WATCH: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius outright ignores reporter’s question

In a last ditch effort to get Americans signed up for Obamacare ahead of Monday’s deadline, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was on a media blitz during which she continued her habit of pleading the Fifth by outright ignoring a reporter’s question about the unpopularity of the law.

“Sebelius was on a television station in Oklahoma, and the way I’m hearing this reported – even on The Blaze – is she was dumbfounded, just stunned. She didn’t know what to say,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I don’t think so. I think it’s much worse than that. She wasn’t dumbfounded like this. She heard the question, [but] she’s not going to respond to it, period. She’s like, ‘Screw you. I’m not even going to dignify that.’”

Below is a clip of Sebelius’ appearance on KWTV-TV:

“Just shows how arrogant these people. They don’t feel like they have to answer,” Pat said. “She didn’t even have to say, ‘I’m not going to dignify that with an answer.’ She didn’t say that. She just clammed up.”

The lack of transparency from the Obama Administration – especially in relation to Obamacare – doesn’t stop there. While the White House it touting 7 million people have signed up for coverage, a closer look at those figures paints a slightly different picture.

Forbes’ Avik Roy took a look two recent studies that don’t reflect well on President Obama’s signature healthcare law:

A new study from the RAND Corporation indicates that only one-third of exchange sign-ups were previously uninsured.

The RAND study hasn’t yet been published, but its contents were made available to Noam Levey of the Los Angeles Times. RAND also estimates that 9 million individuals have purchased health plans directly from insurers, outside of the exchanges, but that “the vast majority of these people were previously insured.”

The RAND report appears to corroborate the work of other surveys. Earlier this month, McKinsey reported that 27 percent of those signing up for coverage on the individual market were previously uninsured.

Furthermore, when you consider who has actually paid for coverage, the number of people truly ‘signed up’ for Obamacare shrinks even further:

One important finding of the McKinsey survey was that the proportion of those who had formally enrolled in coverage, by paying their first month’s premium, was considerably lower among the previously uninsured, relative to the previously insured. 86 percent of those who were previously insured who had “selected a marketplace plan” on the exchanges had paid, whereas only 53 percent of the previously uninsured had.

If you apply that math to the RAND figures, you get this: of the people who have paid their first month’s premium on the Obamacare exchanges, and are thereby enrolled in coverage, 76 percent were previously insured, and 24 percent were previously uninsured.

Read the entire Forbes article HERE.

“So what you find is somewhere between 12% and 24% of the people signing up for Obamacare are both previously uninsured and currently paying,” Stu surmised. “So your top number there – if the studies are accurate – would be 1.7 million signups, not 7 million signups.”

While the Obama Administration as refined and redefined its enrollment ‘goals’ many times over the years, these studies show the number of previously uninsured Americans signing up is simply not up to snuff.

“It’s becoming like Common Core math,” Glenn concluded. “So crazy. Congratulations, America. This is what we have.”

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  • Bonnie Somer



    • Anonymous

      Totally off topic, but yes, the state of Massachusetts is CAUSING the death of Justina Pellitier who they have removed from the care of her parents who did nothing wrong whatsoever, and is refusing to provide her with the medical treatment she needs. The state has done this to other children, and cannot even account for something like 143 children it has taken from parents, and is responsible for the deaths of 98 children that it removed from parents care according to the Attorney for the Pellitier family. .

      …and no one seems to be able to stop the State. No one seems to be able to stop the out of control Department of Child and Family Services who removes children from parents upon mere heresay or upon a whim, as in this case.

      • Bonnie Somer

        to protect our kids i imagine do not let them near state run anything if can b helped. i say that the family needs to plead w/their congressmen if that would do any good to get her back. The hospital kidnapped her and even atty alan dershowitz cannot understand the treatment she is getting worse than a convicted felon. If this can happen we as parents must do the job to make sure our children are not victimized by the govt

  • Deckard426

    However, Sebelius did address the shoeless, starving crowd by stating that boot production and chocolate rations are at an all-time high.

