So why did Joel miss the morning meeting?

For anyone unfamiliar, Joel Cheatwood is the President and Chief Content Officer of TheBlaze. That means he is responsible for all of the editorial content put out by TheBlaze – radio, TV, and (and probably something Glenn has come up with that he hasn’t told anyone else about). It’s not an easy job, and Joel spends a lot of time flying between New York and Texas as he works with the content teams in both of the offices and developing great content  on all of TheBlaze platforms. But part of being an executive for TheBlaze means being on call 24/7, as there is always a chance that Glenn (who never stops working) will have a question to ask or an idea to share.

Glenn really wanted to talk to Joel this morning…but for once he wasn’t available. Joel was on a flight to Texas, and phones and webcams don’t work too well at 30,000 feet.

This is what happened when Glenn found out (you’ll want to watch this all the way to the end):

  • Anonymous

    Does Mr. Cheatwood get $5000 for quitting? 😉

  • landofaahs

    Let me guess. He’s late because he stopped off for a cup of “Joe”.

  • Deckard426

    If Joel would spend as much time working as he does explaining to Glenn why he’s not working, he could be working.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn doesn’t know Joel’s title or position, but it’s important he be at the morning meeting instead of doing that thing that Glenn forgot about that has to be done overnight that would normally take 20 days. Pucker up Joel, Glenn wants his butt kissed.

  • Connor Davenport

    I will do it.

  • Guest

    Glenn, give the guy a little breathing room.

    • Christine Austin

      Seriously, who hangs their dog upside down from the sofa?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Guys,
    Change Joel Cheatwood’s title, and he will surely be at the next meeting. You know…they say, “what’s in a name?” The name “Cheatwood” concerns me.
    Delores Smith
    “An American with 3 Branches of Government Under Our U.S.Constitution”

  • Richard McKinney

    In HIS service, sometimes the ends DO justify the means.


    show up, do your job, or find something else

  • Fresh Mountain Air

    Collectivism is particularly insidious because its fatal flaws force centralized governments into a downward spiral where they have no choice but to attempt to support themselves through more and more plunder.

  • Christine Austin

    Joel, duuude, you’re beginning to remind us of the Obama president…..holy crap!

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