Mitch McConnell reaching new lows

Glenn is particularly excited about the year’s crop of Republican candidates because they represent and articulate small government principles in a remarkable way. Matt Bevin, who is challenging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, is a candidate Glenn has vocally lent his support to for quite some time now. While the poll numbers aren’t great for Bevin ahead of the May 20 primary, on radio this morning, Bevin joined Glenn explained why the race is far from over.

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“I talked to Matt Kibbe yesterday, and he said you are tracking exactly the same way that Ted Cruz was tracking at this point in his campaign,” Glenn said. “And when I was watching Ted Cruz – I don’t know how many points he was behind – and everyone said, ‘No way to win.’ But they were thinking traditional and didn’t see that last surge coming.”

“They tend to ignore the trends that are happening. What they are failing to appreciate is that despite the millions [McConnell’s] spent to con me into oblivion, every time a poll is taken, I have gained ground,” Bevin explained. “I went to 50 some down, to 40 some, to 30 system, and now 20 some. They say, ‘You have no chance.’ Interestingly, when McConnell ran 30 years ago, three months before the election, he was 40 plus percent down in the polls. That’s the way Kentucky works. I tell people: The trend is my friend. We have great enthusiasm.”

Sen. McConnell has enjoyed the support of the GOP establishment, and people like Karl Rove have dumped millions into his campaign. The tactics used have been pretty dirty, which shows how much of a threat they believe Bevin poses.

“I have never seen anything like what Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove are doing,” Glenn said.

“I’m not surprised by anything,” Bevin admitted. “But here’s what I know: He’s a man getting increasingly desperate. I found out last week he’s asking people I went to high school with, literally. Everywhere I go, he pays people to follow me around and take pictures of everyone that talks to me,” Bevin said. “He did promise to run a presidential-style campaign. He just doesn’t tell us which president he was looking to emulate… It’s a very Alinsky-style approach he’s taking. I don’t think it’s going to work. And I think he’s beginning to sense it’s not looking good for him.”

One of the reasons Glenn has been giving these races so much attention is because of the national implications they have. In order to get this country back on track we are going to need dedicated individuals who are willing to fight, and Bevin believes he can be that man.

“This is what’s at stake in this race. This is a battle not only this in race, but others like this. This is probably the penultimate among them in 2014. It is a battle for the heart and soul of the entire political process,” Bevin said. “If people still want this to be a government that’s of and by and for the people… then I need their support… I am willing to be the shot heard around the world… I will stand here and get his teeth kicked in order to do the right thing. We, the American people, have got to wake up. We have to be engaged. And we have to turn out at the polls – not only in this race, but in every race, because otherwise our government is being hijacked by people who do not have our best intentions at heart.”

Learn more about Bevin’s campaign HERE.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Beck,
    When are you gonna have Eric Gurr on? You keep saying you want another George Washington and Gurr is related to him.
    He’s the guy running against Boehner.

    • Connor

      I got to check that out.

  • Connor

    Get him.

  • Deckard426

    The people of Kentucky associate McConnell with all the good things they have in life; disability checks and that newfangled, running water.

    • Anonymous

      Betterin’ that oldfangled crick in yon holler!

  • Karen

    Is Kentucky a state where Democrats can vote in the Republican primary? If so, McConnell will win in a landslide.

    • Nick

      No they cannot

    • Anonymous

      The bigger question is can you still vote in the primary if you are not registered to a party? We need some election reform to allow people to spend their vote for whomever they want to, for whatever reason, regardless of affiliation.

  • texastruthtweet

    Kentucky, I must reiterate…. Do NOT repeat the mistake Texas made! Please retire McConnell. Texas did not retire our establishment guy. We are stuck with him until at least 2020!

    • Jeanette Parker

      Cornyn will fall in line when conservatives are holding the reins……granted, he’s not a leader, but he’s a good follower…….this dude McConnell, isn’t either……he needs to go.

