Is Glenn gunning for David Letterman’s timeslot at CBS?

When Jay Leno bid farewell the Tonight Show in February after 22 years hosting the program, Glenn believed the late night landscape lost a true icon. Yesterday, David Letterman, the longest serving late night host, announced he will retire in 2015 as host of the Late Show. On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu discussed why Letterman has overstayed his welcome and who could possibly take over. After all, Glenn has nothing going on after 5pm.

Letterman made the announcement during Thursday’s taping of Late Show. He explained he had shared the news with CBS chief Leslie Moonves earlier in the day:

“You know what’s really great? What this really means is: The Ed Sullivan theater may be available for us to purchase,” Glenn quipped.

While Stu questioned the timing of the announcement, Glenn believes that, much like Oprah Winfrey, Letterman’s career had run its course.

“He has the Oprah disease… What happened with Oprah? Oprah was one thing, and nobody knew that she was going to Jeremiah Wright’s church… If we would have known that, we would have rejected Oprah a long time ago. If we knew how radical she was, America would have rejected her a long time ago,” Glenn explained. “The same thing with David Letterman. David Letterman was an opinionated guy. And you can have these opinions, but if you want to be universal, you don’t limit yourself by having those opinions… At late night you don’t want somebody jamming an agenda down your throat… He had this agenda, and, because of that, he exposed himself as just a partisan hack and nobody wanted that.”

So who is the heir apparent at CBS?

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, Craig Ferguson, Chelsea Handler, and even Jimmy Kimmel have all been rumored to be possible replacements. And Glenn decided, out of the kindness of his heart, to offer his services to CBS as well.

“My first thought was you,” Jeffy joked after hearing the news of Letterman’s retirement.

“Everybody is asking that question… I’ve got the morning job, the afternoon job, and nothing at night. It’s open,” Glenn said sarcastically. “So I want CBS to know I’m available.”

“I’m sure your phone will be ringing in just a few minutes,” Pat concluded sarcastically.

Only time will tell who Letterman’s replacement will be. But it’s safe to say Glenn probably shouldn’t hold his breath.

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  • Deckard426

    CBS is planning to replace Letterman with a sit-com called, “Everybody Loves Hillary”.

    • Brian Bahbah

      That really would be a comedy..

  • Fat Lip

    It’s CBS for Gods sake !
    Miley Cyrus ?

    • Connor

      Michael Moore I bet they have to have another unfunny unhinged crazy liberal.

      • Fat Lip

        Hey brother I just got pulled on the top story for using the word Political correctness

  • Connor

    Good riddance!

  • Anonymous

    Few celebrity guests would agree to be on the show.

  • texastruthtweet

    Glenn, I can’t picture it. CBS is too progressive for you.

    • SkippyFlipjack

      That, and Glenn’s career has run its course as well. CBS doesn’t want to swap one old guy on a downward trajectory for another.

  • Cindy Phelps

    I think Tania would say NO!!!

  • aphil

    Wow. You’re just plain nuts, aren’t you Glenn. Well, nuts and terribly jealous.

  • suz

    letterman, i think, is not that funny. he’s more of a situational funny and that’s a sometimes thing.

  • Ñaña Chayotoski

    NEVER NEVER NEVER Watching if Glenn Beck takes over Letterman’s place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa Montana

    An antidote to the quackery of the progressives, charlatans, and clowns who infect today’s mass TV media:

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