You won’t believe the advice a Nebraska elementary school gave students about bullying

Parents of elementary school students in Nebraska are up in arms after fifth grade students at Zeman Elementary School were sent home with a “flyer” outlining some bizarre best practices for dealing with bullies. Concerned parents have called the worksheet, which outlines nine “rules” on how to handle bullies, “ludicrous,” and the school district has since apologized for disseminating the “inaccurate information.” On radio this morning, Glenn ran through the nine rules and couldn’t help but question “how this could possibly happen” in Nebraska.

Check out the full list of rules and their descriptions below:

eysuwikmyh0ejieewmqy-620x315Screengrab via Jezebel/Facebook

Rule #1: Refuse to get mad

“I’m waiting for Pat to comment on that [as] a guy who kind of understands,” Glenn said. “I could go the scripture route, but why not go the Yoda route?”

Pat employed his best Yoda impression to react to that particular rule.

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering,” Pat said.

Rule #2: Treat the person who is mean to you as if they are trying to help you

“That’s the worst advice I’ve ever heard,” Glenn said flatly. “That’s just stupid.”

Rule #3: Don’t be afraid

Glenn actually found himself agreeing with, to some degree, the description offered for Rule #3, which states: “Since the bully wants to keep winning, they will continue to do things that make you feel afraid.”

“I actually kind of agree with the last sentence,” Glenn said.

Rule #4: Do not verbally defend yourself

“Who wrote this,” Glenn asked.

“So you can’t [defend yourself] verbally or physically, I think, in this thing,” Pat noted.

Rule #5: Do not attack

Since we now know you should be considering the bully that is abusing a friend not an enemy, you absolutely cannot fight back. After all, as per the flyer, “we attack enemies, not friends.”

Rule #6: If someone physically hurts you, just show you are hurt; do not get angry

“Nothing shuts a bully down more,” Stu joked. “So you just curl up in a ball and cry. I think curling up in a ball is too much because that’s protecting yourself. I think maybe you should sit there and sprawl out.”

Rule #7: Do not tell on bullies

Glenn couldn’t help but notice that the advice accompanying Rule #7 actually negates Rule #6.

“Wait. This is great. Listen so this advice. It violates rule number 7. ‘Telling on a bully makes the bully want to retaliate,’” Glenn read. “[But] the one who retaliates is the one who actually started the fight – I learned that in rule Number 5… Who wrote this?”

Rule #8: Don’t be a sore loser

Rule #9: Learn to laugh at yourself and not get “hooked” by putdowns

“That’s the only decent advice given in the whole thing, if you can pull it off,” Pat noticed. “It might piss them off even more, and they might keep smashing you in the face. But…”

In response to parents’ outrage over the “advice,” Lincoln Public Schools issued an apology on its Facebook page, in which they “apologize for any problems or confusion this has caused for students and families.”

“That’s as dumb a worksheet as I’ve ever seen,” Pat concluded. “Do you want your kids going to this school?”

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  • landofaahs

    You know what I was told about bullying? I had that confrontation with a bully when I was 6 and he was 12. I punched him right in the nose, got my butt kicked. Kicked him in the balls the next time I saw him and got my butt kicked again. Hit the SOB from behind a couple times when I had him at my disposal and got my butt kicked again. This went on a while but eventually the idiot got the clue and he made peace with me. It seems he was tired of worrying all the time about what and when the next volley was coming. We never were good friends and several years later I cleaned his clock for the fun of it and said that we are now even. If you let people push you around all the time, you will find you get pushed around all the time. Word spreads.

    • Anonymous

      My 8 year old pudge of a son was getting bullied about 10 years ago. Spoke to the other kid’s mom. Nothing changed. Spoke to her again. Nothing changed. Third time I went to her house I yelled at her as loud and angry as I could in front of the neighborhood and told her that if it happens again, I’d beat the crap out of her husband. End of bullying.

      Ten years later the parents still hate me. Don’t care. That’s a them problem. Nobody bullies my kids. Period.

      • Mitch Rider

        “pudge of a son?”

        • Anonymous

          He was a chubby little kid.

          He went to martial arts classes. Earned 2nd degree black belt. Now he’s 18, 195 pounds of muscle, and a d1 lacrosse player.

          Who’d a thunk it?

          • BlatentYak .

            He should go back and confront the guy Lacrosse stick in hand…..

      • Anonymous

        Good for you. Only the strong will have peace because the foe does not know what he will get in return if he attacks.

        • Anonymous

          If you think about it, respect and fear are really identical .

      • Candy Kriegel

        That’s awesome!
        The neighborhood I grew up in, some of the older boys that lived there first would bully my older brothers and my older sister (I was too little to remember, nor did they pick on me because I was always close to mom). My mom tried to talk to their mothers. They just told her, “Boys will be boys.”
        One day years my brothers were bigger, stronger, and tougher than the neighborhood boys. My brothers literally beat the snot out of the three of them. Their mothers came to my mom and complained. She replied, “Boys will be boys.”

        My SO thinks it’s a miracle he was never really bullied throughout his school days. He has always been pudgy, but also tall for his age (regardless of age) with a broad chest and shoulders. He has always been a very sweet guy, but he was just physically big enough to intimidate most. There were a couple of kids over the years that tried to bully him. One of the bullies, my guy accidentally stepped in his foot, which knocked him over. He hit the ground hard. They became friends after that. One or two others, my guy has been fortunate enough to be unshakable by others’ attempts to intimidate and, as aforementioned, he was a big enough kid/guy that no one was tempted to try a physical fight.

      • landofaahs

        Yep. Bullies are made by those who let them get by with that crap.

    • ljv

      I love it!

    • Larry Gault

      Had a bit of a situation myself when I was younger. I had moved from the South with my parents to Ketchikan, Alaska. My “strange” accent amused my classmates endlessly – which I didn’t mind at all. However (always one of those, ‘eh?) there was one kid… about four years older than me. Of course, he had hit the growth spurt I had not yet hit, and was about twice my size. It got to be a daily thing. I’d hear “Say ‘y’all’ for us! Say ‘y’all for us!” from a distance on the walk home from school, but never could seem to run fast enough to avoid that day’s ass-whuppin’. (Yeah, I’m STILL Southern). Dad, a former pro boxer, had differing views of how to handle a bully, and told me that from that point on, for every time I “let” the other guy whup me, HE too was gonna whup me, figuring I’d finally get fed up enough to stand my ground, take any licks necessary until I had worn him out enough to beat the kid in a fair fight. I, on the other hand, with the size and age differential just did not see that happening. Soooo…. the next day after school, I hopped up on the five foot retaining wall next to the sidewalk and searched around the woods until I found just the thing. A sturdy tree branch about as thick as my wrist, and about two feet long. As soon as my tormentor passed by, I dropped behind him from the retaining wall and commenced to wail on him. Beat that boy until he was on the ground, and continued to beat him until I had snot running out of MY nose. Figured Dad was gonna fire up the old belt because I didn’t stand and square off “fair” with him and I was correct. I was also correct in the fact that was the LAST ass-whupping I ever took from anyone for the rest of the four years we lived there.

      • jrzgrl

        My mom told me the same thing, “If I let this girl bully me, she was gonna whoop me too.” I was a quiet, passive 10 year old, even though I was much taller than the bully. I remember the day the bully girl came up to my desk and meanly said, she was gonna beat me up after school. I did the only thing I could – I stood up at my desk at full height and said I’d meet her outside as I looked down at her and looked directly in her eyes – showed no fear. She never bothered me again.

    • BlatentYak .

      Obviously you did not use the correct tool when you came from behind….

    • Anonymous

      I had a similar story, after avoiding the bully for what seemed like forever(maybe a year) I finally stood my ground, and popped him one. He could not believe I hit him back. His older brother came around looking for me and I thought I was going to get it good, but he just laughed and said” I wondered why it took you so long to stand up to him, my brother can be such a punk” I learned then that you challenge a bully, they will look for easier targets.

  • Anonymous

    This is so idiotic! I was badly bullied as a child in school. I continue to have health problems because of it to this day. I made a point of never learning to use a gun because I didn’t want to go to jail for murder.

    • Anonymous

      Read the book “I don’t want to talk about it.” It describes the problems adult men carry with them due to childhood bullying. Something to do with trauma during adolescence, just when hormones are surging and brain chemistry is getting permanently anchored. This might help you understand the problems you’re still experiencing. The understanding of this problem is what led me to defend my own so definitively.

  • Luke Perry

    This policy seems to be predicated on US foreign policy.

