Glenn is particularly excited about the year’s crop of Republican candidates because they represent and articulate small government principles in a remarkable way. Matt Bevin, who is challenging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, is a candidate Glenn has vocally lent his support to for quite some time now. While the poll numbers aren’t great for Bevin ahead of the May 20 primary, on radio this morning, Bevin joined Glenn explained why the race is far from over.

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“I talked to Matt Kibbe yesterday, and he said you are tracking exactly the same way that Ted Cruz was tracking at this point in his campaign,” Glenn said. “And when I was watching Ted Cruz – I don’t know how many points he was behind – and everyone said, ‘No way to win.’ But they were thinking traditional and didn’t see that last surge coming.”

“They tend to ignore the trends that are happening. What they are failing to appreciate is that despite the millions [McConnell’s] spent to con me into oblivion, every time a poll is taken, I have gained ground,” Bevin explained. “I went to 50 some down, to 40 some, to 30 system, and now 20 some. They say, ‘You have no chance.’ Interestingly, when McConnell ran 30 years ago, three months before the election, he was 40 plus percent down in the polls. That’s the way Kentucky works. I tell people: The trend is my friend. We have great enthusiasm.”

Sen. McConnell has enjoyed the support of the GOP establishment, and people like Karl Rove have dumped millions into his campaign. The tactics used have been pretty dirty, which shows how much of a threat they believe Bevin poses.

“I have never seen anything like what Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove are doing,” Glenn said.

“I’m not surprised by anything,” Bevin admitted. “But here’s what I know: He’s a man getting increasingly desperate. I found out last week he’s asking people I went to high school with, literally. Everywhere I go, he pays people to follow me around and take pictures of everyone that talks to me,” Bevin said. “He did promise to run a presidential-style campaign. He just doesn’t tell us which president he was looking to emulate… It’s a very Alinsky-style approach he’s taking. I don’t think it’s going to work. And I think he’s beginning to sense it’s not looking good for him.”

One of the reasons Glenn has been giving these races so much attention is because of the national implications they have. In order to get this country back on track we are going to need dedicated individuals who are willing to fight, and Bevin believes he can be that man.

“This is what’s at stake in this race. This is a battle not only this in race, but others like this. This is probably the penultimate among them in 2014. It is a battle for the heart and soul of the entire political process,” Bevin said. “If people still want this to be a government that’s of and by and for the people… then I need their support… I am willing to be the shot heard around the world… I will stand here and get his teeth kicked in order to do the right thing. We, the American people, have got to wake up. We have to be engaged. And we have to turn out at the polls – not only in this race, but in every race, because otherwise our government is being hijacked by people who do not have our best intentions at heart.”

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