‘This isn’t racist at all’: Western Washington University considers number of white students on campus a ‘failure’

Earlier this week, the communications and marketing department at Western Washington University sent out a school-wide questionnaire that asked recipients to consider: “How do we make sure that in future years ‘we are not as white as we are today?’” Having grown up on the “mean streets” of 22nd Avenue in Bellingham, Washington, Glenn offered the university a couple of tips on radio this morning.

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“Now, this is from my own hometown of Bellingham, Washington – one of the whitest, white, whitey, white places in America. I mean I lived on the mean street of 22nd Avenue,” Glenn joked on radio this morning. “It was hard. Wherever you go, there are whites. Occasionally there are some Asians, and occasionally there are some Hispanics… And Western Washington University is the big university that was just about 10 blocks up the street. And they have decided that they want fewer white people attending. I want you to know: This isn’t racist at all.”

According to Campus Reform, the “Six Questions on the Future of Western” questionnaire was disseminated through the WWU marketing department’s daily newsletter Western Today. It came on the heels “of admonishments given in multiple convocation addresses by WWU President Bruce Shepard for the university’s ‘failure’ to be less white.”

In a January blog post, Shepard explained that if the school is “as white in ten years as we are today,” the university “will have failed as a university”

“Finally somebody says it,” Stu quipped.

Glenn was in a particularly magnanimous mood this morning, and he offered a surefire way to correct the school’s diversity problem.

“If I may, I’d like to suggest that the way to make your university less white [is] just fire all the administration and all of the professors that are white. You do that, and you could change the balance of what’s happening on that campus,” Glenn explained. “Fire all the white people that work there because I know you believe in it so much that you would give your job up to be able to have justice and equality.”

It’s safe to say WWU probably won’t be heeding that advice anytime soon. But, then again, what does he know?

“So that’s just also tip from me,” Glenn concluded. “You know, but I came from the mean street of 22nd Avenue, so what do I know.”

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  • Guest

    All I can come up with it…..

  • Sean Halloran

    Wondering what would happen if the President of Howard University were to say the same thing: “If we are as black in ten years as we are today, we will have failed as a university.”

    No, that would be racist.

    Wondering what would happen if the President of UC-Berkeley were to say the same thing: “If we are as liberal in ten years as we are today, we will have failed as a university.”

    No, that would be racist, too, wouldn’t it? Nevermind that UC-Berkeley would never say that.

    I’d give a hypothetical of a primarily conservative college president saying something that would anger Liberals, but there is no such thing as a Conservative college in the US. The Liberal (ahem, “progressive”) brainwashing within our country’s ivory towers is nearly 100%.

    You want diversity in colleges? Promote more Conservative voices to higher posts.

    • Mike Mitchell

      Oh there are conservative colleges, but they tend to be the religious schools. BYU (and it’s sub-schools in Idaho, Hawai’i, and their business school), Gonzaga, Notre Dame (to a lesser extent), to name a few (BYU is by far the most conservative of them).

      But outside of those outliers, there will never be conservative schools. The system has been established, and they won’t relinquish their hold unless there is a cataclysmic shift in public thought.

      • Anonymous

        You forgot the most prominent conservative, non-denominational school – Hillsdale College in Michigan. They do not accept any government money (including tuition assistance) in order to not became entangled in government regulations

        • pat welch

          We need many more like them!!!!

      • John

        I went to Notre Dame Law, Super liberal school. Almost ashamed I went there.

      • Shawn Barrett

        Gonzaga suspended two students living off campus in school owned housing for defending themselves with a handgun when a mental case tried to break down their door. Also their campus police confiscated the weapon and another shotgun, which would technically be theft of a firearm, as their security officers aren’t public safety officers. For a Jesuit college, they are shockingly liberal. I live in Spokane, and it’s a disgrace of a catholic college.

        • smokehill

          Most Catholic schools are disgustingly liberal, and often tacitly pro-abortion.

          Though I would gladly send my child to a Catholic grade school or high school (even though I’m an atheist), I wouldn’t let them anywhere near a Catholic college, which are usually as infested with far-left, loony professors as most of the others.

  • Anonymous

    It can be quite a shock to hear he truth. I remember when Mamma broke the bad news to my brother Navin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZQAvtFO_uA

  • landofaahs

    I guess that would mean separate but equal.

