Glenn talks to FreedomWorks’ Matt Kibbe about his new ‘Libertarian Manifesto’

On radio this morning, New York Times bestselling author and president of FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe joined Glenn to discuss his new book, Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto. Glenn called the work “a dynamic book that every listener should read.” Whether you are looking to brush up on libertarian values or want to learn how to better communicate those values, this book has something for everyone.

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“Thank you for writing this,” Glenn said to Matt. “It is a tremendous book, and I want to talk to you a little about the main thrust of this. Tell me, if anybody could just get one thing out of it, what would it be?”

As Matt explained the book seeks to clarify the “misnomer” that conservatives and libertarians focus on individualism is evil, while progressive notion of collectivism is caring.

“So many people are trying to figure what liberty’s all about and progressives have so misrepresented this idea that you can be an individualist or you can care about your community. It is exactly the opposite,” Matt explained. “They are insanely authoritarian and they want to stomp out the individual, but communities don’t work without freedom. They don’t work without responsibility. They don’t work unless individuals say, ‘I’m going to solve that problem. I’m going to bear that burden. And I will do something about it.’ I think we need to take back this misnomer that somehow they care and we don’t. It’s exactly the opposite.”

One of Glenn’s favorite parts of the book is when Matt lays outs the steps that will “restore liberty.” Glenn ran through the list while Matt elaborated on some of the points:

1. Comply with the laws that you pass

“Obviously, today, most of the laws that Congress imposes on us they refuse to comply with because they know how bad it would be for them,” Matt said. “If they have to live under Obamacare, they won’t force us to live under Obamacare.”

2. Stop spending the money we don’t have

“The President obviously doesn’t get this, but the first principle of fiscal responsibility going back to Thomas Jefferson is: Debt is dangerous. Debt undermines the future of our country, our national security, everything about us,” Matt explained. “I say we put everything on the table. Stop spending money we don’t have. What’s great about our guys, the Mike Lees of the world, is they have proposed specific plans. They are not talking vague promises in the future. They came up with ways to do this.”

3. Scrap the tax code

“The IRS and the tax code is the most manipulative, corrupt system for controlling people’s lives,” Matt said. “And you saw that with the way the IRS went after mom and pop Tea Partyers on 501 status. What if we treated everybody just like everyone else.”

4. Put patients in charge

“This is exactly the opposite of what Obamacare does. What government has done over the last 50 plus years is always put a middleman between you and your health care decisions. Sometimes it’s the government. Sometimes it’s your employer or an insurance company run by a guy that you never get to meet,” he explained. “What if we let patients choose? What if they controlled the money and were able to save for their own healthcare needs? When you are young and healthy, you save. When you are older and have the needs, you spend. This is how the market works. This is how we put bread on the shelves in grocery stores.”

5. End insider bailouts

“I think this is one of the biggest issues. There’s so much collusion between fat cat CEOs… they don’t compete in the marketplace anymore. It’s become a lucrative business to go to Washington and buy the committee chairman instead. It is not just the banking system,” Matt said. “If we don’t call out the bad actors in corporate America first, Barak Obama can create that caricature showing that business is evil, that entrepreneurship is evil. It’s not. It’s the cronyism, the power between Washington and some of these CEOs that’s really corrupting the political process.”

6. Let parents decide

“This is a fundamental debate we are having over Common Core and education,” he said. “The more and more we spend, the more we define what education should look like, the less our kids get out of the process. And it’s hurting kids.”

7. Avoid entangling alliances

“I think this is really important, and maybe one of the more controversial things in the book. Libertarians are skeptical about nation building. We’re skeptical that we can solve civil wars that have exists for centuries in places like Syria,” Matt explained. “And I’m sort of a George Washington guy on this. He wasn’t an isolationist. He was practical. He said, ‘We can’t afford to be everything to everybody.’ If we could, maybe we should. But part of this is finances.”

“This was only one chapter. There’s a ton in this book,” Glenn concluded. “I don’t think you need that much help on thinking things through, but it will help you explain it to your friend. Ever thought, ‘I wish so-and-so was here, so they could explain it’? After reading the book, you will be able to explain it. And you will be the defender of your own principles.”

  • Deckard426

    Debt is only dangerous to the people who have to pay it off. It’s not dangerous to the ruling class, that prints the money and then stuffs it into their own pockets.

  • landofaahs

    End the Federal Reserve and get back to sound money (gold and silver) and you limit what pernicious federal government politicians can manipulate.

  • Anonymous

    These are not new ideas. They’re just not that popular, which is why Rand Paul’s pretending to be a Republican.

    • Connor

      Why are liberals pretending Rand Paul is a big government liberal?

      • Mike Nelson

        It’s because he does, in some ways, have to court the System as it is, including others who are in power, and themselves are disposed toward such authoritarian behavior (reference my above post).

