Actor Rob Lowe tells the New York Times he “wants the government out of almost everything”

We all know conservatism in Hollywood is a rare breed, but conservatives do exist in the entertainment industry. When Glenn was in Los Angeles last month, he had lunch with Friends of Abe – a group of roughly 1,500 conservative-minded individuals in Hollywood who made headlines earlier this year when it was revealed they had been trying for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status for nearly two years. The group’s membership is a highly guarded secret to ensure members aren’t black balled by the notoriously left-leaning industry. But, occasionally, some in Hollywood will be surprisingly vocal with their political opinion.

Earlier this week, actor Rob Lowe made headlines when he told the New York Times he wants “the government out of almost everything.” While Lowe has never publicly identified himself as a conservative, he told Sean Hannity in 2011 he believes conservative politics are based on “logic.”

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Lowe, who starred as former President John F. Kennedy in the 2013 TV film based on Bill O’Reilly’s book Killing Kennedy, told the Times he does not believe in party identification.

“Belonging to one party is acceptable. But my days of just ticking the party box are long over,” Lowe said. “I judge the candidates for who they are.”

When pressed further to disclose what he believes, Lowe said his “thing” is “personal freedoms, freedoms for the individual to love whom they want, do with what they want.”

“In fact, I want the government out of almost everything,” he said.

“This is really amazing,” Glenn concluded. “Seems like really good advice from a Hollywood guy.”

Read the entire New York Times interview HERE.

  • Deckard426

    Picture Rob Lowe in the rising water, swimming toward the Hollywood Ark, as Russell Crowe pushes him away with an oar. Now that’s blacklisting.

  • landofaahs

    Before the addulations of Rob come in make sure that you explain the term “MOST”. He’s still a big progressive/regressive and the nanny state.

    • Jeff

      can you provide some details?

      • landofaahs

        He’s pro gay marriage, pro abortion, and I would bet a big greenie. Google his stands and see for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Can Rob Lowe now even get a job? For sure, he must be the enemy of the state now!

  • Anonymous

    So glad Mr. Lowe has spoke up. I’m with him 100%. Our federal government is charged mainly with protecting our country from enemies, both foreign and domestic, and at this principle Constitutional mandate they have failed us miserably. They are too busy poking their bloated noses into micromanaging every aspect of our lives which is completely unconstitutional. Most of the big government meddling agencies need dismantled completely – like Carter’s useless Department of Education for starters. What we the people have allowed to happen is not what our wise Founders had in mind; quite the opposite. Start with the 2014 midterms and kick most to the curb, then on to 2016 finish the job. We owe it to our children and grandchildren and to all those who sacrificed to give us the gift of our Constitutional Republic, where we the people have the power not the government.

  • sickandtired

    And he is right. Government’s sole job is to keep us safe. Everything else is supposed to be handled at State level.

  • dennis reilly

    but then politicians would have to sweat for a living and they don’t want that

  • texastruthtweet

    i stand with Rob Lowe.

  • Jeremy

    That’s what liberalism used to look like. Its mind blowing to me that at one point in time in America’s glory days the difference between A Republican and a Democrat was the difference between Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. That’s what we need to return to. We need to take back both parties and saturate them with Constitutionalists.

  • suz

    met him once at a (get this) MTV new years eve ball decades ago. he was a nice guy then — EVEN NICER NOW for coming out w/his common sense thoughts.

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Tim Black

    My parents tell me stories of when the Democratic Party actually seemed to care about the country and the welfare of it’s people. Looking at it today, I find that hard to believe.

  • Sam Sung

    Those who profess no limits to the actions which can be taken in the majority’s name are actively undermining morality, liberty, prosperity, and democratic processes.

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