Take a tour on the ‘Tolerance Trail’

Yes, that’s a very alliterative headline

You can only hear the doctor diagnose you with a terminal illness so many times before things start to seem really, really dark. That’s why Glenn dedicated tonight’s monologue to recognizing a pretty amazing phenomenon – people of different political viewpoints are starting to come together and unite on common principles. What happens when a CEO is exiled for his personal beliefs on gay marriage? Or a professor is smeared for saying global warming may be a little too alarmist? Well, you start to have some of the biggest liberal voices in the media come out and say what people like Glenn have been saying for a long, long time: progressives aren’t interested in debate, they are interested in controlling the conversation.

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  • landofaahs

    But when the economic crash comes and the federal government can’t buy the states off with grants, and when the people are faced with no help from government, perhaps the time will come when divorce from Red and Blue will seem obviously logical.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, why don’t you talk about objectivity?

    Let’s take the Eich case. I agree he should not be fired for opposing gay marriage, but the situation is not that simple. There are several factors leading to Eich’s resignation. Eich is a well known technician in Silicone Valley and the greater tech world, which is an almost totally liberal place. His funding of Prop 8 caused a firestorm of controversy when he did it, which eventually died down. Mozilla’s board of directors were split on naming Eich as CEO and half of them resigned. Both the organization and stakeholders seemed to have regretted the decision. In an interview with VentureBeat, Eich thought Jay Sullivan would have been a good pick for CEO. It wasn’t the gay mafia at work here. It was the fact that the organization was already uncertain about Eich’s hire combined with his political stance that was unacceptable in an almost all liberal industry. Both of these factors were distracting to Mozilla’s mission, which was to quickly develop a mobile platform.

    Now climate change. An economics academic criticizing a dissenting climate change scientist is not necessarily or simply intolerant. One could only conclude that if they proved his accusations were baseless and selfish. Beck makes fun of climate science all the time without objectivity. Is Glenn intolerant? Again, an objective view on climate science is what’s needed, not tolerance. Ignorance doesn’t deserve tolerance.

    Finally, Hollywood has a long history of extrapolating ideas from war, government programs, conspiracies, etc. They’ve been doing that a lot since WWII. If Glenn is saying the left is wising up with Captain America, then he should admit since it’s the Hollywood leftists that have making these kinds of movies for a nearly a century, that they’ve been wise all along. The reality is that controversy is the stuff of entertainment and there’s a lot of money in it. Glenn knows all about that.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, that elephant that just crapped on the rug in the middle of the room? The one you are trying hard to ignore? It’s still there, even if you have sufficient time to try and rationalize it. There’s a donkey there too. Hey, it just crapped as well. How do you people manage to ignore the things that are so in your face that it takes HARD WORK not to see them?

      • Anonymous

        Be specific.

    • Amber Honey

      Your argument about Eich illustrates the gay mafia and intolerance not disputes it. He should be able to hold his political views without it being a factor in employment. By the left’s reasoning then anyone who disapproves of gay marriage is entitled to fire anyone who supports it. We know that won’t fly and it shouldn’t fly on the other side. This is beyond McCarthyism – this is fascism – and it should be condemned by all decent people.

      • Anonymous

        Not everyone in Silicone Valley is gay.

        • Caleb Arnold

          Of course they aren’t, but the political atmosphere is one of ‘don’t do anything to rock the boat.’ Activists (on both sides, though I believe the Liberal side more) rock the boat. He upset them, but that doesn’t make the atmosphere right. It’s just the way it is.

          He may have been distracting as a CEO, but his beliefs were actually helping them in some of their foreign departments. You can’t claim it was ‘just business.’ The Gay Mafia definitely played a part.

          That being said, I won’t be using Mozilla any longer. Not that I agree with the guy (I think gov should be out of marriage completely) but because Mozilla betrayed it’s core values by forcing him out.

          Glenn making fun of global warming supporters is just fun. It’s not intolerance. Intolerance would be trying to silence them. That he doesn’t do.