    • Anonymous

      I’m confused. Aren’t these pretty much the rules Beck gave for the people on the Bundy Ranch?

      • Anonymous


        • Robert

          They seem to be in the same ballpark. That’s one of the first things that came to mind when I was first reading the story.

      • Oathkeeper32

        What a let down Glen Beck is. If he can not see that the Federal Government stole the land from Sovereign Nevada for the sake of some species like they have been doing across the rest of the country for their own monitary gain then he is just as bad if not worse then the people who are stealing our land from us. He is not a solution but just a part of the problem. What a let down Glen and his staff are.

  • Cat ManDu

    This canNOT be for real? Really?!

  • Beth Jorgensen Sparrow

    Okay I’m from Nebraska and I had to Google where Zeman Elementary was. It’s in Lincoln, and I believe LPS has apologized for part of this.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I am quite sure they are not happy that the word is out and they had to say something. In the TV interview this morning with KOLN, the Director of Student Services for LPS, Russ Uhring said the following: “The wrong pamphlet was sent out and, you know, some of the information in it was not part of our practices and beliefs about bullying situations would be . . . ” He did NOT say he was sorry or that the information was inappropriate; what he said was it was the “wrong pamphlet” which says to me that he was very well aware that the pamphlet was in the school’s possession. My question is why when it is so obviously in direct conflict with current school policy.

      I am concerned that this release may have been an intentional action on the part of LPS. I wonder if the pamphlet was released as a trial balloon to see if any of the parents would actually notice and raise H*LL about it!!! Perhaps if there was little or no reaction, the rest of the students throughout Lincoln would receive it as well. If anyone attends school board meetings, maybe they could tell us if there is any talk to actually change the policy in regard to bullying in the Lincoln Public School system. I hope you are right, but perhaps you give them way too much credit!

      My first question is whether this policy change is promoted and implemented as a result of the Common Core curriculum being integrated into our Nebraska schools.

  • Anonymous

    #10 Give them all of your lunch money
    #11 Roll up into fetal position
    #12 Don’t worry. The government will help you.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      #13 Punch him in the name of the Lord because that’s how he would have intended it to be so.

      • Anonymous

        Well… the Bible says to treat others the way you want to be treated. So if someone’s bullying me, they must want me to bully them, right?


      Ha! You caused me to actually laugh out loud! Especially your #12!

      • Bill Norris

        Me too…

        • Ashley James


          ♚♚♚� ♚♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚♚�♚ ♚♚♚If you let people push you around all the time, you will find you get pushed around all the time. Word spreads.

          • lil’ will

            must you continue to spam??

          • Christopher Krollage

            It’s a bot that is either using a false account or a hacked account. Don’t expect a response.

          • Anonymous

            Please call me at 1-800 eats hit for details

          • Jenn

            stop spamming!!

    • mudslide

      That would be funny except I think the govt wrote this!

    • Anonymous

      The person who designed those rules do not live in the real world.

      • Paula Frazer Owens

        You are absolutely right !!

    • rulie haveman

      If You’re a Democrat otherwise they will send the IRS after you

    • Anonymous

      You forgot,,Sh it yourself to deter attackers.

    • Anonymous

      I think someone gave this worksheet to the Obama administration a few years ago, because this basically outlines our current foreign policy.

      • Anonymous


  • Dee Mayle Hallam

    This was written by a true bully!

    • Boo2

      No I’d say it was written by an indoctrinated moron! The schools are getting full of them!

  • Nate Dee

    The only thing that will stop a bad kid with a fist is a good kid with a fist.

    My father always told me that I should always attempt to take care of a bully the right way (telling the teachers), but if that didn’t work….. fight back.

    This pamphlet is just giving more power to the bullies. Makes me sick to see that our country is teaching our kids to be weak and submissive. Where is the USA that I grew up with?

    • Loren Schofield

      I taught my kids the same. But I want one step further, the best way to stand up to bullies is to unite against them. That doesn’t help the kid who is being bullied, but if more parents told their kids, “if you see someone being abused, attacked or bullied and you don’t step in to help, then you are no better than the bully. Stand up, get in between them and show the kid who is being attacked that they are not alone. If they are being physically attacked, step in, to defend them with your fist. If you do this I will always have your back.”

      • Boo2

        That’s right! When my middle son was in 5th grade he told me he kept having to miss recess. Why I asked. He told me some kid kept tripping him in class & other BS and when he’d turn around & either try to smack him or yell at him the teacher caught him so he got the punishment. I happened to be one of the ‘lunch ladies’ so she told me she was having a problem with him acting up in class. So knowing what my son told me I asked her what he was doing. She told me about his ‘picking on’ another boy. Well I proceeded to tell her, ” This is your first year of teaching. I can give you some great advice about kids. It takes two! You are catching my son AFTER the other boy has started it. I suggest you develop the simple trick of having ‘eyes in the back of your head’. Then you’ll ‘see’ what is really going on. AND my son will no longer be punished unless the other instigator is too!”
        No more problems. Of course this was 23 years ago & most teachers weren’t know-it-all’s like they are now.

    • Anonymous

      You can still have that country, if you’re willing to suffer the consequences.

    • Jon Galt

      This is the left. Neville Chamberlain, peace in our time!

      With the left, the bully is the protected class. Ever notice how the left always try to bully? Look at the laws they pass. One size fits all, and you will participate or you will (eventually) be arrested and have all of your assets confiscated – Social Security, Medicare, and now Obamacare. You cannot opt out of any of these programs. Try not paying social security or medicare taxes, and in a couple of years try not having insurance.

      The left are the bullies, its not surprising this is the advise they give to the victims of bullies.

      • Malachi

        The Progressive Liberals have always taken our lunch money…

      • Anonymous

        Currently, you are the bully if you fight back. (proponent of a vast right-wing conspiracy).

    • Marcus Aurelius

      In Russia. You should move there.

    • Anonymous

      Just like the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!

    • Anonymous

      …and a tree branch. I got bullied for 1 and a half years during HS and was thoroughly miserable. Learned where to go and not go. Very nearly took my old Granny’s 32S&W to school but decided that was wrong on many levels. Never got help, backup, adults because I didn’t figure that would help any.

      • really!man

        it is sad, but you are most likely not a lone on the gun thing, their are a lot of us that think the only way to fix the problem is to do it ourselfs, unfortunately some of them think a gun is an answer to how, if we could actualy make schools safer and punish bullies when they happen more would get reported and suspended and less gun violence would happen in schools

        • Oathkeeper32

          That is a last recourse though for many who are fed up with bullying I am sure. But if the bullied are taught to stand up for themselves and how others can band together against bullying then there would be less bullying in schools and kids would feel the need to bring guns to school to settle their debt with their aggressor.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the support; I started school with the nuns, and a more non-violent group you couldn’t imagine (except when disciplining us!!!) We were taught to turn the other cheek but weren’t instructed what to do when we ran out of cheeks.

    • Anonymous

      My father went through an ordeal with the class bully back in Germany in 1940.The kid was picking on anyone he felt like and one day he came after my pop…who beat the kid senseless.My pop got into big trouble with the principal but the bully never touched another student again and good old pop got voted class president a few weeks later!

    • Lowell

      That’s what the government is trying to do with all their bully “alphabet soup” agencies, trying to teach us to be weak and submissive. Like the Nevada BLM!!!

  • Gabrielle Carbonneau

    I want to know who the namby pamby is that wrote these rules and why they are still employed!

  • James C Tunink

    But Glenn Beck, did you not say to do just these things at the Brundy Ranch? Did you not say that thoses who responded to the BLM being a bully by standing with the Rancher were wrong because they excersied their right to be armed against an armed Government Bully who resorted to the use of fear and terrorism?

    • Anonymous

      AMEN! VERY well said! Glenn? Do you want paper, plastic or a burlap sack? Make up your mind!

  • Katrina Sharrock Lucas

    I wonder if this was the advise given to the Jewish population when Hitler came into power?

    • Anonymous

      It does sound like the advice Beck gave to the folks on the Bundy ranch.

  • Sherry

    I think this was written by a bully.

  • Loren Schofield

    Letter to Cliven Bundy from Glenn Beck

    Rule #1: Refuse to get mad: treat them with love, Pray for them, try to get the other students to vote them out.

    Rule #2: Treat the person who is mean to you as if they are trying to help youe: It is Federal land, not your’s. The BLM is just enforcing the court orders. All they are trying to do is protect the endangered Tortoise.

    Rule #3: Don’t be afraid: God is on your side, who are you to ask for help from evil reactionaires.

    Rule #5: Do not attack: Whatever you do, do not use your second amendment rights, in a peaceful armed protest. You are going against the will of Nature and God.

