One of the candidates Glenn is most excited about this year is Dr. Greg Brannon, who is challenging Senator Kay Hagen (D-NC) in North Carolina. While Brannon polls well against Sen. Hagen, he has a tough primary battle to get through on May 6. On radio this morning, Brannon joined Glenn in studio to discuss his campaign and why he believes this is “the 1770s all over again.”

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“We were just having a conversation before we went on the air that we’ve prayed for people to come and be a part of this revolution, if you will, and try to restore the Constitution,” Glenn said. “We’ve prayed for people like this. And now they’re here. I think you’re one of them, but now these people are rising up.”

Brannon, who is a father of seven and practicing OBGYN, and longtime listener of the program, explained that he has decided to give politics a shot because it is really now or never.

“My wife and I walked in the studio today, and you have a David and Goliath right there. And you said with five stones, David went after Goliath… He was prepared. This is what we’re doing… We’re taking our shot and we’re going to win,” Brannon explained. This is really clear. I’m a believer. I have nobody on this earth to bow to other than my wife… It’s exciting because what else do we have to pass onto our kids? We’re going to pass onto your kids a less free America? There’s no way. This is the 1770s all over again.”

One of Glenn’s fears is that the collectivist mindset of the French Revolution has crept into the American mindset today. If we do in fact wake up, will the fight be for the principles our Founder’s fought for or a more socialized agenda?

“Our American revolution was completely different than the French revolution but the collective will is now coming over,” Brannon said. “The only legitimate role of the government is to protect the individuals’ unalienable rights – pursuit of your dreams. The other week you were talking about: I want to live my life. We can’t live our life because the government tentacles got involved… But it’s us as individuals freely associating and linking arms that the establishment is fearful of.”

Glenn asked Brannon to run through his position on several topics, including Common Core. As the father of seven the husband of a public school teacher, his understands firsthand the dangers of the nationalized standards.

“I have teachers coming in every afternoon crying because of Common Core, crying because of those 20 tests a month… This is Woodrow Wilson’s ultimate dream. He said we need two types of educators: We need the classical liberal education for the elites, and for everybody else the worker bee, the K-12, be the doctor, the lawyer, the plumber, the baker, and be part of society,” Brannon explained. “This is Plato’s republic. You have the producers who are interchangeable and replaceable; the auxiliary; the military; and the guardians who are above them who are out make the law and live outside the law. That’s not America.”

Brannon and his wife Jody will join Glenn on Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program to further discuss his campaign. Glenn encouraged anyone in the audience – regardless of where you live – who believes Brannon can really make a difference to consider giving to his campaign.

“If Greg sounds like somebody you can support, go to,” Glenn said. “We’re bringing Jody on because I want to spend some time with his wife and kind of talk to her and see what the real deal is and that’s 5:00pm ET tonight on TheBlaze TV.”

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