Rush Limbaugh’s bleak outlook: We are on the road to the Great Depression

On Friday, Rush Limbaugh made a bold and dire declaration on his radio program: If things don’t change, we are on a collision course with the Great Depression. Limbaugh believes there will come a time when the United States truly “collapses” and the value of money “evaporates.” At that point, people will lose their savings, pensions, and investments and will be lined up for food and shelter. On radio this morning, Glenn played the audio and discussed some of the steps we can take to avoid the fate.

Listen to the segment via the Daily Rushbo below:

“Do you remember the days when we were saying these things,” Glenn asked. “Rush was much smarter, quite honestly, than [me] was or anybody else. And he didn’t get too far out in front of the parade. There was no reason to get too far out in front of the parade. He was much smarter by saying, ‘Let’s just see. We’ve seen bad things happen before.’ Now he has seen it. He’s proven it all out.”

Listening to the audio, Glenn couldn’t help but feel as though he and Limbaugh aren’t all that far apart on this issue. On one hand, the agreement is astounding. On the other hand, it is slightly depressing.

“Rush is, in many ways, right where we are. That’s astounding… Kind of depresses me a little bit because he’s usually right,” Glenn explained. “When you see what he’s saying here, it’s true. They will come after the pensions. They will come after the savings. And these things will work out that way.”

“There’s no way out right now,” Pat added.

Glenn believes, however, there are steps that can be taken to reverse course and avoid a Great Depression-style collapse. Energy independence is one solution.

“The way out is through our own energy,” Glenn said. “When Rush says these things are coming – yes, Venezuela is right around the corner from us. But if we can get these guys in Congress to start turning this around, we can save ourselves. We really can. We can’t do it without the White House, but you can save yourself. It won’t be saved by the Republicans.”

Furthermore, Obamacare doesn’t just need to be ‘fixed.’ It needs to be scrapped entirely.

“I’m not for fixing Obamacare. I am not for certainly expanding it. I am for the full, entire repeal of it,” Glenn said. “To reset this thing, it’s also going to need a rebooting of the entire healthcare system because the entire healthcare system is so corrupt right now… This isn’t a Barack Obama problem. This has been happening with the Republicans and Democrats for years.”

If we use the 2014 midterms to elect strong, Constitutionally minded candidates, there is a real chance we can straighten some of these problems out. Ultimately, however, the American people must remember if you put your faith in man over principle, you will be disappointed every time.

“It’s as we said a few years ago. Everything you think you know, everything you think you can trust, everything you think is solid will become liquid. Everything you think you can believe in will go soft. Everything,” Glenn concluded. “You have to know what is really truly true and worth betting on… If you put your faith in man over a principle, you’re going to be disappointed every time. Every time.”

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  • Bonnie Somer

    Then u must attend operation american spring in DC on May 16th we the people r coming better late than never Glenn we r coming to tell them STOP WHAT U R DOING TO AMERICA STOP NOW AND TO IMPEACH OBAMA HIS CZARS AND ALL THE LEFT WING MARXIST PROGRESSIVES FROM REID TO SCHUMER TO DURBIN TO SOME OF THE GOP MEMBERS ALIKE

    • Jon Galt

      Good luck, and I mean that sincerely. Unfortunately the media will not cover it, and even if you got a million people there and shut down DC it would not make the lame stream media news.

      The game is rigged against ALL of us. Only the “masters” in DC will benefit, until we literally rise up… and they are all swinging by their necks from trees… from sea to shining sea! But that won’t happen until after the collapse, and millions dead.

    • Onteo

      Unless you are 10,000 or more strong it won’t mean a thing. Ask any politician when gun rights groups gather. Means nothing. This has to b big

  • K.Bech

    So if this country goes into a great depression, there won’t be any Obamacare because no one will be able to pay for either the insured or the uninsured. We will all be broke and many of us will not live through it since there will be no food, etc.
    Why ever did the Dems think that another government program was going to move this country forward?

  • IrritatedRhino

    It is so depressing. The government can seize gold/silver so that is dicey, Fema is authorized to seize food/supply stockpiles…

    Think I will buy an old school bus, a camp stove and some land in the mountains…

    • Slayer88

      My brother and i have started looking into exactly that minus the school bus

  • landofaahs

    Though Rush is a genius, it doesn’t take one to see the depression coming.