  • landofaahs

    How many white people would even care? Let them discriminate. Discrimination is a good thing and they just proved it. Sorry when I go to Baskin Robins I can’t all the different flavors. I have to choose just a few at most.

  • Jason Gary

    Being white is so 1960s, guys. It’s 2014, and it’s time for everyone to be black all the time, always.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

    And liberals call us racist.

  • Anonymous

    Diverse campus initiatives aren’t a popular concept to some but universities want to create a diverse atmosphere so people are exposed to multiple cultures, races and backgrounds when they attend school. I know everyone believes that philosophy is kumbyai bullcrap but in reality a lot of people are exposed to a race outside their own for an extended period of time for the first time in their life when they attend college. It’s not racist to want a diverse crowd. It’s not putting white students on a lower footing than black students.

    Going to college goes beyond just learning a craft or a trade and getting a degree. Most kids who go to college are still finding their identity. It’s a time to branch out, start thinking for yourself and try new experiences you didn’t have growing up. Part of that is meeting and interacting with people you never had the opportunity growing up. It’s not racist to push campus diversity.

    • mudslide

      Right, and if any other college had asked the same thing but switched the races around I’m SURE that wouldn’t be racist either – just “diversity”.
      Beyond that, one does not have to go to college to get a dose of ‘the reality of life’ – in fact, I wouldn’t recommend that at all.
      You want diversity – get out into the world and decide for yourself, not what some overpaid liberal professor wants you to hear…

    • GAbrit

      So why do we have all black universities? They do not need diversity? You must be a progressive liberal, can only see one side of a discussion.

      • Crassus

        The black colleges (especially the state run ones) usually have massive night school programs where the students are mostly white. These students are counted on the rolls of the universities so that they can claim to be integrated and diverse. Go to North Carolina AT&T in Greensboro or Hampton University in Virginia. These campuses change from all black student bodies in the daytime to nearly all white in the evening.

        • jusawhiteguy

          because some people must work to get a college degree.

        • GAbrit

          SO how does whites going to school at night help diversifying the school and mixing cultures during the day time. That is just a numbers game.

          • Bill Tilghman

            The point is that it is all just a numbers game. Too much emphasis on balancing numbers and not enough on the quality of the education students are getting.

            Most of our leaders in Washington have been educated in colleges and universities that are liberal faculty staffed and where liberal bias is integral to the instructional content in the classroom. Liberals are entirely invested in keeping people divided by any means possible. Race is one of those criteria liberals use to divide us.

    • Taciturn Yankee

      Wouldn’t firing some white faculty and replacing them with a more racially and culturally diverse faculty broaden the experience of the student body and faculty both? That would be a good thing, wouldn’t it? Plus, I just plain like the idea of firing some effete leftist whiteys and let them experience the results of their own policies.

      • Anonymous

        I majored in math & computer science. How would the color of the skin of my professors impacted my education? Show me that blacks are smart enough to be professors too, because I never knew that growing up?

        • Taciturn Yankee

          First, my post is intended primarily to be tongue in cheek, to question why a diverse student body–or in this case a much reduced white student body–is such a desired goal as to require action by a white faculty. As Glenn said, maybe some of the white faculty should be fired or cleared out to make way for a less white faculty.
          To your point that the racial or ethnic background of a math or science teacher wouldn’t have much effect on your science education, I can agree with you. The pedagogy for math and science instruction is pretty independent of racial or ethnic influence, but the racial or ethnic makeup of a humanities instructor can have a profound influence on the how humanities courses are presented. After all, that’s the basic argument for a diverse student body: to have the individual student exposed to a broader range of cultural, ehnic and racial influences. I find it interesting that the teachers are so interested in a diverse student body, but apparently not so concerned about a diverse faculty.
          Anyway, I think our society is too focused on race and ethnicity and not enough on good education. And a heavily white student body in a heavily white community? What’s the big deal? But if it’s going to be a big deal, as the adminsitration thinks it should be, it should be a big deal all the way around.

      • Crassus

        Can’t the university fire this clown and hire a female or black president? By his own admission he’s been a failure at his job. A female or minority or a female minority should be give a chance where this clown failed.

    • Anonymous

      how about telling high school students that if you want to get in our college you need to have good grades.

    • Anonymous

      Diversity is not really learned in college. Different people are tolerated until you can get into the sameness of your dorm room or study group.

