On Friday, Rush Limbaugh made a bold and dire declaration on his radio program: If things don’t change, we are on a collision course with the Great Depression. Limbaugh believes there will come a time when the United States truly “collapses” and the value of money “evaporates.” At that point, people will lose their savings, pensions, and investments and will be lined up for food and shelter. On radio this morning, Glenn played the audio and discussed some of the steps we can take to avoid the fate.

Listen to the segment via the Daily Rushbo below:

“Do you remember the days when we were saying these things,” Glenn asked. “Rush was much smarter, quite honestly, than [me] was or anybody else. And he didn’t get too far out in front of the parade. There was no reason to get too far out in front of the parade. He was much smarter by saying, ‘Let’s just see. We’ve seen bad things happen before.’ Now he has seen it. He’s proven it all out.”

Listening to the audio, Glenn couldn’t help but feel as though he and Limbaugh aren’t all that far apart on this issue. On one hand, the agreement is astounding. On the other hand, it is slightly depressing.

“Rush is, in many ways, right where we are. That’s astounding… Kind of depresses me a little bit because he’s usually right,” Glenn explained. “When you see what he’s saying here, it’s true. They will come after the pensions. They will come after the savings. And these things will work out that way.”

“There’s no way out right now,” Pat added.

Glenn believes, however, there are steps that can be taken to reverse course and avoid a Great Depression-style collapse. Energy independence is one solution.

“The way out is through our own energy,” Glenn said. “When Rush says these things are coming – yes, Venezuela is right around the corner from us. But if we can get these guys in Congress to start turning this around, we can save ourselves. We really can. We can’t do it without the White House, but you can save yourself. It won’t be saved by the Republicans.”

Furthermore, Obamacare doesn’t just need to be ‘fixed.’ It needs to be scrapped entirely.

“I’m not for fixing Obamacare. I am not for certainly expanding it. I am for the full, entire repeal of it,” Glenn said. “To reset this thing, it’s also going to need a rebooting of the entire healthcare system because the entire healthcare system is so corrupt right now… This isn’t a Barack Obama problem. This has been happening with the Republicans and Democrats for years.”

If we use the 2014 midterms to elect strong, Constitutionally minded candidates, there is a real chance we can straighten some of these problems out. Ultimately, however, the American people must remember if you put your faith in man over principle, you will be disappointed every time.

“It’s as we said a few years ago. Everything you think you know, everything you think you can trust, everything you think is solid will become liquid. Everything you think you can believe in will go soft. Everything,” Glenn concluded. “You have to know what is really truly true and worth betting on… If you put your faith in man over a principle, you’re going to be disappointed every time. Every time.”