  • landofaahs

    She was not only speechless but clueless.

  • Connor

    How much do you guys want to bet some of those 7 million can be found in the graveyard. That is what the left does after all when they cannot get enough people to side with them they call on their voter base the walking dead.

    • Daniel Spickard

      Or south of the border!

  • Irish Prepper

    I didn’t hear a question in her defense.Maybe she was waiting for a question not a statement. I do agree that she is clueless and wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if it slapped her in the face.

    • Daniel Spickard

      Did you mean brainless? All democrats are brainless!

      • prostovanka

        In their defense, they did pass a law that majority of the country doesn’t want and they seem to get away with a ton of things so brainless isn’t what they are. Put it this way, democrats have a brain of a lung surgeon but chose to work as lobbyists for the cigarette companies. (You see the irony?)

    • Anonymous

      The point of it is, she was clearly given the floor and had nothing profound to say in response. She’s run out of ways to spin this. In her defense, I’d say she finally learned when it’s appropriate to keep her mouth shut. However, during congressional hearings, it’s time for her to explain herself.

      • Anonymous

        A libturd will never explain themself. If she is asked a deep question in any hearing she will just call for the fifth for protection, or outright lie, just like Clinton did. Such is the way of progressives.

    • Michael Huck

      Exactly, that wasn’t a question. Maybe she was afraid to ask if that was a question. I don’t like her either but that reporter sounded like he was wrapping up not asking another question.

    • Jeremy Lingo

      Can’t stand the woman but I have to agree…. Didn’t hear a question but rather a statement.

  • Anonymous

    They don’t care how many people sign up. They care about having this law on the books long enough that no one would dare repeal it. It’s all about control. And it worked.

  • Daniel Spickard

    I’m telling you, Obama-care was never meant to work. The democrats knew thay the people of this country would never accept the single payer system, so they cooked up Obama-care to destroy the whole healthcare system. Then they were going to push the single payer system as the only way to recover the healthcare industry. We need to put a stop to this, and the only way to stop this evil plan is to vote Republican in this up coming mid term elections, and regain control of the senate. We need to regain the senate by a 2/3 majority to repeal, and replace this screwed up train wreck before they have the chance to make it happen.

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, much truth!

    • Anonymous

      The progressive country club republicans will not repeal this travesty. They also wish to play god. Also their financial cronies need health insurance, as a perk, paid for by the taxpayer, for their illegal immigrant workers.

      • Anonymous

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        • Edwin Russell

          this is not the place for your cheesie adds…geez. have some ethics will ya.

    • Anonymous

      There are 14 seats in play for the Senate for the mid-terms. We’re pretty much guaranteed 6 seats, and some say we’re good for 11. We’ve got 45 seats currently, and would need 65 for a 2/3 majority.

      That is simply not possible as the most we can hope for is 59 seats by taking all 14 available seats. So, while we’re virtually assured to take the Senate, we will not achieve the 2/3 majority required for veto proof votes and will require some amount of Democrats to side with us to repeal Obamacare, as well as 287 votes in the House…

      • Denise

        It doesn’t matter, the GOP shares the same agenda. There are very few politicians left who are patriots. It’s all about power. Many Republicans are Progressives, John McCain comes to mind. Just the fact that he was the GOP’s choice to run on the Republican ticket is all the proof that we need. The Bushes are also globalist, and NWO promoters, this is the end game. There cannot be a One world order operating under a small concentration of power, with a strong America, the two are incompatible.

    • Edwin Russell

      you have that absolutley 100% correct,
      it’s ALWAYS been about a single payer system. even the itiots who voted for obama twice would agree that handing over TOTAL control of our health care system to the Feds is disasterous , making all Dr’s & health profesionals gov employees is Crazy. do we really need another …IRS …Internal Rectal. Service. unless making sure welfare/foodstamp/section 8 recipients are drug tested..i’ll bet thats on their agenda next too.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    It’s probably a good thing Sibelius didn’t answer because every time she opens her mouth, her lies bite her in the a**.