      Race relationships started to equal out starting with WWII, Korea and Vietnam etc. While I may tolerate someone of a different race sitting next to me in a class room, you learn to respect them when each of your lives are in each other’s hands.

    • Anonymous

      I think you just tried to justify a racist comment against whites…

    • Anonymous

      Western University may publish their message the white student applications and their tuition is unwelcome and spend educational money elsewhere. You all think the college board will do that??

    • Anonymous

      I’m in my late 40s and the first time I was exposed to another race was…PRESCHOOL. Maybe it’s because I live in California, but I’ve been around other “races” all my life. I always just considered all of us PEOPLE.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Not all cultures are positive ones. There needs to be some rational thinking behind this inclusiveness, otherwise it is opening people up to others who do not share our values, or have our well being in mind.

    • smokehill

      “Going to college goes beyond just learning a craft or a trade and getting a degree”

      Since American colleges are largely incapable of doing that anymore, perhaps they’re looking for a different mission — propagandizing the kiddies as they design the perfect socialist paradise.

      People get exposed to plenty of other cultures when they get out in the real world and start working. This is NOT the school’s job.

  • Sandy Pfaff

    I have a great suggestion…provide free spray tans!!!!!!! Its only skin….really it is…only skin!

    • Anonymous

      “Only skin”? It’s the body’s largest organ. The discussion here is about the pigment in it.

      • Bill Tilghman

        Actually the discussion is less about the pigmentation, and more about using it to hurt people. The left likes to perpetuate the lies and evil that come from focusing on race. When will we be able to move away from the notions of ancient thinking and disregard differences in favor of finding what we share as humans?

        It will only happen when people decide to stop hurting each other over things that are superficial and that we have no control over.

  • Scott Grausamkeit

    This is just awful. If the professor got up and said the same thing about black students then all of the media would have a hissy fit. Discrimination like this towards ANY race is wrong and the President of that University should either change his ways or step down. Black Students do not automatically equal success, nor do white students or asian students.

    Remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr. Judge a person not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character.
    I am sure that he is rolling in his grave right now with what is going on today.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    that is a great idea, just fire all the white professors, I hope they go for it or they are hypocrites

  • Anonymous

    There are Private colleges that are Conservative.. (Hillsdale College comes to mind and funny thing is they are in Michigan!) but all the Universities (state money) are liberal. Our gov’t takes our tax dollars & gives it to these liberal breeding grounds. If we ever want to get away from this we have to stop sending our kids to state Universities and go to private colleges instead.. fewer students in the University system = reduction in funding.. we have to bleed them to at least slow this down.

    • smokehill

      The most disgusting part is the pay scale for these “educators” — far more than they could ever get in the real world (if they could even find a job), and the actual time they spend on teaching is a joke.

  • Gina

    Then take the WORD…. RACE off all applications.

    • Bill Tilghman

      That would be a good place to start. It has no importance and should be ignored, but too many people make a living from perpetuating the mythology of racial differences being important.

    • Michael

      The university does not consider race in admissions. Maybe you should read the actual statement.

  • Anonymous

    What are you when you are white on the outside and black on the inside? Don’t say “another Bill Clinton.”

    • smokehill

      And what are you if you are mostly black on the outside and completely yellow inside?

      You’re the President. Ask Putin how yellow our First Sissy really is.

  • throat warlbler mangrove

    Maybe vanilla, coconut and southern cracker should be removed ftom all ice cream stores to balance them out. God forbid you started a doing the reverse at candy stores.

    • smokehill

      Not too loud. The communists that run Ben & Jerry’s will surely do it first thing.

  • Betty Weaver Woods

    If its too white for…. you move to Detroit and you will see what not white looks like!!!

  • http://www.MBAissues.com @mbaissues.com

    This guy is hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    If the university wanted more “diversity”, then couldn’t they have controlled the number of white students that entered?

    Sounds like an epic fail to me…

  • Anonymous

    Glenny Boy –I thought you had abandoned your drive by headline capturing eyes strategy. Did you read the whole blog by the president? I have to disclaim any knowledge of this individual or this university. However, he says, the University student body is required by state law to be 90% in state residents. High school graduate numbers in Washington are projected to be flat for the next decade. obviously, that means no growth at the school. The percentage of non-white residents is increasing in Washington state. his statement, intending to be provocative is steeped in economic survival. If the student body does not reflect the state population then how is the school going to survive? he rejects lowering standards. Ironically, he suggests to the faculty that given the fact that 70-80% of the school operating expenses are salary and benefits, faculty would be cut, making Glen’s joke a reality. Also the president made this statement six years ago upon taking the job–he has repeated the statement every year. so it is not news–it is also not news for anyone who has paid attention to changing demographics.

