Rep. Justin Amash talks about his success in making libertarian ideas more mainstream

After speaking to prominent libertarian writer Kevin Williamson on Monday’s Glenn Beck Program about the roadblocks Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) would face in a presidential election because of his libertarianism, Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss the state of the Republican Party and how he has been able to communicate libertarian ideals to his constituents.

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“I think one of the bravest men in America is Justin Amash,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “We are fans of yours. You are a guy who is taking the fight to the power. You are a guy who is kind of moving the libertarian movement into, I think, a whole new realm. And you are not afraid of who you are.”

Rep. Amash is facing a Republican challenger in the state’s upcoming primary. His opponent, businessman Brian Ellis, has marketed himself as a “traditional conservative,” and he is very well funded. Glenn asked Rep. Amash to elaborate on what he is facing in this primary battle.

“Well, it’s what I faced since I first started running,” Rep. Amash said. “I believe in limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty. And there are powerful people within the GOP establishment who don’t like those things.”

In light of his conversation with Williamson last night about libertarianism not be accepted on a national scale, Glenn asked Rep. Amash how he has been able to communicate his ideals with constituents.

“In my district, I communicate my beliefs to my constituents and I have been elected with large margins, so it’s a popular view… Most people agree with the general philosophy I take. It’s a libertarian, constitutional conservative approach. And I don’t really try to distinguish between the two because I think they’re basically the same philosophy,” Rep. Amash explained. “It’s about being honest with the American people. When I go to my town halls… what they want to hear is: What is really going on? What are the problems we face as a country? How can we move beyond these problems? And when you explain it in a clear way – and you don’t use the typical political deception that most people in office use – people will trust you and they understand the kind of things that need to be done to get this country back on track.”

“The philosophy is about protecting people’s rights – whether that’s economic freedom or their civil liberties, for example,” he continued. “It’s important to people to have their rights protected. They want that. That’s what our country was really founded on.”

As the progressive movement continues to gain traction in both parties, Rep. Amash heads up the Liberty Caucus in the House – a group that has grown significantly over the years.

“It’s been increasing in influence over the past couple years. When I got here, it had about four or five members who would attend our meetings. Now we are up to about a couple dozen… We’re trying to push limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty within the Republican Party and across the aisle too. We have brought Democrats in,” he explained. “We think these are the principles that will lead to prosperity for our country, lead to opportunity, and we want to bring them back into the forefront. The Republican Party pushed them into the background, and we want people to be proud of their Republican congressmen again.”

Glenn encouraged his listeners to consider supporting Rep. Amash in his reelection fight. You can learn more about his campaign HERE.

  • Deckard426

    Unfortunately, Amash only has two constituents, everyone else having left Michigan.

  • Connor

    I would love to see more freedom loving people in power.

    • Anonymous

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  • Lynn House Justin Amish we WANT you in the Libertarian Party

    • jen

      Amash should be in 3rd party when he finds enough courage to break away from establishment. Libertarian party, unfortunately, is useless and serves establishment needs as well.

  • ken.

    libertarians are getting more popular everyday, both democrats and republicans are on their way out. if libertarians would drop their open borders immigration policy, they would gain enough support to win elections. open borders/amnesty is a losing proposition, the u.s. governments job is to serve we the people of the united states not them the people of foreign countries.

    • radiga

      Clearly your not paying attention. Libertarians are not for wide open boarders. Pelosi Liberals are. Ron and Rand Paul, Amash are all for securing borders. We have immagration checkpoints inside america, texas, az, etc. Move those down to the actual border.

      • Matthew Holey

        You guys realize that once we get rid of the welfare state then we CAN have open borders.

  • Lincoln’s Economics

    The problem with libertarianism is its link to Austrian economics and thereby free trade. It won’t fix the economic decline as a result. Daniel Webster argued the primary reason for the Constitution was to stop free trade. Geldstone argues in The Leviticus Solution there has never been a sound theory of economics to make sense of the intellectual confusion. A new model of economics can make sense of America’s rise to super power status behind a wall of protectionism.

  • Kapt Blasto

    Look how about we do something REALLY BRAVE….

    Like….take all the debt holdings Social Security and the rest of the Intergovernmentals have

    (…because, I don’t know…when they’re holding it collecting the yields and maturities, it makes all of us Taxpayers look like CHUMPS, because we’re being essentially being DOUBLE TAXED to keep Social Security and Medicare afloat, when they’re made to hold them!)

    How about, Glenn, and Justin, We take that part of the debt, and using a certain maneuver I came up with, convert that Debt held into Treasury Certificates that monetarily stand Five times bigger than what the Intergovernmentals hold against government, proper…(and through Government proper, US)….in the maneuver I’m come up with….I take off 4-5 Trillion off the Debt, and convert those holdings into $20 trillion dollars of Treasury Certificates, that through the Federal Reserve as a proxy Depositor, can be put to work with every Credit Card House in the country….where the lending and payback through Credit Card houses, can make SS and Medicare MORE MONEY TAX-FREE than what the Taxpayers are getting shaken down for to give SS and Medicare and the Rest of the Intergovernmentals their yields and maturities…..

    I know you want to focus on Entitlement reform as “the way….” but that’s a red herring dead end….sorry….

    Why not give my “Two Borrows and a Lien” plan a listen to, maybe you’ll think about it awhile….and before you reject it and keep going the same dead end you’ve always gone down…maybe think about it some more….

    It doesn’t cost anything to listen to it, you know….

    Kapt Blasto!

  • Darryl Schmitz

    I’m glad Glenn thinks a lot of Rand Paul and that he thinks Justin Amash is brave… but why, to this very day, does Glenn doggedly refuse to acknowledge the bravery and principles of RON Paul, who consistently promoted liberty and the Constitution for over 20 years in Congress?

    • Evelyn Johnson

      He endorsed Ron Paul according to what is noted in Wikipedia.

  • Hutch King

    Effective competition depends upon competitors following rules and restraining their desire to cheat or use force against other competitors.

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