  • IA Whovian

    As painful as it is or me to say it, I agree with Irish Pepper in saying that a question wasn’t really posed to her before the ackward pause. As a matter of fact, it almost sounded to me like the reporter was closing out the interview with a final statement before thanking her for joining them.
    The last thing I would ever want to do is defend that numbskull, but I suppose the last thing a democrat like her would do is come to the defense of a conservative, which I guess makes me the bigger person, so I’ll deal with the pain hahaha

  • Anonymous

    When one is asking a specific question, one should avoid diatribes that distract from the question at hand….then take a 2×4 and hit the person along side the head…then, after you have their attention, ask a short, to the point question….Our media man was going on about how most Okolahomans didn’t like Obamacare….but will have to re-play to dig a question out of it.

    • Bill Tilghman

      It’s Oklahomans.

  • Fat Lip

    Fox news right now The Obama just called it Obamacare again wonderful funny funny isn’t it .
    Now its the affordable care act again and its here to stay .
    Go to work folks there are bum’s everywhere waiting for you to take care of them .

  • Anonymous

    Sociopathic lier. Slammer time should be her compensation for treating the American public the way she has. How can she look in a mirror and face herself? Wish she would read this and her family would read this so they can see how America feels toward her. I know I am not just speaking for myself.

  • Anonymous

    Why did she even bother to do the interview in the first place? Does she think that NOBODY in the entire country will ever ask her a tough question about her POS piece of legislation? This woman needs to be inside of a prison cell for the misery she continues to cause.

    • Fat Lip

      Right-on Bert
      But we are the dummies everybody needs health care at the expense of us .poor lazy people .

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know why Obama didn’t just order each state to balance their budget. When you do that, every state can set up its own customary exchange and then in places like California and Nevada where nobody works, it’s THEIR problem on how to insure the unfortunate. There’s nothing wrong with the goal of insuring as many people as possible, but how many people don’t want insurance? The party of pro-choice seems to not recognize this particular choice. So Obama takes control of the entire health care industry and penalizes people who don’t go along with the program. I for one got pissed when my health rates went up and the memo actually said explicitly that it was to fund the 26 year old losers who won’t find a job. So I decided not to be insured, they can’t have any of my money. But now I have to pay a penalty. This truly is not the land of the free anymore, this is the land of the enslaved.

        • Fat Lip

          Brother you just hit it out of the park .
          I was born and raised out in the land of no opportunity my pink skin meant I had it better than all the others.
          In 1992 had no other choice but to leave but the debt I got to keep even though the guy that turned our lives inside out legally lived in a country called Mexico.

  • texastruthtweet

    I didn’t sign up!

    • Craig Wright

      I didn’t sign up either. I opted out of Obamacare by joining Liberty HealthShare. “” I want to control my own healthcare.

  • texastruthtweet

    And I don’t know anyone who did!

    • Fat Lip

      I’m right there with you .
      If you play you pay simple enough.
      Bless you

      • Anonymous

        I will not comply.

        • Fat Lip

          All I can say sister is AAAMEN !!

  • Michael J. Oldham

    All of this is a diversion. 6 or 7 million is only a fraction of one percent of the S population an represents less than 10% of the working families in the US. when will our government start worrying about the 90% who will need coverage?

  • july4thsparkler

    I’m sorry…but what a b*tch.

    • Margie

      Did you hear a question? I sure didn’t!

      • Bill Tilghman

        Does it matter? Every claim these people make regarding this law is questionable and they did that themselves by lying to us so often and to such a ridiculous degree. They know two percent of the population have signed up for this farce of a program, big whoop. There is no reason to praise this law or the people behind it. It is compulsory participation by force of the IRS. I do not find that cause to celebrate about anything, especially in the one nation that was founded on individual liberty.

        • Anonymous

          Of course it matters, or do we turn into a “what difference does it make?”

