Last week, comedian Joy Behar was invited to deliver a roast at an event in honor of former New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne. Instead, Behar used her time at the podium to offer a scathing roast of current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. While Behar may have thought she was being clever, she ended up looking like an absolute imbecile.

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“Last week, comedian Joy Behar delivered a roast of Chris Christie at an event that was supposed to be a roast of the former governor of New Jersey. And she spent her time taking shots at Christie, who is sitting right next to her,” Glenn said. “You should see the video… She just takes really just bad, stupid, you know, Joy Behar jokes. And the governor is just staring at her.”

As The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza reported, Behar spent more time taking shots at Christie, who was sitting right next to her, than focusing on the task at hand. Things got particularly awkward when Christie jokingly interrupted her to remind her it was supposed to be a roast of Byrne. In response, Behar told the governor to “stop bullying me,” prompting a reaction from the crowd. Behar than suggested Christie “get up here at the microphone instead of being such a coward.”

“There’s one thing about Chris Christie: He’s not a coward,” Glenn said. “So he did get up to the microphone, and he said, ‘Really? This is what you were thinking? At least I don’t get paid for this’… It’s an ugly, ugly exchange. Very awkward. And Joy Behar just looks bad, as usual.”

Watch the clip from the April 1 event here:

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