    Rule #6: If someone physically hurts you, just show you are hurt; do not get angry: When you are assaulted by freedom loving federal agents with tasers, dogs and intimidation tactics. When you are attacked respond with love just like MLK, Ghandi and Jesus.

    Rule #8: Don’t be a sore loser: We all know that land is not yours. You have not paid your taxes. Your cows have no right to graze on public land. You have lost your case court, don’t be a sore looser. Get rid of your cows, and because that is your lively hood, you will need to go to the nearest welfare office and apply for food stamps and govt assistance.

    Thank you all for listening to my media empire. remember not standing up to bullies may take my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor but I am willing to do that for my supporters and America.

    Wait for my next letter to the family of Justina Pellentier coming soon

    • Connor Davenport

      Your right lets just shoot everyone in the head that stands in our way.

      • Loren Schofield

        Not at all, we need to follow these 9 steps, so we can all get along.

        Or is Glenn saying these rules are bad? I’m very confused. Should we stand up against the bully, or should we not?

        Glenn is confusing me. Maybe you could help clarify his postition for me.

        • Connor Davenport

          Clearly different subjects. Why do you want to kill people so bad? Why do you hate peace so much? You currently want blood for land or freedom or want ever you think you are fighting for.

          • Loren Schofield

            Obviously you have misread my comments. Please click on my name and read many of my comment’s. Nowhere have I said we need to start shooting. I challenge you to quote me, or point out where I said the time for revolution is now.

            Prove me wrong I dare your.

          • Connor Davenport

            Hey I am just pulling what you are doing with Glenn. Their are many things I disagree with the man but wasn’t you that said you can disagree with someone and still be civil? How is mocking being Civil?

          • Loren Schofield

            Satire, taking something to an absurd level to make a point. I tried to have a serious discussion about Justina Palentier case in one of the other threads. Tried to get people who disagree with me involved to have a discussion. Nobody replied.

            Then seeing this article and Glenns comments, I figured satire was the only thing. Plus I have a really dark sense of humor.

          • Loren Schofield

            Well you keep implying I’m all about the shooting starting now, and I’m not. Thu are purposefully misrepresenting me, and i assume that since you haven’t posted any comments from me, you couldn’t find any.

            Did you learn a little bit about me? Who do you think I am now?

          • Anonymous

            Connor, go troll somewhere else.

          • Loren Schofield

            I want him to respond to my challenge. Ir’s ok to portray yourself as someone who is paid to kill people for money, but if anyone talks about standing up for justice, they are bloodthirsty savages.

          • Connor Davenport

            What did I do any different than what this person is doing? She is making fun of someone who just wants to fight peacefully. Why can I not do the same for someone who rushes into a fight?

    • Anonymous

      I am also hearing double messages from Glenn these days.

    • smokehill

      If people actually listened to that moron Gandhi, the Nazis & the Japanese would probably be running the world now.

      Fortunately, most of the people of India were a lot smarter than Gandhi.

  • Travis Ernst

    Where is the rule “let them beat you to a bloody pulp”? I had to deal with a LOT of bullying when in school. It often seemed the school looked the other way. With one of the punks it took an office meeting with parents to stop it for good…That was my Jr year!!

    This is very disheartening to see :(

  • Anne Slingwine

    I live here in Nebraska and I can tell you that in this state, we are going backwards in terms of common sense. We have a Governor who I think has NO idea whatis going on. A parents group , Nebraska Family Forum, composed of Democrats, Republicans and Independents was formed 4 years ago in a successful attempt to repeal a “truancy” law authored by Brad Ashford that defined truancy as ANY absence from school, including illness even if it was excused by a Dr., family events, including funerals, etc and basically threw 3000+ kids into the Juvenile justice system. Why?? Money from DOE, money for every child with their butt in a seat whether they were sleeping in that seat or actually learning was of no consequence, just so long as the seat was filled.. I am betting dollars to donuts that this “anti-bullying” pamphlet is some sort of initiative set down by the DOE and there is money given to schools who embrace it.

    • Anonymous

      Of course it’s from the DOE. Isn’t the government doing the same to hard working Americans? The Bundy incident is a clear example of their mission, only Bundy is not a child and has many supporters on his side.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking ‘Even the DOE isn’t that stupid.’ Then I thought again…….

  • Vicki Hampton

    Glenn you have thrown your reputation and I think carrier in with the outlaw obama administration………

  • Mitch Rider

    Training to be overcame by what ever wants to overcome you.

  • Anonymous

    Getting the kids ready for not fighting back and be a good little sheep being lead to the slaughter. Do what the government tells you boys and girls

    • Loren Schofield

      We as parent’s need to create sheep dogs.

      • Anonymous

        We have the “sheep dogs” . . . the school and the gov’t. Remember their favorite saying, “I am from the government, and I am here to help you.”

        • Loren Schofield

          A sheep dog can get to like the taste of blood and it is very easy for it to become a wolf.

          Start training your little sheepdogs early, so they don’t become, that which they are fighting against.

    • Anonymous

      Compliance is the Number One Requirement for survival in a progressive gov’t and world. We have been raised and trained to do as we are told with no objections.

      It is TIME to teach our children that they indeed have a right to protect themselves, and we should provide them with the necessary tools to do so. There is absolutely no excuse for forcing a child to submit to physical or mental punishment from anyone.

  • The Man from Scene 24

    The only language bullies understand is their own and as such the only way to deal with them is with equal or superior force. Two or more weaker kids should be able to take down one bully if they mean business.

  • David Brinkman

    Rule 1 should read… When Bullied, give the person a kick between the legs and break the Family Jewels (If it’s a Guy), do te same (if it’s a girl) I’s gonna hurt no mtter what. Disregard the remaining rules written by some idiot.

  • kim

    uhhh Glenn that’s about the same advise you were giving in the beginning on the Bundys deal. Think about it.

    • Loren Schofield

      read my “letter to Cliven Bundy from Glenn Beck”

      Sarcasm at it’s finest

    • Anonymous


  • Roger Sante’ Canzano Jr.

    As a victim of bullying, being sexually assaulted at gunpoint, I’ve carried those wounds for almost 40 years now. I now lead a recovery ministry at our church & help others gain freedom. I wonder what would happen to the person who wrote this letter if a child was assaulted & the child carried out what this letter said to do.

  • Edward Saint Anger Finley Jr.

    what part of monarch is this not. let alone passive aggressive abuse when allowed to continue causes not just the abuser to be in consoling but yourself. do you ever think that all they see you as is money and to a fallen system is to feed you off to it with a psychosis slowly before you hit even college. or is it to show you the liking of a new different system where it is of lawlessness but mob rule.

  • CathMama8

    Besides the fact that this is the most asinine thing I have ever heard coming from people in the position of “authority”, what worries me is that the “bully” may not be another kid of the same or similar age……the “bully” may be an adult or older kid who is verbally, physically or sexually abusing one of these children. These people who are supposed to protect them, just validated the abuser and what they have been telling the child….don’t tell on them….don’t get mad….don’t be afraid…it’s your fault….don’t be a sore loser. They just made it okay to be defenseless. In my mind they are culpable to every child who is being abused and feels like they have no one to tell…..they just confirmed that. Appalling!

    • Loren Schofield

      Amazing point, and well said.

    • Anonymous

      ctually, it all sounds a lotl ike the message from your own government Americans are being bullied by their own goernment by constant lies, the desire to disarm their people and take away their freedom. And we are all supposd to accept it without any retaliation.

    • Debra Cregar

      This is exactly what’s happening right here in the good ole’ mid-west! Right here in Ohio, I finally told them to either have a talk with the mothers of the girls or I would. If that didn’t work my grand daughter is going to take self defense classes and bust somebody in the chops!! Amazingly it stopped hmmmm! They tried to tell us the same thing, stay away from them, just ignore them blah, blah, blah, that’s when I got in her face…… yep it’s getting back to normal around here :) I just wonder who they are terrorizing now, poor kid :(

  • Marty Torrez

    I have always had one. # 1 = Punch bully in the nose and don’t stop until he cry’s and runs home to mommy!!! Worked 4 times on me with no more bullying in the future! Each time bullies were bigger heavier and taller. All had bloody noses to think about the next time they tried!

  • gabbi4christ

    That is the exact opposite of what I tell my child to do! Seriously? These people want to teach our children to be controlled by others so they will not fight back when the government strips them of all their rights. Completely unacceptable.