          • Bill Tilghman

            It matters a great deal, and my question was rhetorical, but not because there was no question asked. The entire interview was a question, a question of who is going to stand up and take the heat for this egregious overreach of federal government power.

            It only matters that this woman, the chief water carrier for this program has displayed the utmost in incompetence and partisan boot licking. She was obviously holding her tongue after the statement and it is clear by her body language, expression and lack of response that she wanted to say something. Was she afraid of being seen as going offensive on the reporter so close to the deadline for enrollment in this farce of a compulsory insurance scam? She knew she was being prodded by the reporter, and her silence said more than her words might have. There is a reason this administration didn’t cut her off after the failed rollout, and we deserve to know just what the reason is for her continued presence as the face of Obamacare. I consider her to be a heat sink – all the harmful heat being directed to her instead of the administration.

            The chutzpah of these people is infuriating to those of us who are subject to their directives, and those of us who are decent, hard working and honest people that understand our success is the product of our own work and character, and not some government hand out.

            The most aggravating thing most people find in this administration is the lack of integrity and the lack of personal responsibility that the people within the administration put out there for public consumption on a daily basis. The constant lying, misdirection, blame gaming that these officials engage in has become de riguer, and that should not be. We expect those we elect and the people they appoint to be of a higher caliber and thus above reproach. Rehashing past administrations is a sorry substitute for fixing the problem, and that seems to be the only response we get when this administration and those responsible for it are confronted on the subject.

            Kathleen Sibelius wields great power by virtue of the office she holds and the powers imbued to that office by her boss, the chief executive who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. She should be answerable to the American people, but it seems that none of these appointed government employees answers to us. Her silence is akin to that of the woman at the center of the IRS controversy taking the fifth amendment before Congress. As long as these people are allowed to dictate to the people with immunity from sanctions or even being held responsible, despite the wealth of evidence that points to them, as long as that is the case the people are no longer in charge of any of the personal freedoms granted under the Bill of Rights.

        • Xman3

          Remember, Democrats and only Democrats gave you
          ObamaCare. Repeal ObamaCare and throw out every idiot Democrat who voted for ObamaCare.

          Vote for the most Constitutional, Conservative, Christian candidate with American Values and who has a chance of winning in all elections – Federal, State and Local – That
          pretty much rules out Democrats, and third-party candidates don’t have a chance at winning elections. (they are Democratic funded spoilers, pretty much)

          • Bill Tilghman

            Absolutely right! There are no democrats worthy of public office, especially those who were in Congress, (both House and Senate), during the past ten years. They have done nothing but betray the public trust that goes with our votes, and none of them deserve to continue in office. That is what the next election in November is about.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Now those very same Democrats want to run as far as they can from this law, which just a few years ago was the best thing ever – to them – and just what the doctor ordered to “FIX” the health care system in this country. There was nothing broken about the health care system to begin with! The problem was within the health insurance business, and like all insurance businesses which exist to absorb risk, they make certain that you pay plenty for it while they whittle their risk down to a sliver. Insurance in many forms has been a confidence racket for many years. They love you sending in those premiums but will fight you in court with armies of attorneys before paying your claim. The insurance companies will spend thousands to get out of their responsibility regarding your policy, and when forced to pay will offer you pennies on the dollar.

            What we needed was health insurance reform, what we got was a damned mess of a law that did nothing for the problem.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, what question is everybody talking about???

  • Michael J. Oldham

    It seems that there is a lot of to-do about less than 10% of the working families. When will HHS start worrying about the other 90%?

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha is right!

    • isis5551

      Look! It’s the 2 village idiots! Just 2 more sheeple that feel they must be followers. Ever try thinking for yourself?

  • Anonymous

    It should be clear, to any rational minded person, those claimed to have signed up for Obama-care are imaginary, fictional & made up. Curiously, Obama claims 7.1 million signed up. Call me skeptical, but numbers provided by this deceitful administration are likely to be untrue. Are Obama’s FALSEHOODS not limitless? Is his rhetoric not contaminated with troubling, partisan, perversions? In short, Obama’s endless, charismatic rhetoric is NOT to be trusted!

