Attention, Grandparents: The Obama Administration wants you to teach your grandkids to eat healthier

Because they have nothing better to do, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is now issuing helpful tips for grandparents to help ensure their grandkids maintain a healthy lifestyle. In a blog posted Monday morning entitled “Grandparents Help Kids Develop Good Eating Habits” the USDA offers advice to grandparents on how to encourage their grandkids to eat healthier. For instance, the USDA provides instructions to give children “hugs” instead of treats and read government bedtime stories.

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“By the way, could we go into the USDA now urging grandparents to read their grandchildren a bedtime story to help promote better eating habits,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “But wait! There’s more. Not only does the USA recommend grandparents read, the USDA has their own little book they are recommending that the grandparents read to their kids. It’s wonderful.”

The USDA blog post explains:

As a proud grandmother, I can attest that grandkids learn by example! They mimic everything you do, so be a healthy role model by taking care of yourself and they will learn to value healthy habits. Use to guide your food choices and better understand the nutrition needs of young children in your life. Take your grandchildren shopping at a farmer’s market and the grocery store. Talk about the choices you are making—choosing the juicier oranges or the fresher vegetables. Help them learn cooking skills, which will benefit them throughout their lives. Encourage them to be active throughout the day… Reward them with your attention. Hugs are much better than sweet treats.


Show your grandchild games, activity sheets and other fun ways to learn about good nutrition at MyPlate Kids’ Place. For a bedtime story, read The Two Bite Club.

When you consider the nationalized nature of Common Core and progressives like MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry declaring children are to be raised by the collective, the USDA’s ‘suggestions’ seem to be in line with broader goals to increase government control. As Glenn sees it, this is nothing short of government propaganda.

“This used to be against the law. It’s propaganda. It used to be everybody – especially on the left – was against propaganda,” Glenn concluded. “Everybody is for kids having healthy eating. Let’s stop with the government propaganda. If there is really something out there, let the doctors put all this together… Governments should not be selling products. Ever.”

  • Deckard426

    The USDA is targeting grandparents because there are no children living with their parents. Daddy is sleeping on a park bench, and Mommy is passed out in an alley with a needle stuck in her arm.

    • Anonymous

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  • landofaahs

    My grand parents taught my folks what to eat and they in turn taught me what to eat. My great grand mother ate a diet of good old fashioned bacon and a soured cottage cheese type concoction that she hung out on the line and ripened until it stunk like you can’t believe. She sopped up bacon grease with a heel of homemade bread and ate that food until one day she got up from the table and said I’m going to go take a nap and did not wake up. We all knew that stuff would eventually get her and it did at the age of 99 years and 3 months.

  • landofaahs

    Lets hope these grand parents are not drug addicts or alcoholics.

  • Channel One

    So what exactly are grandparents supposed to tell them to eat? Bakery products such a bread and rolls, chock full of so many preservatives they don’t go bad for weeks? How about canned and frozen GMO veggies? Yes, grandparents do recall when they were REAL peas, carrots, beets, etc. Or maybe meat and dairy? All chock full of hormones and pesticides enough to ensure leaky bowel syndrome by the time the kid is 10. Get that damned govt and Monsanto out of our kitchens, off our farms, and give us back the way of life we need to raise healthy kids.

    • Anonymous

      Right, and furthermore, I think it’s time to get a “Food Magna Carta” going…whereby we the people vote on what gets cooked in the White House kitchen. Then it might hit home for the Socialist Messiah.

      • Channel One

        Let’s not forget the fish! We are incapable of fishing here in the USA. That must be the case, since EVERY piece of fish in the stores comes from CHINA. Raised on human and chicken excrement. Put that healthy crap into your kids.

        • Anonymous

          I prefer bluegills and yellow perch. I catch them and clean them on my own. Cut out every middle man.

        • Anonymous

          Let’s not forget how many farms he shut down including family farms. Restrictions on fishing and farming isn’t helping.

  • Connor

    But it is just propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    Why not more government propaganda? Thanks to the socialist agenda for the last 30 years, it’s the Grandparents who are raising the kids anyway.

  • Anonymous

    As Rush Limbaugh phrases it, “Liberals claim to have a monopoly on compassion.” Honestly, I don’t care about the government encouraging better eating habits, as long as they don’t attach legislation to it (ahem, Michael Bloomberg).
    One thing that irritates me about this however is, why are they talking to the grandparents? It’s the PARENTS’ responsibility to encourage their children to eat right, NOT the government and certainly not the grandparents. It’s their job to spoil them with candy and cookies when their parents aren’t around. That’s why we all love our grandparents, those of us lucky enough to still have them around.

