Glenn declares today “the beginning of miracles” at fiery FreePAC speech

On Saturday, thousands of conservative and libertarian grassroots activists gathered in Louisville, Kentucky for FreePAC Kentucky. Hosted by FreedomWorks, the event featured conservative pundits, politicians, entrepreneurs, and community leaders offering solutions to the problems that face our nation. From TheBlaze’s Andrew Wilkow to Kentucky senate candidate Matt Bevin, FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe to Reverend C.L. Bryant, the day’s speakers sought to provide the tools and techniques needed to “take America back from the Washington establishment.”

Glenn delivered an impassioned keynote address to an enthusiastic crowd in which he outlined why we must learn to understand our history before we can work to restore our nation.

“We don’t know our own history,” Glenn said as he showed the audience a handful of historical artifacts from his collection. “We have seen these times before. History tells the story.”

The story of Iva Toguri (aka Tokyo Rose) is one that has been lost and distorted many times over. But, as Glenn explained, it is important to teach our children the truth so that we can understand she was in fact a hero not a traitor. How did her story become so sensationalized? The government and media needed a scapegoat during a trying time in our nation’s history.

“This happened because the media and big government decided they needed food. They needed some story to tell,” Glenn explained. “Unless you have people in media who are true to the truth, unless you people in government who are true to the truth, it happens again.”

As Glenn worked his way through the collection, it became clear that history is easily manipulated. History is easily changed. But we cannot blame the United States as a country. Instead, it is the American people who are corruptible.

“It was the people that lost their way,” Glenn said as he shared the story of Toguri, “not the principles behind the country.”

Glenn read an excerpt from a book written by Thomas Edison around the time funding for motion pictures was being sought. In the book, Edison explains the power of motion picture, for he believed with video capturing history in real time nothing could be distorted. Sadly, we have come to realize that this is not the case. And Glenn blames the persistence and foothold of the progressive movement for the manipulation. Edison didn’t truly understand the progressive movement or the influence of the media and university system.

Today, we have seen the progressive movement infect both parties. But, as the FreePAC event so wonderfully demonstrated, there is a talented, passionate, and articulate crop of small government, liberty minded Americans who are willing and ready to go to Washington and fight the good fight.

“These are the people we have begged for. These are the men and women we have prayed for. We need to go and convince our friends and our neighbors they are here. We cannot get tired,” Glenn said. “Big government is a philosophy in both parties, period. It is antithetical to the American system, period. These are the beginnings of miracles. It requires us to stand. It requires us to get hit.”

Glenn concluded his remarks by quoting a passage from the Disneyland Prospectus he won at auction in 2010:

Disneyland will be based upon and dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and hard facts that have created America. And it will be uniquely equipped to dramatize those dreams and facts and send them forth as a source of courage and inspiration to all the world.

“I challenge you to know what you believe in and then hold fast to it,” Glenn said. “I challenge you to know the hard facts, the ideas, the ideals that founded this country. Internalize them, live them, preach them, and send them forth as a source of inspiration to the world.”

Throughout the speech Glenn referred back to a theme found in the Gospel of John in which Jesus reveals himself to his disciples and his miracles are discussed. Glenn emphatically stated that if we continue to stand exactly where we are supposed to stand, God will take care of the rest.

“I testify to you today,” Glenn declared. “This is the beginning of miracles.”

Watch Glenn’s speech below:

  • Joe

    He talks of knowing history and knowing facts and not distorting the truth yet that’s all he does. He says we need to “take America back from the Washington establishment” but he neglected to finish his though which would likely be “and hand it over to my billionaire cronies.” You all know who I mean the billionaires that back the FreedomWorks and all these “grassroots” groups. This is the reality we live in folks corruption in the far left and in the far right. There will never be a genuine grassroots movement. And there will never be a genuine 99% movement. That’s why we’re the unorganized poor. We don’t organize. These billionaire types are just using the guise of grassroots to push their agenda in to make more money. That’s not to say that the far left doesn’t have its equivalent, it does. The labor unions were responsible for the 99% and used college student sheeps to do it. My point is this, You can’t trust anyone. Not Glenn Beck, Not the media, Not superpacs or even your politicians. I would say WAKE UP and start questioning things. Don’t blindly follow speakers and people over crowds. Odds are if you’re in a crowd you’re being a sheep. Don’t be sheep, think for yourself. and be sure to research and ACTUALLY know facts and the truth to facts. Get involved yourself and work for the change you think should happen. Don’t just follow the preaching of others. The old saying is the only way to do it right is do it yourself. Well get out there and do it yourself. Don’t follow this fool and his lies.