  • Karen Christensen Williams

    I only faced two bullies when I was a kid. The first I was about 6 years old, walking home from school, and this girl started teasing me and slapping me. I took my Charlie Brown metal lunch box and bonked her right over the head and ran home. Never got bothered again. Next time was in high school. Girl was calling me the “b” name every time I saw her at school. She would get right up in my face and threaten me. Then after a week of that nonsense, she showed up at my house at 1:30 in the morning screaming for me to come out. I’d finally had enough. I ran outside in my nightgown and all, and proceeded to clean her clock and but good! She never bothered me again, and actually approached me and asked if we could be friends. It didn’t happen, because I didn’t want to be her friend. Lesson: whip the crap out of a bully and they will leave you alone. Forget all that stupid P.C. nonsense.

  • Connor Davenport

    I been bullied a lot. It not the greatest feeling in the world but I tell you one thing none of these things ever work on these type of things. Like liberals you need to just bring it back at them using their own words to make them look foolish.

    • Loren Schofield

      Yeah words. “Use your words Timmy.”

      Never throw the first punch, but if you get assaulted either make them regret it, or remember your name.

      • Connor Davenport

        Yeah because fighting is the answer for everything.

        • Loren Schofield

          I’m still waiting on my “challenge” to you.

          I’m not trying to be difficult, but do you think there is ever a time for violence? I’m asking because my mom’s family is Mennonites, so I’ve had many discussion’s on this subject.

          • Connor Davenport

            Let me ask you this what will it solve if you fight in a world that is already broken? Breaking something to fix it never works. When you fix a car. Say replacing a alternator do you then do you beat it out with s sledgehammer or just take the bolts out and replace the thing? Believe it or not It is as simple as doing that. You just do not see it. No I do not think smashing a broken world is going to do a dang thing. The only way I would even think of taking a life is to protect others not for a cause but for human life only. That is my breaking point. If I see our government taking people and putting them in cattle cars to be murdered than yes I will fight but not for anything else.

          • Loren Schofield

            Well obviously you never had a stuck starter. You get someone under the truck and hit it with a hammer while you turn the key. The hammer loosens it up and allows it to turn.

            Smashing evil certainly helps the people who are being oppressed.

            By the time you see people being herded onto trains it will be to late. Exactly how many people need to be murdered before you do something? Is it 10, 100, 1000? What’s your number that would make thou not feel icky?

            And your argument is ridiculous. Farmers have to till the ground before something good can grow. Rebuilding a house, the old needs to be torn down to prepare for the new. Steel has to be heated by fire in order to harden and be useful. Yes need to be cut down to make beautiful furniture. Wood needs to be pulped to make paper to print the bible.

            I can go on If you like. Plus you still haven’t said what i am advocating more is the time for violent revolution.

        • Loren Schofield

          And I find it interesting that you are such a man of peace yet your name and avatar are that of an assassin?

          • Connor Davenport

            Well you were the first to catch on to that. Well the reason why I picked him is because he is part Native American like myself and fought for the Revolution like a few of my family did. That is why I fight so hard for peace because when one fights a Revolution in this day of age you never know which side will be co opted. Which faction will gain power in the end. It is not like the old days where people joined in because they agreed. One of the many problems I have with this idea.

          • Loren Schofield

            Well you as part Native American should understand history and what happens to s people who are dusarmed and oppressed by a tyranical govt. A purple who’s land was stolen by the stroke of a pen.

          • Connor Davenport

            I also understand how pointless it is to fight that type of government threw open warfare. The only reason why we gave our guns away which was not a great idea was because they kick the tar out of us.

  • Boo2

    Really???! Sure! I taught my kids & my kids taught their kids….. Do not start anything but if someone does something dirty to you, FINISH IT! They only had to do it once.. End of problem!

  • Goku

    Sounds like glenn becks to us for the cliven bundy ranch. Let the government tazer you. Let the government steal your property. let the government point guns at you. Let the government attack your children with electrical weapons. Let the government shoot a 12 year old kid on a bicycle and murder him.

  • lizh

    I’ve was bullied verbally & physically by my peers at school from the age of about 8-14. I never stood up for myself ONCE and I realize now standing up for yourself or getting help is the only way to stop a bully. one of my bullies is now one of my closest friends and it’s because I let her know after three years of being a rag doll getting shoved around by her that I was sick of it; she honestly had no idea and that shocked me. no child should EVER sit back and let someone point out their flaws, push them around, or endure any sort of harassment! submitting to a bully just gives them power. what has happened to this country’s school system?!

  • Don R

    Just reading this makes me want to find the idiot who wrote it and start shoving them around a little. You know, a poke in the face, because I’m really just trying to help them…to not be such a dumb@$$!

  • thtwbstgrl

    #7 – Snitches get stitches

    • Loren Schofield


  • John Kern

    I was the new kid in town, 7th grade, for the first week I got picked on a lot, kind of expected back then. But there was one dude 2 yrs older that just wouldn’t stop finally we got in a fight, he fought dirty and I lost, about a week later, walking home from school he biffed me on the ear, I turned and beat the crap out of him with a history book, broke his nose, blacked his eye, and when he hit the ground took the boots to him and messed up his knee. One of his friends wanted to help so I kicked him in the nuts. Now I got in a little trouble for all that. those guys went whining home, lied about the history we shared, and I called them on that, and told their parents the didn’t have a clue as usual. The moral of the story is nobody messed with me again. “You don’t have to stand tall, but, you have to stand up”

    • Boo2

      Yes indeedy!

  • Nathanael Adams

    This is so discriminatory against those “buddies” who are being mean. Can you believe in the document they are referred to as “bullies” when they are obviously just occasionally antagonistic classmates? This is an outrage!

    • really!man

      ya, we should form a new group to help these kids who are discriminated against and called bullies. how dare this school do that!

  • Dustin Chelden Hartman

    The Mental “Disarming” has started!

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely. Just remember what schools are teaching kids about guns too.

      • Loren Schofield

        Heck look at what Glenn is saying about guns

  • Collinsdad

    Common sense is not very common. Its becoming similar to the book “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg I read 6 years ago.

  • DrKKy

    So, was this flyer distributed by Nebraska Quakers? (Not to be confused with Illinois Nazis by all you Blues Brothers fans).
    It reads like the cliff notes from Gary Cooper’s “Friendly Persuasion”.

  • Anonymous

    My late father told me to aim square for the bully’s nose when I was a kid. He served in combat, risking his life for his country, even though they sent him to the hellhole of Vietnam. I think I’ll take his words over some pantywaist bureaucrat.

  • Anonymous

    Just substitute the word “Bully” with ” Abusive Spouse” and watch the Lame Street Media go apoplectic….

    • Anonymous about substituting the word “Bully” with “BLM”.

      • Loren Schofield

        That’s different, WWGMLKJD (What Would Ghandi MLK Jesus Do?)

        • Loren Schofield

          Or I guess it could be WWGD? (What Would Glenn Do?)

  • Ron Kendzior

    #1) Punch bully in the face.
    #2) Laugh at them and call them names.
    #3) Tell them to stay out of your personal space.
    #4) Walk away with confidence and your head held high.

  • Guest

    #1) Punch bully in the face.
    #2) Tell them to stay out of your personal space.
    #3) Walk away with confidence and head held high.

  • Mrs. Right

    I was bullied a lot as a kid. I was lucky enough to change schools every 4 years, and it got progressively better at each school. Being a girl, it wasn’t physical bullying but emotional and psychological. I thank God for my parents who told me that I was a good girl, that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to, that I was beautiful (I wasn’t, but I wasn’t ugly, either), and that childhood can be brutal. They relayed stories of their own upbringings, which were far more difficult than mine to say, “if I could get through this and reach adulthood without parental help, surely we can help you get though this!” It was awful, and it sucked. Thankfully I had a good support system and good teachers. Dealing with all the agita made me stronger and more resilient.

    We teach our son, now eight, to stand up for himself and not allow himself to be pushed around. After being kicked in the face at a bouncy house place, he scratched the offending boy in the face. We reprimanded him STERNLY to keep his hand out of people’s faces and AWAY from their eyes!! It’s different with boys – they’re so much more physical! We spoke with this other boy’s parents to try to help the two of them coexist (they’re in the same class). It seemed that keeping them separate at recess helped a great deal, as they now get along well in all their other activities.

    Sorry for rambling. People will give you whatever you accept. Only you can determine your limit, and it’s up to you to let that limit be known.

  • Jim Whoever

    Keep in mind, the “schools” are teaching kids not to question anything or stand up for themselves at an early age. The last thing they want is anyone willing to fight back…

  • Anonymous

    Bully rules written by the obvious bullies of yore…they don’t grow up, they don’t get better…they just find more excuses for the same behavior.

