Newsletter Exclusive: “Off The Record” with Kathie Lee Gifford

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve published some great interviews with Sean Hannity, Roma Downey, and Brad Meltzer in the newsletter.

On Friday, we’re going to publish our fourth interview in the “Off The Record” series, this time with Today co-host Kathie Lee Gifford.

For the past two years you’ve heard Glenn talk about the importance of impacting the culture, because that is where you can truly change hearts and minds. We want to bring you stories of people who are also impacting the culture, and there are few people in the culture who are as open and honest about their faith as Kathie Lee Gifford.

In fact, when we asked her if talking about her faith had closed any doors for her professionally, she told us: “I was always concerned about the opposite – that I would somehow betray the Lord by not being open about my faith. I have always wanted to be bold about my faith because I am not ashamed of the Lord.”

You will not want to miss this – a personal and candid conversation with Kathie Lee.

  • Deckard426

    She probably won’t be discussing her fashion line sweatshops in Honduras. But, you can only squeeze in so much during an interview.

    • CHANGEIN2014

      Stop judging…you only heard one side of the story – the Liberal side!

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      Not to worry. Barack Obama stepped in to help.

      Actually he didn’t.

      The President of Honduras was overthrown in a coup after raising the minimum wage. The coup’s spokesperson was Hillary Clinton friend Lanny Davis. Neither Hillary or Barack did anything to reestablish democracy in Honduras.

      The coup wouldn’t have taken place without the OK of the CIA. Since it is the security community that really runs this country, it only stands to reason they should pick the people heading other countries.

  • Connor Davenport

    Well it is not something I would want to listen to.

  • Anonymous

    Is this her exit strategy from NBC?

  • Doris C

    She makes me sick. She is so phony always has been. Tries to pretend too be this devout Christian after being the other woman before marrying her husband.

    • Anonymous

      We all make mistakes. If she has repented for hers, then who are we to deny her forgiveness? The true Christian thing to do would be to forgive her and not judge her.

    • Anonymous

      She was married first to Paul Johnson, a noted surf-guitarist from the early ’60s.

      No sin is greater than God’s mercy.

    • Wanda Sanchez

      Doris, you and those of you on this thread who are trashing Kathie Lee have NO IDEA who she is. You judge her harshly for not knowing her. I, on the other hand, DO know her. And she is and has ALWAYS been real. Thirty years ago she was the Kathie Lee she is now… and she is the same sweet, DEVOTED CHRISTIAN – imperfect for sure, like ALL of us… even YOU, Doris. Shame on you and the others who think that destructive words and provocative baloney are somehow better than re-marrying. Its the kind of judgment, propoganda and gossip YOU spew that is evil and destructive. Period. If you are a Christian, then you must remember that she is an image bearer of Christ – and so are you. And so am I. And we are NOT allowed to act towards each other the way you are acting. Shame. On. You.

  • Anonymous

    We have never heard her side of the story about the so called sweat shops…were they really bad…I do not remember seeing photo’s of the shops…you do know that all work places in the countries in South America then and probably were kind of shabby…not an excuse for her…but I want to hear her side of the story…

  • shelby jamison

    Stay away from this woman, Glenn. She will destroy your ratings like she destroyed her own. She is bad karma for you.

  • Forest Black

    Today’s liberals are mostly marxists. No question.

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