Russell Crowe: Noah critics ‘bordering on absolute stupidity’

Glenn made headlines for his honest critique of the soon-to-be-released Noah, director Darren Aronofsky’s action-packed film adaptation of Noah’s Ark. Glenn is not the only critic to call the movie’s “aggressive environmentalism” and loose interpretation of the Biblical tale into question. In fact, the negative buzz was so bad, Paramount Pictures executives invited Glenn and his team to a private screening of the film last weekend in order to shed some light on the editorial decisions that were made.

Russell Crowe stars as Noah in the film, and he is making the rounds ahead of the movie’s release tomorrow. During an appearance on Good Morning America Wednesday, Crowe lashed out at detractors – claiming their critiques are “bordering on absolute stupidity.”

Check out the interview below (applicable video begins at the 4 minute 30 second mark):

ABC US News | ABC Business News

Ironically, contrary to Crowe’s belief, Glenn and Pat did actually see the movie. And yet they still fail to understand what Aronofsky was trying to accomplish.

“When we got to Los Angeles and got the call that he invited us to the movie, we had an open mind. We wanted to be persuaded. We wanted to the like it,” Pat concluded. “I didn’t care about what they were trying to do. What mattered was what they did to Noah, prophet of God. That’s what mattered most to me. And for him to say it was ‘respectful and potent.’ I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Mine is not so much.”

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  • Deckard426

    I knew the movie was going to be trouble when I watched the trailer and saw a ramp leading from the massive handicapped parking lot into the ark, and TSA agents patting down all the animals.

    • Crassus

      Don’t forget the protesters from Greenpeace and PETA.

      • Ashley Richard


        ☭☭☭ ☭☭☭ ☭☭☭⬦ ☭☭☭ ☭☭☭You made Noah into a murdering liberal good grief what did you think was going to happen a magic leprechaun was going to make people forget that you raped the story.

    • Gordon Brown

      HAHAHAHA. Good one. they forgot veterinarians on Obamacare and a compartment for the food stamps.

  • Connor

    I am sorry Mr. Crowe but when you take a Biblical story into a propaganda piece the target audience is not going to watch it and the only idiots are you and the morons that made this movie. You made Noah into a murdering liberal good grief what did you think was going to happen a magic leprechaun was going to make people forget that you raped the story. Give me a break. I also love the fact that the same people who attacked Lone Survivor on this very website are the same people all for this liberal propaganda. I think that should tell people something.

    • Anonymous

      Lighten up folks. Any moe, whether based on fact, on the bible or any other source, is just a movie for entertainment. Take ANY movie for what it is, a spectacle. All the war movies to you critics also had hidden agendas….not. As long as people keep going to see all these movies, hollywood will keep producing and spending many more millions.

      • Connor

        This is coming from the same person who attack the Movie Lone Survivor for no reason at all.

    • Stude4art

      “You made Noah into a murdering liberal” should be Republican War Hawk! We all know Republicans LOVE war, killing machines, and the hypocrisy of hiding behind the Bible, God, and American flag waving! Thou shalt not kill? Before you kiss me off as some ultra liberal myself, I’m a PK who loves the Ten Commandments movie. THAT movie made me want to pray more.

      • Connor

        You said I love war and who said I was even a Republican?

        • Stude4art

          Its CLEAR! If not, they would LOVE your reasoning! So what are you waiting for? Jump aboard! No,I don’t think you LOVE war… NEWS FLASH! It was sarcasm!

          • Connor

            My mistake.

  • 67namvet

    Skip Noah, if you want to see a really good movie, see “God is not dead”

    • Anonymous

      Tell that to the liberals, I’m sure they will be critiizing it just we are doing to NOAH.

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s what I call, “marketing”:

    Send the actor who stars in the title role of a ‘religious’ [if not Biblical] film, and have him say that people who actually value the Bible and its historical narrative; who speak out critically about the film’s deviation from the Biblical narrative, and its co-option of the historical Noah for the purpose of dubious “environmental preaching”, are “bordering on absolute stupidity”,

    Is itself a plan that doesn’t flirt at the “border of absolute stupidity”,

    It charges right in and plants a great-big flag on the highest hill in the land, where everybody can see it.