    Get off the whole, Baake kick already. Go hang out at a university sometime. The only people who are bothered by diverse student bodies are the ones who only want to live with their own kind anyway. and that applies to all races and ethnicities.

    • smokehill

      So Shepard is telling us that lowering standards will bring in the requisite number of Black applicants?

      Sounds like racism to me.

      But since liberals are the worst racists, that’s hardly surprising. They’ve been telling us or years that Blacks can’t make it on their own credentials and need to rely on quotas and waivers.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, in what I read, the president said repeatedly he was not lowering admission or graduation standards. He also seemed clearly to not be talking about blacks. Like many states, I see that Washington’s demographics are trending with increased Asian and Hispanic populations; the so-called minority groups will at least collectively be in the majority when the current grade school kids graduate high school. The relative percentage of the state’s population comprised of African Americans has risen only slightly. He is talking about attracting all non-white kids to his university because he seems to think that based on current “homogeneity”, it is not attractive to them. He has seats in lecture halls to fill; if he does not, the school shrinks.
        I do not know enough about the school or president to comment on the authenticity of his statement. I do know enough to point out that Glenn Beck used his drive by headlining to fan racial resentment. he does it every once in a while to remind his white fans that they are endangered. It is a cloying tactic; but tried and true.

        • Bill Tilghman

          You see racial resentment because you look for it. I see too many people concentrating on that and ignoring their personal development responsibilities. With all the problems we face on a daily basis, if you are concerned with race, then race is your problem. We would all be much better served to begin paying attention to the way we live our lives and to stop trying to manipulate the behavior of others.

          I don’t see what you do regarding the motivation behind presenting this story. I have never seen any racial bias in this site and the stories it covers. I have seen a lot of that in comments posted here by many who think this is their soapbox. Most of the racial bias that has come from commenters here has been negative toward one group or another, and that isn’t constructive.

          I believe the real reason for this story being covered is to bring attention to the undue importance being placed on race in today’s world. All you seem to be capable of seeing is an opportunity to attack Glenn Beck.

          • Anonymous

            actually Bill you and I are likely in agreement about some things. I do not look for racial resentment, although in my lifetime I have seen plenty of it from all angles. I did take GB to task because he incorrectly turned this story into race when in fact I see it as a simple fact–the demographics of the country are changing and have been for the past 25 years. Due to its state charter, Western Washington, if it is going to survive, has to reflect the racial composition of its state residents–or it will not have enough students. That is pure statistics and economics. That the President of the university chose inflammatory language is beyond a doubt; if his explanation for why he chose that language does not satisfy you or Beck, then he can be criticized for that. it looks like a few of his faculty members already criticized him for that language. But beck left the story as a racial story–without going any deeper; he did not address the intent and purpose behind the statement. That is playing for cheap thrills in my book. Indeed as you point out, there are many racially tinged, insulting and racist comments that follow this story. Beck knows that when he posts a story like this, with this headline, a fair percentage of the fans are going down the race road.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Keeping tabs on the demographics is in itself a sort of racism. When statistics are used to define us, we are nothing but a numerical representation. Life and humanity are much to complex to base everything on descriptive cataloging of the physical or other attributes of people.

            People are not numbers, and your assessments of Beck’s motives are off target. The intention of Mr. Beck is clear – he is pointing out that great harm is being caused to us all by the focus on race and other statistics that politicians use to guide their decision making instead of simply doing what is right for the people. There is much too much government nowdays, too much interference in people’s lives and too many laws and regulations that cause average citizens to become criminal without knowledge of what the multitude of laws say. You never know when you may be crossing the line.

            I don’t believe we agree on that much. I judge a person as an individual and on how their words and deeds stack up in relation to being of good character. The story and headline are directly linked to the subject, and there is nothing deceptive in it. Attributing the report of an event to a source that is reporting it misses the mark – the whole thing is due to the subject or event that forms the basis of the report, not the man or organization that reports it.

          • smokehill

            As I understand it, the State only requires that 90% of the student body be in-State students, with no requirement on race.

            This in no way requires that anyone recruit more Blacks, Hispanics or Asians — just that we limit the campus to 10% out-of-state students.

