HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns over Obamacare rollout woes

News broke Thursday evening that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had decided to step down from her post because of the disastrous rollout of Obamacare. According to the New York Times, President Obama accepted her resignation earlier this week and will nominate the Office of Management and Budget’s Sylvia Matthews Burwell, 48, as the next head of HHS. Friday morning, Sebelius formally announced her resignation with a glitch-filled speech at the White House.

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“Sadly, we’re losing her. Look all these accomplished. Look what she’s done,” Pat said on radio this morning. “The end to preexisting conditions as a bar to insurance.”

“They also point out that young people are able to stay on their parents’ insurance, which… essentially means the right for your parents to pay for your insurance,” Stu added. “It’s not like a free service that insurance companies provide that don’t cost anything. It’s mommy and daddy paying… That’s what that is.”

Sebelius is also being credited with reducing the growth of health care costs, which is a bit of a stretch.

“Reduction in the growth. Now [that is] not what was promised. And there is not a reduction in growth. So that’s lie number one,” Pat said. “Lie number two is that they promised us a decrease in premiums. Period.”

Interestingly, the New York Times was the first to report the of the departure, and the notoriously liberal outlet does not paint Sebelius in the most flattering light.

The Times reports:

The departure comes as the Obama administration tries to move beyond its early stumbles in carrying out the law, convince a still-skeptical public of its lasting benefits, and help Democratic incumbents, who face blistering attack ads after supporting the legislation, survive the midterm elections this fall.

Officials said Ms. Sebelius, 65, made the decision to resign and was not forced out. But the frustration at the White House over her performance had become increasingly clear, as administration aides worried that the crippling problems at HealthCare.gov, the website set up to enroll Americans in insurance exchanges, would result in lasting damage to the president’s legacy.

Even last week, as Mr. Obama triumphantly announced that enrollments in the exchanges had exceeded seven million, she did not appear next to him for the news conference in the Rose Garden.

“They litter this with comments like ‘a low point,’” Stu said of the article. “They acknowledge that, even in the Administration, they realized that this was a disaster. And you know, this shows that it is because the New York Times is not lying or speculating… The Times article pretty much admits they sat there, waited for a burst of good news, and then let her go. They knew if they blew her off in the middle of the disasters, then it would look like they had a larger problem.”

And for your viewing pleasure, check out this November 2013 clip from the Wonderful World of Stu in which Stu runs through some of Sebelius’ most egregious lies:

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Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

    But I thought Obama said it was working as planned and he never lies. Oh wait a minute he lies all the time and cannot be trusted.

  • Kathy Bowman

    Just please, whatever you do, Ms. Sebelius; DON’T COME BACK TO KANSAS!

    • Bill Tilghman

      Oh, I don’t know, I am sure there is room for her in Leavenworth…

  • Deckard426

    She’ll get a bailout job with all the bennies. Because if she doesn’t, she’ll spill her guts.

    • Karl E Hubrath

      bennies? Spill her guts? really? Shakes head.

  • Deckard426

    Her replacement, Ms. Matthews-Burwell, was an intern or something for Clinton; responsible for keeping his cigars wet.

    • Karl E Hubrath

      Not true

    • Anonymous

      A la Monica Lewinski I suppose……

  • Bruce Waltz

    Okay, did she step down (losing retirement pay) or just retire and everyone is calling it “resigns”…. good front for keeping retirement pay without public knowledge

  • Anonymous

    She wasn’t forced out. SURE.

  • Anonymous

    and her replacement is a close friend of Rahm Israel Emanuel that should clean up nicely just in time to Hillary to run

  • Karl E Hubrath

    People, here is a thought; instead of whining, complaining and pointing the finger while acting like the class clown, how about some real ideas that meat the real needs of this country? Just asking, God bless.

    • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

      give us some of your real ideas and what you are doing personally to accomplish them

      • The truth about spammers

        He voted for Obama twice! Isn’t that enough? /s

        • Karl E Hubrath

          People, see how you are? I appreciate you giving me your ideas and I do like them, except for the health care savings plan. Healthcare should be that health care not some type of savings account. Next thing you know, do you want fries with that? It is impossible for you people to not let go of the class clown act. Dennis, I am smart enough to know that I do not have the answers, besides with the way things are going, it does not matter who has the answers because no one idea is going to have full cooperation to see if it would work anyway? Where is the voice of reason? When you people talk, you should be attempting to prove yourself wrong, therefore proving your point all the more. Example “truth” what do you think is the best argument against your ideas? which I am very grateful that you shared. Now if done this way the class clown act could be appreciated even. You know I would vote for Sarah Palin. I did not vote for anybody and I do not like Obama care, besides my company provides health care. God bless and thanks for your responses.

    • The truth about spammers

      Research some of the changes the Republicans weren’t allowed to put into the ACA. They “meat” (sic) your criteria for ideas.

      1. They want to end the tax bias in favor of employer-sponsored health insurance to create full portability (either through a tax credit, deductibility, or another method);

      2. They want to reform medical malpractice laws (likely through carrot incentives to the states);

      3. They want to allow for insurance purchases across state lines;

      4. They want to support state-level pre-existing condition pools;

      5. They want to fully block grant Medicaid;

      6. They want to shift Medicare to premium support;

      7. They want to speed up the FDA device and drug approval process; and

      8. They want to maximize the health savings account model, one of the few avenues proven to lower health care spending, making these high deductible + HSA plans more attractive where Obamacare hamstrung them.


      You do know that since the enrollment period is over for the ACA (Obamacare) no one can get healthcare insurance until next January 2015!

      If you get a subsidy for Obamacare you may have to pay it back if your income changes. It will be taken out of Income Tax rebates or you may have to write a check to the IRS.

      How much do you really know about Obamacare? My guess is you voted for Obama in both elections.

      • Anonymous

        Thumbs up to allowing full portability and insurance purchases across state lines.

  • Anonymous

    The frustration of the WH over her performance? The simplest thing with dumbocrats is to point their finger at someone else for their own stupidity. Who puhed obamacare in the first place? What idiot said that “we must pass it to find out what’s in it”? Who put this complicated law through in the first place?

  • Bewareofgun

    UH HELLOOOO he ruined his legacy himself already. Keep her just don’t let her come back to Kansas.

  • ISawTheLight

    And another Obama supporter finds them self on there back looking up at the undercarriage of Obama’s magic bus .

  • RayJN

    “If you asked me to build Facebook.com for you, I would quote you $500,000 and nine months of development and design time,” says Ben Schippers the co-founder of HappyFunCorp, a Web development company.
    If you multiply that by 100 you are still at only $50 million.
    So how much fraud is involved in a $600 million website that doesn’t work. First there is the hiring of a company that failed in 2 Canadian government projects. Then how many contributions did that company make to the democrats? How much was under the table.

  • Anonymous
    • Bill Tilghman

      I don’t believe you are selling that here. I wonder if you realize what this site is about. This repetitious posting has been flagged as it qualifies as spam.

  • Anonymous

    Resignation? She should be in jail, not collecting a comfy pension for the rest of her life and non-Obamacare insurance on the taxpayer tab.

  • ken.

    pre-election house cleaning

  • Anonymous

    And another throws herself (or was tossed) on the sword for the cause…

    Sweeping out the old rubbish before the new rubbish begins to pile up. In a few years the Democrats will say “Kathleen who?” and deny any knowledge of this person.

  • Michael

    She is almost just as good as Lois Lerner 😛

  • salinagrrrl69

    She was Gov of my state Kansas. She accepted fund$$$ from a very late term abortion doc who got cover from her to conduct his Death Camp.
    When she was made HHS Sec. shivers went down me spine.

  • Bill Tilghman

    Where do the liberals find such women? She should have been relieved of duty long before this, and the way the administration puts on airs as if no one can see their incompetence and lies is truly astounding. This administration will go down in history as more corrupt than that of U.S. Grant’s, and that is an accomplishment. It is a dishonor the way these people lie and then throw parties when they apply another coat of whitewash to their foul mishandling of the public trust.

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