Alabama Democrat’s $100,000 racially charged challenge totally backfires

A Democratic Alabama state representative is under fire for a racially charged challenge he made last month that has backfired big time. TheBlaze reported that during a legislative session discussion on abortion rights, Rep. Alvin Holmes speculated his Republican counterparts would be in favor of abortion if black men impregnated their daughters. Rep. Alvins then offered to pay $100,000 cash to anyone who could show him a “bunch of whites” who have adopted black children in Alabama.

Well, the representative is now being asked to put his money where his mouth is after a Facebook group entitled Faces of Families in Alabama began posting photos of multi-racial families in the state. The Facebook page has already garnered more than 7,000 ‘likes,’ and on Wednesday, the group gathered on the steps of the State House to demonstrate just how many multi-racial, adoptive families reside in Alabama.

On radio this morning, Pat and Stu couldn’t help but address the “intellectual dishonesty” of people like Holmes who refuse to see the merit of anyone’s opinion beyond their own.

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“These people have no integrity. They have no honesty. They’re… intellectually dishonest. They don’t care about life,” Pat said of Holmes. “They don’t understand the fact that some people have principles, and you stand on those principles… They really believe that abortion is killing a baby. I mean, how is it that you don’t understand that? And how is it in a you don’t… see, like Stu’s point, how many black children would have been born if more people were pro-life?”

As Stu explained, the Constitution applies to all Americans – regardless of race, creed, gender, etc. – and any sane individual would agree that it applies equally to everyone.

“I want black people to live under the Constitution that I live under. I want it to be applied to all of us equally. That’s what I want,” Stu concluded. “This is essentially MSNBC’s entire programming schedule. [It] operates under this one assumption, which: Someone who is a Republican, a conservative, a libertarian, everything they say is based on one thing: Race.”

  • Connor Davenport

    Liberal racism.

  • Deckard426

    Mr. Holmes should ask himself how a poor, downtrodden, Black man in America could have $100,000 in cash in the first place.

  • Arnold Layne

    I would like to know how many “black” family’s adopt white children.

    • Joseph Price

      They don’t.

      • Jemekia Michele

        There is a legitimate reason as to why blacks don’t adopt white children. Healthy white children are “cream of the crop” when it comes to adoption. Many Caucasian mother’s prefer to place with white families and do so. A white family may wait long years for a white child but only months for another race. Black children, especially boys, rank last in preference. Also, there is a desperate need for African American families in the system that simply isn’t being fulfilled. When a family wants a baby, it gets to the point where skin color doesn’t matter. They just long for a child to love. White children are scarce and so they choose from the pool of available children. The system is overflowing with black children. I would have NO problem adopting, loving, and raising a white child. My concern would be preparing them for those who do see a problem with it.

        • Joseph Price

          I am very much aware of the sheer disproportion. My mother had 7 foster kids in the house when I was growing up. Most of the kids in the system have been bounced from one place to another so much that they trust nothing and nobody, hence it is difficult to teach them right from wrong or get them to behave long enough to establish a good relationship.

          Personally, I could care less about skin color. Every kid needs a safe place to call home.

    • Anonymous

      I would like to know that as well??????

    • Anonymous

      Joseph — don’t be so sure they don’t. I’m white with a Chinese daughter. One of my Indian colleagues has a white son. Arnold’s question was “how many.” I’d bet the answer is not zero.

      • Anonymous

        Former New Orleans Saints player, Scott Fujita, is a white man who was adopted by Asian parents. Awesome guy–they should be proud of him.

    • Anonymous

      Now that’s a very good question !!! True fact % would be most reveling !!

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, probably not a whole lot, but that goes both ways. Just as people tend to like marrying within their race, so to do they like adopting in their race.

      That being said, it certainly does happen, though some people would rather perpetuate this myth that we still live in a “Jim Crow” type of era, as if we were living in 1964 rather than 2014.

      I mean, we elected a black president, a CRAPPY black president, TWICE. I think that’s our race card punched for the next 200 years or so lol

      • Anonymous

        You’d be surprised at how many white couples would gladly adopt children of other races. However, many have been thwarted by the long-standing prejudice black social workers have had against permitting white families to adopt black children. It seems to be getting better now, but for awhile they were militantly against such interracial adoptions. The rest of your comments are right on.