            So this requirement is totally irrelevant to recruiting unless you are not getting enough in-State applicants — most of which, as has been pointed out, is White.

            This silly comment he keeps spewing forth seems to have more to do with how HE thinks the campus should look, nothing else. If he wants the campus to “look like America,” he should go run a school in a better climate with more of a Black infrastructure off-campus.

            The whole “look like America” phrase gets beat to death by morons like this fool. The Clintons did it to the CIA and destroyed HUMINT by promoting by race & gender. So you had Blacks getting promoted to supervise agents in Russia, even though they had never been “on the ground” anywhere near there, and REAL operators with REAL experience took early retirement rather than be supervised by some amateur who was likely to get them killed. Ditto with women running agents in countries like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, when they had never even been there (and couldn’t function there if they had).

            That particular aspect has no specific relevance to this issue, but does show what a stupid idea this “It should look like America” is in many circumstances. In the CIA, the Clintons’ monomania about race & gender seriously cut out ability to get intel and prevent terrorist attacks, and probably got a number of agents killed. It certainly caused hundreds to quit. For absolutely no sane reason except to make Slick Willy & the First Lesbian feel good when bragging about their accomplishments to their left-wing buddies.

  • Deckard426

    Why so many W’s in their initials..HUH!

    Guess all those W’s have gotta go!

    So change the name of your stinking university!

  • Anonymous

    I grew up and went to school there too. I’m surprised the professors could even tell the racial make-up because they were usually looking through a cloud of funny smoke.

  • Karsten

    I live in Bellingham, and I can tell you this is not the first time the president of the University has come across as a useless tool. What happened to their football program? Oh that’s right, he didn’t want to reduce the huge salaries of the administration, so they gave it the axe. This may be taken as racist (it’s not meant to be), but I bet the loss of the football program meant the loss of a large number of black student athletes…

  • smokehill

    It just shows that their supposed “leader, Bruce Shepard, is a whiney buffoon whose sole purpose in life is sucking up to the Loony Left, rather than actually educating students.

    Kids tend to gravitate toward colleges that offer what they are looking for — good party school, lots of their peer group around, etc. Not exactly surprising that most urban or Southern Blacks have no interest in going to school in what, to them, is the frozen tundra of western Washington. Not exactly the first place that comes to mind.

    And if it does, what’s the attraction of Bellingham, where you freeze your butt off most of the year, and you’ll go for four years without okra, edible gravy or a decent order of ribs? They can go to hundreds of other schools where the weather is much, much better and there are large populations of Blacks around to provide the cultural & social support they’re used to. If you think that isn’t a STRONG attractant, you haven”t spent much time in a Black community.

    Back when I grew up in western Washington the residents were pretty normal. Since it’s veered way off to the left politically, the place seems to have turned into a frozen version of San Francisco. I’m embarrassed to admit I was born there. I’m now a Virginian.

  • Anonymous

    20 minutes from us and unfortunately, no other choices to do most of our shopping unless we do 40 mins to Mt. Vernon or waiting in hour long lineups to go to Canada. Bellingham is so liberal the Costco there has been screwed around for 5 years by the city council over expanding their store. The city laws will not allow any major box store to have more than 10% non taxable items which is food so the Walmart sucks, can’t build a superstore so people go to the hug one in ‘Mt. Vernon…. Hate it here but can’t sell our house cause value is down so much

  • Dorrie McGregor

    Just explain that everyone starts out black, but the lack of sunlight turns them white – like troglodytes..

  • protector7700

    Liberals worst nightmare…

  • Bob Jones

    Odd, when I chose a college I didn’t even consider WWSU. The college was notorious as a ‘stoner’/party school, not necessarily an institution of higher learning, unless keggers were considered an important part of your curriculum. I never considered the racial make up of WWSU, as I never considered admission or serious study there. I guess I’m just another successful and educated UW alumni. I hope the WWSU faculty is able to realize their racial goals as education was never viewed as one of the tenants of that school by most Washington residents.

  • Defendyourself

    The radical liberals have declared war on white people. Of course, the are have to betray their own skin color to do this, but then we have people who betray their county all the time.
    I do think this is more about this college administrator trying to get a job at a larger university. Bellingham isn’t the center of the university world so he just rattling his collectivist credentials in the wind for other liberals to see and admire. Just watch, is guy will quickly get a new job at a larger university that pays him twice was much.
    Liberalism: It is not the results, but the effort that counts!