  • Timothy

    I was Bullied and I did all that all it did was make it worse it put a target on my back as an easey mark the best thing i did was fight back and kicked ther a$$ and they stoped.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously written by a Bully.

  • CHANGEIN2014

    WOW!! Sick!

  • tammy

    what ever happened to teaching “healthy boundaries” ?

  • Anonymous

    I have known many female teachers and principals that say they believe this is the way to handles things, we need REAL MEN as principals and more male teachers. Too many female principals in there that are there for the money and power and not because they care about the.

  • Anonymous

    Did Joe Biden write this?

  • racindavid

    Rule #1. Punch them in the nose.
    Rule #2. Make sure you follow through; good power comes from the legs.
    Rule #3. If punch #1 doesn’t land squarely, be prepared to follow up with a second.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that exactly the way Obama is responding to the bullying by Putin? They are just employing Obama’s leadership tactics. Failed tactics!

  • Darral

    The problem is; it really isn’t about the school bully they are teaching our Kids to except the Government bully when they become adults and to give in to the Evil Dictator tyrants of Government; The Government knows best except it; that is their purpose in their teaching;

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Submission regardless.

  • dhallstrom

    Rule 10, take a baseball bat to his head, and apologize afterwards.

  • DenisetheCelt

    This is all about teaching passivity, and acceptance of victimization.


  • Anonymous

    This is happening all across the country. The schools in our school district are pushing “anti-bullying” campaigns which, while well meaning, are totally ineffective. It makes the adults feel good about themselves because they are addressing an “issue.” If they would only stick to teaching….

  • Todd Woodell

    Ridiculous! My son was getting bullied by a Bosnian kid at his High School. My son wasn’t afraid of the kid, just didn’t want to get in trouble for fighting. I told him to defend himself and I’d handle the consequences. The only problem was, when the time came, my son agreed to meet after school to settle things instead of decking the punk in the hallway when he got shoved. This made my son equally in the wrong and he was charged with disturbing the peace. I stood up for him and the charge was dismissed, but could have left a mark on his record.

    A few nights later, the same kid darted out in the road in front of my truck on his skateboard. I aked my son if he wanted me to take him out (wink wink…We had a good laugh)

  • Deckard426

    Rule number ten: If a teacher or school administrator molests you in the bathroom, never tell anybody about it.

  • Anonymous

    My son was being bullied by a kid when he was in 1st grade – yes! 1st grade! I spoke with the mother of the other kid and (OF COURSE) she denied that her “wonderful son” would ever do such a thing. So, I told my son that he may have to fight back. My son was a good kid and was scared that he would get in trouble for fighting. You know “zero tolerance” (translated as “Zero Common Sense”!). I told my son that if he ever STARTS a fight, his butt would be mine. But, if he had to END a fight, I would back him up all the way!

    • Anonymous

      That about sums it up right nicley!

  • Loren Schofield

    I don’t think anyone saw my hilarious satirical letter from Glenn Beck to Cliven Bundy, I wrote shortly after this was posted. Either people didn’t see this or I just think I’m so much more funny than other people.

    Letter to the family of Justina Peletier from Glenn Beck

    Rule #1: Refuse to get mad: treat them with love, Pray for them, wait until the elections and try to vote in representatives who see your side. If you can’t get them in 2014, just wait 2 years and try again in 2016.

    Rule #2: Treat the person who is mean to you as if they are trying to help you: The Boston childrens Hospital, only has the best interests of your daughter. They are highly educated, and spent many many years in higher academia, so they are much more intelligent than you, and the state knows much more than you, what is best for your daughter and your family.

    Rule #3: Don’t be afraid: God is on your side.

    Rule #5: Do not attack: Do not retaliate against them. Remember the message of Ghandi, MLK and Jesus.

    Rule #6: If someone physically hurts you, just show you are hurt; do not get angry: I know it seems like your daughter is doing so much worse now, after being in the states care for over a year but whatever you do, don’t get angry, and tell Justina to not let them know she is hurting or getting worse.

    Rule #7: Do not tell on bullies: Do not ask for help from anyone. Their may be a 10-15 percent of them, who aren’t nice, or may disagree with me. Any attempt to recruit help from anyone except me, and I will attack you, for not being good Christians. Just remember to buy your guns from cheaper than dirt, and prepare for the apocalypse which is coming any day now by buying gold and prepackaged food and seeds.

    Rule #8: Don’t be a sore loser: There have been numerous attempts before multiple different judges. You lost, you have no rights to your daughter. You need to accept it, and when she’s 18 if she chooses to get to know you, then it will be her choice.

    Thank you all for listening to Mercury one. remember not standing up to bullies may take my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor but I am willing to do that for my supporters and America, as long as my Media Empire is not negatively affected.

    • Loren Schofield

      Re posting the original letter, because I can

      Letter to Cliven Bundy from Glenn Beck

      Rule #1: Refuse to get mad: treat them with love, Pray for them, try to get the other students to vote them out.

      Rule #2: Treat the person who is mean to you as if they are trying to help youe: It is Federal land, not your’s. The BLM is just enforcing the court orders. All they are trying to do is protect the endangered Tortoise.

      Rule #3: Don’t be afraid: God is on your side, who are you to ask for help from evil reactionaires.

      Rule #5: Do not attack: Whatever you do, do not use your second amendment rights, in a peaceful armed protest. You are going against the will of Nature and God.

      Rule #6: If someone physically hurts you, just show you are hurt; do not get angry: When you are assaulted by freedom loving federal agents with tasers, dogs and intimidation tactics. When you are attacked respond with love just like MLK, Ghandi and Jesus.

      Rule #8: Don’t be a sore loser: We all know that land is not yours. You have not paid your taxes. Your cows have no right to graze on public land. You have lost your case court, don’t be a sore looser. Get rid of your cows, and because that is your lively hood, you will need to go to the nearest welfare office and apply for food stamps and govt assistance.

      Thank you all for listening to my media empire. remember not standing up to bullies may take my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor but I am willing to do that for my supporters and America.

      Wait for my next letter to the family of Justina Pellentier coming soon

  • Marlene Strait

    Dictators= grown up bullies.

    • Doc Savage

      Or community organizers.

  • Danny Wright

    I’m pretty sure this came right from the Obama state department; probably gleaned from the foreign policy pamphlet.

  • Susie Bradley

    There has always been bullying, and most likely always will. However, since this stupid zero tolerance has come into play, it has escalated. I told my kids that if they were picked on, to defend themselves. My son wasn’t ever able to follow through on that, but eventually grew big enough to stop the bullying. My daughter on the other hand, did fight back. The school called me because they had a report that she had punched someone. They actually laughed about it because it was so unlike her personality, but felt they had to bring it to my attention. Oddly enough, she wasn’t ever bullied again.
    Maybe fighting isn’t the answer t everything, but being able to defend yourself without fear of recrimination should be encouraged.

  • Anonymous

    I thought I heard someone say that ‘if they bring a knife to the fight, you bring a gun!’

    • Anonymous

      Obama said that?

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If you don’t fight back, make noise, or tell anyone, then teachers don’t have to deal with the problem. These type of rules flow from a teacher-union mentality. Do what’s best (or easiest) for the teacher, not what’s best for the child.

    • mudslide

      Good point – sad, but probably true!

    • really!man

      too true, if the student tells a teacher the teacher is obligeted to do something, if she doesn’t or if what she does doesn’t fix the problem it could cause problems, and we wouldn’t want to cause problems. so lets just let our kids suffer quietly, because that way they learn that the world is a hard place to live and that the government can do what they want and you souldn’t try to fight back.

  • BlatentYak .

    What idiot wrote that? Do not tell on bullies? Morons…

  • Anonymous

    The parents need to go to the school and kick butt!

  • Anonymous

    I can agree with #9. They’re only words. Anyone who wants to make fun of you is ignorant but also very insecure and looking to boost ego.

    Now physical abuse is quite different. Do you walk away or give it back?

    Taken as a whole, they are teaching submission to kids.

    • Doc Savage

      The schools are run by the Federal Government and the Feds want submissive people,so this should not surprise anyone

  • Doc Savage

    Predators attacked wounded prey, so by all means show the bully you are hurt so they can finish the job. The research by the Neuroscience people proved pot damages the brain and here is further proof. The people who wrote the rules were the pot and LSD users in the liberal colleges and now teach school.

    • Anonymous

      And now they make the laws that pot use is legal. In a few years we’ll have more brain dead people running around than sane people and that makes the masses easier to control. Wake up America, something is afoot.

