Eerie new findings from an inspector general report finds the Environmental Protection Agency has not always been entirely truthful when testing the impact of pollutants on human subjects. According to the IG report, the EPA does not always tell the individuals about the risks associated with heavy exposure, which include cancer and even death.

According to Fox News:

The IG report looked at five studies conducted in 2010 and 2011, at a University of North Carolina facility. It determined that, overall, the agency “followed applicable regulations” when it exposed 81 test subjects to “concentrated airborne particles or diesel exhaust emissions.”

However, the IG’s office found “inconsistencies” in the consent forms — which only sometimes told test subjects about the full range of risks.

Before the subjects were brought into the labs to be exposed to pollutants, the forms compared the experience to visiting a big city on a smoggy day.

Only one of the studies, though, gave information on the “upper range of the pollutant” they would be exposed to, and only two alerted the subjects about the “risk of death for older individuals with cardiovascular disease,” according to the report.

Further, the report said consent forms for two studies testing the impact of diesel exhaust “did not include the potential cancer effects of long-term exposure.”

On radio this morning, Glenn couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the new IG report and actions of early 20th century progressives and Nazi Germany.

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“These guys are the same kind of monsters that they were in the early 20th century” Glenn said. “And everybody is like, ‘That’s outrageous.’ Really? The E.P.A. just did another experiment on people and didn’t tell them the truth.”

Glenn likened the EPA studies, which involved exposing participants for diesel exhaust emissions and other particulate matter, to the behavior of Nazi physician Josef Mengele and infamous Action T4 euthanasia program employed in Nazi Germany.

“I don’t think the EPA really needs to do this. The Nazis already did. We know exactly what happens when you have too much diesel fume,” Glenn said. “And you know, you get in trouble for saying they’re like the Nazis… Doing experiments on people. Boy, that kind of sounds a little Nazi-esque to me.”

This story has largely gone unreported, but consider what the media coverage would be if a private corporation was conducting experiments on people and not disclosing the extent of the dangers.

“Can you imagine what the EPA would do, what this government would do, to any corporation… that would line people up and say, ‘You know what? We’re going to do some experiments, and you might have some coughing but it should clear up right away.’ Can you imagine where that story would be,” Glenn concluded. “That would be all over the entire world. I hope the entire world sees the monster that we are turning into… You need to see how far America has gone off track. Please, run from us. We are becoming a global danger.”