Former White House aide dishes on what it was like to work for Michelle Obama in the ‘worst wing’

Last week, veteran White House pastry chef Bill Yosses made headlines for his surprise resignation. In a bizarre exit interview with the New York Times, Yosses commented that he no longer wanted to “demonize cream, butter, sugar and eggs.” This week, the inner workings of the Obama White House are in the news once again with former White House assistant press secretary Reid Cherlin writing in an article for the New Republic that the first lady’s East Wing is the “worst wing” and Michelle Obama is demanding and hard to please.

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“The most interesting thing there is you have a somewhat scathing, not horrifically scathing but a pretty scathing long article,” Stu said on radio this morning. “This is not the National Review writing this. This is a former deputy press secretary for the west wing. This is a guy who was paid to lie on behalf of the Administration. And there is trashing the First Lady. Pretty interesting.”

In the article, Cherlin quotes several unnamed former aides who described the First Lady as demanding. Furthermore, Cherlin explains the quest for perfection:

The First Lady’s offices run along a hushed corridor on the second floor of the East Wing, where the policy team occupies an office next to the calligraphers who write ornate invitations to the mansion’s many formal events. That the position of first lady has become embarrassingly anachronistic is no big revelation. But after the 2008 victory, there were hopes that Michelle Obama’s political appeal and charisma would enable her to transform it into something that reflected the role of modern women as equal participants in the political process.

Surprisingly, though, her first move was to declare that she wanted to play it safe. A few days before her husband took the oath of office, she gathered her small staff at the presidential transition headquarters in downtown Washington and outlined a distinctly narrow vision. “We don’t have to do anything,” she told her aides, according to people familiar with the meeting, “so anything we decide to do, we need to do really, really well.” She didn’t want to get in the way of the president’s agenda, she explained. She only wanted to be, as she would say often over the years, “value-added.”

“She kind of made the point early on that she didn’t want any mistakes,” Stu said. “[It] is odd because, you know, then she went on to do things like ‘Drink Up,’ a program encouraging people to drink more water to make them healthy, which has zero science behind it. You don’t need more water to make yourself healthy. Scientists say that you get enough water to keep yourself hydrated from the food you eat… [it’s]one of these, you know, dietary things that no one can even explain where it came from, let alone have evidence of it working.”

The White House has dismissed Cherlin’s article as hogwash. But it is certainly interesting to see several former staffers so willing to speak out against the Obamas.

“It’s no surprise she’s nasty to work with. I fully expected that. I would be blown away if it turned out she was the nice yet person in the world to deal with, because you could tell she’s not,” Pat concluded. “This is the way these two are. They’re so out of the mainstream of your average American person’s thought process.”

Read the entire New Republic article HERE.

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  • Connor

    Not shocking guys I would be more shocked to hear she was a nice human being. Rich liberals always act like their better than everyone else and demand perfection when the shirk at their jobs. Like her husband demanding to pay your fare share and at the same time paying for private concerts for his family and having these expensive parties while millions of their fellow countrymen wondering if they are going to have anything to eat tomorrow but the left want to think their the warrior of the middle class give me a break. They are the paid warriors of the rich liberal class.

  • Deckard426

    Barry sent Mooch to China so he could fly off and tap za blonde, German Reich Field Marshal.

    • LoyceS

      And how many others. The ladies had better watch their backs. Remember the mother the Capitol police willfully killed with her baby in the car.

  • Claudia Bontrager

    Re water: Read the book “You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty” Water intake does make a difference — help flush toxins for one.

    • henry

      water is made now and contains floride and chlorine that are not benefitial to good health. theres other things better for detoxing your body with

      • Claudia Bontrager

        I don’t know about your water, but I personally live in the foothills and have wonderful well water. When I’m away, I carry a water filter with me.

      • Anonymous

        Water is not “made”. Where did you ever get that idea…? Flouride and Chloriine are added to water to kill bateria and to harden bones. They are additives, generally added to city supplied tap water. Many bottled water companies use fresh water captured from ground spring wells. But water is not “made” in any case. Anyone looking for good quality bottled water can look at the ingredients list and look for pure spring water with nothing added right on the label. .

      • Anonymous

        your gov’t put those toxins into your public water “for your own good” …

      • Anonymous

        Chlorine kills bacteria and dissipates when exposed to the air. Fluoride has eliminated cavities in most of us.

