The White House continued its ‘war on women’ narrative when it declared Tuesday National Equal Pay Day. During an appearance on CNN’s The Lead yesterday, Genevieve Wood, senior contributor to The Foundry, obliterated former White House communication director Anita Dunn’s argument that women are grossly underpaid. On radio this morning, Glenn explained why the ‘war on women’ is “the most racist, sexist thing I’ve ever seen.”

“The President said the other day… that, yes, he demands that everybody pay women [equally]. But the White House is paying 88 cents on the dollar for women. And the response [from the White House was]: At least it’s not 77 cents,” Glenn said. “So yesterday Genevieve Wood destroys the White House and Anita Dunn on pay inequality.”

Watch the CNN segment below:

As Wood explained, the 77 cents on the dollar claim doesn’t check out because when you compare men and women with the same job and educational background, the wage gap essentially disappears. But the left has created a media-driven, sensationalized campaign that has convinced women they are being discriminated against.

“The preamble of the United States Constitution says that we have to provide for the general welfare. This is always by the left, made into, ‘Well, see, it says welfare.’ No, that’s not what it means. It means we cannot see that we have a group of people that do not care about the welfare of other human beings,” Glenn explained. “Listen to what she’s saying. And it’s true. If you have it beat in your head all the time – ‘You can’t make it. You can’t make it. You can’t make it. You’ll never make the same amount of money as a man. You’ll never get this. You’ll never get there’ – you will believe it.”

Despite the facts, however, the White House continues to propagate the same old lies.

“It is the most racist, sexist thing I’ve ever seen. You want to talk about people who just don’t care? They don’t care about the facts. They don’t care about people. They don’t care what really happens,” Glenn concluded. “I mean you could look at your policies at this point and say, ‘Okay, guys, this isn’t working.’ But what are they doing? They’re doubling down, and they don’t care.”

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