  • Joe

    The McFly method for dealing with bullies has become the standard! Just make sure you get the bully’s homework done in time. He is your friend, after all.

  • Keith N. Gillis

    Probably written by a liberal hoping all conservatives obey…NOT!

  • sad conservative

    WOW! It sounds like this is exactly the advice that obama is following in his dealings with the ole bully Putin. Will liberals ever get it right?

  • Anonymous

    This must come out of a communist think-tank, because under communist rule you are not allowed to defend yourself. If you do, you have to be reeducated or land in prison. They are brain washing the young, so they will not have the desire to speak up against those who will bully them later in life.

  • Anonymous

    These rules had to be written by a complete moron. They will do nothing but guarantee that the kid will receive increased bullying. The author had to be a male homosexual with a submissive yellow streak down his back.

  • JagerBomb714

    Bullying 101.

    Rule #1. Place 2-3 punches to the center of bullies face.

    Rule #2. When bully grabs his hopefully broken nose with both hands a good swift kick to his special place will remind him who’s in control.

    Rule #3. While bully is curled up in a fetal position screaming in agony, stand over bully, whip out tally whacker, and empty your entire bladder on bully.

    Rule #4. Before leaving thank bully for allowing you the opportunity to demonstrate exactly what happens to people who “f#$k” with you, and reassure him that the next time wont be so pleasant.

  • Loren Schofield

    I had My 10 yo daughter read these. Her very first comment when she finished, “show the bully your hurt? THAT’S LIKE A DEER SHOWING ITS HURT TO A LION!! That’s crazy!!!”

    I hadn’t said anything, just had her read them, then we would talk about it.

  • Bob

    Yep… and after taking all that abuse and following our idiotic advice, walk down the halls at school and bow everybody away!

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Most schools have chosen to dummy down education so I’m not surprised this school would come up with these asinine “rules”. It makes their jobs easier.

  • Pat

    The insane are running the education asylum!
    When my son was in junior high, two kids continually threatened to knock him off his bike. I couldn’t drive him to school, so I called one of the kids (we knew both) and told him if it didn’t stop, my husband was going to talk with his dad. Right after we hung up, his dad called back and asked what I was calling about, so I told him. That was the last of the problem. Incidentally, a few years later those two boys became step-cousins when his grandpa married my mother.

    • JagerBomb714

      lol! Good ole fashion American home JUSTICE!! Gotta LOVE it!!

  • R-WOOD

    This is more your speed.

  • Guest

    Then don’t use your basic human emotional tools that help us to experience for ourselves to deal w/life one step & day at a time…how do they think we evolved into intelligent beings thus far? If being a robot & not being able to decipher our own senses then lets go back to the cave shall we? I said learnt behaviors of religious/cults society’s will only develops harmful emotions cause they can’t have any emotional growth from experiences of freedom & choices, which develops into angry then hate & then wars & devastation of all things…I was referring to muslims when I post that about a thousand times…not from a free nation & of free choices, like our BILL OF RIGHTS & THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE MUST PROTECT IT!

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    #2 is sheer stupidity. #7 will only get more children bullied about. I thought the USA was “land of the free; home of the brave!.”

  • suz

    it’s all that genetically modified corn gone to their brain.

  • Jim Strean

    Had the “bullying” problem back in High School.
    Finally decided that weather I got my butt kicked or not, I was going to fight back.
    Turned out he wasn’t as tough as everyone thought.
    Either way, it seems if he knows you will fight back, even if you will loose, he would rather pick on someone else.

  • Bregginkrak

    This is exactly how the government wants you to react to bullying. Their bullying! They are training us to be slaves that will work without pay, have no means to defend ourselves and accept our place in the world they are creating. I used to think all this was tin-hat crap, but with everything that the government does more and more of the future they want for us is starting to show. I truly fear for our future, there is still time, but they are very careful not to give the majority a reason to get worked up.

  • Rock Candi

    Lol totally against human nature and our children only comprehend logic. This is not logical.

    • Anonymous

      liberals are not logical.

  • hummingbug


  • texastruthtweet

    I was bullied in school. Underwent 2 years of counseling to overcome low self-esteem as a result.

  • Mantis Toboggan

    When I was a kid my parents just told me not to hit first. Now I have kids and I tell ’em the same thing. If someone hits you hit ’em back. Of course if I’m around or their mom is around I’d prefer they come to us first since kids will be kids

  • Bill Norris

    If they apologized so quickly, I question their motive in the first place. Who was responsible for writing and approving this? Why even write it if you’re not going to stand up and defend the reasons why you believe this non-sense. To not speak out and defend yourself, speaks volumes. We know you’re liberal…that goes without saying. I’ve told my boys if they got punched for no apparent reason, here’s what you do. Assess the situation quickly (to make sure you aren’t fighting more than one person) then punch him back harder. There’s no rules in street fighting, so make sure the bully knows he picked on the wrong person. Tell him you won’t go easy on him next time. My boys are trained and know how to defend themselves. This is life benefit they can carry with them through life. It’s a great confidence booster too.

    When the school calls to tell me what happened, I’ll make sure to show up with presents celebrating the fact that he defended himself. Our young men are being imasculated at a much faster pace than ever before. My boys WILL NOT be.

  • Michael Stohler

    They are trying to our children to accept being victims. This will make it easier to rule over and control them.

  • Floyd Graham

    Sounds like your rules Beck. Funny how you change from day to day! Starting to sound more like Obama every second.

  • Chainstaya~

    wtf? where’s my comment…newest? was an hour ago…comes up 12 hours & my post isn’t here!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with a few of these “Rules”, at least in part. But some of these so called rules must have been written by a member of the Obama Administration ( or the ruler of North Korea ). They apparently expect young children to be submissive and subservient to those in power/authority. Kind of like Obama, Pelosi and Reid expect all of you mindless, weak, slavish lemmings ( democrat voters ) to be.

  • Tom

    You need to read the various comments here and then consider this: Whether it’s a home invasion burglary, or one nation’s soldiers invading another country, the only cure is to stand up for yourself. Neutralize the would-be thieves, rapists, killers in your home with the guns they don’t want you to have. Or as the United States has discovered and Ron Paul points out – when the US sends armed forces into other countries they WILL strike back. It sucks to be a victim. It sucks even worse to live in a country that is constantly meddling in the affairs of other soverign nations. Dr. Ron Paul is a very sensible man. And he would have made an excellent President.

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    Don’t tell on bully’s, why cause it’s too much trouble for you to deal with them? I don’t know who put this work sheet together, but they should not be allowed to work around children ever!! They have no idea how they interact.

  • Misty

    My child was horrifically bullied for over a year and half, and was suspended when the bully turned physical and he defended himself. Our country is FAILING our kids when it comes to bullying. Over 20 children witnessed this daily for over a year, yet NOBODY reported it. THIS FLYER INFURIATES ME!!!!

  • Chainstaya~

    Then don’t use your basic human emotional tools that were designed to help us experience for ourselves life w/the senses given that we adapt in this earthly realm. And how to deal w/life one-step & day at a time…how do they think we evolved into intelligent beings thus far? If being a robot & not being able to decipher our own senses then lets go back to the cave shall we? I said/posted that learnt behaviors of religious/cults society’s will only develop into harmful emotions since they can’t have any emotional growth from experiences of freedom & choices, which develops into confusing, folding into anger(>;<’ then hate festers into wars & devastation of all people/places/things…Anger is one letter short of danger! I was referring to the radical religions, when I post that about a thousand times…not from a free nation & of free choices, like our BILL OF RIGHTS & THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE MUST PROTECT IT! Religions of any sort is not who anyone is, it’s a labeled used to describe events, places & things, not people. The human animal is just that…but as all animals living on this planet its ran by the spirit that guides, right/wrong & common fken sense! Healthy growth is not making mistakes; they are learning tools…if one repeats they’re injurious harmful actions, they there will have their results…continually w/a 3 folds over smack down on themselves period! Bullies will back down when confronted, they get a false sense of security when offended party walks away instead of nipping it in da bud & defend yourself or they will feel power over you…if bigger then you & you feel ur in harms way, then act crazy and/or simply tell em u don’t have time for this childish animalistic BS… let the owner of the selfie learn their way…AND that’s YOU-and get advice from pro’s who know! Know that you are not your name/s they call you…and know to grow w/all of life’s NOTHING LAST FOREVER! These interferences from others involving themselves of views w/out wisdom, knowledge or experience, is the question y’all should be asking them, not taking their advice, that’s another danger stranger analogy to be BEWARE OF!

