On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, TheBlaze’s technology and intelligence editor Elizabeth Kreft will join Glenn to discuss the threat the United States power grid faces. Earlier this month, TheBlaze’s investigative news magazine For The Record looked at how the power grid is virtually “unguarded” against threats – both foreign and domestic – and now it seems as though over-regulation may lead to massive blackouts.

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“Oh, man. I was just talking with Elizabeth Kreft, our technology expert from The Blaze. I was just talking to her off-line for something we are going to do tonight. It is truly amazing the amount of information and important news that nobody knows,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Next year at this time, if we have the kind of weather we are currently having, you mark my words… the east coast will have no power. It will be in total blackout.”

Glenn explained that a couple of weeks ago he had a good friend and energy expert come to him about the energy crisis the U.S. currently faces. While Glenn is familiar with the terror threat the power grid faces, he had no idea about the effect weather and over-regulation could have.

“Here’s why,” Glenn said. “I had an energy guy come to me about three weeks ago, and he said, ‘Glenn, you’ve got to talk about the power grid’… I said, ‘We are talking about the power grid. You’re talk about the terrorists?’ He said, ‘No, the power grid from the winter. Nobody will cover this. I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘We were one power plant away from a blackout in the east all winter long… We were using so much electricity. We were at the top of the grid. There’s no more electricity. We’re at the top.’”

After having that conversation with his friend, Glenn asked TheBlaze team to further investigate the matter. On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn will begin to go through some of what the investigation yielded.

“I asked Elizabeth to look into it, and she is going to report tonight. It is phenomenal. She’s going to report about how 75% of the power stations – the electrical generation power stations – 75% of those power stations that are scheduled to close on [January 1, 2015] were online at full capacity. And they were looking for more power… Again, if one of them would have gone off-line, the entire grid would have shut off,” Glenn said. “75% of those that are slated for closure were online at full capacity this winter. And the EPA is closing them because they’re coal fire plants.”

Remember when President Obama said energy prices “will necessarily skyrocket”? Well, we are approaching that tipping point.

“I want you to know, your energy prices will necessarily skyrocket, and you will have – at least – rolling blackouts all over the east,” Glenn said. “But here’s the other thing the EPA is doing. Not only are they closing down the power plants, the EPA just passed a regulation on natural gas… The EPA has just passed a regulation that all of the pumps for the natural gas now have to be electric. They cannot be run by natural gas. So if you’re pumping the natural gas into the lines, those pumps have to be electric. And the reason why is because ‘no fossil fuels.’”

Situations like this really put the “insanity” of government on full display.

“So if you have a rolling blackout or a full-fledged collapse of the power grid, next year you will also not be able to get natural gas because the pumps are going to be run off of the grid on electricity,” Glenn concluded. “So you’ll have plenty of natural gas. You just won’t be able to use any of it. Isn’t that great? It’s the insanity of this government.”

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