Technological advances have been credited with saving many people’s lives over the years, but one British woman made the decision to end her life because she believed she had been “left behind by [the] digital age.” According to the UK Mirror, an 89-year-old retired art teacher, identified only as Anne, felt gadgets had created a “lack of humanity.”

“They say adapt or die,” Anne allegedly said before her death. “At my age, I feel I can’t adapt, because the new age is not an age that I grew up to understand.”

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“There’s a story from Europe that portends our future,” Pat said on radio this morning. “These are the kinds of stories we’re going to be hearing soon in the United States.”

The Mirror reports:

Peacefully clutching her loving niece’s hand, a pensioner committed suicide at Dignitas after she despaired of modern life.


The British OAP spent a few days sightseeing with her niece then slipped away at the clinic near Zurich in Switzerland. Shortly before her death from a fatal dose of drugs, she had claimed people were addicted to gadgets.


In the UK assisted suicide is illegal and helping someone die can carry a 14-year jail term. But legal guidelines state anyone acting with compassion towards a loved one is unlikely to be prosecuted.

It seems as though Anne was not only disturbed by humanity’s increasing reliance on computers and televisions but also “the damage being wrought on the planet by overcrowding and pollution.” Furthermore, she was horrified by the rows and rows of pre-made meals she saw at the grocery store.

“She didn’t like TV dinners, so she couldn’t handle it anymore,” Pat asked. “I’m just going to die because there’s too many prepared foods. Could you not go home and fix your family a homemade from scratch meal instead? No, she had to kill herself.”

The Mirror reports that Anne, who was an ex-Royal Navy electrician, “played tennis until age 70,” but she had recently suffered from heart and lung disease. She was not, however, considered terminally ill.

“If you’re in that position, don’t you just do something crazy and erratic? I don’t know, jump out of a plane and forget to open your parachute or something spectacular,” Stu asked. “[Instead], you go with your niece to a clinic in Switzerland and off yourself over frozen dinners?”