On radio this morning, Glenn considered the possibility of a 2016 general election between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton versus former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. While that particular pairing would undoubtedly be progressivism’s dream team, Glenn believes it would result in very few people turning out at the polls. Who would you vote for? Would you vote at all?

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To begin, Glenn asked listeners to picture themselves in August 2016 – and it is not a pretty picture.

“We are coming up on the election… we may be on the brink of real war. Russia is maybe threatening Poland. Things are really starting to fall apart. Things are getting bad in the Middle East… We have more suffering in the United States. Your insurance policies are still going through the roof. The government has no real answer for you. The dollar is getting weaker and weaker. Our debt is now over $21 trillion,” Glenn explained. “And your choice is Hillary Rodham Clinton or Jeb Bush. Who do you vote for? Which one? Honestly. Do you think there is a soul that is getting up and saying, ‘I am so motivated’?”

Glenn, Pat, and Stu were hard pressed to think how anyone would be enthused to cast a vote for another Clinton or Bush. With a combined 20 years in the White House as president of the United States, these two families are political royalty.

Another killer progressive combination would be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Fortunately, Cuomo is still relatively unknown outside of the northeast and Christie’s true colors have emerged.

“Okay, so we have Hillary or Jeb. Hillary or Chris Christie. Hillary or Marco Rubio,” Glenn said. “I don’t even get up to [vote]. It’s Election Day. I don’t care. If those are your two choices, I am campaigning for a libertarian… I’m campaigning for a third party.”

So what races would Glenn be excited about? Any candidate that is able to find a way to incite fear in both the left and right will be able to unite a large portion of the American people.

“If it’s Hillary or Rand Paul, I’m getting in the car and I am voting for Rand Paul. If it’s Hillary and Ted Cruz, I’m voting for Ted Cruz,” Glenn concluded. “I don’t think anyone will go to the polls for the Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush. If those are your two candidates, you watch the turnout. It will be one of the lowest turnouts in American history.”

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