        • Anonymous

          I remember this attitude back in the 1980s and 1990s. They would rather a Black child be without a real home instead of home that would raise and love them. If a White family raises a Black child trying to blame Whites for the problems of Blacks is much harder to do.

      • Tom Musso

        That last paragraph gets a huge “Amen!”

      • nwakileh01

        Yea cause the election of a black president means racism just abruptly stopped at that moment. Right. Like thats the defining moment that they are no longer an oppressed population. No. Doesn’t work that way.

        • Sam Ricketts

          It doesn’t mean racism “abruptly stopped” as you put it but it DOES prove that an awful lot of white Americans are plagued by the so-called ‘white-guilt’ complex.

          • nwakileh01

            Or maybe he was just more qualified then the old white guys.

          • SomeGalNTx

            No. The GOP picked a CRAPPY candidate. Obama was NOT *more qualified, after serving only ONE term in the Senate, voting not present more often than not, having NO foreign policy experience, and no real political experience. He was and IS the Manchurian Candidate, put forward to achieve an agenda, and thus far, seems to be succeeding in it.

      • S Davis

        Its not just a Crappy President he is just the Symptom of a Crappy Dumb Down Electorate that is Illiterate…..

    • Jerry Peacher

      I know or have known several black or mixed families that have adopted white children, it may not be as common as whites adopting other races but it does happen

    • Michael B

      We have a white preacher in my town of 3000 that has adopted 5 black children. We have a black granddaughter and great granddaughter. We also have a Hispanic granddaughter. I have black nieces, and arab nieces, black cousins, black nephews and I am a very conservative white Republican.

    • empty pockets

      Interesting question.

  • Mike Mike

    My sister adopted a biracial baby but she doesn’t live in Alabama. These ignorant race baiters make me sick.

    • Anonymous

      Remember, these race baiters need the animosity to survive. Most people look at behavior and make decisions based upon individual and identifiable group behavior. The current crop of “civil rights” people can not afford to have people looking at behavior so they try to mask bad behavior and the consequences of bad behavior behind a racial and ethnic mask.

  • Bill Kelly

    Fifty is more than ‘a bunch’!

  • Jose Vega

    That Alienware laptop is beautiful. Just like mine

  • Tantalus XVI

    A whole HEEP a white people! Southern demoncrats haven’t gotten the talking points yet about NOT being racist.

    • genes

      Northern dems are even more racist.

  • Rich Mars

    Where is my fair share of the 100,000? He needs to distribute that money ASAP!

  • Missgto

    Ha! Let’s see if this divisive SOB pays up!

  • dennis reilly

    pay the money Holmes, you have it, you robbed it from the taxpayers

  • texastruthtweet

    Put your money where your mouth is, Mr. Holmes!

  • kenneth Hadley

    This guy is like, finding a prehistoric creature buried in a sheet of ice or something..He makes, Lester Madock look a like, a New York liberal…

  • Crassus

    Another barnyard pimp. Obamao will probably make him the next Attorney General when Holder gets impeached.

  • Carol Cruce

    I have friends who have adopted black children , but I have never heard of blacks adopting any white children. Send me a list of them I bet you cant. I am a White American, Republican, Anti Abortionist and a Christian , and I have biracial grandchildren whom I will give my life for.

    • Anonymous

      I volunteer at a church that offers a free lunch in the dining room 6 days a week. There are white families that have a black child with them daily.

  • CPO USN Retired

    We have two interracial marriages in my family and I have to say, I have some great looking grand kids. This stupid nut case in Alabama needs to give up his seat or we need a recall vote on him.

  • Anonymous

    Please will someone please state the facts; we have our first biracial president not our first black president. He is equally as much Caucasian as he is African American. If the folks in Alabama are awake they’ll vote Holmes out as quickly as possible or recall him for his ugly racism. Look at his face, he couldn’t smile if his life depended on it. Talk about miserable and unhappy he’s the perfect example. Oh by the way I am the very proud grandma of 4 biracial grandsons, a pre med football player, a high school football player headed to merit scholar status and two younger brothers following. They love both sides of their family equally and we adore them.

