Why is the government going after ranchers?

Every morning, Glenn and his producers run through the biggest stories of the day to decide what to cover on radio and TV. Today, they talked about Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister (R-LA) who was caught kissing a staffer on camera, as well as the impact of federal regulation on food prices as the government interferes with the lives of farmers and ranchers.

  • Selena L. Gilliam

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    • Anonymous

      Shouldn’t there be a minimum literacy requirement — say second grade — for spammers?

      • Deckard426

        She can’t type and do johns at the same time.

  • Deckard426

    Since there are no Black or Muslim ranchers, the government is free to do what it wants with them.

    • Jacobus deRottmann

      Yes there are, Black ranchers at least, in Oklahoma and probably elsewhere.
      Dr. Ben Carson is Black too. But they’re not necessarily on the same side as Holder and Obama.
      Black men comprised at least a third of the cowboys of the old West, don’t let the fifties TV westerns fool ya. They have a Black Rodeo in Boley, Oklahoma every year.

  • rex


  • landofaahs

    Control food production that’s why.

  • BlueMN

    Good thing Beck’s not in charge of anything then, he would’ve sold off the grazing land right away.

    “…the first thing that I’m going to do … I’m putting up all of the land for sale. All of the land of the United States government owns. We’re going to put it up for sale first to everybody in the United States. You have to be a citizen to buy it. And I mean everything. We’re going to put up all the national parks, put up everything.” -Glenn Beck


    Kind of hard to graze cattle on a housing development or a Walmart parking lot.

    • Flagwaver

      Well he’s right if they sell it they get something for it, make sure it’s ear marked for the debt. If we don’t there is a good chance it gets taken away as the US is getting weaker and has no way to payoff the debt.
      If we don’t allow getting the resources out of the land and continue to let the EPA to make it’s own rules, the land will be useless anyway. If the people can’t use the land, if the government can just decide to close an area to the public (1200 sq miles in NV) for any reason and then decide there is no first amendment right on the land, except where thy deem. What is their grazing permit good for? ( changing the rules whenever they want to what ever they decide)
      Most people have no idea of the vastness of open space from CO, to CALF will never even venture out to the areas, believe the story their protecting a turtle or a fish ( BLM is going to execute 700 turtles out of 1400 in NV holding facility because of lack of funding, but needs to take cows off the range to protect turtles) it’s about control,it’s about not honoring agreements with the states to sell off land and split proceeds with the states. It’s about ignoring decades old agreements (130 yrs old) it’s about forcing people off the land.
      Natl. Parks would be better run by for profit business

      • BlueMN

        Good example why Teabaggers need to kept as far away from the Federal, State and local governments as possible. “First Amendment right on the land?” Grazing is not freedom of religion, I don’t care what that rancher claims.

        Turning over National Parks to corporations would destroy them. Overdeveloped or strip mined into oblivion. Thank God for Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Era for having the foresight to save places like Yellowstone, Glacier, etc.

  • GreenMask

    It should not be a surprise. One of the simple answers to why they are overregulating and forcing land owners off their land is – UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. Bush Sr. signed it and President Clinton started to enforce it. Force all American’s into the cities.

    • Mudpie

      Yep. The Bushes are as socialist as any Democrat. In a different way. Facist might be a better word. Their family is just as dangerous to this country’s future as Obama, albeit in a different way.

    • Reasonable2012

      Sustainable development…the concept…is good. Sorry, every other mammal on the planet has to stay within its niche or there is ecological collapse at some point by definition.

      Humans are no different…only *sustainable* room for so many humans on the planet without causing extinction of other plant/animal species from usurped habitat and pollution.

      Having said that… This is not about sustainable development. Never has been. This is about control.

      Want to know who the ranchers are here? The ruling elite. Want to know who the cows are? You and me and the Bundy family.