  • Shirley Larsen

    I really get tired of hearing you liberals talk about ‘our’ billionaire cronies. Let’s talk about YOUR billionaire cronies…Bill Gates, George Soros, etc. Bill Gates is the guy wanting all the data on your kids in schools, and Soros…well, he just wants a devaluation of the dollar…goodbye retirement accounts.

    • Crassus

      You left out Warren Buffett. The real reason there’s no Keystone Pipeline.

    • Joe

      Us Liberals? When in my comment did I say I was a liberal. I even went out of my way to point out an instance of liberal corruption. While I’m not entirely familiar with the claims about the people you’re making I’m sure there are plenty of other instances of corruption on the left. My point is that you can’t trust anyone except yourself and those you’ve known all your life. I’m just trying to get people to see that so please don’t label me as something I may not be because you don’t like what I have to say or it isn’t 100% in line with your views.

      • Krimsen King

        this is what the hard line does… anyone who is not in perfect alignment with their ‘hard line’ becomes a traitor, an infidel, a ‘RINO’, or in glenn’s case, a ‘progressive’. Hard lines build conflict only. Never resolution.

    • Krimsen King

      yes, doesn’t it seem odd that we are forced to root for one billionaire side or the other? Doesn’t it seem overwhelmingly OBVIOUS now that money is really the ONLY corrupting influence in our political system? Isn’t it obvious that the ridiculous amounts of money in our electoral system FUNDAMENTALLY CORRUPT ALL OF OUR POLITICIANS????

    • Anonymous

      Glenn has his audience well-trained to hate their fellow Americans who happen to have different politics that they do. Glenn Beck is a cancer on the USA. He’s the Great Divider who cries wolf, destroys lives and never looks back. When is the great keeper of the “TRUTH” Glenn Beck going make a comment on the defamation lawsuit that’s going to cost him dearly in terms of tens of million of dollars and a severely tarnished reputation?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck, Matt Kibbe and all the others here are WONDERFUL, AMAZING, patriots with CLEAR THINKING about history and the ideas of freedom. I know them. I love them. God bless them!

    • Anonymous

      Glenn Beck is a political opportunist who uses patriotism, the military and religion as tools to selfishly advance his career. You’ve been fooled by a modern day snake oil salesman. Wake up! When is the great keeper of the “TRUTH” Glenn Beck going make a comment on the defamation lawsuit that’s going to cost him dearly in terms of tens of million of dollars and a severely tarnished reputation?

  • Anonymous

    Responding to Joe’s comments, I dare you to prove the distortion you claim Glenn is stating. I dare you to make a thorough study of history as you advise your readers to do. It is extremely difficult for a proud man to admit that he is wrong. I wonder if you’re teachable enough or humble enough to recognize the truth when it is presented to you. It seems to me from your writing that your mind is already made up. You have decided that EVERYONE is lying. I do not disagree with you that lying is rampant in both major parties. Nevertheless, it is NOT true that everyone lies. Satan lies. God does not. People who honor God try really hard to find the truth and tell the truth. I have been studying these ideas for several years now, and my conclusion about Glenn, Matt and the others is completely different from yours.

    • Joe

      Check out the sources on some of Glenns other articles, particularly the bold prediction (about Russia) He distorts the facts from most all of his sources. And I didn’t mean history I meant in general when people present facts check them. I will gladly admit when I’m wrong, so long as credible and unbiased information is presented. As for me thinking everyone lies that’s mostly true. Not at the local level of government but certainly state and federal. As I said though provide credible unbiased evidence to the contrary and I’ll gladly admit I was wrong. And please don’t play the god card. I wasn’t talking about God. I’m a Catholic. I believe in God and in my opinion to try to put God in with everyone is sin (I’m not saying you’ve sinned you may have just misunderstood my thoughts on “everyone”). God is not a person and God is incapable of committing wrong deeds. Humanity on the other hand wrongs each other every day. This is me trying to encourage people to find the truth for themselves, Not just blindly trust what’s presented to them. I am basing my conclusions from some documentaries I’ve viewed that I think are more credible than most, check them out for yourself. Two in particular are called the Billionaires Tea Party and Occupy Unmasked.