  • Publius II

    What is coming will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park. Unlike
    the Great Depression there will be no food lines or public assistance because
    the government is already bankrupt. Prepare for riots, revolutions and chaos
    worldwide as the economic system itself implodes under the weight of decades of
    corruption. It will be more akin to the period after the French Revolution than the economic malaise of the Great Depression. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

    • KJinAZ

      Bullets, Booze, Bullion, Butters (apple n peanut), Beans

  • Jon Galt

    He is wrong. Its going to be much MUCH worse. We now have (literally) millions of people dependent on govt for food. When that stops the cities burn. The entitlement generation will riot and kill anyone for whatever scraps of food or valuables they have.

    In the 30s there were no federal welfare programs. None. Nobody was dependent on food stamps.

    • Boo2

      That is the truth and people don’t want to think that it’s possible!

    • Krimsen King

      yes, and ALL of us is dependent on ‘government’ for SOMETHING. Roads, bridges, fireman, police… WE ALL NEED THESE THINGS. No one is free from the need for government in a society of 350 MILLION PEOPLE. And in the 30’s, millions suffered and died because there was no government program or regulation to protect them from ‘what the market will bear’. Our government, as described by OUR CONSTITUTION, is the ONLY institution that has ANY accountability to WE THE PEOPLE. Without it, we are all subjects of the wealthiest modern ‘nobility’. And when our elections go to the highest bidder, ALL OF OUR POLITICIANS BECOME INHERENTLY CORRUPT, regardless of political party or ideology.

  • Anonymous

    People are too afraid to impeach him. They have too much riding on what he’s doing. They want a piece of his pie. So many people are so dirty in the whole grand scheme of things. It’s just mind-boggling. Clean out George Soros and we’d have a lot of this paid for.

  • Deckard426

    The way out is to have the liberal ruling class confiscate all the money and property of middle class workers, and give it to their lazy, non-working voting base. Oh wait, they already DID!

  • Connor

    Well this is depressing.

  • Anonymous

    The next one will be known as The Greater Depression.

  • Anonymous

    Democrat caused depression!

  • Republitards suck

    This guy is a bigger fraud then Glenn.

    • Caleb Arnold

      He certainly is. And that would place him about 100 points below the vast majority of Democrats and Liberals. But good point none-the-less. Rush is more fraudulent than Glenn.

  • texastruthtweet

    I can remember my Government teacher warning my class of another depression, 31 years ago! This one will be much worse than the one our grandparents went through! Many in our country do not know how to survive a severe economic crisis of this kind.

    • Anonymous

      That’s the plan.

  • Billy Beefcaked

    All part of the Progressives plan. Whatever it takes to gain complete control over the people.

  • Krimsen King

    rush Limbaugh doesn’t understand how ‘the pill’ works… what makes you think he understands ANYTHING else? ha ha

    • Anonymous

      Laughing at your own joke is lame.

      • Krimsen King

        it wasn’t a joke…

    • Anonymous

      Do you understand how The Pill works? Without Googling it?

    • Republitards suck

      He knows how Oxy pills work.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Limbaugh. Americans have prospered from God but have committed two sins: Americans have forsaken God, the fountain of living water, and have dug for themselves wells that can hold no water – and then blame conservatives or Christianity when thirsty.

    Americans believe they can divorce or shack up with no serious damage to their children. Americans believe they can prosper when government spends more than it takes in and print more money to cover any debt with no higher costs for essential commodities and services. Americans believe they can codify sodomy into law by legalizing gay marriage without putting children at risk.

    Americans’ immoral choices have changed Americas’ historical glory for that which has no chance of success.

    • Anonymous

      Limbaugh has been married six times and makes his ex-wives sign non-disclosure agreements, probably because he is gay.

      • Anonymous

        What’s your judgmental point?

  • landofaahs

    A great economic change is coming with no doubt. We may have a reset or depression or a hyper-inflation/depression and collapse. Either of these will bring about very restrictive funding for all projects. It’s at that time the politicians will no longer be able to avoid the tough decisions and then they will be forced to choose which constituents of theirs to throw under the bus. Cannibalism of the economy will be the result. Prepare now.

  • Anonymous

    You clowns have been saying this for years and years at this point. You’re wrong.

  • Three Friends

    Liberty’s value can be hard to see because those regimes lacking liberty are able to benefit from the goods and services of free countries.

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