        There is currently no win for we who want less gov’t overall, since it must be a powerful politician who takes the reins to haul back on gov’t overreach.

        Rand can’t help, even if he is one of “us”, making himself look bad simply through association.

      • Anonymous

        What Nelson said. Paul believes what his father believes, but he’s bending his public and political actions to gain acceptance by powerful centrist republicans.

    • Mike Nelson

      A true statement… nevertheless, “r”epublican ideas > (R) party and (D) party.

      Sadly, in American (any?) politics, there is no win for people who are tired of politics, want honesty, and would endorse someone who was wholly open as they are, for what they are, and would compete against the party structure.

      That is why teh GB audience is, at times, Oedipally contradictive; some of us still believe the Old System can be salvaged, and many of us have “too much to lose” by stepping outside the lines.

      • jen

        Tea partiers and ron paul republicans are lacking leadership and courage themselves to step outside of establishment territory, hence put out childish excuses like ‘take over gop’ – and leave it at while not saying a word beyond that and doing nothing but talk.
        Also, most tea partiers agree with more things with rinos than disagree. They agree on vast military empire and debt for that, Iraq/afghan wars, not criticizing printing of $/federal reserve bank, that Bush jr was a huge failure like Obama, making gay marriage/anti-abortion main issue that define republican party, etc..
        When you agree so much with rinos, tea partiers would never leave their Masters. ron paul republicans have no leadership and are interested in theory.

    • jen

      They are popular, but republican-tea party and dem base does not have courage and love freedom enough to fight like Rand.

    • Anonymous

      They will get much more popular if the U.S. Dollar gets pulled as WRC, or if fifty percent hyperinflation hits…stay tuned.

      • Anonymous

        We’ve been hearing that for a decade, but inflation has stayed about 2.5%. Run-away inflation is pretty unlikely unless we see much higher wages and employment. Not saying inflation won’t happen as the Fed attempts to land this cheap money jumbo jet, but I don’t think any time soon.

        • Anonymous

          Wrong, they changed the equation for calculating inflation. Here’s one explanation:

          • Anonymous

            Well, this is a big subject. I’m interested in what Shiff has to say. I even agree with some of what he says. Shiff says he doesn’t know how the CPI is calculated, but the CPI methodology is pubished here The data is here He chooses magazines and newspapers, but those are naturally going to rise since most media is online and printed media is more expensive. If Shiff chose to look at online and print, I’d guess the price went down. Medical costs have been increasing for a long time, but not because of monetary policy. Again, interesting and worth considering along with other expert views. I’m inclined to take somewhat controversial views from a radio personality with a grain of salt.

  • Anonymous

    “Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff” sounds like part of a Christian manifesto. Thou shalt not murder. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not bear false witness. All those ‘Thou Shalt Nots’ that liberals love to hate because they interfere with their debaucheries. No wonder they boo God.

  • Connor

    All of these are liberals worst nightmare.

  • BlueMN

    “A spectre is haunting America — the spectre of laissez-faire capitalism.”

    • Anonymous

      I saw that as a first line of an article from the huffington-puffington post by Hugh A. Wilson. Human beings are evil. They make mistakes. They make mistakes with their money that hurt people. So how about we just put the government completely in charge of commerce? Wouldn’t it still be run by humans? Communists like yourself seem to think that the government will destroy evil rich people, when in reality, 99% of rich people are honest and hard working, which is how they get rich in the first place. Go to Cuba…NOW PLEASE! I don’t want you here.

      • Krimsen King

        yes… unrestrained ‘capitalism’ or absolute, total government control… there ain’t no in-betweens, huh… sheesh

        • Anonymous

          There hasn’t ever been unrestrained capitalism in the USA, only ever increasing restraint almost from the very beginning.

          • Krimsen King

            I think my point was that neither ever have happened or could happen, and neither would be good for society…

      • BlueMN

        I hadn’t read that article, but I will now. It’s what I imagined the first line of the Libertarian Manifesto would say, a twist on the Communist Manifesto’s famous opening line.
        I wouldn’t mind visiting Cuba someday, but I plan to stay here and fight so-called “Libertarians” attempts to turn the US into an oligarchic plutocracy run by, for, and of the corporate elite.

        • G21

          In their reactionary war against Western civilization, today’s liberals use three main attack vectors:-Attacking the family-Attacking private property-Attacking Christianity

          • Krimsen King

            you must try to understand that criticism and ‘attacks’ are not equivalent, not remotely one in the same. Also, many of these ‘liberals’ hold their family, private property, and their Christianity very dear to them, just as you do. They are human beings, just like you, only with perhaps a slightly different idea of what is best for the country. They are mostly NOT hard-line, left-wing crazies. Just FYI. 😉

          • G21

            You’re naive.