  • Republitards suck

    The blind hate for this president is indeed awe inspiring.

    • Channel One

      Shouldn’t someone like you who seems to be so full of human love and compassion be more sensitive to using a “tard” reference toward ANYONE? No? Hypocrite.

      • Republitards suck

        Your right Channel Tard.

    • Mike Nelson

      The way you can relate anything to POTUS would be awe inspiring if it had not become so pedantic and insipid.

      I think your troll certification is due for renewal.

  • Anonymous

    From one grandparent to the world: eat your dessert first. You never know what the next minute might hold in store for you.
    Grandparent to grandchildren: don’t make me get my flying monkeys.

  • Fat Lip

    We will all be eating something but it will be far from healthy .

  • Anonymous

    Steak and salad, the salad is for my rabbit.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a vegetarian. Cows eat grass and I eat cows.

  • Anonymous

    Grandparents are here on earth to spoil their grandchildren. If my grandchild were to ask for ice cream for dinner, I would say of course my dear. I would grant their wish because being with their grandma is a treat. However in this day and age, I have more of my friends who are raising their grand kids, because their off spring have yet to “find themselves”, smoke too much dope and can’t hold a job, or they are in jail. So no I will not read any propaganda to my grandkids — they have parents who are responsible and my daughter stays home with them and feeds them what she deems healthful and delicious. She walks, and bikes with them and sees they are not tied down to a computer or TV. USDA can take their propaganda and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    This is a ridiculous argument.

    We have and obesity problem in this country.

    I would support this no matter who was president.

    • BlueMN

      You know who else wanted healthy grandchildren, Thorstein? Hitler!

    • Anonymous

      First off, it isn’t the presidents job to tell us how to feed our children. Second, if obesity is the problem why did the president take recess and exercise out of the schools? Why not get to the root of the problem of obesity? This program won’t do a thing.

      What’s ridiculous is Obama and his family are eating the most unhealthy diets and he has the nerve to tell the rest of us what we should eat.

  • Anonymous

    With rampant child obesity, a diabetes epidemic, and mounting evidence that the high disease rate in this country is linked to a diet of empty processed foods, excess refined sugar and trans-fats, why does Beck think it’s bad to encourage people to eat healthy? The government recommended diets are very nutritious compared to the average diet of processed foods. If the ACA is going to work toward lowering healthcare cost, the most efficient place to start is with disease prevention. People in this country can have a higher quality of life and lower healthcare costs if they ate healthier. But, apparently some people are proud to eat junk or to lazy to change. People who eat healthy and exercise then have to pay for those with unhealthy habits through increased healthcare costs. That will become an important issue as people are mandated to have insurance and become more educated on the costs associated with unhealthy lifestyles. Watch, you will see insurance companies incentivizing healthy living and marketing healthy choices. Time to wise up, people. Beck isn’t helping with stupid stories like this.

    • SRM29

      You and other like minded people just don’t get it. We DO NOT want the government telling us what we should and should not eat. That is NOT their job! The government writing bedtime stories, really? Using propaganda on kids? How much more government interference will it take before you realize it’s gone too far?
      No one said eating healthy is a bad thing. All we’re saying is it’s our choice what we eat. We are fighting tooth and nail because if this crap continues, that choice will be taken from us, and that is not right.

      • Anonymous

        Healthcare cost is a national concern. Disease control is a national concern. Healthy eating lowers both costs and disease rates. What you and like minded people don’t realize is that most people aren’t bothered by government funded research on nutrition and are learning from it. As a matter of fact, they’re demanding healthy food. Just look at how the marketplace has reacted to the demand for organic food. You can still choose to eat poorly. But I predict healthy eaters will eventually want a medical insurance discount for their good choices or a surcharge for those whose medical problems are related to a diet of high sugar, processed foods, and trans-fats.

  • Anonymous

    The government has enough problems handling more serious issues like the economy, our national debt, homelessness, endless wars (to name a few), than to be bothered with this nonsense. Keep the Obama administration out of raising our kids.

    It isn’t the presidents job to see that our kids eat well. He doesn’t even care if homeless people are fed. Why did he stop people from feeding them? I guess those homeless people don’t count.

    If the Obama administration cared about healthy food, they would stop companies from putting in additives and unhealthy chemicals in their food products. Many of these additives and preservatives can cause weight gain and illness.

  • Esther Williams

    Here’s a resource that I’ve found useful for learning to reject the superstitions and illusions of today’s liberals and progressives:

  • James

    Glenn….you are batshit crazy. Do you ever just listen to yourself? Seriously….

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