For anyone unfamiliar, Joel Cheatwood is the President and Chief Content Officer of TheBlaze. That means he is responsible for all of the editorial content put out by TheBlaze – radio, TV, and (and probably something Glenn has come up with that he hasn’t told anyone else about). It’s not an easy job, and Joel spends a lot of time flying between New York and Texas as he works with the content teams in both of the offices and developing great content  on all of TheBlaze platforms. But part of being an executive for TheBlaze means being on call 24/7, as there is always a chance that Glenn (who never stops working) will have a question to ask or an idea to share.

Glenn really wanted to talk to Joel this morning…but for once he wasn’t available. Joel was on a flight to Texas, and phones and webcams don’t work too well at 30,000 feet.

This is what happened when Glenn found out (you’ll want to watch this all the way to the end):