            The ideology of liberalism is essentially a marxist ideology that is fundamentally incompatible with civilization.

          • Krimsen King

            I really don’t care what ‘the ideology of liberalism’ is. Also, your ‘essentially’s’ are confusing you. You seem to be saying that they are ‘essentially’ one in the same, and they are not remotely one in the same. When you conflate the extreme wing of an ideology with the vast majority of people who disagree with you, you fundamentally misunderstand society. This is incompatible with civilization.

          • G21

            Well, that doesn’t change the fact that the ideology exists and that “liberalism” is a discrete ideology that is not that much different, at the core, from some of the key ideas of marxism and some of the key ideas of German National Socialism.

            In fact, the primitive foreign ideology of today’s liberalism combines core ideas of German National Socialism with core ideas of more traditional marxism.

            For example, the “big idea” of today’s liberalism is the notion that a small group of academics and intellectuals are somehow magically entitled to consciously direct the future of mankind.

            Ideas and ideology matter, whether you like it or not.

          • Krimsen King

            Ideology only matters when people SUBSCRIBE to it. What I was suggesting is that this insidious ‘progressivism’ that is sweeping the nation, according to glenn, is not actually as pervasive as you all seem to believe. If the ‘followers’ of the ideology as you see it, don’t know or subscribe to the ideology as you understand it, then THEY ARE NOT SUBSCRIBING TO THE IDEOLOGY. In fact, political ideologies from anywhere, subscribed to knowingly, have ALOT in common with all the horrendous forms of governance that history has seen. That doesn’t make them the horrific forms you know. Maybe we should stop preemptively trying to stop an ideology and start simply WORKING ON IDEAS TO IMPROVE OUR GOVERNMENT. After all, ideally, isn’t that what a political system is for? Not ‘competition’ and dominance, but cooperation for the sake of the greater society.

          • G21

            I do agree that the ideology of progressivism is contained mainly within a small nucleus of individuals and emanates from them. Based upon my research, I’ve found the following individuals to comprise the intellectual vanguard of the primitive foreign ideology that is today’s liberalism:

            Intellectual Vanguard
            – Gyorgy Schwartz (Soros)
            – David Axelrod
            – Mark Potok (SPLC)
            – Noam Chomsky
            – Cass Sunstein
            – Peter Orszag
            – Paul Krugman
            – Michael Bloomberg
            – Ezekiel Emanuel (Obamacare Architect)
            – David Coleman (Common Core Architect)
            – Robert Reich
            – Bernadine Dohrn
            – Louis Michael Seidman
            – Andrew Stern (SEIU)
            – Stephen Lerner
            – Fox-Piven
            – Lois Lerner
            – Sandra Korn
            – Arie Perlinger (Anti-Christian Bigot)
            – Bill Maher (Anti-Christian Bigot)
            – Dan Savage (Sodomite Activist)
            – Mikey Weinstein (Anti-Christian Bigot)

            Ideological Ancestors
            – Saul Alinksy
            – Karl Marx
            – Lev Bronstein (Trotsky)

    • G21

      If Floyd Corkins, Chris Dorner, Ed Schultz, Karl Pierson, Alan Grayson, John Muhammed, Hussein Obama, Lee Boyd Malvo, Demetrius Glenn, Lakim Faust, Allan Brauer, John Van Allen, Michael Davis, and Aaron Alexis are any indication, today’s liberals are becoming increasingly unhinged, violent, and aggressive.

  • Jim

    Shut down the Federal Reserve! It’s not “Federal” and there is no “reserve”. They just print money! They’ll never allow an audit because it would reveal how they’ve cooked the books for so long that several people would face life prison sentences…including congressmen and senators!

    • jen

      You won’t hear Cruz saying that.

  • suz

    out of many of the books that are good for defending a libertarian argument, this one i’d most likely buy.

  • Scoop Jaxson

    Here’s a much less expensive alternative that articulates the key reasons why free enterprise and free markets are superior to collectivism and central planning. All backed up by extensive sources cited.

    We need to focus on clearly articulating the reasons.

  • Water Dude

    Liberals just want your stuff.

  • AgileBulletDodger

    Zach Neese talks about the subject of “Fatherless children”, reflecting on a spiritual and natural void thats at the core of the moral decay in our society that I believe drove us to where we are today. Taking back freedom, injecting a general morality is in concept a great idea but if society is morally bankrupt because they’re also a faithless society, injecting morality without faith in The Father is like having an expensive sports car without fuel. It looks real nice in the garage but not so great if you’re pushing it down the street.

    • G21

      In their war against Western civilization, today’s liberals use three main attack vectors:-Attacking the family-Attacking private property-Attacking Christianity

      Know your adversary.

  • Payton Manning

    Democratic processes enable views held by a minority to become those of a majority if their wisdom is proven and their utility demonstrated.

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