  • Linda Arteman

    Don’t worry. I’m a Nebraskan and know there has been a great outcry against such stupid advice. Administrators have issued an apology for putting out bad advice. Our educators have been propagandized just like others, but our parents have common sense, and are up in arms over this ‘mistaken advice’.

    • Anonymous

      That’s nice, but has anyone been fired for it yet? Until heads roll, this kind of crap will continue.

  • Anonymous

    I would remove my kids from this school immediately. With people like this in authority who knows what other misinformation they are getting. If you get kidnapped, don’t fight it, just be sad, don’t tell. What a crock!

  • Gabri Di

    “Rule #10: Shut up and take it. Do not expect school personnel to help you; we don’t care. You’re probably just an angry, scaredy-cat, tattle-tale, sore-loser that had it coming anyway.” Just sad.

  • Karen McLeod

    I was bullied for a lot of my school life. I had an undiagnosed disability, I was different and I couldn’t help it.
    Finally one day, I stood up for myself. I was tired of being someone’s target.

  • 4b4mac

    This stuff is insidious. Why do all those angry parents never do anything? The least they could do would be to I’d the peeps and hold them up for public ridicule and/or force the school board to terminate the peeps.

  • mari

    When I lived in Hawaii, I was told that if a shark swam up to me, I should punch him in the snout on the first pass. They don’t like to fight for their food, like bullies.
    Once when I was small, some big kids would tease me everyday when I walked home from school. One day I told my older sister. She took me back to where they were and decided who the leader was and got in her face, There may have been a skirmish. After that the sidewalks cleared before me.
    One more story, I have a severely disabled granddaughter. One day her oldest brother was at school (middle school), and he saw a kid picking on a handicapped kid. He walked up to him and kicked his a$$. He was suspended. That night we took him out to dinner to celebrate his heroism.

  • Michael E. Newbury

    As you read through the list on today’s show, it impressed on me that you are probably in danger of releasing governmental secrets. It started to sound a WHOLE LOT like Obummer’s Foreign Affairs policy.

  • IWantFacts

    This is ridiculous! They are attempting to dumb down our, teach sexual positions to 4th graders, and now they want to make them pacifists to boot. Schools need to be taken away from the government and back to local parents & teachers.

  • smokehill

    Pure nonsense, though probably the kind of advice you’d get from some sissy-boy like Obama, who was probably beset by bullies his entire life — until he got someone manly enough to fight his battles ….Michelle.

    When you are bullied, you fight back hard and dirty, doing as much damage as you can. Few bullies are going to look for a repeat performance if they know they’re going to have to pay a price for it.

    Worked in every new neighborhood I moved into over the years. You just have to get past the pansy victim mentality and figure out how to get in a couple of good licks, even if you have to start carrying a big rock or half a brick in your pocket to even the odds.

  • Matthew Chase

    In society, I feel, there needs to be someone to bash on. So as a man I have big shoulders. I don’t like it that’s for sure. Glenn is exactly right, there are no more men to look up to except Obama in his mom jeans and helmet!

  • Jane Harris Hartin

    I guarantee this was written by a committee appointed to come up with a CYA policy for the school system to put in a handbook so they can show they have addressed the problem. The committee also probably hasn’t been full-time in a real classroom for years, if ever.

  • Anonymous

    Typical stupid school administrators and teachers….

    They advertise “gun free zones”, advertising anyone wanting to harm someone with a gun can find plenty of easy targets inside. Then they can’t understand why there’s so many incidents of shootings at schools.

    Then they come up with “zero tolerance policies”, which basically means they’ll victimize anyone who’s been victimized, they’ll suspend anyone who’s been attacked by a bully, if anyone is victimized by someone else both parties are charged and it’s put on both their records…

    Absolute absurdity… again and again demonstrating the illogic of the Left…

    Now, they put out these stupid guidelines. Treat someone who’s attaching you as if he’s your friend…??? Okay, lets take all the teachers and administrators outside and punch them in the face a few times and see how much they enjoy such friendliness themselves.

    As usual, Leftists love to make rules for others, love to tell others how to behave, but when the shoe’s on the other foot then they’re the ones screaming that “it’s just not fair…!” They want the rules to apply to everyone else, but the same rules never apply to them, do they….?

  • ken.

    this is leftist indoctrination, training kids to bow down to their masters like good little slaves to the government.

  • ken.

    sounds just like glenn, when it comes to standing up to the jack booted thugs from the militarized BLM and other government agencies.

  • Christopher Krollage

    Had a kid bully me, I fought him when we were both 6th graders. After a while we couldn’t figure out what we were actually fighting about and became best of friends while we lived in the same community.

  • Dustin Martin

    Conditioning the youth for complete government control and takeover? Don’t fight back, just let it happen

  • Anonymous

    As a child, I was taught never to start a fight, at school, but be prepared to finish it!

    This should be taught to our kids, today, as well as our federal government!

  • Fior Gael

    Wow! Them “Nebraskians” sure like their S&M to continue in the schools. Read a lot of the comments and agree with them. The bigger picture demands turning the other cheek…the bigger picture is about adults. Children need to learn to respect the rights of others and how can they learn to respect the rights of others if the others lay down in front of them to be beaten and kicked literally and figuratively? I had those experiences of fear of bullies and bullying in school because I never wanted to get hurt. I learned that I regretted not standing up for myself so many times and allowing people to do what I hated them doing to me and others. I was afraid…these 9 suggestions sound like common core curriculum solutions to me. Do not allow children to disrespect each other, there are consequences for that. Ask Israel about consequences to aggression. It does not hurt as much to be hit as to be humiliated and not fight back.

  • Anonymous

    You only need two “rules” with bullies. If they’re attacking you verbally, ignore or laugh at them. If they’re attacking you physically, give no warning, haul off and hit them as hard as you can right in the mouth. You will not be bullied again, they go for prey that won’t defend itself. Pacifisim does not work.

  • John

    Just two more years until the student loan, housing, government debt, and stock market bubbles pop and we have hyperinflation… I used to be afraid of it, but more and more and the older I get in this POS society we now have, it may sound sick, but I can’t wait to see the looks on these peoples faces when everything is taken away from them and the impossible happens. The moment these idiots realize their actions have consequences, everything gets balanced out, and now they are literally starving. Just to everyone with a brain in their head, buy ammo, silver (better return to gold due to the scarcity ratio balance out it recieves during currency collapses), canned food/water, and antibiotics. There is no hope at this point for the country and it kills me to say that.

  • Joseph Dean Bartholomew

    What school cant even spell enemy? Rule one has it spelled “ememy”. WTH is that?

    • really!man

      oh my gosh! they are showing us just how qualifyed they are to teach our kids…

  • Anonymous
  • shelby jamison

    The government is becoming the bully in this country. They want to brain wash the kids in school while they are young into not fighting back when they want to take your guns away and put us all in camps. They don’t want a fight on their hands so they are teaching them now how they want us all to behave when they make their move to force complete totalitarianism on the citizens of the United States.

  • Anonymous

    At the time my son was 7 years old and we would have a neighbor, who was my son’s classmate, over who out weighed my son by at least 20 pound and when he came over our house he manhandled my son because he was into the wwf. So this went on for weeks and since I studied Jiu Jitsu for many years in Hawaii, I signed my son up for jiu jitsu classes. After three months of lesson my son’s friend was over, and I suggested that we have a wresting match in the living room and I would be the referee. After about three minutes our guest was crying, not because my son hurt him but he was frustrated and humiliated. My son submitted him three times with a choke, an arm bar, and a kimura. Obviously after this point my son’s friend had a whole different respect for my son and the bullying stopped. They are now best friends. My suggestion to any parent he has a child that is being bullied, teach them that the can be proactive in protecting themselves and once the word gets out, the bullying will stop. My son’s jiu jitsu teacher is a black belt which takes about 12 to 14 years to get. So I not only have the respect of his expertise, but he also has classes for the students how to handle bullies and what I like is the first steps are non confrontational. Now my son is known as the protector around his schools helping other children from being bullied.

  • George C

    Make sure you let the bully know he now owns you, and doesn’t need to bully you any longer.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’m not sticking up for this list, since it’s pretty lame-o, but I will offer my thoughts on item #2.

    A classmate who was being mean once told my 2nd grader that his breath stunk (which it probably did, but that’s not the point). So my son pushed the kid and got in trouble. I told my son that next time he should just say, “What, I have bad breath? Thank you so much, do you have any gum or a breath mint?” and to just go overboard with the melodrama.
    The idea was to completely throw the kid off his game (and I thought it would be funny). After all, what would the kid say if he was trying to be mean and then the victim acts like he’s so grateful and even asks for help? I think the kid would have been dumbfounded and had nothing to say in response.