    • Anonymous

      By the rules used in the hyphenated ethnicity Mr Obama is Kenyan-White-American. Mr Obama has no Black-American ancestry. As the terms are used he would need to have a former free Black or slave ancestor from pre-US Civil War times. Nor is he African-American since that is just another phrase for Black-American.

  • Anonymous

    Is Rep. Holmes going to pay up and put his money ($100T) where his Mouth is?

  • landofaahs

    I would say racism is still a big problem but that it mainly resides in the black community and the democrat side of that in particular. Most people who are called racist though today are usually people who just wish to be left alone. It’s sad that some in the black community can’t mind their own business and use their time and effort to improve their lives by working harder and smarter. But other groups are also filled with folks who want to push themselves off on everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Who is this Alvin Holmes? What rock does he live under? And how deeply embedded is HIS racism? My husband and I are Caucasian of German background, conservative, Christian, Republicans. In our family, we are blessed to have four races/ethnicities represented: Asian (two different countries), Hispanic, black, and Caucasian. When our grandchildren get together, it’s like a meeting of the United Nations. Our “branching out” started with the adoption of our two daughters from Korea and Thailand, which has led to our black -Thai grandson, three Korean-Italian grandchildren, and two German (our bio son)-Hispanic grandchildren. They are a constant joy to us, and our multiethnic makeup has enriched our family’s lives beyond all measure. Mr. Holmes should be ashamed. He can begin to make amends by donating that $100,000 to the national right-to-life effort and then getting down on his knees and asking forgiveness for his false accusations against white people who support life for all races.

  • Anonymous

    “Progressive” have never been honest. Let’s see if this “Progressive” (i.e. Democrat) puts his money where is mouth was. Of course, I expect some excuse to be made.

  • Billie

    I live in Birmingham…and I have witnessed much worse than this in our state.. THIS is MILD compared to the level both Dems and Reps sink. I can’t ever get anyone to listen… I truly want to move.

  • RayJN

    I am fairly sure it would not win but it would be great if he doesn’t pay up he gets the misery of being sued, Give a liberal a taste of one of their favorite weapons, when they don’t get their way. They like to use the Courts as a big club if they can’t find or make up criminal charges, bankrupt you with legal fees. This suit would be far more legitimate than pretty much all of theirs.
    Is there a lawyer out there that would donate a few hours to give this guy what he deserves?
    Who knows the court may make him pay up.
    And some one may hand me the winning Powerball ticket.

  • Charles Hollier

    Arnold – Its hard enough to find black couples to adopt black children. I believe it was the NAACP that came out against white couples adopting black children fearing they would lose the blackness what ever that is. That said there is racism and bigotry on both sides of the fence. But only whites can be racist for some reason.

  • Anonymous

    Myopic vision created and promoted by Southern Democratic racists.

  • Doug

    One of my best friends adopted a beautiful little girl from the Sudan. Alvin Holmes, you are yet another fine example of what evil, sacks of crap, the progressives are.

  • Beth Rose-Acor

    Perhaps they should have pointed out that the largest number of women having abortions in this country are black women, not white women, BLACK. If all Republicans are racist, given this fact, wouldn’t we want abortions to continue? The Liberals cannot face the truth, they hate facts and use race to distract from the real truth of the matter.

  • Anonymous

    When we adopted we were told we could not adopt a black child or a bi racial baby, I believe that has changed now this was about 23 years ago.

  • CrapsDealer

    Make the big mouth pay up.

  • Anonymous

    I’m 50 years old. When I was seven, my parents fostered a Crow Indian boy whose mother could not take care of him. This was a unique situation because his grandmother, aunts and uncles were occasionally involved in his life. He was 3 months old when my family picked him up from our local social services.

    After two years, we were finally able to track down his father and he willingly signed the legal documents giving up his parental rights, clearing the way for my family to adopt him. It was a joyous day in our family as we attended court dressed in our Sunday best, and took pictures of all of us together with my brother.

    When my brother was 10 years old, we began receiving legal documents from the federal government. We were informed that the new federal law SS 1911 Indian Tribe Jurisdiction Over Indian Child Custody Proceedings. The law was applied retroactively. They informed my parents that their adoption of my brother was illegal and that my brother would be removed from their custody, given to the tribe, and the tribe would see that he was put into a tribal orphanage where he would be taught the customs of the tribe.

