not afraid of the other Countries! Since Obama, his cronies and his Liberal Media … not only our Country, but the world is falling apart right before our very eyes! :( We better pray little harder, and mean it straight from the heart! God Bless Our Country, our Leaders who are suppose to be working for us and Our Country’s best interest, Our Military, and the next President of the United States of America, I pray for the Countries, and the people being ripped apart by war, and may ISIS be eradicated ASAP! May God Almighty hear our prayers.

  • Iarwain Benadar
  • 7bill_lee7

    People are finally realizing enough of what Obama is that they don’t like, but not enough yet to chuck him cause we’re stuck on this shame thing for mistreating blacks umpteen years ago and it will be our undoing. Besides the majority of DC has their heads up their asses rather than on their shoulders. Got maybe 75 out of the 535 that are fighting for the constitution. Not enough. My prayer is that catastrophe will hold off until spring of 2017 when we can get Cruz and a cabinet of all-stars in the hot seat before the Enterprise is taken down. Not holding my breath. Bumpy ride. It’s like we’ve got a Klingon in Kirk’s seat and Spock can’t get the gumption up to stun grip the traitor.

    • EYES-WIDE-OPEN 1948

      Cruz and Rubio would put the USA “ship” on even keel and in the right direction! Let’s pray for such an eventuality.

  • Velton Cummings

    What really discourages me about politicians today is the fact that they invoke the word of God and use it as a stepping stone to increase their own power and wealth but do not act the way that is spelled out in the Bible. All I see is hate and venom for other people. Glenn Beck is a leader in this type of crusade and that is sad because I see him as a deep thinker.

  • Bob Anderson

    Part of the problem with getting people off of the ‘matrix’ is that the media and television is a distraction from what is happening. As people watch their Kardashians and Honey Booboos, the government slowly takes more rights and freedoms from us. Eventually, we will wake up and it may be too late.

  • 7tom7

    ALERT Obama going around congress and U.S citizens again ! Just heard on Russ Limbaugh that John Kerry sign accord agreement with Iran . But blocks congress oversight function to approve or disapprove because no one will know what in the accord agreement ! Because there is nothing in writing or written down only the signatures ! This then be at the whims of Obama and Iran to change it at their leisure and no one will know the difference ! Congress should void or nullified any signature of the President or Secretary of State representing U.S if the agreement is not in writing so the people representatives of senators and congressmen cannot do their oversight function on major agreements to approve or disapprove ! Here we go again you know what in Bill like Obama care When it pass , but in this case we will may never know what in this accord agreement , nothing in writing subject to IRAN and Obama whims to change and make up as they go along what in the bill or not per their timing can change back and forth ! We already had IRAN that we cannot trust and we didn’t t need some con artist of John Kerry & Obama , I say nothing good can come out of this deal when you only have liars and con artist making it ! Question how can the U.S and Citizens, congress be held to honor a agreement if not in writing and no one knows what truly in it , we have to take the word of the king of whoppers tellers which is Obama ! Don t worry it will depend on the time you ask Obama what’s in or not in agreement , most likely dictator king Obama won t tell you nothing !

  • Vernon Cunningham

    I have seen this coming also for years. The world goes through a flux ever so often. We are the pinnacle of one right now. Americans can’t fight this if our government won’t, and it seems our President is on board with the NWO. I would fight an invasion untll killd. There is no security.

    • 7tom7

      Obama doing all he can to bring down the free Western World making voids for radicals to take over countries and very weak response or non actions to RUSSIAN agression ! He is arranging that a weaken U.S be standing alone in the end that his agenda to bring down the evil Western Free World using communists or radical Muslims stateS or a combination to bring about the NWO!

  • BigD

    And when this brewing overseas Obama will use that as an excuse to declare martial law! He’s been wanting something like this to happen! He wants the US to fall apart so he can implement it!

  • 7tom7

    Question is Obama pulling the old trick watch my left hand , plane crash and the charges against Bergdahl to come out to place the spotlight on these items ! While his right John Kerry did in signing a accord agreement with nothing in writing if I heard right on Russ Limbaugh radio broadcast ? I think Obama is the one that’s want nothing written down and Iran agree to take hit for this to give Obama a cover excuse to avoid congress oversight on a major treaty ! To cover Obama trail balloon on what he may get away with to get around congress oversight , maybe make this treaty contents be consider secret to congress and U.S citizens prevent it being review ?

  • Daniel Hartman
  • Лариса Куперман

    If America starts a war with Russia, America be destroyed. Obama is crazy.

  • Dina Rae

    Glenn-I agree 100%. New World Order is closing in. Dina Rae

  • RingDings

    Wonder how many Beck worshippers followed his shilling gold advice ? Wonder how much their fortunes have been squandered?

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