    Apparently, my son never had a chance to try this out, so I don’t know how well it will work.

  • Guest

    Is this real??? Unbelievable

  • Anonymous

    What I’m hearing is that this school is sick and tired of having to DEAL with the bullies and they want the “reporting” to cease so they’ll look better on paper. Just sayin’.

  • natalie w

    I keep waiting for the “just kidding”

  • Mike

    I have 2 instances I’d like to share, and they both worked. First; when I was in Jr High I did what my father told me he did to a bully. The bully challenged me to a fight after school and having peer pressure I had to show up. When I did show up he tried taunting me verbally and I kept silent. Then I let him have the first punch. He hit me square on the jaw. I stood my ground and said, “Again.” so he hit me again, almost the same spot, then I said, “Is that all you’ve got?” then he hit me again on the other side. Though it hurt like the dickens, I still showed no sign of pain and said, “If that’s all you’ve got then you’d better stop now, I’ve had worse.” This baffled him and he backed down and never bothered me again. The second instance was in High School, this guy was tougher and meaner than I could ever be and really gave me an ass-whoopin’. The thing is though, every time he’d beat me to the ground, I got right back up and stood my ground. After about the 5th or 6th time of getting up and continuing, he realized he’d never win no matter how bad he beat me, because I wouldn’t give up. He thew up his hands, palms outward and said something like “I’m done, I don’t want to kill this kid.” or something to that effect, trying to save face in front of the crowd. I can’t remember the exact words clearly because it was 20 years ago :p. Anyway, he never messed with me again, nor anyone else after that. The only way to win against a bully is to either give them the ass-whoopin’ they were gonna give you, or stand your ground and make it not worth it for them to mess with you. Anything else is best quoted by Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man when his character said, “I am sorry to say the world has become a pussy-whipped, Brady Bunch version of itself.”

    • RedMeatState

      they definitely want to see you stand up for yourself; bullies attack because they perceive weakness.

  • RedMeatState

    they left out the “take their face off and kick their nards into their forehead” part. The only way to deal with a bully is to out-bully them!!

  • RedMeatState

    You should see their rules for dealing with a mugger or a robber/carjacker;
    1) Bend over, don’t resist 2) give them your stuff 3) Kiss your rear end goodbye!

  • ValueSet

    I started being bullied in third grade. My mom told me to walk past them with my nose in the air, and act as though I did not hear them: just ignore them. It got worse.
    When I was in the fifth grade, after 2 years of being bullied. One morning I emptied my Wild Bill Hickok lunch pail of food, and filled it with rocks. Next time they surrounded me to bully me THAT day, I spun around in a circle, ready to whack anyone that got close to me. After that they left this cowgirl alone.

  • Anonymous

    Straight out of the obama care health rules! LOL

  • Hobbesruls

    #7 s horrible, it’s basically saying don’t report abuse. The others can all be helpful to some degree or another, but you better be one smart Zen person, or your going to get physically attacked and beaten badly.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean that the school tolerates bullies? Yet I’ll bet they would arrest a kid for bringing a pocket knife to school because of a “zero” tolerance policy on weapons.

  • Anonymous

    #2- act like the bully is trying to help you-
    I can see it now; bullies saying, “You look hungry- let me give you a knuckle sandwich.”

  • Michael D. Madsen

    The parents need to take up bullying tactics with the school board and see if they practice what they preach!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t these people UNDERSTAND that the ONLY LANGUAGE a bully understands is VIOLENCE! It’s an unfortunate circumstance that you WILL NEED to get the bully BLOODY FIRST……THEN you can talk/ reason!! TRUST ME…..I TRIED ALL THESE!!!

  • Willy Rho

    Nothing convinces a Bully More than Bloodying his Nose.

    • Willy Rho

      I know this from Experience when Young.

  • Stacy Methvin

    Too.funny…..just another reason why I homeschool! Thank God I live in Texas!

  • sf

    My mother told me all these things when I was horribly bullied as a child/teen. I did all of those things above and suffered their abuse for a decade. My brother was also bullied. At one point, a guy shoved his face into a water fountain. My brother turned around and punched him in the nose. The guy never picked on him again.

    My story had a happy ending when I learned to think for myself, became a third degree black belt and joined the military where I have had a successful career. My pacifist mother would have had a better chance of having a child who was not a soldier if I had been allowed to fight back as a kid.

  • AmericanCitizenship .

    Please send this advice to the President… It’s excellent Foreign Policy… Maybe the Feds can use this in Nevada or with Russia…

  • KJinAZ

    As a kid I used to walk down the alley to school, and along that path was a house that had a HUGE 150lb Rottti mix, that lived behind a 4 foot fence. The dog hated every kid that walked down this alley, except me. I had spent several years getting to know this HUGE beast of a dog. When I go into my first fight with the bully in my school it was in this same alley across from the dogs house. After I was tackeled in the start, for the first time ever, that dog jumped the 4 foot fence to protect his friend. The 2 of us CHEWED him up after that, and I earned my respect. The BEST thing that happened was when I got to know the old man who owned the dog, after returning him. He was a GREAT WWII war vet, that educated me a whole lot on the sad ways governments corrupt us.

    • KJinAZ

      In th Obama administration my guess is 50% or more of the budgets are now a FRAUD.

      Just look at the Rancher story. Why are we paying the Feds a fee that only ends up costing consumers to protect a Tortise that doesn’t need protection? The EnviroWACKO’s on the government what to make all ranching end for food stock. They are foing it through fees and backdoor taxes, like grazing fees, which only cost consumer’s more money.

      Until the STUPID people in our world wake up to the fact that ALL the Taxes/Fees the government keeps imposing end up being paid by consumers, the meek will continue to hand the world over to those who wish to destroy the strength of our rule of law.

      They are willing to allow the criminal illeagls to become citizens, that will cost us all money and jobs, just for the hope of more new voter. That IS called Treason in MY book

    • Mark Stuber

      That’s a great story. Did the jerk (not the vet but the bully) call animal control? I hope the dog didn’t get in trouble.

  • Marlene

    Vomit on them every time they pick on you…they might just get tired or run out of clothes to change into – this comment is as crazy as that stupid article and it could have been written by our government in an attempt to condition the young to become more submissive to them. This world is becoming crazier as we speak…must we become crazies in or to get inside their minds in order to protect ourselves ? Whatever it takes to get them to leave you alone is fair – it’s like “war”,

  • Anonymous

    Bullies are not your friends rule number one. They are your enemies rule number two. Why are they trying to make kids think bullies are their friend. Do you think that kid on the bus being beaten over the head and kicked by that girl thought she was his friend? This is too stupid to have been disseminated in a school. Proves idiots are in charge of the children. Red flags everywhere people.

  • Dr. Rick Keating

    The author of this awful, terrible flyer has been identified.

    Brooks Gibbs, a self-appointed expert and partner of the Office Depot Foundation.

    He doesn’t have a degree in psychology, psychiatry, sociology or any relevant field of study.

    Information to corroborate Gibbs as the author:

  • El Capitan

    Despite collectivism’s repeated failures, collectivists stubbornly maintain that centralized government planning must be used to control people in the name of improving “society”.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Rule #10: If a bully hits you, tell him you hope to be an oral surgeon and then start removing as many of his teeth as you can.

  • Charles P




  • Jenn

    the problem is that most women are stupid…they only think of themselves…the only reason most even get married is so they can act either all high and mighty and be the ones who “wear the pants in the family”…or act like they are so weak and cant do anything unless there is a man around…its no wonder there are so many kids who act like bullies…too many parents are sparing the rod and spoiling the child….

  • Anita Tippets

    That would be the end of my kids attending that school. Messed up!

  • Momma Bear

    I have always taught my kids to stick up for themselves and fight back! And their Dad is a country boy so I know he feels the same! That being said….they better NEVER get anything like this from their schools! If they do, Momma Bear will be the one fighting!!! If Papa isn’t already there, that is!

  • Dev Looshen

    Over the long term, cultures with superior customs, such as liberty and free enterprise, have a distinct advantage over primitive groups using ancient practices such as collectivism.

  • Anonymous

    let them beat you up. do not defend yourself. right on.

  • Paula Frazer Owens

    This is about as inept as I’ve ever seen……!! SHAME on this school, there is absolutely nothing in this flyer that says you will be protected in school, let the bullies beat you to death?? This is crazy talk…….as a parent I’d be livid too!!

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