          As for the movie, he does admit at some point (not sure if it’s in this clip) that the movies about Bush and whatnot were good he just couldn’t see it at the time.

          “Ignorance doesn’t deserve tolerance.” Fascist at it’s core. That’s not for you to decide. If I choose to be ignorant, I should have the right to do so. Vilify me if you will, but silencing me is wrong regardless.

          • Anonymous

            I see your point. I’m afraid Mozilla is going to struggle. Too bad, because they’ve given the word an outstanding free alternative to Microsoft and helped improve the technology for everyone. One less competitive option is bad for consumers.

          • Caleb Arnold

            Agreed. The hilarious thing is, they should have seen this coming. They already knew about it. Poor decision-making on their part.

    • Anonymous

      Did the board members that had a problem with Eich have a problem because of his views on Prop 8? I think if the board and stakeholders were worried about the intense pressure that would be applied, then this helps make the point, that it is too bad that they even have to worry about that. The mob mentality is reality but that doesn’t make it a good thing.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t honestly know why the board members resigned. Maybe because they didn’t believe Eich was right for Mozilla at a critical time in its technology transition. I’m suggesting that the distraction in the organization caused by Eich’s anti-gay position may have been just part of the reason for his resignation. You don’t hear about these points because pundits focus on only the controversial aspects of issues. Dig and you’ll likely find more.

    • landofaahs

      By using your logic then farming is a mainly conservative industry and liberals should keep their opinions to themselves about it.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t make any comments about farming.

      • Caleb Arnold

        I want to comment on this, as I have a bit of experience in this area.

        The farming industry, at it’s base, is often rooted in conservative areas. The upper echelon is, of course, in a similar, if not near as severe, atmosphere as Mozilla finds itself.

        If my father, who is a farm-owner, were to come out publicly in support of Gay Marriage or some other hot-button issue among Christian right-wingers, he would immediately be vilified. And this is perfectly fine.

        Why? Because the individuals have the right to vilify whomever they want. They can refuse to do business with him, try to push him out.

        That being said, by announcing said (false) belief, he would be knowingly opening himself to this reaction. In essence, he asked for it.

        Is the reaction morally right? Not in my opinion. But there it is.

        Mozilla screwed up. The atmosphere where they reside is know to be extremely non-accepting of outspoken conservatives. Is it right? Not in my opinion. But this is business, and, at the moment, this is how it works.

        • landofaahs

          Most rural areas tend to be more Christian than cities. Christians would naturally have a negative view about heresy when what the Bible clearly teaches is counter to the view of todays sick culture. But I don’t care what Mozilla does but I believe everyone should be free to run their business as they choose. I doubt your father would like the government to come in and tell him what to plant, when to plant, how to plant it and then who to sell it to.

    • landofaahs

      Just exactly what is your profession and who funds you? Your ignorance deserves no tolerance. I frankly have doubts as to your scientific bona fides.

      • Anonymous

        I’m an entrepreneur. I have an MS in Engineering and an MBA. I have companies in software and electronics.

    • Manbehindthecurtain

      Your talking points prove the intolerance of liberals against those that disagree with them, and will go out of their way to torpedo them. Just because a area is overwhelmingly liberal, does not mean that others have to give up their freedoms and rights. Your first paragraph says it all about intolerance and attacks.

      • Anonymous

        No one’s given me talking points. I simply write what I think. So you’re saying if there’s a business case for asking for the CEO’s resignation, then the organization should ignore it to make a political point? Sorry, business doesn’t work that way.

  • Jackie Ann Baggesen

    They are only interested in control of everything…CONTROL IS THE DRIVING FACTOR IN EVERYTHING…

  • Tantalus XVI

    Yeaaa hate to break it to you Glenn but… the left is just getting their talking points together. “Tolerance” in this country is gone forever. By next week the alphabet soup networks will be right back to *&^*&@#ing on republicans, pro-lifers, climate change skeptics, and christians. And the sensible liberals out there? Yep they will still be quiet as a mouse. This recent comradery of late is nothing more than damage control, ratings are in the toilet and they have to pull the reigns in just a bit. Come election season. POOF! What shoulder to shoulder?