    • Kathie Kesler Corbett

      8gary8 You are so right on this comment. I am so glad to see someone who does see it for what it is and KNOWS exactly what is going on.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, numbers can be concocted any which way. It is up to the people to see what is true. Liberals believe lies as long as it fits their thinking. Somehow, magically, everything is falling in place, obmacare sign-ins have met the numbers by the deadline, unemployment is around 6%, the economy is doing quite well – look at the stock market for proof. Everything is hunky-dory. Any and all problems are caused by the GOP! Yet, the media brainwashes the sheeple to believe this….and they do!

  • mudslide

    Yeah, they’ll just keep extending the deadline like they’ve been doing until they get their numbers – IF they get their numbers, then claim how successful this is…

  • Anonymous

    Here is the biggest story. We have over 2 million incarcerated in the USA. Guess who was added to the Obamacare numbers. Your tax dollars making the numbers look goooood. Why doesn’t anyone report this?

  • Anonymous

    She is a liberal, she has to lie!

  • Take 2

    How many Americans wanted a forced Taxation Law with forced Tax penalty for non compliance and turns out it’s their own private insurance companies that increased cost to cut the Government in on the action. BUT they cannot keep same doctor in most cases ie yet another Presidential lie.

  • Claire Smith

    Why, considering that they have lied about virtually EVERYTHING having to do with Obamacare so far, do we happily believe the Administration’s claim that 6 million people did ANYTHING on their website, much less “signed up?”

  • Richard Hines

    God knows I’m no a Sebellius fan but no question was asked. Therefore no reply was necessary. Glen et. al. please do not stoop to the progressives tactics to make a point. The truth will out.

    • Kathie Kesler Corbett

      Oh please, there was a statement made that required an answer instead of the look of a dumb founded puppy. She said she didn’t have any problem hearing him, then jump to it. Open ended—close it.

      • Richard Hines

        Sorry. Statements do not require responses. My issue is with Glen who touts the truth. If you are going to report something let it be the truth. Do not create stories. This is exactly what the progressives do.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe Glenn didn’t listen to the video and heard only what HE wanted to hear.

  • Larry Mollner

    Trying to make a none story out of this, there was no question

    • Bill Tilghman

      On the contrary, the entire administration and this monstrous law are questionable, and today when Obama went on the south lawn to gloat about the numbers (which are notably inaccurate) he surrounded himself with sycophants that did nothing but cheer and applaud his lies.

      There is no real reason to believe anything that comes from this administration. They have zero credibility and are not above lying about everything they do, or everything that is done by those who oppose them.

    • Anonymous

      Just like quite a few other non-stories where Glen riles up his audience to react.

  • mudslide

    She doesn’t even need to respond to tell a lie…

  • Gord

    She says I can hear you, but with her being superior to us she looks down on the little people. Wait until this fall you dumb broad.

  • Anonymous

    Why would the credibility of this laughable administration of liars improve or any of their numbers be believable?…..TRUST BUT VERIFY….

  • Jables

    Just want to commend Glen and the Blaze crew on their studio setup, lighting and audio. Always impresses me!

  • ConservativeSenior

    These cretins cannot deal with the truth.

  • Charles Hurst

    Of course she is going to ignore it. They haven’t been honest about one single thing with ACA, implementation or failure rates. Yes, ACA. Are you really going to keep defending it Mr. Progressive? Here are the facts. I know the modern liberal
    hates facts but here they are.

    Barry said if you like your plan you can keep it. Flat out lie. A lie. On video of him saying it. No argument. He didn’t misspeak, he didn’t state a remark taken out of context. He lied. Americans lost their plans. Period.