  • Dan Meyer

    Glenn, I grew up on a farm in Nebraska, complete with a black angus cattle herd. Oh… and little box turtles. In my years of riding motorcycles or three wheelers out to check cattle only ONE time did I see a turtle with a cracked shell (and he survived!) from a accidental step from a cow. Cows don’t go around stomping on turtles… they are not bitter enemies… this isn’t a cow / coyote pack battle to the death. You could fertilize all the farms in America with the amount of B.S. that is going on in this battle.

    • Guest

      Maybe they don’t stomp on them, but maybe they EAT them!!! Quick! The cows are eating the rare box turtles! Confiscate the cows and fence off the land — the liberals are becoming unhinged! LMAO

  • OutragedMilitaryWife
  • Anonymous

    Historically, tyrants have exerted control over the people via various methods – one being food control. Mao, Pol Pot and others used this tactic very effectively resulting in millions of deaths from starvation. That is what this is about, period. The playbook has already been written and the would-be dictators are following it.

    • Anonymous

      This was predictable. Cass Sunnstein (Obama science advisor) actually wrote about how to nudge the people toward vegetarianism by raising beef prices impossibly high. As to your Pol Pot and Mao comparisons — people just can’t believe it. But it’s true.

  • landofaahs

    Why? Because the government can’t stand anyone who is competent and actually works. The government is always standing up for programs that don’t work and welfare recipients that don’t work.

  • Itlhapn

    CONTROL of food = CONTROL of people, he’s not the first rancher affected and won’t be the last. time to scale back the interference.

  • Hugh Jass

    Kind of conflicted about the rancher. Why should he get to graze his cattle on BLM land for free, but other ranchers have to pay? Because he believes his mormon cult allows him this privilege?

    • Anonymous

      His religion has nothing to do with it, he has no privileges. His family has been on that land since before there was a BLM. Mr Bundy has NO contract with the government, as most other ranchers do. Check your facts, this has nothing to do with cows!!

      • Hugh Jass

        He was paying grazing fees, then in 1993, decided not to and “fired” the BLM citing his mormon ancestry.

        • Jacobus deRottmann

          His family was ranching there before the BLM existed. Then they came in and offered their “services” and at first actually did some things for the ranchers and collected user fees for it. THEN they started using the fee money to buy or bull ranchers out of their land, expanding the “public” (BLM-controlled) portion. They took 140 acres of his owned property with no compensation.
          The current grazing contract they’re offering is a 90% reduction in the number of cattle allowed to graze, citing turtles. The turtles and cows were doing fine for 150 years. But the BLM has been poisoning the waterholes to kill both. Why?
          Well, Harry Reid and his attorney son just HAPPEN to be assisting a large Chinese company with setting up a massive solar array and manufacturing plant THERE.

  • peyton ramm

    is anyone talking about the bundy ranch incident

  • Anonymous

    I thought that these disagreements were to be settled in the courts, Not by tyranny, and Communist aggression.. Oh, I forgot, Obama has penned himself Dictatorial Powers. Martial Law, jail anyone indefinitely, has his Own Gestapo/DHS, and of course Russian Soldiers too, claiming International Law overrides Constitution and Bill of Rights. Don’t worry, it’s all for the good of the people!

  • linda barnett

    Let’s say you are a poor person like me. Your number one possession might be a nice boombox. So one day, a bully comes up and grabs it. I worked lots of hours to buy that boombox. But now this bully says it is HIS boombox. I now have to pay him rent to use it. It is as simple as this. The u.s. gov is the BULLY. Our property is beingconfiscated. At least with property tax, which should be Ilegal, you get services like trash pickup, so just have people sign up for services or NOT. In this rancher case, the gov. Is taking peoples property under color of law. They are inserting themselves into a situation where they have contributed NOTHING. Your staff is dead wrong on this, Glenn. Who is behind that, Clear Channel? Just wondering.

    • linda barnett

      Sorry for wrong spellings but samsung android does not let you edit.

  • On Guard!

    By assaulting private property, collectivism channels our aggressive instincts outward, resulting in modern-day systems of masters, serfs, and plunder — more commonly known as socialism, communism, and the welfare state.

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