President Obama admits he “sometimes sounds like a broken record”

Speaking with Vice President Joe Biden at a community college in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, President Obama admitted that his administration “sometimes sounds like a broken record” when speaking about the economy.

Check out the President’s comments via Real Clear Politics (WARNING: You might want to have the duct tape handy):

“They keep saying that this will solve it. If we spend more on this program or bail out this thing, [it] will solve the problem,” Glenn said. “This sounds to me like an honest admission… The question I have is: Were they sitting and joking about it – ‘We sound like a broken record. We keep saying the same thing’ – or ‘We’re going to sound like a broken record. We can’t keep saying the same thing.’ Which was it?”

When you consider this is the 5,000th time President Obama has gathered a friendly audience and proclaimed he is doubling down on job creation, you have to wonder how sincere he really is. At the same time, however, his administration has gotten away with it.

“It works every time,” Pat said.

“These guys have psychiatrists and psychological behaviorists working at the White House,” Glenn added. “We are paying people to figure out the best way to sell things to us.”

Perhaps the greatest lesson Glenn ever received in the art of propaganda came courtesy of radio disc jockey Scott Shannon. Glenn had a chance to meet Shannon while he was working at Z100 in New York in the 1980s.

“I went to meet him one time. He was going to teach me how to do The Z Morning Zoo. I’m 22 years old,” Glenn explained. “He’s on the air, and I’m standing behind him at the control board. He says, ‘Z100 New York, the second greatest radio station in America,’ and he turns off the mic.”

Glenn’s first question to Shannon was: Who is number one? And that played directly into Shannon’s hand.

“He said, ‘Saying we’re the second greatest radio station in America [is a boastful statement], but you don’t think of that. You just think: Who’s number one?’ So you accept that they’re top five. It’s brilliant. It’s brilliant,” Glenn said. “I don’t personally like those games. I have less of a problem when it is the private sector doing those kinds of things. When it’s the government and there’s no recourse, no regress, you have a problem. You have a real problem.”

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  • Bonnie Somer

    u of all people know who obama is a progressive marxist big govt man his beliefs are not ours for sure and we know it op american spring is on the way we r ending the crap in DC

  • landofaahs

    Not only a broken record but a “broken promise record” with the exception of promising higher gas, food and electricity prices.

  • Connor Davenport
  • Connor Davenport

    More like a broken teleprompter.

  • Anonymous

    Obama, at a
    recent rural
    assembly in

    South Texas,
    asked the
    audience for
    total quiet.

    Then, in the
    silence, he
    started to
    slowly clap
    his hands once

    few seconds,
    holding the
    audience in
    total silence.

    Then he said
    into the
    every time I
    clap my

    together, a
    child in
    America dies
    from gun

    Then, little
    10 year old
    Darrell, with
    a proud Texas
    drawl, pierced
    the quiet and
    said: “Well,
    dumbass, stop

  • Deckard426

    Printing trillions of dollars, stuffing all of it into the pockets of the ruling-class, and then forcing the working-class to pay off the debt; that’s the broken record. And it matters not which party is in power, the same record continues to play.

  • Anonymous

    Obama sounds like a LIAR!!!!!!!!

  • dennis reilly

    when all else fails Obama always says, invest more in infrastructure, I don’t think he even knows what it is just as he doesn’t know what is in obamacare because he never read it

  • Anonymous

    Obama thinks there will be a different outcome.

  • landofaahs

    Wealth redistribution, wealth redistribution, wealth redistribution, wealth redistribution, wealth redistribution….yep it is a broken record but more than that it is a broken ideology.

  • ken.

    somethings broken and it’s not a record.

  • Anonymous

    Note Obama’s last sentence, that he throws out as if in passing — “There’s a lot more we could be doing.”

    Yeah, ya think?

    After saying we are going to be doing a four part thing to get the economy going, infrastructure, technology, etc., as if he has all those jobs lined up and next week will be opening it all up for taking applications and putting everyone to work immediately. Yup yup, right away.

    The “broken record” is that that is what he has been repeating ad nauseam from the beginning, the only variation being the different wording the teleprompter writers put in front of him to read off to us. Refreshing (?) that they finally admit it in so many words. Broken record indeed. Doing the same thing over and over, and describing a different, but the same, outcome every time. Classic definition of stupidity.

    “There’s a lot more we could be doing.” We already recognize the problem, and how to fix it — Remove the current administration and cancel all the bad programs they started.

    In other words, vote them out, impeach, remove the problem by any means possible. That’s what we could, and should be doing.

    And a key point — Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

  • Hugh Jass
  • Joann Roxbury

    Since equality before the law is the only kind of equality compatible with liberty, it is the only type of equality that free countries should pursue.

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