  • landofaahs

    When you’re so old you have to wear depends, it’s time to exit. Some folks are so addicted to power that they will stoop to any tactic to maintain it.

  • Jim

    Be prepared…the left and MSM will be all over Cruz’s dual citizenship. They will claim he’s not eligible…after ignoring the hidden history of BO. They have no shame!

    • fire lion

      Where’s Cruz’s birth certificate? I am a balding millionaire and I conducted my own investigation and that certificate is suspect.

    • Anonymous

      As far as I’m concerned Cruz is ineligible due to his questionable associations, namely being literally married to Goldman-Sachs.

  • Mudpie

    Is he McConnell really interrogating this guy’s pals from high school? What an absolute pig of a man. Seriously, total and complete pond scum.

    • SaltonSeaSalvage

      FBI conducts identical background searches on new agents. Any political opp researcher always begins with deep background.

      • Mudpie

        I am glad that the FBI does that. The new agents are signing up for it and it tends to be an objective inquiry. But this is a search for mudslinging material by a political opponent who has twisted and lied about facts in the past. The two are different. The good news is it looks like the pig of a man is losing tons of ground in the election.

        • Anonymous

          I personally expect political candidates to be AT THE VERY LEAST as scrutinized as FBI functionaries. (and by nature of choosing to fund and run a campaign, you are SOOO signing up to ask for it. Party doesn’t matter).

          No FBI agent is empowered to make decisions that effect hundreds of millions of people, nor might they be trusted with national security info/access that could endanger billions.

          Look at our current President. We glossed over his background. Are you advocating another similar mistake?

  • MellowCat

    Matt Bevin is a moron. Speaking at a cockfighting rally then claiming he didn’t know it was a cockfighting rally. Then saying our Founders condoned the “heritage” of animal fighting. I just cancelled my Tea Party Patriots support and am officially done with this right-wing pro animal abuse bullshit. The “God-given feedom” to abuse and torture animals does not impress me as a voter, a human being or a Christian. Glenn has let me down. Add me to the stay-at-homers on voting day because there is no party left with principles, ethics or compassion. Poser bastards.

    • B.Rubin

      Move along troll. The adults are having a conversation now….

      • Aine

        I support Mr. Bevin’s candidacy, and I realize we have bigger problems in America than whether birds wearing spurs are fighting each other to a hideous death. However, I also felt disappointed when I read about Mr. Bevin’s appearance at the gathering. Does he have a personnel problem and was not appropriately advised about the venue at which he was scheduled to speak? Or, was it merely a lapse of judgment on his part? Or what?

        It is the small details and moments like this, as we all know, that can derail an otherwise acceptable candidacy. We’ve seen this happen in the past and McConnell is a formidable candidate who will pull out all the stops. Saying “I don’t care what the venue was…” probably wasn’t helpful.

        • MellowCat

          Some people are just too thick to see through the phoniness of Matt Bevin. He is no better than the crap we have now. Whoring himself out to animal abusers and using the same “polled data” talking points to make people think he is “The True Conservative” is not fooling me. Mitch sucks, Bevin sucks. They all suck.

    • Anonymous

      Damn vegans.

  • Billy Beefcaked

    The Progressives not only took over the Democrat party but the Republican Party as well.

    R.I.P. USA 1776-2012.

  • Bill Tilghman

    Kentucky needs to ditch Mitch. He is out of touch and isn’t much different from Harry Reid.

  • Anonymous

    It’s most unfortunate that voters keep returning these same dolts to office time and time again. Public service was not meant to be a lifetime career as envisioned by the Founders. These life time trough feeders are not representing their constituents. They are in it for their own egos and power trips, and the cushy benefits that most will get for the rest of their lives on our backs. The only way this can change is with term limits (and try to see how far that would get since they would have to vote on it); or the electorate wakes up and smells the coffee and sends these people packing.

