Operation Underground Railroad debuts new project to document and expose human trafficking

On radio this morning, viewers were introduced to Tim Ballard, a best selling author who has also dedicated himself to liberating children sex trafficking though his group Operation Underground Railroad. But on TV tonight he went even further, explaining some of the group’s methods and how they hope to document the efforts in order to raise awareness for this enormous and often ignored issue.

Before bringing Ballard onto the show, Glenn played a first look of “The Abolitionist”, a project that will document the work being done by Operation Underground Railroad.

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Much of the work done by Operation Underground Railroad was made by possible donations from TheBlaze audience, who gave an average of $108 per donation after Glenn discussed the group on radio back in November. Over $300,000 was raised that day.

Glenn has been a big advocate for the group and has worked to raise awareness of what they are trying to accomplish. He believes that working with them and helping rescue children from sex slavery will be some of the most important work he does in his life.

Glenn isn’t alone in his support for the group. A member of Glenn’s team, Mark Mabry, heard about the work being done by Operation Underground Railroad and volunteered to go and help the group and document their actions during a mission to Haiti. You can read Mark’s story on the group’s website.

The Glenn Beck audience has also played a huge role in the group’s success. Because of the donations, close to 40 children have already been rescued.

“In the first two months of our operation, we were able to save 35 children,” Ballard said told Glenn. “There’s 40 more children on deck that we’ve already seen that we’re about to pull out. These are children that would not have been saved if it were not for your audience.”

In fact, Ballard had the family of the first child his group rescued record a special message for Glenn.

“The little girl, the 6-year-old girl, she was being trafficked,” Ballard said. “We got her out. The mom had been trafficked as a child, so it was this vicious cycle. We ended the cycle. It’s over for them.”

Watch the message below:

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During the interview, Ballard explained how this group uses cutting edge software to show in real-time where people are sharing child pornography. Their website explains that they have teamed up with a data mini company to use the Child Protection System (CPS), “a law enforcement tool that locates child pornographers who trade in child rape videos online.”

The site continues:

CPS has been utilized by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and has been responsible for tens of thousands of arrests in the United States and for the rescue of countless child victims.

Operation Underground Railroad is licensed to deliver this powerful tool to nations of the world who currently do not posses it. O.U.R. Jump Team members conduct extensive training to government officials on the software, allowing them to utilize it to rescue children in their own countries and to apprehend the perpetrators.


  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Man, that would be tough to deal with. God Bless him.

  • Anonymous

    When is the great keeper of the “TRUTH” Glenn Beck going make a comment on the defamation lawsuit that’s going to cost him dearly in terms of tens of million of dollars and a severely tarnished reputation?

    • Mike Kelley

      AK7700 You seem to be the judge, jury and executioner! You are what is WRONG with this country. A video on RAPED kids and you have some other agenda? My only way to reason this out is that you love to rape children. I would love to meet you one day. A fine day it would be.

      • Troy votes whig

        thats all the liberals care about. is defacing anyone who does not agree with their immoral and unethical agenda. and you thought they cared about the children!?

        • Shawn Singer

          Are you kidding? Liberals are more worried about the trees and the dogs and cats than they are about children. Look at all the money and commercials about animal abuse. Heaven forbid they did something to protect the children.

      • Guardian

        Ignore AK – he must have OD’ed on his moron pills this morning.

    • msmith33

      Hopefully never. It’s not worth commenting on, and I’m sure he’s not worried about a little Iranian student who’s trying to be paid off. Freedom of speech and press is protected under the U.S. Constitution. It doesn’t matter if you have millions or two pennies to rub together.

  • Jackie Ann Baggesen


  • C Wilhelm

    As a foster parent, THANK YOU! All too many kids are victims these days!’

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor

    We need to stand up for the defenceless .

  • ISawTheLight

    Psalms 100
    Protect my children as they are yours as well.
    These people are proof angels live among us .
    May the Lord keep them safe ,strong and focused .

  • Anonymous

    I made an ongoing donation on the Operation Underground Railroad site last night and never recd a confirmation for my donation. Although I did rec confirmation for signing up for their newsletter. I emailed them regarding not recing the confirmation and got a response asking if I used Pay Pal or donated on site. I replied that I used my cc on the site. I still have not heard back from them and still have not recd a confirmation for my donation. I’m sorry to say that if I don’t rec a confirmation for this donation I’m calling my cc co. to cancel this from my account.

    • Christine Dodd

      Well maybe they can’t use your credit card “donation” since they may be out of the country. Call your credit card company and tell them to cancel the transaction and soon. Don’t wait around.

      • Anonymous

        I got a response from the site saying they cancelled the donation. When I checked my cc account I had another $20 posted as pending a total of $40. I did call my cc co. to advise I wanted those charges cancelled, since they are still in pending I have to wait until Monday, at that time the charges will hopefully be deleted, otherwise I will have to make a claim to get them removed.

  • Amanda Croley

    This absolutely breaks my heart.

  • Sheryl Helmer

    Thank you for obeying the prompting of the LORD and supporting this… Each life is priceless and Jesus will reward you in heaven – all of you who have gone, given or prayed! God continue to bless your ministry!!!!

  • Claudia Beaudoin

    It turns my stomach…. God help him in his calling… This is a very tough job.

  • Craig Klumb

    My students just completed a service learning project dealing with this same issue.

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