    My parents had no money to fight, but a friend who was an adoption attorney decided to help. My brother’s birth mother and his grandmother worked with the attorney to exert familial domain over the federal proceedings. His mother was an alcoholic, but was coherent enough to help. His grandmother was a wonderful, powerful woman who was a regular part of our family gatherings and was a powerful member of the tribal council. When she heard that the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the federal government were planning an armed raid on my parents’ home, she intervened with our attorney, and the tribe had to give up their right to retroactively invalidate the adoption.

    If this relationship hadn’t existed, by brother would have been removed from the only home he had ever known, from loving parents and siblings and forced to live as a traditional Crow indian, especially now that we know exactly how most of the children in the tribal adoption agencies experienced severe, adverse events in their lives subsequent to removal from white families.

    This is the “charity” of leftists. They would rather see a child become a symbol of tribal power than allow these children to be adopted by someone simply on the basis of race. They can’t claim that it has anything to do with culture because many indian children were adopted by tribal families living modern lives with virtually no cultural indoctrination for their children both on and off the reservations.

    Rep. Alvin Holmes is a despicable man so full of hate that he refuses to see what is exactly in front of him-families that adopt do so out of love, NOT hatred, unlike him. I feel sorry for his daughter, Veronica. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to grow up in a home so filled with hatred, venom and contempt. Unlike those he accuses of racism, this vile, despicable excuse for a human being and monolithic waste of good carbon would NEVER consider adopting a white child. It’s obvious to anyone who can think that the child would never survive this man’s unchecked, violent temper and rampant racial

  • DesertCactus

    Take him to court and get your $100,000.

  • Michael

    I don’t know what I hate more, racism or politics… is amazing the human race has come as far as it has. We are our own wall.

  • Steven Pauly

    A “Bunch”= 9 (Brady bunch)?

  • Anonymous

    A perfect example of Democratic ignorance.The larger mystery is why minorities condone this kind of rhetoric.Its an old story,but look at the cities and states that the Democrats have controlled for years and the minorities,nor anyone else, have done much good.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    That awkward moment when the U.S. census indicates that white people abort more babies than black people. Not to mention, that there would not be millions of more black people if they were ‘more pro-life’ because there are barely 70k babies aborted a year by all races. I am pro-life so do not try to misconstrue what I am saying, I am just saying that Pat and Stu’s argument is invalid, which shows that they are as intellectually challenged as the idiot from Alabama.

  • Anonymous

    Pat & Stu, Liberals don’t care about the facts, the truth, morals, logic, historical precedent, or their hypocrisy. The only thing they care about is advancing the Liberal agenda. So for this guy to bloviate about how evil Whites are and make this challenge that got a lot of press and have it fall flat on its face when it came to the truth… doesn’t matter to him. What matters is that his message got out over the press. So to the average gum-chewing masses who only read headlines and never analyze the facts for themselves end up believing the accusation, not the truth, which they never hear.

  • SomeGalNTx

    Wonder if this POS racist Holmes is gonna cough up the money?

  • Scott Wilson

    What do you suppose would happen to the race baiters and the” Liberal ace up the sleeve” if we overwhelmingly nominated A conservative as in say , Ben Carson or Allen West ??? Think about what happens to their Crown jewel of The Race card ??poof !!! how about the 98 % of the Black or Hispanic vote??? Poof !!! There are seriously 2 Great Humans that I put above ALL Democraps and Most Republicans that would end this Bullshit. Also would help in Welfare reform which I believe they both detest .

  • Randall Moon

    So when is he going to pay up?

  • Anonymous

    Where common morals and language are used, our social interactions become more predictable and the case for centralized control is weakened.

  • Mudpie

    I am a white person with a beautiful 14 year old Asian daughter. She is the light of our lives. We have sacrificed for her and received untold blessings in return. I wish the Left could stop the hatred.

    You know what would really help stop appeals to bigotry? If the Government would stop using racial classifications, period. Colorblind under law.

    Then, there would be no gain in stirring hatred to try to obtain government benefits and largess.

    It is that simple.

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