    • Anonymous

      Liquids do flush the system, but my preferred flushing liquid is beer, not water.

    • Anonymous

      The White House could use a lot of water could it not ?? It is full of toxins and parasites living off the taxpayers.

      • Guardian

        Yes, and it certainly needs to be flushed!

    • smokehill

      Just another stupid health cult for nervous yuppies who never took a Science class.

      The medical community laughs at this since there is ZERO research behind this crap claim. The average human being does required about 8 glasses of water a day — but according to REAL doctors and nutritionists, almost all of this is satisfied by the fluids IN THE FOODS WE EAT. And unlike the idiot Iranian doctor (that popularized this recent nonsense) claims, almost all the other liquids we actually drink every day are a perfectly acceptable source of the REST of our water requirement. Just because you stick flavorings & sugar, or caffeine, in water doesn’t suddenly make it NOT water.

      Not all the crap you see on the internet is true. Try doing a bit of actual RESEARCH for a change.

      File this nonsense along with the other urban legends like “Vaccines Cause Autism” or “Chemtrails are Poison”

      • LoyceS

        my heart doctor told me never to drink 8 glasses of water a day. He said that is false information.

    • Anonymous

      “she went on to do things like ‘Drink Up,’ a program encouraging people to drink more water to make them healthy, which has zero science behind it. You don’t need MORE water to make yourself healthy. Scientists say that you get enough water to keep yourself hydrated from the food you eat… [it’s]one of these, you know, dietary things that no one can even explain where it came from, let alone have evidence of it working.”

      Sure, you need fluids to flush toxins out…. and to stay hydrated… so, if you’re thirsty, have a glass of water. If you’re one of those sedentary people who eat too much, and don’t know enough to get out of your chair and go to the bathroom and get a drink of water, you need to read the book suggested. Otherwise, you’re a normal person who gets plenty of water in the course of your normal day through the food and liquids you already take in.

      Queen Obama’s self appointed role of mommy/nutritional expert (with no background in nutrition) and her nationwide program to get people to drink more water was the epitome of the nanny state.

      Her program was the Governmental equivalent of mommy telling all of us children to drink our water, clean up our plates, and go to bed on time.

      That’s NOT the role of the government, and certainly not the role of the First Lady. We already have a mother, we don’t need someone else trying to take her place in the name of knowing better than we do.

      How arrogant, condescending, egotistical, and narcissistic of Queen Michelle. .

    • Anonymous

      Hmmmmm helps flush toxins? I’ve seen people who drink water diligently at eight plus glasses a day and they’re all FAT and/or obese. Proper foods need time to digest in a healthy manner instead of being wased down and away with water.

  • Bob

    It would seem that the Chinese agree with Yosses and Cherlin.

  • Anonymous

    The new-rich or new-royalty think they have to “lord it over others” to show they have achieved their true status. Never learned social graces. Or to be sensitive to others.

    • henry

      yes think they are at the top of the food chain when in reality are at the bottom of the evolutionary scale

      • Anonymous

        Anyone keeping track of the change in net worth from when he started in politics to present? Would like to see that published.

        Or, from first election to now. Fair share, my foot. Let them pay for the $8,400 per day room in China, bet she doesn’t leave a tip.

        • LoyceS

          Who in his/her right mind would pay such an amount for a room each night. She must have booked the whole hotel!
          Why can’t we impeach her husband and let them pay their own bills?

  • Anonymous

    I thought she’d be hard to work for. Look at all the people they have to take along on trips to meet their needs. Not including Secret Service. Private plane for the dog.
    Not surprised she’s a b^t(# for a boss. I doubt even any queen has ever been so demanding and arrogant as this wanna be queen or wannabe rulers wife. She even looks the b^t(hy part.

    • Anonymous

      dmacid — Anyone remember the reports about Leona Hemsley, hotel owner , New York City?

  • Anonymous

    The story on MSNBC about the resignation was heartwarming.Diane Sawyer on ABC was almost in tears.

  • Anonymous

    FLOTUS is a self-indulgent, narcissistic elitist. She’s as transparent as freshly cleaned glass (too bad her husband’s administration isn’t).

  • Anonymous

    “Movin’ on up…to the East Wing….we finally got the WHOLE FREAKIN’ PIE ”
    The 0bama’s version of — The Jefferson’s

  • Anonymous

    When the announced the missing Maylasion Boeing 777, and Moochie was in China at the same time, I put 2 and 2 together and figured they’d find the missing plane among all that junk in her trunk!!