    Barry said premiums would go down. Another lie. Anyone who is remotely
    successful and many just making average wages—their premiums went up. Now the extremely unsuccessful are happy. Because people like me are supposed to
    compensate their payments through our taxes. Oh and the expansion of Medicaid
    for many who will not pay at all. Again off the backs of the producers. But the
    selling point of cheaper insurance was a lie. Premiums went up. No defense of

    And the rollout is a disaster. That’s what you can expect from government running
    healthcare. Look at the U.S Post office as Barry gave example. It is going
    bankrupt as well.

    And of course the largest contention is one man pays so another does not. Each
    premium according to need. The majority pay more so others can pay less. That
    “according to need.” It comes from a certain Manifesto if you remember—by Karl
    Marx. But no ACA isn’t really Marxism. My mistake entirely.

    And ACA threatens our economy which was already in trouble. Deep trouble. Because people like me refuse to comply with ACA. Law of the land? If is a law that
    defies my natural rights as a free man. I will not be ordered to pay higher
    premiums so another may pay less. And now ACA will not sustain itself. The
    result? The collapse I predict in fiction. I don’t need to predict it in my own
    writings. History predicts it for me. So does third grade math. So if you would
    really like to see the United States fall then keep supporting these lunatics
    that are implementing the policies which have caused the fall of other empires
    in the past.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. Creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • GRarchitect

    This Obamacare invites civil disobedience! We didn’t want it. Congress not only didn’t read it before voting it in, but excluded their sorry behinds from its requirements, and blood-suck their great insurance from those of us who work for a living! Shame on them! Shame on the Supreme Court for not finding it unconstitutional, as it is! GGRRRRRRRR!

  • Xman3

    In all fairness, I did not hear a question but a statement from the reporter. She looked like she was waiting for the follow-up question to his statement.

    Remember, Democrats and only Democrats gave you ObamaCare. Repeal ObamaCare and throw out every idiot Democrat who voted for ObamaCare.

    Vote for the most Constitutional, Conservative, Christian candidate with American Values and who has a chance of winning in all elections – Federal, State and Local – That pretty much rules out Democrats, and third-party candidates don’t have a chance at winning elections. (they are Democratic funded spoilers, pretty much)

    God Bless America — We sure need it . . . . .

    • Margie

      I agree with you wholeheartedly that Sibelius was waiting for a follow-up question to the reporter’s statement. I didn’t hear one either.

      Also, agree with the rest of your post!

      • Anonymous

        Hmmmmm then maybe it is GLENN who is the ignorant on here, inciting his listeners to post all these derogatory remarks about Sebelius. Please Glenn, tell us exactly what the question was that Sebelius should have answered. I have done my research and I am dumbfounded!

  • Bill Tilghman

    Cruella DeVille was unresponsive to the comment of the interviewer, to the point of the dead-pan expression on her face. It was as if she couldn’t hear what was said, but then she admitted hearing it and signed off. These people have no intention of being truthful about this law, and are only interested in promoting the official lies they want to propagandize us with.

    I have ceased being amazed by the shocking level of denial that comes from within this administration, especially when they are presented with reality.

  • Anonymous

    We can look at people like Sebelius in different ways. It is the American way to follow political correctness, whether in government or even in business. How many times have I seen the top management in a company completely out of whack with the needs of the business to the point of bankruptcy? Yet, the ones who objected or tried to do the right thing got fired! I can’t believe that Sebelius is plain dumb, but has to defend her position and preserve her status. That’s why she blurts out the bamacare agenda while ignoring any oposition or questions that she is not prepared to answer. I feel sorry for the ardent libturds who follow this Idealism, as I have them in my own family too.

  • isis5551

    WRONG! She, Sebilius was NOT asked a question. I do not like her beause she is another of b-o’s paid liars. But you are falsely accusing her of not answering a question. The news anchor made a statement about obamacare. Go back and listen. He did not ask her a question. After his statement, she either chose to not participate in the conversation, or possibly she was then waiting for a question. When she said nothing more, and he thought perhaps she could not hear him, he then thought he had lost the connection with her. When she said she could hear him, he then chose to thank her for her time. And then ended the time with her. Are we getting as bad as the libtards, and making things up as we go, just because we don’t like someone? If so, we are the disgraceful ones.