  • Deckard426

    All the White administrators and professors at the school should commit suicide, to show that their hearts are in the right place.

  • Bill Tilghman

    The evil white devils must go! OUT I SAY! OUT! OUT! OUT!

    This is what happens when you let the P.C. people and Victimhood industry run things. The real problem is that they are micro measuring race to the point of turning humanity into a balance sheet.

    According to new racial equality guidelines, there must be A white, B black, C asian, D latino, E pacific islander, F native american people in equal proportions everywhere! Come on people, lets all redistribute our population so no one race has more than any other anywhere! We can do this! EQUALITY NOW – EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!!!

    What a wonderfully homogenous world it will be…

    There is much too much emphasis on superfluous and superficial qualities of people. Instead of seeking to find commonality between us and also be proud of our distinctions, we as a people have engaged in discriminating and attacking one another because of some assumed flaws associated with those things that make us slightly different from one another. When is humankind going to realize that character is the only important quality in regard to our individual makeup, and that racial differentiation means nothing? Apparently the human species isn’t as civilized as we pretend it is. It is truly sad in this new century to see we are all subject to the same old thinking, and this kind of racial focus puts us still in the dark ages in our mentality when it comes to how we treat each other.

    I never felt that I had the luxury of judging another person based on race since I am not a pure bred human being. My particular racial composition ranges from Native American to Viking, Scot, English, Australian, and German. For all I know there is some black, asian, latino, and all the rest, and more to the point I don’t really care. I am not and have never been racially motivated, except to be proud to be a member of the human race. I was brought up to always be honest, loyal, and stand up for those weaker than myself when they need help. I was taught by my parents to be a man of good character, and to treat people with respect and decency. I don’t understand why so many of us invest so much effort in irrational and despicable thought and behavior because of another person’s traits. I find life is easier to deal with if you ignore those things that divide and concentrate on those things that make us one.

    To focus on race is, in my opinion, evil and it serves no useful goal. All it does is breed hate and violence, and neither is a good thing. People who use race as a wedge issue are committing violence against the things we all have in common as human beings. It does not provide or protect anyone’s rights, it only serves to weaponize thoughts and breed contempt and brings evil to the forefront.

    All of this racial bean counting only makes it more clear that the real reason behind this focus on equality is really an axe used to chop us into pieces, pieces that can be manipulated by truly evil people for their own purposes.

  • http://www.patriotwood.com Art Pinney

    I live in Bellingham – Glenn is right. BHam is a “white-chocolate” city (pun to Ray Nagen). We may see some Asian or Hundu (usually from Canadian shoppers which is 10 minnutes to the north). If WWU wants to be less-white – MOVE the school somewhere else.

    Now I bet when my kids (who are currently 10 and 7) apply to WWU, they’ll won’t get in even if they have straight A’s cus we have to indicate they are Caucasian.

    Isn’t it amazing that being any other race is acceptable except being white. Damn you mom and dad for passing your white genes onto me! http://www.patriotwood.com

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you should take a remedial English class. Just sayin’.

  • Haley Schmitterbach

    Although competition’s virtues are proven by history, some rules and enforcement are important to help keep competitors from falling prey to their primitive anti-competitive instincts.

  • Jake Bradford

    They will get to a point, in their sickness, where they demand white couples only have 1 child…or none.

  • Anonymous

    Is it a black or white thing or an issue concerning admission or maybe simple demographics? Visit Incluvision.com

  • AJ

    I’m also from Bellingham. This is a nobody college professor with an ego that screams for national fame. This is racist through and through.

  • Dan Cooper

    As Mr. Beck would know, growing up in Whatcom county, the surrounding area is incredibly diverse. Migrant workers make up much of the population of the county. The State of Washington and the rest of the nation as well (Western does not cater to only the city of Bellingham) is growing more diverse, as noted in Dr. Shepard’s blog post. WWU is simply adapting to the times, accepting the fact that the body of students entering universities is growing more diverse. If the university does not keep up with this trend, then it will have failed.

  • Ryan Roberts

    I’m a current student at WWU at the College of Business and Economics. Please read his actual statement and save yourself the bias pundit interpretation.
    I stand by Bruce Shepard – I’m glad his statements, supported by the Board and the student body have made it mainstream. Generating a conversation was the intent.

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