  • Anonymous

    She is a TOTAL “B”! Look at her, she acts like she’s soooooo concerned about Americans health and welfare, but she spends millions on herself, her kids and her mother! Millions have been spent on “stupid” policies” she has enacted.
    Kids are throwing their food at school in trash cans because they hate it and won’t eat it. The waste these people have perpetrated on the people is outrageous.
    They are so far out of touch, it’s disgusting!

    • LoyceS

      I wonder how much she truly knows about nutrition.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone care to bring up the discussion on “Bossy”? hmmm

  • Anonymous

    What else can you expect out of this worthless woman. In my opinion she is even worse than Obama himself, She is sent to China and other countries by Obama, and I wouldn’t doubt that some of those countries are not happy with her..//

    • Anonymous

      No country she has been to has been happy with her.

      She has caused disruptions in business, in traffic, and in the local economy in every location she has been to. This has been widely reported on every trip she has been to.

      Not only that but both she and King Obama both spend our money like it’s nothing everywhere they go. She, her daughters, and her mother are staying at an $8,400 a night 5 star hotel while in China (for 14 days, I believe) and we’re paying for her 70 member entourage hotel, meals, transportation, and salaries as well. The White House refuses to provide any hint of what this absurd trip is costing us taxpayers.

      For the 14 hours Obama spend going to Nelson Mandells’ funeral, it cost us taxpayers $11 million. That’s right, we paid $11 million for Obama and his entourage for that event. 14 hours…. $11 million dollars. Our money.

      …and don’t forget about the $100 million of our money he blew on his trip to Africa last year.

      ….and just this past week, he brought an entourage of 900 along with him for the 24 hours he spent in Belgium. That’s right 900 people for a 24 hour trip. And again, the WH refuses to provide any information on what it has cost us to send those 900 people to Belgium to make the impression King Obama wanted to make regarding his importance (to himself) on the world stage. Again, 900 people… 24 hours… our money… blown at the Kings whimsical desires.

      and no, Bush never did anything near the wastefulness King Obama or Queen Michelle have consistently demonstrated throughout the entirety of their reign, so don’t even try to bring that ridiculous nonsense up. These people are just out of control, drunk on our money..

      • LoyceS

        Why won’t he be impeached?

    • Anonymous

      By the way, does anybody know exactly why she went to China in the first place? It’s a strange co-incidence that she went there right after the MH370 disappearance. Also, I don’t believe that this trip was planned well ahead of time????

  • smokehill

    No wonder their Secret Service bodyguards spend their time drunk and whoring around, rather than hang around with this Chicago Trailer Trash.

    • Anonymous

      Their complaints are the same as Yosses’s and Cherlin’s, so why not just get stoned on taxpayers’ dime.

  • suz

    ms o is an angry, racist single mother bent on exacting vengeance on the innocents.

  • Anonymous

    I know that none of you can see me, but I am showing you my surprised & shocked face…

  • Guest

    Th most fghtening thing is that we’ll probably never get rid of either of them!

    • LoyceS

      What is the best way to let them know they are not welcome and they need to go away now?

  • Anonymous

    The most frightening thing is that we’ll probably never get rid of either of them!

    • LoyceS

      I think that is their plan. We should be writing and calling our do-nothing Congressmen all the time.Obama MUST be impeached!

  • thedogwalker

    What else would you expect from a couple of entitled baboons?

  • Nicole Hidu

    And also, with the water thing… There’s thing called THIRST. It’s you body’s way of telling you if need to be hydrated. And if people really want to get technical about their water intake, the more yellow your pee is, the less hydrated you are. You really don’t need 8 glasses. You need what your body tells you that you need!

  • Thomas Brady

    Most of the benefits of modern civilization result from our own ability to make use of more knowledge than we could ever know personally.

  • NotPayingAttentionTax

    Regarding the Water, professional eaters (think hot dog contest), will drink gallons of water to stretch out their stomachs. This enables them to eat more in one sitting. The risk of forcing yourself to drink extra water is you may enable additional overeating. But if you substitute water for soda, then you will likely lose weight. The problem with drink up is emphasis on the wrong point and oversimplification, much like most feel good policies it only serves superficial appearances.

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