Congressman Ted Poe has a plan to thwart Russia’s influence via selling U.S. natural gas to Europe

Earlier this month, Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) introduced a bill that would require the Department of Energy to expedite and approve exports of natural gas to Ukraine and other nations. The purpose of the legislation was to thwart Russia’s control over energy supplies in the region. On radio this morning, Rep. Poe joined Glenn to discuss the crisis in Ukraine and the threat Russia poses not just to the region but to the world.

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“I introduced a bill… that the United States expedite the sale of natural gas to foreign countries, especially to the former Soviet republics… Most of that part of the world… gets natural gas from Russia,” Rep. Poe explained. “I was in the Ukraine several years ago when the Russians turned off the gas in winter. It got cold. And it was dark. And so if we could do this, it would help give them an alternative to depending on Russia. And we have an abundance of gas in the United States and we could sell it.”

Much like Glenn, Rep. Poe believes Vladimir Putin has his sights set on a new empire that stretches far beyond Crimea. As a result, the Obama Administration would be best served recognizing the Russian threat and acting on it.

“Putin is not through… When [I] look at Putin, I still see [KGB] across his forehead because that’s what he still is. This is my belief,” Rep. Poe said. “His philosophy is not trying to go back to the communist days of taking all these republics. He wants to go further back than that. He thinks he’s the new czar of Russia… So the west has to do something.”

The most effective sanctions against Russia will be those that involve isolation, and offering Eastern Europe an alternative to Russian energy could help with that goal.

“We have to isolate Russia,” Rep. Poe concluded. “And, of course, [we must work] to make sure that those former Soviet republics have an alternative form of energy because that’s the number one source of income to Russia – the sale of energy to other countries. Let’s compete against that.”

  • landofaahs

    We need to use that Nat Gas here. Let the fracking begin over in Europe. There are the proper rock formations over there, The Europeans would benefit by seeing the problems caused by Environmental nut jobs. Perhaps a winter of freezing their butts off might wake them up a tad.

    • Lydia Saunders


      ☗☗☗ ☗☗�☗ ☗☗☗� ☗☗☗ ☗☗☗Obama said when he was campaigning the first time if elected we could expect the cost of utilities would skyrocket.

  • Deckard426

    The natural gas suppliers would then use it as a reason for raising rates here, and they don’t need much of an excuse to do that.

  • Anonymous

    My utility bill is out of sight and this nitwit wants to export our natural gas ? Obama said when he was campaigning the first time if elected we could expect the cost of utilities would skyrocket. This s one promise he kept !

    • Anonymous

      That is a regulatory issue not a supply issue. Can you spell coal? Well your president really hates these guys. Every power plant he takes off line is going to raise your electric bill. There is more than enough gas for both sale here and to Europe. Might even creat a few jobs now wouldn’t that be a plus.

  • Connor

    But Obama will not do that. I been thinking about when he said he would be more flexable after the election. I bet that is what he meant.

    • 7tom7

      Ya more flexible to weaken our country ,our defense, our country become more toward a communist regime,obama have a excuse to do nothing because he put U.S and the Free Western World in a check mate position with Russia on purpose for their downfall !! No missile defense in Europe, no development of our energy to become independent and supply Western Europe, piss off countries that border Afghanistan with over use of drones violating these countries sovereignty so we have only one way to supply our troops is though Russia !! Increase our national debt so we be at the mercy of Russia and China economic warfare !! Ya he be more flexible need not to respond to Russia,North Korea,China , Iran aggression obama had made his ready made ruse of excuse on purpose that he cannot act because he put U.S in check mate position with our enemies !! Why to fulfill obama goals of bringing down U.S and the Western Free world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G26

    Ultimately, it is knowledge that is power:

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