Because they have nothing better to do, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is now issuing helpful tips for grandparents to help ensure their grandkids maintain a healthy lifestyle. In a blog posted Monday morning entitled “Grandparents Help Kids Develop Good Eating Habits” the USDA offers advice to grandparents on how to encourage their grandkids to eat healthier. For instance, the USDA provides instructions to give children “hugs” instead of treats and read government bedtime stories.

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“By the way, could we go into the USDA now urging grandparents to read their grandchildren a bedtime story to help promote better eating habits,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “But wait! There’s more. Not only does the USA recommend grandparents read, the USDA has their own little book they are recommending that the grandparents read to their kids. It’s wonderful.”

The USDA blog post explains:

As a proud grandmother, I can attest that grandkids learn by example! They mimic everything you do, so be a healthy role model by taking care of yourself and they will learn to value healthy habits. Use to guide your food choices and better understand the nutrition needs of young children in your life. Take your grandchildren shopping at a farmer’s market and the grocery store. Talk about the choices you are making—choosing the juicier oranges or the fresher vegetables. Help them learn cooking skills, which will benefit them throughout their lives. Encourage them to be active throughout the day… Reward them with your attention. Hugs are much better than sweet treats.


Show your grandchild games, activity sheets and other fun ways to learn about good nutrition at MyPlate Kids’ Place. For a bedtime story, read The Two Bite Club.

When you consider the nationalized nature of Common Core and progressives like MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry declaring children are to be raised by the collective, the USDA’s ‘suggestions’ seem to be in line with broader goals to increase government control. As Glenn sees it, this is nothing short of government propaganda.

“This used to be against the law. It’s propaganda. It used to be everybody – especially on the left – was against propaganda,” Glenn concluded. “Everybody is for kids having healthy eating. Let’s stop with the government propaganda. If there is really something out there, let the doctors put all this together… Governments should not be selling products. Ever.”