  • bob

    Here is a thought ZERO aid to foreign countries, zero aid to banks, companies, stock market, stop all wars and bring troops back, post returned troops on border patrol, cut all government waste, get rid of all programs that do not directly help Americans, combine all welfare and government handouts to one agency with means testing and required job training, fine any and all American companies that outsource jobs, stop immigration until unemployment drops below 5 %. And do not allow the potus and first lady these unlimited expensive vacations until all Americans that want to work have a job. It does not matter whether dems or repubs pass these ideas

    • Robert Anderson

      Sounds great. sounds like what Ron Paul has been saying for 40+ years.

      • Olaf Olson

        40… or 400?

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      Benjamin Franklin wrote in his biography how he refused to be a war profiteer. He never took a patent out on the Franklin Stove because he wanted to share his invention for the betterment of mankind.

      Franklin worked hard and lived comfortably but not to the excess of many of his contemporaries.

      Where are these people today?

  • Martin Sass Thage-Jørgensen

    Dear Gleen Beck,
    It is not only in the US that this lunacy is happening. This week the same thing is happening i Copenhagen Denmark, where a Danish Bank CEO was fired by his board for talking skeptically against city counsels decision to rename part of “The City Hall Square” to “The Rainbow Square” to honor the homosexuals. The reasoning for the CEO’s skepticism was the possible depreciation of the banks real estate value. However he was immediately labeled homophobic.

    If you Google ” spar nord regnbuepladsen” you’ll find a lot of articles in Danish newspapers about the case (probably need to use google translate ;-))



  • Diego Garcia

    then by Glenn’s logic you have to accept gay marriage…see how that works..shouldnt you have to accept 2 people wanting to get marriage ..and srry its a pagan institution nothing to do with the bible..

    • Caleb Arnold

      Actually, Glenn’s perspective (last I heard) is that gov should be completely out of marriage period.

      So… what’s your point, exactly?

    • Jim

      As far as I know Glenn doesn’t have a problem with gay marriage. Change the tax code so there is no marriage benefit. Don’t force anyone to perform ceremonies and don’t prevent anyone. If you can find a church to marry you, go for it.

    • ken.

      the only thing you have to accept is that people are different and have different beliefs. you don’t have to agree with or like it, you just have to live your life your way and let others live their way. what others do in their personal life is none of your business as is what you do is your business and no one else’s. you are only responsible for your own actions not anyone else’s. it is not up to you or anyone else to decide or dictate how anyone else lives their life or what they believe or don’t believe.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    No one on the left, or rather very few are complaining about movies like “Captain America” because people on the left are disgusted by Barack Obama’s abuse of the Constitution.

    I was disgusted by George Bush and still think he should be prosecuted.

    We’ve replaced torture with drone strikes and kill lists.

    Obama promised hope and change. It was a lie. Obama is a continuation of the same unaccountable criminal government that preceded him.

    Few of the liberal media, not the corporate media give Barack Obama a pass. He is an artifice a contrivance. People were so disgusted with George Bush they voted for a Black man hoping for change. What we got was a marketing scam.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    I think everyone is ticked off but the 40% that think Obama is the best. I have to ask that group why are you still under the rock of hope and change?

  • BlueMN

    Beck: “Progressives are just communists with patience!!!”
    “Obama is a Marxist dictator!!!”
    “Climate change scientists are fascists!!!”
    “Be tolerant of my intolerance and shut up! It’s in the Constitution!!!”
    “Progressives want to turn this country over to the gay Muslim fascists and put us in FEMA caps run by the UN!!! AUUUGGHHH!!!!!”
    “Why can’t we have a civil conversation anymore?”

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Oliver Ales

    Coercion refers to the control of options, decisions, and actions so that one has little choice but to act according to the will of others.

  • landofaahs

    Everyone’s definition of tolerance is probably different.

  • Anonymous

    Each of us must reject the despot’s designs for desolation and tyranny: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

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