    You don’t suppose that he was sent to weave for the authors of this [should I say it?]

    Epic Disaster of Biblical Proportions“,

    a ‘fig-leaf apron’ to cover the nakedness of their misguided and abysmal failure by ‘tweaking’ the very audience that it was supposedly made for?

    • Anonymous

      WOW! I wonder what you would do if you saw some guy burning a copy of the bible?

      • Anonymous

        Though perusing your post left me wondering what triggered your asymmetric response, I’ll treat this as a serious question:

        You wrote, “WOW! I wonder what you would do if you saw some guy burning a copy of the bible?”

        I’d do nothing, except maybe pray for him, or maybe see if I can get him help if he burns himself. Would you consider it reasonable to do more than that?

        1. It’s not my book. I didn’t write it.
        2. If it was my property, I could have him charged with vandalism, I guess.
        3. Would reacting accomplish anything other than to gratify their juvenile compulsion to obtain a reaction?
        4. Does the Declaration or Constitution anywhere give me the right to control how an equally-created human being responds to God, or His Word?
        5. The ostentatious Church establishment that made the Dark Agges dark burned not just Bibles, but the people who owned them; not just the people who merely owned them [which was a capital offense by itself], but those who disagreed with the State-supported dogma were also severely punished, including excommunication, confiscation of property, banishment, and for obstinate heretics, death by up to and including burning alive.

        You owe the liberty to post opinions of all kinds to the Protestants who fled such horrors in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was not the religion of the boasting edifice of the day that extended to men the liberty to believe as God directs their conscience, but those who held the Bible in esteem higher than Tradition and Church authority.

        Even educated atheists know enough to be thankful for the Reformation’s influence on politics. It took a while for those principles to be worked out, but when the Declaration of Indepedence was written, it expressed, in as non-sectarian language as could be conceived, the cardinal principle of Protestantism [Bible religion], thus:

        The conscience of the individual is a throne that no man can occupy without usurping the authority of the Most High. That throne is established in God’s law. Men who would interpose themselves – no matter their title or supposed position – do so under gloss of law and a tyrannical imposture over every individual’s right to Liberty.

        All have this [after Life itself] as the first and most important right, from which all other true and legitimate rights derive. Therefore, no human being is empowered by God with authority to punish the conscience of another, until the lack of conscience is manifested in the violation of the God-given individual rights of another.

        So, with this simple explanation, I ask, “What should I do if I see someone burning a Bible?”

        And for you, yet another question: “What will you do when you see someone believing and practicing it?”

  • henry

    hey …. maybe this is the muslim version ; )

  • Anonymous

    It’s made by Hollywood elitists. Did anyone actually think it would be good?

  • Anonymous

    So we are entitled to pan the movie, but RC not entitled to disagree with the reviews ? Tad hypocritical. ..

  • Anti Fabian

    I’m looking forward to seeing it. Can’t wait to see Captain America either. I hope that Glenn and others will pick up on the Progressive/Fabian propaganda delivered by Robert Redford in that movie. We shall see. Can’t wait for the new X-Men either! :-)

  • Anonymous

    If it takes the principal actor of this film to go on defensive with the promo circuit , can’t say I want to spend my dollars on seeing it.

    • Anonymous

      Trouble is you few bucks saved will be a drop in the bucket to all the movie fans who will go to see it.

  • Anonymous

    Is Crowe going to channel Moses and call down plagues of frogs and locusts on us because we don’t like his movie? I think his comments “border on absolute stupidity”. Of course, most of what Hollywood has done in the last 50 years has been absolutely stupid.

  • landofaahs

    If critics of the movie are “bordering on absolute stupidity” Russell, you are at the center of the stupidity. The critics aren’t stupid, the movie is just nothing to…Crowe about.

  • Deckard426

    Rename the movie, Ark of Slaves, and it wins thirty-seven Academy Awards whether or not anybody goes to see it.

  • Deckard426

    Hey Russell, I was on the way to see Noah today, but then I realized I was too stupid to buy a ticket. Sorry.

  • Defend Liberty

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