Pat: Taco Bell is the key to peace

If you are a fan of Pat & Stu on TheBlaze TV, you know the guys enjoy indulging in a treat or two every now and again. Filling in for Glenn on radio this morning, Pat and Stu decided it was the perfect opportunity to taste test Taco Bell’s brand new breakfast menu.

So what’s the verdict?

“Taco Bell is the key to peace,” Pat concluded. “You wonder why Crimea and Ukraine are in an uproar? They don’t have Taco Bell. Get more Taco Bells in Kiev and whatever Crimean cities the Russians are in, and then you’ll have peace. Send Taco Bell to Russia and they won’t be so nasty and greedy all the time.”

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  • Deckard426

    Without indoor plumbing or toilet paper in Ukraine, they might want to avoid Taco Bell.

    • ken.

      the runs from the border

  • Anonymous

    Taco Bell is sending a company rep. as we speak.

  • landofaahs

    I doubt it. But it may be better if it were not Taco Bell but “The Pachelbel Canon Albinoni Adagio”. It’s probably a little pr-ck who got canned and wanted to get even.

  • Connor

    I am shocked liberals are not blaming Taco Bell or Bush.

    • landofaahs

      You would be surprised what dumb kids will do in reference food distribution. Spit, is the least of bodily fluids they add to your…Whopper. I rarely eat out.

  • landofaahs

    If he made $15 an hour he would never have done such a vile thing….right?

  • soybomb315

    How is this important compared to all the things going on?

  • Anonymous

    Taco Bell, solving the gas crisis one, uh, hmmm at a time.

  • Hitched

    Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to build the shining city:

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