    • Anonymous

      Right! Silly Sebelius was dumbfounded and speechless when the reporter made the statement about Oklahoman’s not liking Obamacare. Although, he did not ask a specific question, he did make a statement that she failed to address.

      • isis5551

        Many people make statements. Don’t you ever listen? Or do you always feel you have to add to the conversation, just to hear your own voice? Glenn is sometimes guilty of doing the very same thing.

  • suz

    the questioner didn’t actually pose a question and instead just waited for her reply. she might have asked ‘did you have a question?’ BUT if she had said that, he would then have a better opportunity to ask and she’d have to answer.

  • Anonymous

    Silly Sebelius was dumbfounded and speechless when the reporter made the statement about Oklahoman’s not liking Obamacare. Although, he did not ask a specific question, he did make a statement that she failed to address.

  • 7tom7

    These sleazy politician hacks if they cause one person to lose their health care benefit they pay for before and happy with their health care policy or got if from employer for low cost or free ,and now cannot afford and cannot be treated at renown hospital ,they should be subject to same fate not able to get treated go for themselves and their family members too for these lower life forms thieves who steal from hard workers just for their political capital , they should ban from getting any health care more than people who they stole from ,matter how money they have !!!! I say go back to our former system before it’s too late and repeal obama care , it be a far better health care system and will cover more of the population won’t cost as much ,better care and not ration !!

  • Anonymous

    I am no fan of Sebelius, but he made a statement, he did not ask a question. What are you? A bunch of liberal hypocrites? Had he asked something she probably would have responded some way, but questions end with inflection. We know people are not buying into Obamacare.

  • Susan Slawson

    I am not for Obamacare and definitely not for Sebelius, but the reporter did not actually ask her a question. He made a statement. She didn’t refuse to answer, she just didn’t comment.

  • Sandra Stanislav

    I would enjoy finding out how many are illegal aliens in this mix of how many signed up as it is being reported that they are being schooled into how to sign up at their embassy

  • Anonymous

    well, she wasn’t actually asked a question there… so… I probably wouldn’t have said anything either, still waiting for his actual question. just sounded like he was leading up to a question, then never asked it.

  • George Williams

    In one word…dumfounded.

  • Brandon Melanson

    That wasn’t a question, it was a statement. a question generally includes an inquiry ending in a question mark.

  • Snorri

    It would seem that all Republics come to the same sad fate as the Obama administration as the citizens vote themselves benefits and the politicians entrench themselves with legalized theft, socialist promises, feel good projects. In 405 ce, Rome experienced the start of the barbarian invasions. The resultant Dark Ages in Europe lasted a 1000 years. However, one positive aspect of the barbarians was the elimination of the Roman elites and their supporters who paved the corrupt way for the invasions. History does repeat. We have ourselves to blame.

  • James Newkirk


    • Xman3

      This President, his administration, and many elected representatives are all about corruption, deception and lies.

      And the ‘idiots of America’ keep electing and re-electing progressive, radical, socialist democrats. Now all Americans need to live with this insanity while the rest of the world laugh at us.

  • Christie Fields

    I don’t like her one bit but I don’t recall a question being asked.

  • Terry

    She is a puppet and a stupid, defient one at that!

  • Anonymous

    She wasn’t asked a question… what was she supposed to say? I don’t care much for Sebelius or the Administration, but be fair.

  • Plow Comms

    In this video, Hussein Obama notes that mandates are counter-productive:

  • OhDannyBoyO

    Did you forget to mention the $600 million website cost (plus $400 million in ‘fixes’), resulting in 7 million signed up… What does that breakdown per registrant… what a complete waste of time, energy, and American tax dollars… way to go Dumbacrats!

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