NEWSLETTER EXCLUSIVE: How easy is it to wipe out an American city?

Today, we have an exclusive interview in the free Glenn Beck e-mail newsletter with best selling author and friend of the show Brad Meltzer.

In the interview, Meltzer talks about being part of the Red Cell program, where he and other out of the box thinkers were asked by the Department of Homeland Security to brainstorm how to destroy a city.

“Within a half hour we would find a way in or we would find a way to destroy it. It’s not one of those days where you go home feeling good. You go home feeling terrified because you see how easy it is to kill us,” Meltzer said.

Meltzer also opens up about working in different media, from TV to novels to comic books, and the research and inspiration behind his stories.

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  • Anonymous

    It is super easy to destroy a vibrant U.S. city: vote Democrat

    • Jason Gary


    • Anonymous

      Detroit is proof of that!

    • Eric Clifton

      I dont know if that is the fastest way, but it’s damn sure the most thorough.

    • L8rSk8r


    • landofaahs

      It’s called suicide by democrat. The democrat party does support assisted suicide though.

    • Donny Wacenske

      The democrats destroyed America…not just a city.. the fastest way to destroy a city is with a weapon > or = to a atomic bomb

  • Dennis Ferguson

    honestly its is easier then that small presicion charges in the right area could wipe out a city and leave it looking like a nuke went off all the while it wouldnt have any radiation.

  • Ernie Mink

    Bush, Clinton and Obama were and still are ALL bad.

  • Anonymous

    I have guns.

    • L8rSk8r

      Me too bossmanham

  • Krimsen King

    yes, we are fragile, delicate beings… maybe we should take better care of each other 😉

  • Rob Wolgemuth

    So you right wingers somehow want to compromise the prevention of a police state (the entire foundation of conservatism) to give way to these ridiculous fearmongering tactics by Beck.

    • Matt Guempel

      Sorry I missed any comment that suggested a police state. Just that you only need to vote democrat to cause a city to fail economically over time and watch it slowly dwindle in population and rise in crime

    • Connor

      No that is liberalism. It is not us who is taking the second amendment away and stooping on the first. It is not us who feels to need to ban fatty food. It is not us who feels the need to tell everyone how to think what to believe and what people can and can’t do. It is not us who is robbing Peter to pay Paul. It is not us who pushes Marxism. No that is you progressive liberals.

    • Connor

      Actually police states agree with liberals.

  • Connor

    Liberalism is the easiest just look at what it do to Cleveland.

  • Anonymous

    How to wipe out an American city? Label the city as “bigoted”.

  • Chris Smith

    Look at US Politics, Red VS Blue city’s/State’s, and look at property values and cost of living in those colored areas (Red/Blue). Liberals move to cheap places like Colorado, drive costs up costs and make it too expensive to live there (California, New York) and move to cheap areas like Texas. Liberals destroy reasonable US civilizations all the time.

  • Liz Ehret Re

    Lessons learned in Afghanistan. Guerilla warfare would be the norm.

  • John Kenner

    For collectivists engaged in practical political affairs, the ways and means of chasing socialist illusions are critically important.

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