  • fire lion

    “buying their way into congress”? Well after the supreme court stuck down limits on contribution……….

    • Anonymous

      Make you a decision trade: We’ll make ALL political donations illegal
      if you make Obamacare illegal. Boom, we just reformed politics AND
      saved the economy in 30 seconds.

      Dems, of course, would never do
      this as it would crush them with no billions coming in from Soros and
      the Unions. Goose, gander, all that.

  • fire lion

    ” by the people…..not by a handful of people” Conservatives were dancing in the streets when they struck down limit on contributions Only the mega rich cared about those contributions.

    • Anonymous

      Make you a decision trade: We’ll make ALL political donations illegal if you make Obamacare illegal. Boom, we just reformed politics AND saved the economy in 30 seconds.

      Dems, of course, would never do this as it would crush them with no billions coming in from Soros and the Unions. Goose, gander, all that.

      • fire lion

        lol you completely missed my point. First of all I am not a democrat.

        but to the point: I am laughing because Bevin is crying about all the money MCconnel raised and yet conservatives were so elated that the supreme court struck down limits on money, two times.

        Bevin is crying about outside money when he is courting all that Mcconnell hate money from outside the state.

        How come the economy wasnt ” Boom” saved when you had Bush and republicans controlling congress? You conservatives walked over a cliff in 2007.

  • Anonymous

    If the a$$hole wins the primary then vote for the democrat and throw him out on his a$$. It’s time to throw Rove out the door for good! Rove is the one pushing Jebby Bush for President in 2016 and what did Bush open his fat trap and say “Illegals are a gift from God…” or something like that. With Rove pushing that crap why elect ANY that associate with him or other elites. If

  • Bitter Cold

    Citizens: Alter and abolish the ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Anonymous

    I see that you attended a rally in Louisville for Matt Bevin, US Senate candidate. Mr. Bevin is going to lose. He came out of nowhere, entered a race hurling insults at US Senator Mitch McConnell and made himself sound like a Democrat. His only base is with the uber-conservative Tea Party people. Thanks to them, I no longer consider myself a conservative. They are incredibly stupid people.

    The Tea Party has been a political disaster for the GOP.

    In 2010, the Tea Party injected their candidates into Republican primaries in Colorado, Delaware and Nevada, defeated solid GOP candidate then lost the general elections keeping the seats Democrat.

    In 2012, the Indiana Tea Party injected Richard Mourdock into the Republican Primary. He defeated Senator Richard Luger then lost the general election to Democrat Joe Donnelley turning a seat that had been Republican for 18 years into a Democrat seat.

    Also in 2012, the Missouri Tea Party injected Todd Akin into the Republican primary who then defeated two strong GOP candidates. Akin lost the general election to Claire McCaskill keeping the seat Democrat.

    Both Mourdock and Akin embarrassed the Tea Party and the GOP with cringe worth statements. Mourdock said if the victims of rapes became pregnant, it was “God’s will.” Akin talked about “legitimate” rape.

    This year, with your help, the Tea Party wants to oust Senator McConnell, the second highest ranking man in the Senate and the man most likely to become Senate Majority Leader should the Republicans retake the Senate. Bevin would be a newbie, back bencher with no power to do anything for Kentuckians or anyone else.

    To put it succinctly, Mr. Beck you screwed up.

    The Tea Party is a social club for the politically naiveand clueless.

    • Anonymous

      All McConnel has to do to stay in office is reject his far-left stances and become a Republican. Done.

    • MellowCat

      This is all true. I liked the Tea Party stance before it got bastardized just like the Republicans have. There is no safe haven. I hate them all.

  • MellowCat

    I am sorry, but endorsing a candidate who thinks animal torture is a “heritage” that must be protected under states’ rights is not what I call a Conservative or Christian value. I call it pandering to brazen law-breaking sociopaths. My respect for Glen has diminished and my hope for the Tea Party has vanished. This is not acceptable.

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