A few years ago, Glenn left New York City, moved to Texas, and bought a movie studio. A lot of people were confused. Some thought he was crazy. Why would he leave Manhattan, the heart of the media world, when he was one of the biggest names in cable news? Well, if you’re a fan you probably already know the answer: Glenn has big dreams, unlimited creativity…and a movie studio that is about to be put to use.

The Hollywood Reporter, a website dedicated to the latest news in film and television, sat down with Glenn in an exclusive interview to find out exactly what he has planned for Mercury Studios.

“I bought a movie studio for a reason,” he told THR. “I have every intent of finding great artists who will tell great stories that aren’t typical. Everybody thinks they know who I am because of my stint on Fox — that was two years of my life. I’m much more into culture than I am into politics, and that’s where I intend on making my stand.”

Glenn hinted at three projects – an ancient history film, a modern history film, and one that would be faith based – and revealed that he bought back the film rights to one of his most personal and successful novels: The Christmas Sweater.

“The meaning of The Christmas Sweater is that there are second chances,” Glenn said. “It is based not only on my childhood but a dream that I had as an adult after I sobered up.”

The Christmas Sweater adapts the story of Glenn’s last Christmas with his mother before she died, as well as his own personal struggles with drugs and alcohol as an adult looking to turn his life around.

“I sobered up, and the last part of [the book] is based on a dream that I had when I was sobering up,” Glenn said in an interview with Don Imus. “And I realized how hard work was that I had to do and it was about facing your storm and just going through. Don’t worry about the storm. You got to walk through it and it’s warm on the other side, but if you’re going to stand here and be afraid of the clouds in that storm walking through, well, you’re going to be in this desolate place forever.”

Glenn listed DivergentLone Survivor,Moulin Rouge!, 2010’s True Grit, The Magnificent Seven  The Princess Bride, and The Lego Movie as inspirations for the kinds of films he wanted to make, emphasizing that he did not want to make movies that were too preachy, but would deliver a high quality and entertaining experience with a positive message.