Alec Baldwin is at it again with his latest set of homophobic tweets

You would think leftist actor Alec Baldwin would have learned his lesson last fall when his MSNBC show was cancelled after video surfaced of him hurling an anti-gay insult at a photographer. But, alas, Baldwin is at it again – this time lashing out at former Mitt Romney aid Garrett Jackson.

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“Alec Baldwin is a guy who’s been protected by these companies and their P.R. people and everything else,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “And now because of Facebook and Twitter and viral video and, you know, cameras everywhere, you can see who people really are. You can get to know them. And so they will excel or they will fail based on their own merit. Did you see that Alec Baldwin had yet another homophobic outburst yesterday?”

The tense Twitter exchange, which was initially reported by BuzzFeed, began when Baldwin tweeted the following message about the Keystone XL pipeline documentary Above All Else:

Jackson responded to that tweet with a dig at the entertainment industry:

The two went back and forth from there, with Baldwin jabbing Jackson’s work on the failed Romney campaign. But things took a turn for the worse when Baldwin noticed the picture Jackson uses as his Twitter avatar.

“You’re on your knees in that photo. What’s up with that, Garrett?” Baldwin asked before adding: “While you’re on your knees, you can polish my Emmys.”

“Come on! Being a homophob[e] has gotten you in enough trouble,” Jackson countered.

Jackson ultimately got the last word, pointing out that Baldwin had deleted both of the potentially offensive tweets:

“He’s on a self-destructive path, and he keeps blaming it on everybody [else],” Glenn said. “He blamed it, early on, on Los Angeles. And then he moved to New York to get away from evil Los Angeles. Then he started blaming it on New York – it’s just these awful New Yorkers… He’s going to start blaming it on Los Angeles again until he figures out [he] could move anywhere in the world but you can’t run from [yourself].”

While Baldwin and studio executives have consistently made excuses for his homophobic behavior, Baldwin’s true colors always seem to find a way to reveal themselves.

“I think he’s a great example of: You are who you are, and you’re going to take it with you,” Glenn concluded. “I read the stat yesterday… a couple of months ago that said it takes five years of consistently trying before a person can actually affect their behavior in a consistent everyday way because you’re so used to that pattern… I tell you, I’m expecting really big and different things in my life in 2015… I hope I’m going to be able to stabilize who I want to be – not who I had allowed myself to become. That’s our goal – isn’t it – to try to be better and better.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • landofaahs

    Smart Alec and Dumb Alec. Which one is he I wonder? He has anger management issues and mental problems, but then so do all democrats. But he has a right to free speech and he has a right not to be punished for those views. Now see how tolerant I am.

  • Deckard426

    The only thing more degrading than having MSNBC cancel your show, is having your show on MSNBC.

    • Christina Justin


      ▊▊▊ ▊�▊▊ ▊▊▊ ▊▊▊ ▊�▊▊ ▊▊▊Which one is he I wonder? He has anger management issues and mental problems,

  • Jayne Nielsen

    The problem with Alec Baldwin is that he is a “has been”. Obviously his 15 minutes of fame has burned out in Hollywood so the only way he can get any notoriety is by lashing out at Conservatives and Republicans. This only makes him look more asinine than he already is. I think even his Conservative brother, Stephen, has his own thoughts about his brother. Unfortunately one can’t pick relatives…especially blood ones.

  • Connor

    Alec who? LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Alec ? Total dirt bag. Don’t know anyone who gives a crap about what he says or thinks.
    Why would they ?! I wonder when Glenn is going to take on the dirt bag from Louisiana and his bad behavior. Have to call out the bad guys on both sides..

  • BlueMN

    Well, that’s weird. Baldwin’s tweet was a lot less offensive and not even specifically sexual in nature compared to the Duck Show guy’s comments. Where’s Beck’s “We stand with Alec” video?

    • smokehill

      The Duck Dynasty guys have never made a secret of how they feel about gay marriage or homosexuality in general. They are scrupulously honest, and consistent.

      Baldwin, on the other hand, is a complete phony and a hypocrite, pretending to climb on board for every left-wing cause, claiming that “some of my best friends are queers & dykes.” But he’s such a dumbass that he can’t keep big mouth from spewing forth how he REALLY thinks.

  • Dusty Bottoms

    Baldwin showed his true self in his Glengarry Glen Ross scene back in the 90s. He wasn’t acting in that scene, he was just being himself. His credit card commercials are acting. You can tell because he’s making a thinly veiled attempt at being likeable.
    I don’t really know why Glenn picked up on this, yet another, breakdown of Baldwin’s, especially in the wake of the Gay Mafia’s latest casualty in the person of the Mozilla CEO. When nobody’s right I guess you just choose the LEAST wrong person to root for?
    Prior to the early 60s homosexuality was just something you could do, not something to base your entre identity upon. Has Glenn swallowed the homosexual dogma hook, line and sinker, too?

    • smokehill

      If your life is totally wrapped up in who you do, and nothing else, you have a pretty sad life overall.

      Most normal people, when asked to describe themselves, would start with a lot more important characteristics and pastimes than their sexuality. Gays, on the other hand, invariably shove the “I AM A QUEER” sign way up high, and everything else is way down the list.

      Hardly surprising, then, that they live sad, empty lives and have such a high rate of alcoholism & drug abuse, and such a high suicide rate

  • York Aptain Sidney Field

    Over the long term, all forms of collectivism depend upon plunder and require certain people to decide who gets what, when, and how.

  • Plutark Heavensbee

    Citizens and Patriots: Always keep in mind that the light of liberty is each of us:

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