      • Kathy William


        ❥❥❥ �❥❥❥ ❥❥❥ ❥❥�❥ ❥❥❥The old saying is the only way to do it right is do it yourself. Well get out there and do it yourself. Don’t follow this fool and his lies.

      • BlueMN

        “Occupy Unmasked is a production of Citizens United—yes, that Citizens United—and bankrolled for distribution by Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks franchise and occasional financier of political documentaries.”
        It’s good that you’re a skeptic, but that means being skeptical of documentaries too and “following the money” sometimes.

        • Joe

          Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I was aware that it was produced by Citizens United but I thought since it had a conservative base they’d want to dig up CREDIBLE evidence on liberals and the left. But there I go thinking people might be decent and actually put quality into there work. Again thank you for correcting my mistake and pointing out the evidence to back it up.

  • Crassus

    Sorry but Glenn Beck is getting goofier and goofier these days. He denounces Mitch McConnell as being worse than Obamao yet his idol, Rand Paul, is endorsing Mitch the Snake for re-election. Which is it, Glenn? You can’t have it both ways. Perhaps you should take a closer look at Rand Paul too.

    • Anonymous

      If you listened to the radio show you would know what Glenn thinks about that since he has talked about it frequently, clearly you don’t. And no, supporting Paul is no way equivalent to supporting McConnell. Question, why troll the site of someone you think is goofy or insane if you can’t be bothered to understand their reasoning?

    • Anonymous

      Wait until you see him squirm and spin when he’s on the witness stand defending himself over his false accusations he’s being sued over.

  • Anonymous

    Talking about social issues and hearing messages from God is what led to Republicans defeat in the last election, go preach in church Beck.

  • Anonymous

    Very well done Glenn, no one presents their ideas with the weight and realness of history the way you do.

  • Deckard426

    Too late. Obama just signed an executive order forbidding Americans from taking back the government from Washington.

  • Anonymous

    No one can make the claim “Today’s the beginning of miracles” sound more trite than Beck.

  • G21

    In terms of understanding ideology and communicating it in fairly simple terms, I’ve found this to be a useful resource:

  • Andres Davila

    This sounds so much like past speeches. Does anyone remember “This is your moment! or “This is the third Great Awakening!!!” This moron just uses catch phrases to give these minions false hope.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. Beck is a buffoon. He says all kinds of things, but the meaning underneath is always the same mantra: “I am your prophet doing God’s work, so send me your money…send me your money…send me your money.”

  • Dev Looshen

    Here’s an inexpensive resource, formatted for smartphones, that is useful for educating younger people on the basic ideas of Western civilization:

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I heard Glenn’s speech and all six hours ( more if you count Pat and Stu, which continued the theme) of his political ad for Matt Bevin. I hope he’s at least getting paid for it. I don’t even know who Matt Bevin is and thanks to Glenn repeating his best Jim Jones impersonation ( I’m god! Vote for Matt Bevin!) I wouldn’t vote for him if he were the last person on earth. Stop ruining Pat and Stu with Glenn’s craziness. I can’t stand to listen to his show anymore though it’s great when he’s not on. I love his guest hosts especially the man who worked for the CIA. Glenn’s great when he’s not praying for me ( I have a minister, Glenn, and you’re not it. You’re just a talk show host) forcing me to listen to more on trivia or trying to be motivational. Just go back to doing what you were doing best which is being a radio talk show host. There’s nothing wrong with that. Surprisingly despite the mutual hate Glenn’s show and Bill Maher’s show are starting to sound an awful lot alike. They both like to sneer at the working class and they both are trying to use their shows to tell the rest of us how to vote.

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