“The important thing is . . . that parents are able to give their kids a good education.”

—Michelle Silvestre, owner of Textbook Heaven

image001As any homeschooling parent knows, getting the right materials can be difficult. For Michelle Silvestre, it started as a tremendous challenge that led to an opportunity.

“I was working at a car rental agency full-time and as a courier part-time,” Michelle recalls.

Always wanting to make sure her children’s educational needs were being met, Michelle struggled to find quality educational materials that were still affordable. While searching for a homeschool curriculum for her daughter, Michelle discovered her local school district sold textbooks that were no longer being used.

She bought what she needed and after her daughter was finished with them, Michelle would resell the books to recoup some of her costs. Eventually, Michelle decided to approach the school district with an offer to buy the books in bulk.

“I saw the opportunity to make the books available to homeschoolers for a very good price,” Michelle says. She successfully acquired contracts with several other school districts as well.

“The books pretty much took over my house!”

Always passionate about homeschooling, Michelle decided to use her new home business to teach her kids the value of hard work. The early days of her business weren’t always glamorous.

“Instead of having a living room, there were boxes and boxes of books stacked up on the floor with small walkways in between,” Michelle remembers. “My children were my shipping department.

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Coming from a family of small business owners, Michelle knew the secret to success was not just selling to a customer, but also providing exceptional help and customer support—even if that help ended up benefitting other small businesses besides her own.

“Not only do I sell products, but I am always giving advice to new homeschooling families,” Michelle says. “The important thing is to make sure that parents are able to give their children a good education.”

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